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1 The difference between having a job & having a career professional Training Catalogue 2015



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5 A Call for Readiness This Catalogue of the Hellenic American Union s professional training programs is a call for readiness. The economic crisis in Greece has ushered in changes in the country s labor market that have long been apparent in other Western economies. More and more workers are switching jobs, sometimes in the same company or industry, but sometimes, too, in totally new job positions. On average, workers will change jobs 7 8 times in their lives, whether that means switching employers, adapting to significant changes in the content of their existing jobs, or responding to radically new challenges. At the Hellenic American Union we pay close attention to developments in the labor market. We analyze data on labor demand, and examine what companies are looking for in the men and women they hire and employ. We know that businesses expect their employees to be flexible and to acquire, often on their own initiative, further specialization to support the company s future development. Individuals who respond to these challenges have an advantage over colleagues who don t update their portfolio of knowledge, skills and experience. Which are you? Which category of employees do you identify with? What knowledge and skills do you have that you can be proud of and that could guarantee your employability in the future? Don t wait until a promotion opens up at work, or even worse, until you lose your job, to acquire these skills and knowledge. Prepare yourself ahead of time with optimism and self-confidence for the next day. For 57 years, the Hellenic American Union has been a pioneer in the field of professional training, even before the term was coined. This training catalog is a call for readiness. Ι invite you to browse through it. I am confident that you will find a program that addresses your training needs or those of your staff and colleagues. Vicky Branika Chief Operating Officer 3

6 WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY ABOUT US I would recommend this seminar to the whole Greek banking sector! Risk Manager, National Bank of Greece Premises are fine, course subject very interesting, not easy to find in Greek market Credit Officer, Alpha Bank Learn the basic principles of loan restructuring. A must for the bankers! Senior Account Officer, Piraeus bank Very good and relevant to market needs Assistant Branch Manager, Piraeus Bank It met my expectations. It was really helpful, and the theory and examples provided were very interesting and useful Personal Loans, National Bank of Greece It was motivating and fun HR, SCA Hygiene Products Εξαιρετική η γνώση και η μεταδοτικότητα του εισηγητή Senior Research Associate, Novartis Θα το πρότεινα σε εργαζόμενους κάθε ειδικότητας Μηχανικός Σχεδιασμού Προϊόντων, BIC Violex Μου άρεσε ο εισηγητής, γεμάτος θετική ενέργεια Product Design Engineer, BIC Violex Πολύ ενδιαφέρον και πρακτικό. Άριστη διοργάνωση Στέλεχος Marketing, Wind Hellas Very well organized course, outstanding lecturer, extremely helpful knowledge Project Management Alpha Bank Excellent instructor. Very good syllabus Administrative Officer, Olympic Air 4

7 Strategic Partners International Institute of Business Analysis Registered Education Provider Cisco Networking Academy Project Management Institute Apple Authorised Training Centre International Import Export Institute Global Association of Risk Professionals Microsoft Partner - Silver Learning European Computer Driving Licence Information Systems Audit and Control Association Red Hat Academy Test of Legal English Skills 5

8 YEARLY TRAINING PLAN January - December 2015 TITLE MONTHS J F M A M J J S O N D TOTAL HOURS COST PAGE LEADERSHIP - NEW! Leading Mindfully in Times of Certainty Action Learning A Team Building Tool for Solving Problems Change Management using Immunity-to-Change TM (ITC) Using the MBTI TM tool for Self-Understanding & Empowerment business analysis Business Analysis Fundamentals & Techniques CBAP Prep Course NEW! CENTER OF EXCELLENCE IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT The Art of Project Management The Art of Project Management for IT/IS Projects Contracts & Procurement Explore MS Project 2013 Offered once every 3 months PMP Prep Course PRINCE2 Prep Course and Examinations IPMA D Prep Course 24 37

9 EXPORT Certified Exporter BUSINESS ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION English for International Business Communication Better Business Writing for Administrative Support ΤΒΑ Keep up to date Business English NEW! TOLES Advanced Exam Prep Course RISK MANAGEMENT Advanced Bank Analysis NEW! Foundations of Financial Risk International Certificate for Banking Risk and Regulation The Base III Accord Advanced Credit and Financial Analysis Corporate Debt Restructuring NEW! INFORMATION SECURITY, AUDIT, GOVERNANCE CISA Prep Course CISM Prep Course CCSK Foundation Course NEW! Technical Cyber Defense Workshop Training & Exercises NEW! CBK (CISSP) Course 63

10 TITLE MONTHS J F M A M J J S O N D TOTAL HOURS COST PAGE CISCO NETWORKING ACADEMY PROGRAMS CCNA TBA CCNP TBA CCNA Security TBA OPERATING SYSTEMS AND APPLICATIONS Apple 100 Introduction to Mac OS X TBA 8 70 Apple 101 OS X Support Essentials TBA Apple 201 OS X Server Essentials TBA Apple FCP 101 Final Cut Pro Level 1 TBA Red Hat Certified System Administrator TBA Red Hat Certified Engineer TBA MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) Windows Server 2012 TBA MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) Windows Server 2012 TBA ECDL Progress TBA ECDL Core TBA 75 73

11 E-LEARNING Professional Writing ANY TIME What to Say When Things Go Wrong ANY TIME LIFE SKILLS AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Maximize your Interpersonal Effectiveness NEW! CONFERENCES Int l Athens Project Management Best Practices Training Forum July 81 ISACA Athens Chapter Conference Nov 81

12 TITLE MONTHS J F M A M J J S O N D TOTAL HOURS COST PAGE ΣΕΜΙΝΑΡΙΑ ΣΤΑ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ ΕΞΑΓΩΓΕΣ Εξαγωγές Οίνου και Αποσταγμάτων NEW! Ανάπτυξη Πωλήσεων Εξαγωγών NEW! Εξαγωγές Αγροτικών Προϊόντων ΔΙΟΙΚΗΣΗ Μάνατζμεντ για Νέους Μάνατζερ Παραγωγικές Συσκέψεις NEW! Διαχείριση Αλλαγής στην Οργανωσιακή Κουλτούρα NEW! DIGITAL MARKETING Διαφημιστική Αξιοποίηση Ψηφιακών Μέσων 19,24,26, Οδηγός για Social Media NEW! 9,11,16, Google AdWords 101 TBA Social Media Content Optimization NEW! TBA ΕΠΙΚΟΙΝΩΝΙΑ Αποτελεσματικές Παρουσιάσεις NEW! ΔΙΟΙΚΗΣΗ ΕΡΓΟΥ Διοίκηση Έργου: από το Σχεδιασμό ως την Ολοκλήρωση TBA Διαχείριση Συμβάσεων και Διαπραγματεύσεις

13 προσωπικη αναπτυξη Ο Τέσσερις Δρόμοι για την Διαχείριση του Άγχους Ανακαλύψτε τα φυσικά ταλέντα του παιδιού σας NEW! Επιλέγω να Ζω την Ζωή που Αξίζω NEW! TBA Ταλέντα και Δυνατά Σημεία για Ευημερία NEW! Διαχείριση χρόνου για παραγωγική και ποιοτική εργασιακή ζωή Καινοτομία και Δημιουργική Σκέψη στον Εργασιακό Χώρο NEW! Βελτιώνοντας τις Προσωπικές και Επαγγελματικές Σχέσεις με την Βοήθεια της Υποκριτικής ΤΟΥΡΙΣΜΟΣ Στρατηγικές Μάρκετινγκ σε Περιόδους Κρίσης: ανάπτυξη και προώθηση τουριστικών υπηρεσιών Διοργάνωση και Διαχείριση Εκδηλώσεων (Banquet Sales Department) Ανάπτυξη, Κοστολόγηση, Διαχείριση Μενού (Menu Engineering) Βασικές Αρχές Διοίκησης Ανθρώπινου Δυναμικού Τουριστικών Επιχειρήσεων και Επιχειρήσεων Εστίασης Ηγεσία και Παρακίνηση Ανθρώπινου Δυναμικού Τουριστικών Επιχειρήσεων Ποιοτική Εξυπηρέτηση Πελατών Διοίκησης Τμημάτων Εστίασης (Food and Beverage outlets Management) Εκπαίδευση Προσωπικού Τμήματος Ορόφων/ Καθαριότητας (Housekeeping)

14 THE HAU FACILITIES AND INFRASTRUCTURE TECHNOLOGICAL EQUIPMENT / wireless access for conferences and seminars / e-learning platform and m-learning applications / on-line discussion forums / 1500 network access points / client-server data bases for registration, examination, contact manage ment, accounting / call manager / VoIP technology The Hellenic American Union is equipped with state-of-the-art technological equipment that enables connectivity, mobility and collaboration: 12

15 Hellenic American Union facilities include / classrooms / computer labs / galleries / conference rooms Conference Center Facilities and/or Services The facilities of the Hellenic American Union are suitable for any kind of large or small-scale event, such as conferences, seminars, presentations and meetings. They combine flexible venues, excellent organization, a friendly environment and full services (secretarial support, audio visual equipment, interpretation, catering). 13

16 in - house training customized solutions When it comes to training, one size does not fit all. We take the time to understand the unique goals and challenges of your business and the training needs of your employees. If we don t already offer a program that meets your needs, we will work with you to create a customized program and the most cost-effective training solution for your organization. With more than 550 training programs offered on an in-house basis across all industries in Greece for the past 12 years, we have the experience and the expertise to deliver quality courses tailored to any organization s development needs. 550 training programs 14

17 We offer customized solutions beyond the model of conventional training. Our training approach That is why we: Define the competencies you wish to enhance Analyze skills gaps and specific training requirements to meet your business needs Customize training sessions and material to meet your staff s needs Incorporate case studies and examples from your company or business sector in order to maximize training results in our training material Deliver the training session at a time suited your staff s schedule. We can either conduct the courses at your premises or host training sessions free-of-charge in the Hellenic American Union s conference center Provide the benefit to learn from the best. Our faculty are practitioners with extensive experience in Greece and abroad, and where required, are accredited by relevant professional bodies. Our faculty is available to speak to your trainees beforehand in order to ensure the course exactly matches your requirements Provide evaluation assessment with training results and continuous development schemes We deliver in-house solutions across all industries. These programs include: Project Management Strategy Leadership Business Communication Human Resource Management Management for New Managers Negotiations Finance and Risk Management Anti-fraud Training IT Audit and Security Tourism Business English Professional Writing Skills Coaching Office-PC skills 15

18 Leadership 16

19 Leading mindfully in times of uncertainty How to create a growth mindset for yourself and your team March 2015 This highly interactive workshop focuses on enhancing self-leadership skills for greater organizational impact. In this workshop you will develop essential self-assessment, interpersonal and influence skills to lead for growth in times of uncertainty and organizational stress. Discover or re-assess how you prefer to lead, communicate with others and manage change on a personal level and within your working environment. Discover how aware you are of emotions in the workplace and how you can adapt your behavior to various stressful or challenging situations when leading others. Content Self development and leadership Fixed vs growth mindset Communication and conflict management Decision making Time management Mindfulness for enhancing emotional intelligence The Immunity to Change model What is your No. 1 goal and what is stopping you from achieving your goal? Managing change Leading others Action Learning as a problem solving tool Secure Base Leadership model Career development and the career curve Learning outcomes Understand how you absorb information, react to change, make decisions, interact with others and manage daily affairs Understand what makes you uncomfortable and enhance your resilience Discover new strategies for self-empowerment, how to influence and empower others and how to lead change Appreciate the value of differences for organizational success Gain insight into current leadership trends Who should attend This workshop is ideal for those about to move into leadership roles and for those who are leading people and need to re-think their leadership practices. EARN 16 PDUs 17

20 Action Learning - a team building tool for solving problems 8 June 2015 Action Learning is a problem-solving and leadership development process that involves a small group of people working on a real challenge or project, taking action, and learning as individuals, as a group and as an organization while doing so. In this workshop you will practice the tool in groups based on a real problem case. Group work will be facilitated by the instructor with the aim of having group members agree on specific actions. The methodology involves asking questions rather than enforcing opinions and debating solutions. The process help you as team member to discuss first on the issue at hand rather than proceed immediately into action. Questions create opportunities for group discussion in the spirit of collective inquiry. Action Learning also enforces the collaboration between people with varied levels of skills and experience. Who should attend The Action Learning tool is addressed to open minded managers and leaders who are committed to solving problems, bringing the team together and create learning environments. Learning outcomes By attending this workshop you will learn how to: Enhance the team s problem-solving capacity for addressing complex and urgent problems Facilitate fresh perspectives into discussion Quickly build high-performing teams that share responsibility and accountability Transform corporate culture and create learning organizations CONTENT What is Action Learning, and how it can benefit you and your organization Action Learning worldwide how is it used Components of an Action Learning program Ground rules/guidelines in Action Learning Types of Action Learning programs Action Learning group dynamics Creating optimal solutions and strategies through group discussion How to promote actions through the process The role of the problem presenter and the team member Leadership development tactics EARN 8 PDUs 18

21 19

22 Change Management using Immunity-to- Change TM (ITC) (10 hours) AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST We can t avoid our personal powerful resistance mechanisms that undermine our efforts to adapt to new conditions. We can however confront them, tame them, and embrace change to move forward. Immunity-to-ChangeTM (ITC) is a methodology that designed to address these challenges and instill an adaptive mindset in individuals and organizations. This workshop helps you understand how you as a leader react to change and what you need to understand about the people you are working with in order to help them embrace change, motivate them and exploit their talents. Who should attend How this ITC workshop works The tool: Immunity to Change (ITC) was developed at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and is presented in the best-selling books How We Talk Can Change the Way We Work, and Immunity to Change. Prior to the workshop you are expected to identify your most important goal and observe the behaviors that are currently blocking you from achieving this goal. During the two days you will apply the methodologies presented by the instructor on the challenge you identified in the beginning of the workshop. An interval of 3 days is left between the two sessions to you with time to work on your own goal, make observations, enhance your working style and come back in the final sessions with self-reflection notes and questions to discuss. Leaders, managers and anyone who want to experience a powerful process for addressing individual and organizational resistance to change. Learning outcomes Understand what blocks you from embracing change and achieving your most important goals as an individual, manager or leader Define the things you need to do to overcome the challenge you identified in the beginning of the course Define challenges and actions for helping your team embrace change In house - Leadership workshops The following workshops are only offered as customized solutions to meet specific teams dynamics and development needs. All our leadership workshops are led by a certified and experienced business coach. 20

23 Using the MBTI TM tool for Self-Understanding and Empowerment (8 hours) AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST This intensive workshop will help you assess your leadership style and form a plan for self-empowerment as a leader, using the MBTITM tool, a widely administered personality inventory used by 89 of the Fortune 100 companies. The MBTI tool will help you gain insight into the way you communicate, make decisions and solve problems, but also the way you can work with other people as a facilitator instead of a commander. Who should attend The workshop is ideal for those about to move into leadership roles. It is also valuable for experienced open-minded managers and leaders who wish to assess and re-think their leadership practices. Learning outcomes Develop the habit of self-reflection using the MBTI tool to examine how you absorb information, communicate with others, make decisions and manage daily affairs Identify your blind spots, stress-inducing behaviors and learning preferences Appreciate the value of diversity as a core component of organizational success Discover new strategies to manage diversity and form powerful teams How this workshop works In this workshop you will use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI ) for self-assessment. Prior to the workshop: You will complete an authorized MBTI online questionnaire one week prior to the program. You will assess your communication, conflict resolution and decision making preferences. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI ) instrument is a questionnaire designed to make personality preferences useful in everyday life. Knowing our type preferences help us understand normal differences in the way people think, communicate, and interact differences that can be the source of much misunderstanding, miscommunication and conflict. The first day we cover the MBTI tool and fully explain the MBTI type theory. You will then receive your individual interpretive reports and gain a step-by-step understanding of the information you were provided as well as how it can best be used for self-development. The second day, through discussions and group exercises we help you understand type differences and see how your own type affects communication, problem solving and leadership development preferences. In particular, through the MBTI lens, we examine these leadership areas: Communication - Problem Solving - Leadership Development. 21

24 Business Analysts help firms develop business cases, new products, systems, project scopes, improve business processes and facilitate change throughout operations. The variety of solutions provided by business analysts fully reflects the diversity of the profession and the considerable career opportunities it provides. Our program in Business Analysis will help you acquire applied business analysis skills and pursue the International Institute for Business AnalysisTM CBAP designation (Certification of Business Analysis Professional TM ). 22

25 5-7 March 2015 (24 hours) We perform business analysis tasks daily. We discuss how to exploit business opportunities and how to address business problems. We build a business case, define scope of solutions, and evaluate alternatives. In most cases, however, we do it ad hoc without any formal training and without stakeholders sharing a common language. This course will teach you the fundamental concepts and techniques of business analysis and help you develop business analysis skills by practicing these techniques in simulated business situations in class. You will also acquire a greater understanding of the communication infrastructure in which business users and stakeholders responsible for implementation and operations interact, and will be able to shape a common language among stakeholders when conducting business analysis. This course will also reference the exam material (BABOK Guide v2.0) for the CBAP examination. However, while BABOK includes definitions of Business Analysis techniques in Chapter 9, it takes for granted that candidates are already familiar with the techniques they have to use. The course will help you gain a detailed understanding of these techniques. Learning outcomes Attending this course you will: Understand the fundamental concepts and terms of Business Analysis Establish a communication plan between a business and stakeholders Identify and select the most important Business Analysis techniques suited for your job Practice Business Analysis techniques in class. Prepare templates based on the techniques presented in class to apply on the job. content Introduction to Business Analysis Introduction to Managing Requirements Stakeholders communication Business Analysis Techniques Overview Business Analysis Techniques Workshop Who should attend System Analysts, Operations Analysts, IT business analysts, product managers, project managers, sales executives and professionals who wish to shift their careers towards the business analyst s role. Since business analysis tools can be applied throughout operations, anyone working in any part of the business (i.e. Quality, Customer Service, Sales, IT, Finance, PMOs etc) may benefit from acquiring business analysis skills. 23 EARN 24 PDUs 24 CDUs

26 28-30 MAY 2015 This course will help you master the exam material for the CBAP test, understand the areas you need to focus your preparation on, and enhance your confidence in taking the test. The course provides you with a large bank of sample questions (with solutions) to practice your knowledge. The course includes study books, study guides and access to sample question databases. content Exam overview BABOK key concepts and principles Exploring BABOK knowledge areas: Business analysis planning and monitoring Elicitation Requirements management and communication Enterprise analysis Requirements Analysis Solution assessment Identifying knowledge gaps towards pursuing the CBAP certification Preparing for the exam - logistics Learning outcomes Upon completing this course you will be able to: Understand the knowledge areas and experience that is required to pass the test Identify knowledge gaps Understand all BABOK terms and principles Develop your personal action plan for studying for the test in order to minimize effort and preparation time EARN 24 PDUs 24 CDUs 24

27 25 35

28 CENTER OF EXCELLENCE IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT Our project management expertise In 2003 we established the first Center of Excellence in Project Management in Greece with the mission of raising business performance by championing Project Management. Getting back to basics and adopting a simple, user-friendly project management methodology has been the backbone of our project management training excellence even since. In the decade that followed, we trained more than 2000 managers and organized over a hundred of project management seminars, workshops, conferences and other events. Diversity Innovation What makes us different from other trainers in the market is that we provide: Services offered by world-known experts with years of project management training experience in Forbes top 50 A complete training portfolio, from basic principles to advanced topics and soft skills enhancement Corporate solutions customized to specific business needs, systems, and projects Preparation courses for the top three certifications in the profession: IPMA system, PMI s PMP, and Prince2, complemented with certification retention services Training in special skills and tools such as 6 Sigma and Agile PM methodologies Up-to-date best practices and information through conferences and special training sessions Our Partners & Associates Project Management Institute Registered Education Hellenic American Union is a Provider Global Registered Education Provider of the Project Management Institute, project management s leading global professional association. Global Business Management Consultants The Center for Excellence is primarily supported by Business Management Consultants, an international firm specializing in project management training and services. Our training associates hold or have held senior management and executive positions in companies ranging from start-ups to the Fortune 50. PM-Greece The oldest non-profit scientific project management association in Greece, and the Greek member of IPMA, is one of our major training associates. 26

29 Οur Ιn-Ηouse Solutions We can assist your business in the following areas: Project Management deployment: Establish new project management systems and integrate them into current organizational structures Our open courses - Core training curriculum The Art of Project Management TM The Art of Project Management TM for IT/IS Projects Explore MSP 2013 Contracts & Procurement Management in Projects PMP Prep Course Executive mentoring and project coaching: Receive back-up support in helping the organization to implement project management systems Project Management health checks, audits and project recovery Project Management maturity assessment what s new Check our new courses on Business Analysis to further enhance your project and requirements management skills(p. ) Project Management training and certification: Focus your staff s training on specific project management effectiveness needs and certify them with either PMP, IPMA System or Prince2. 27

30 THE ART OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT MARCH, 2015 OCTOBER 2015 This is a highly interactive workshop for those who want a thorough review of project management tools and team management skills. The workshop goes beyond project management standards and methodologies and focuses on what works in practice. You will learn how to make good project plans, identify and manage project risks, monitor and control your project, and communicate effectively across the team and to project stakeholders. who should attend This course is targeted at specialists just getting into project management, experienced project managers and technical specialists who wish to refresh their project management skills, and at business and functional managers of all commercial and industry sectors. This course can be adapted for the following industries: Pharmaceuticals, Telecoms, IT/IS, Construction, Engineering, Oil and Gas, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Banking, Services CONTENT The Project Management Method The project-based company Management functions, roles, responsibilities, culture, values and client expectations Five basic project planning elements and behaviors Developing Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) Statement of Work (SOW) Project organizational structures, System Development Life Cycle Scheduling and budgeting GANTT charts, ADM/PDM/PERT techniques Critical Path Method Performance baselines and budgeting Allocating resources The Project Execution Plan Organization and staffing Responsibilities and network of alliances Leading without authority Project Offices and co-located teams Effects of culture on effectiveness Risk management techniques Project control techniques Reporting Closing a project Special leadership skills for managing project teams Communication planning EARN Course Leader: Anthony Eve, PMP, MAPM, P2 Practitioner 24 PDUs 28

31 THE ART OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT FOR IT/IS PROJECTS 30 MARCH - 1 APRIL 2015 NOVEMBER 2015 The course presents a standard project management methodology directed specifically at the unique challenges and situations faced by IT/IS project managers. This course will help you plan IT projects effectively. You will be able to define each phase of an IT project, develop realistic resource plans and produce reports so that your clients and teams know what stage the project is at along with any changes that have been agreed upon. You will feel more confident in motivating and empowering your team members, developing effective communications across teams and using simple, user friendly risk management tools. who should attend IT project managers, newly assigned IT project leaders, new product development managers, IT project team members, functional managers who deal with IT project managers and all those who support IT projects. CONTENT Project management in IT and software development - why IT projects fail The role of the IT project manager Project planning: Tools and behaviors, project objectives and the client(s) Five basic project planning elements and behaviors Statement of Work (SOW) Structuring an IT Project with Work Breakdown Structure tools (WBS) System Development Life Cycle Developing realistic schedules Phases, tasks, dependencies, networks and constraints GANTT Charts, CPM and PERT Network techniques Allocating and balancing resources Budgeting, performance baselines The Project Execution Plan Organizing project teams Culture issues Roles and responsibilities of line and project management The Project leader/manager Leadership and team building Managing IT project team members Problem solving styles Risk management and contingencies Project control and monitoring techniques Reporting and Closing a project EARN 24 PDUs 29