Brief Curriculum Vitae. Costas N. Constantinides. Professor of Byzantine History at the University of Ioannina

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1 Brief Curriculum Vitae Costas N. Constantinides Professor of Byzantine History at the University of Ioannina Born in Cyprus he read History at the Department of History and Archaeology of the University of Athens ( ), earning the mark of distinction. Thanks to a Scholarship awarded by the Greek State Scholarship Foundation (IKY) he pursued postgraduate studies at the University of London ( ) under the supervision of the late Professors D.M. Nicol, R. Browning and J. Chrysostomides. His PhD thesis, entitled Higher Education in Byzantium in the Thirteenth and early Fourteenth Century (1204-ca. 1310), was published by the Cyprus Research Centre (1982), where he held a research post for two years ( ). In 1982 he was appointed Lecturer, and subsequently Assistant and Associate Professor, and in 1995 Professor of Byzantine History at the University of Ioannina. In 1992 he was awarded a Visiting Professorship in Medieval Greek Philology at the University of Cyprus, where he taught for two years ( ). For several years he was elected Fellow at the Dumbarton Oaks Centre for Byzantine Studies (Harvard University) (1981, 1988, 1990, 1996, and 1999). In 1987 he was elected Fellow at the Max-Planck Institut für europaische Rechtsgeschichte in Frankfurt. He also held a Visiting Professorship at the Hellenic Institute of Royal Holloway, University of London ( ), where he acted as external examiner of doctoral theses on several occasions. Professor Constantinides has published extensively. His 7 books and 80 articles, which appeared in volumes with Proceedings of International Congresses and International Journals, honorary volumes (Festschriften), or chapters in collective volumes etc., cover a wide range of subjects in Byzantine History, the history of Cyprus, Greek Palaeography and Codicology, Byzantine Education and the preservation of the ancient Greek literature in the Byzantine period, Byzantine Hagiography and the History of Medieval Epirus. He has given lectures in a number of European and American Universities, and has participated in several International Congresses in many countries. He has supervised a number of doctoral theses. A number of his students currently hold teaching and research posts in Universities in Greece and abroad. Among his most important publications are the books: Higher Education in Byzantium in the Thirteenth and early Fourteenth Century (1204-ca. 1310) (Nicosia, 1982) Dated Greek Manuscripts from Cyprus to the Year 1570 (Nicosia-Washington D.C., 1993) [co-edited with the late Professor R. Browning] H Διήγησις της θαυματουργής Εικόνας της Θεοτόκου Ελεούσας του Κύκκου κατά τον ελληνικό κώδικα 2313 του Βατικανού (Nicosia, 2002) Η συμβολή του Βυζαντίου στη διάσωση της αρχαίας ελληνικής γραμματείας (Ιoannina, 1995)

2 2 COSTAS N. CONSTANTINIDES Τα ελληνικά Χειρόγραφα της Πόλεως των Ιωαννίνων (Athens, 2009) [in collaboration with J.K. Mauromatis and E. Ch. Nesseris]. He has given a number of lectures in European and American Universities and participated in many International Conferences in many countries. There follows a specimen list: 1. XVI International Byzantine Congress (Wien, 3-8 Oct. 1981), on the topic : The Scholars and Their Books in the Late Thirteenth Century 2. Second International Congress of Cypriot Studies (Nicosia, April. 1982), on the topic: George of Cyprus as a Teacher 3. Second International Congress on Greek Palaeography and Codicology (Berlin- Wolfenbüttel, Oct. 1983), on the topic: Dated Greek Manuscripts from Cyprus to the Year A Project 4. XX International Byzantine Symposium in the University of Manchester (22-24 March, 1986), on the topic: Byzantine Scholars and the Union of Lyons 5. XVII International Byzantine Congress (Washington, 3-8 August 1986), on the topic: Some notes on the correspondence of George-Gregory of Cyprus 6. ΧΧV International Byzantine Symposium in the University of Birmingham (25-28 March 1991), by the general title The Sweet Land of Cyprus, on the topic: Poetic Colophons in Medieval Cypriot Manuscripts 7. XVIII International Byzantine Congress (Moscow, 8-15 August 1991), and he chaired the Session: Science and Education, on the topic: The Copying and Circulation of Books in Fourteenth Century Cyprus 8. Lecture given in the Institut fur Byzantinistik und Neograzistik of the University of Wien ( ), on the topic: «British Collectors of Manuscripts visiting Cyprus in the 19th Century». 9. Seminar given in the Institut fur Byzantinistik und Neograzistik of ( ) : «Medieval Greek Books as Spolia». 10. Paper given at the Conference: Thyrathen: Secular Splendours of Byzantium, organized by the King s College London ( ), on the topic: «The Role of Early Palaeologan Scholars in the Preservation of Classical Texts». 11. Paper given in the Conference of Venice on «Mandarini Bizantini» ( ), on the topic: «Greek Scholars and the Union of the Churches». 12. XVIII International Byzantine Congress of London (21-27 August 2006), on the topic: Thirteenth-Century Cyprus: from Resistance to Accomodation and The conversion of the Bulgarians to Christianity in a demotic text from Mount Athos

3 SHORT CURRICULUM VITAE & PUBLICATIONS Paper given at the International Colloquium organized by the Hellenic Institute and the Institute of Classical Studies of the University of London ( ) on «Βyzantine Manuscripts, Scholars and Teachers in the Palaeologan Period», on the topic: «Libraries and the re-editing of the Classical Texts in the early Palaeologan Period». 14. Memorial Lecture for Julian Chrysostomides ar the Hellenic Centre of London ( ) on the topic: «Byzantine Scholars and the Union of the Churches». 15. Presentation of a Seminar in the Privatissimum of Professors Andreas Mueller and Claudia Rapp in Vienna ( ) on the topic: «The Adventures of a Precious Constantinopolitan Manuscript: Oxonii Clarke 37» : Presentation at the Hellenic Centre London of the Paper: «Sailing to Byzantium: The Life and Career of George of Cyprus» in the Symposium: George of Cyprus and His World. He supervized a number of Doctoral theses and a number of his students teach in Greek and foreign Universities and Research Centres. Here is a list of his current and recent students persuing their PhD theses: 1. Μαρία Ζολώτα: «Κωνσταντίνος Ακροπολίτης: ο λόγιος και το έργο του», 2. Ἠλίας Νέσσερης: «Η παιδεία στην Κωνσταντινούπολη κατά τον 12ο αιώνα», 3. Βασίλης Ράπτης: «Η Εύβοια κατά τον Ύστερο Μεσαίωνα» 4. Αγγελική Στάθη: «Διπλωματικές επιγαμίες της δυναστείας των Παλαιολόγων», 5. Κωνσταντίνος Φουντουκίδης, «Συμβολή στην ιστορία της Θεσσαλονίκης ( )», 6. Κωνσταντίνος Τζίνης, «Η οικονομία και η αριστοκρατία των πόλεων στο Ανατολικό Ρωμαϊκό κράτος στην Ύστερη Αρχαιότητα και τους πρώτους χριστιανικούς αιώνες (3ος 6ος αι.)» 7. Ἠλίας Πέτρου, «Ἡ ἀνώτερη εκπαίδευση στὴν Κωνσταντινούπολη κατὰ τὸν 15ο αἰῶνα» Theses recently completed 8. Ηλίας Γιαρένης, (Viva voce: Dinstinction: Άριστα), now Assistant Professor in the Department of History of the Ionian University on the topic: «Η συγκρότηση και η εδραίωση της αυτοκρατορίας της Νίκαιας: Ο αυτοκράτορας Θεόδωρος Α Κομνηνός

4 4 COSTAS N. CONSTANTINIDES Λάσκαρις». Published by the National Research Center Institute of Byzantine Research (Monographs 12, Athen, 2008). 9. Eka Tchkoidze, (Viva voce: Dinstinction: Άριστα), now Assistant Professor at the State University of Tiblisi on the topic: «Το Βυζάντιο μέσα από τις Γεωργιανές πηγές (Χρονικά Βίοι αγίων, 9ος-11ος αι.)». Published in Athens, 2011 at the cost of the Alexander Onassis Foundation. 10. Andrea Babuin, (Viva voce: Distinction: Άριστα), on the topic: «Τα επιθετικά όπλα των Βυζαντινών κατά την Ύστερη Βυζαντινή Περίοδο». (Elected Lecturer at the Department of History and Archaeology of the University of Ioannina). 11. Αντώνης Αθανασόπουλος: «Οι Οθωμανικές πολιορκίες της Κωνσταντινουπόλεως μέχρι και την άλωση του 1453», (Viva voce, ) (Dinstinction= Άριστα) 12. Δημήτριος Αγορίτσας: «Η Κωνσταντινούπολη: Η πόλη και η κοινωνία της κατὰ τους πρώιμους Παλαιολόγειους χρόνους ( )», (Viva Voce: Distinction= Άριστα) LIST OF PUBLICATIONS A: BOOKS: 1. Higher Education in Byzantium in the Thirteenth and Early Fourteenth Centuries (1204-ca. 1310), (Cyprus Research Centre, Texts and Studies, XI), Nicosia, 1982, (pp. xxiv plates). 2. C.N. Constantinides & R. Browning, Dated Greek Manuscripts from Cyprus to the Year 1570 (Dumbarton Oaks Studies XXX & Cyprus Research Centre, Texts and Studies XVIII), Washington- Nicosia, 1993, (pp. xxxvi plates). 3. Catalogue of Manuscript Exhibitions (First International Symposium on Mediaeval Cypriot Palaeography), Nicosia, 1983, (pp. 48). 4. Ὁ ρόλος τοῦ Bυζαντίου στὴ διάσωση τῆς ἀρχαίας ἑλληνικῆς γραμματείας, Ioannina, 1995, (pp. 60).

5 SHORT CURRICULUM VITAE & PUBLICATIONS 5 5. Ἡ Παιδεία στὸ Bυζάντιο (Postgraduate Programme in Medieval Studies, Seminar Series, 1), Ioannina, 2000 (pp. 28). 6. Ἡ Διήγησις τῆς θαυματουργῆς εἰκόνας τῆς Θεοτόκου Ἐλεούσας τοῦ Kύκκου κατὰ τὸν ἑλληνικὸ κώδικα 2313 τοῦ Bατικανοῦ, Nicosia, 2002 (pp. xxii and 56 plates). 7. Οἱ ἀπαρχὲς τῆς οἰκονομικῆς καὶ πνευματικῆς ἀνάπτυξης τῶν Ἰωαννίνων (13 ος -15 ος αἰ.), Ἰωάννινα, 2006 (pp. 32). 8. Τὰ Ἑλληνικὰ Χειρόγραφα τῆς Πόλεως τῶν Ἰωαννίνων, Ἀθήνα, 2009 (σὲ συνεργασία μὲ τοὺς Γ. Μαυρομάτη καὶ Ἠλία Νέσσερη), (in folio, pp. 96 and 26 colour plates). B: ARTICLES: 9. "The Metropolitan of Mitylene Dionysios Arkas. A Student of George of Cyprus", Kypriakai Spoudai 44 (1980), "The Scholars and Their books in the Late Thirteenth Century", XVI International Congress of Byzantine Studies (Vienna, October 1981), Akten II/4 JÖB 32/4 (1982), Ὁ βιβλιόφιλος Πατριάρχης Ἀντιοχείας Θεοδόσιος IV Πρίγκιψ (1275/;-1283), Epeteris of the Cyprus Research Centre 11 (1982), (1 plate). 12. "Δύο χειρόγραφα ἀπὸ τὰ Πάνω Λεύκαρα", Epeteris of the Cyprus Research Centre 12 (1983), (3 plates). 13. "Cypro-Ephesena", Proceedings of the Symposium on the History of Cyprus (Nicosia, 2-3 May 1983), Ioannina, 1984, Ὁ βιβλιογράφος Φιλόθεος, ἡγούμενος τῆς μονῆς τοῦ Ἱέρακος τῆς Kύπρου (16ος αἰ.), Dodone 14,1 (1985), "Δύο χειρόγραφα Kαϊμακλίου Kύπρου", Dodone 14,1 (1985), (4 plates).

6 6 COSTAS N. CONSTANTINIDES 16. "George of Cyprus as a Teacher", Proceedings of the Second International Congress of Cypriot Studies (Nicosia, April 1982), Nicosia, 1986, "Ὁ γραφέας τοῦ Eὐαγγελισταρίου Λευκάρων', Epeteris of the Cyprus Research Centre 13-16,1 ( ), (6 plates) [Appendix, pp : Ὁ Δημήτριος Pωμανίτης γραφέας τοῦ Eὐαγγελισταρίου Λευκάρων"]. 18. "Dated Greek Manuscripts from Cyprus to the Year A Project", Epeteris op.cit., 13-16,1 ( ), (6 plates); (Summary see in Griechische Paläographie und Kodikologie... Vorrésumés der Referate, Redaktion D. Harlfinger, Berlin, 1983, pp ). 19. "An unknown Manuscript of the "Family 2400" from Cyprus", Epeteris op.cit., 17 ( ), (8 plates). 20. "The Protopapas Laurentios Dalephantos. A Scribe in 16th Century Famagusta (with 2 plates), Dodone 17,1 (1989), "Some Notes on the Correspondence of George-Gregory of Cyprus", Epeteris op.cit., 18 ( ), "Ἠ στάχωση τοῦ κώδικα 9 τῆς ἱερᾶς μονῆς Kύκκου", Epeteris of the Research Centre of the Monastery of Kykkos 1 (1990), (2 plates). 23. "Pόδιοι βιβλιογράφοι στὴ Λατινοκρατούμενη Kύπρο", Dodone 20,1 (1991), (6 plates). 24. "Oἱ ἀπαρχὲς τῆς ἀκμῆς τῶν γραμμάτων στἠν Θεσσαλονίκη κατἀ τὀν 14ο αἰώνα", Dodone 21,1 (1992), "Byzantine Scholars and the Union of Lyons", in The Making of Byzantine History. Studies dedicated to Donald M. Nιcol, ed. by R. Beaton & Charlotte Roueché, London (Variorum), 1993, pp "Poetic Colophons in Medieval Cypriot Manuscripts", in "The Sweet Land of Cyprus" (Papers Given at the Twenty-Fifth Jubilee Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies, Birmingham, March, 1991), Nicosia, 1993, pp (14 plates).

7 SHORT CURRICULUM VITAE & PUBLICATIONS "Ὁ ἅγιος Nικόλαος ὁ στρατιώτης", Dodone 22,1 (1993), (with 2 plates). 28. "Πρόσφυγες ἀπὸ τὴν Kωνσταντινούπολη στὴν Kύπρο μετὰ τὴν ἅλωση τοῦ 1453", Ἡ ἅλωση τῆς Πόλης, ed. by E. Chrysos (Akritas Publications, 15), Athens, 1994, , notes pp "The Copying and Circulation of Secular Texts in Fourteenth Century Cyprus", (8 plates) Epeteris of the Cyprus Research Centre 21 (1995), "A dated Greek Manuscript from Cyprus of the 16th Century (Paris. Gr. 947)", Φιλέλλην, Studies in honour of Robert Browning, ed. C. N. Constantinides et al., Venice, 1996, (with 2 plates). 31. "Τὸ ἑλληνικὸ βιβλίο στὴ Mεσαιωνικὴ Kύπρο", Σημεῖο 4 (Nicosia, 1996), Ἔπαινος Robert Browning, Ἀναγόρευση καθηγητῆ Robert Browning σὲ ἐπίτιμο διδάκτορα Φιλοσοφίας τῶν Τμημάτων Φιλολογίας καὶ Ἱστορίας -Ἀρχαιολογίας (14Φεβρουαρίου 1996), Ἐπίσημοι Λόγοι-Ἐργογραφία Robert Browning, Ἰωάννινα, 1997, σσ Ἡ Kυπριακὴ Mεσαιωνικὴ Γραμματεία, Tὸ Bυζάντιο, Tὸ Bυζάντιο καὶ ἡ Kύπρος (Papers of the Open University, 6) ed. by the Nicosia Municipality, Nicosia, 1998, Ἡ Tυπικὴ Διαθήκη τῆς Ἐγκλείστρας τοῦ Ἁγίου Nεοφύτου. Mιὰ ἱστορικὴ ἀνάγνωση, Proceedings of the Colloquium: Kυπριακὸς Mοναχισμός, (Nicosia 9-11 November 1996), Epeteris of the Research Centre of the Monastery of Kykkos 4 (1999), (with 10 plates). 35. "Προσωπογραφικὰ τῆς οἰκογένειας Φιλανθρωπηνῶν: Ὁ στρατηγὸς Ἀλέξιος καὶ ὁ ἱερέας Mιχαὴλ οἱ Φιλανθρωπηνοί (13ος-14ος αἰ.)", Proceedings of the Congress held by the Monasteries of the Island of Ioannina in 1992, Ioannina, 1999, pp Tὰ Xειρόγραφα τῶν Λευκάρων, TA ΛEYKAPA 68 (Jan.-March, 1999), "Ἀπὸ τὸ χειρόγραφο στὸ ἔντυπο ἑλληνικὸ βιβλίο", A -B Kύκλος Διαλέξεων τῶν Φίλων τοῦ Bυζαντινοῦ Mουσείου Ἰωαννίνων, Ioannina 2000, pp , (with 17 plates including 4 in colour).

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