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1 Premium C1 Glossary Unit Page Exercise English Headword Pronunciation Example sentence Greek translation Unit Title foe /fəʊ/ Which of these countries are Britain's friends and which are their foes? εχθρός siblings / sɪblɪŋz/ Most young smokers are influenced by their friends' and older siblings' smoking habits. αδέρφια rivalry / raɪvəlri/ There is a friendly rivalry between the two teams. ανταγωνισμός acquaintance /ə kweɪntəns/ He has a wide circle of acquaintances. γνωριμία extended family /ɪkˌstend d fæməli/ There are lots of advantages to living in an extended family. ευρεία οικογένεια nuclear family /ˌnjuːkliə fæməli/ Most people in the county lived in nuclear families. πυρηνική οικογένεια step family / step ˌfæməli/ Because of divorces, step families are becoming more and more common. θετή οικογένεια adoptive family /əˌdɒptɪv fæməli/ The child was thriving with his adoptive family. ανάδοχη οικογένεια take after / teɪk ˌɑːftə/ Jenny takes after her dad. μοιάζω wind (you) up /ˌwaɪnd ʌp/ Don't take any notice of her, she's only trying to wind you up. εκνευρίζω, νευριάζω cheering up /ˌtʃɪərɪŋ ʌp/ Liz looked a bit down in the mouth, so I knew she needed cheering up. ευθυμώ turn to / tɜːn tə, tʊ/ He still turns to us for advice. στρέφομαι προς fare /feə/ What's the bus fare into town? ναύλο, εισιτήριο hit and run /ˌhɪt ən rʌn/ His friend was killed in a hit and run accident. εγκατάλειψη θύματος urban / ɜːbən/ Nearly half the population live in urban areas. αστικός engage /ɪn ɡeɪdʒ/ The toy didn't engage her attention for long. ενασχολώ took to / tʊk tə, tʊ/ She took to swimming like a duck to water. επιδίδομαι barrier / bæriə/ Money can sometimes be a social barrier between the haves and the have nots. εμπόδιο norms /nɔːmz/ In Britain it is a social norm for two people to shake hands when being introduced to each other. τύπος, κανόνας step in /ˌstep ɪn/ The police stepped in and stopped the fight. επεμβαίνω mug /mʌɡ/ He was mugged outside the bank. ληστεύω posted / pəʊst d/ Many companies posted adverts in the newspapers publicising the event. αναρτώ headquarters / hedˌkwɔːtəz, ˌhed kwɔːtəz/ The FBI headquarters is located in Washington D.C. αρχηγείο global / ɡləʊbəl/ The global economy is recovering faster than expected. παγκόσμιος carries out /ˌkæriz aʊt/ The team carried out the plan successfully. εκτελώ, πραγματοποιώ deed /diːd/ I believe that one good deed deserves another, and was happy to lend him my car. πράξη evolved /ɪ vɒlvd/ Many people don't believe that man evolved from apes. εξελίσσομαι objective /əb dʒektɪv/ Our main objective is to raise money. στόχος break down /ˌbreɪk daʊn/ She wants to break down some of the barriers against promotion of women. καταλύω, συντρίβω so called / səʊ kɔːld/ The so called experts were no help. λεγόμενος random / rændəm/ The opinion poll was based on a random selection of people. τυχαίος commitment /kə mɪtmənt/ Marriage is a life long commitment between man and wife. δέσμευση is (really) up to /ɪz ʌp tə, tʊ/ Do you know what he's really up to? τι (πραγματικά) ετοιμάζει diverse /daɪ vɜːs/ London is home to people from many diverse cultures. ποικίλος, διαφορετικός signed up /ˌsaɪnd ʌp/ I didn't sign up to all this hard work when I agreed to help you! υπογράφω, δέχομαι unsolicited /ˌʌnsə lɪs t d/ Joan was annoyed at the amount of unsolicited mail she was receiving. ανεπιθύμητος bewilderment /bɪ wɪldəmənt/ He couldn't believe the sight before him, and gaped in bewilderment. σύγχυση struck /strʌk/ He was struck by the way she handled herself in the emergency. έκπληκτος, άναυδος smoothly / smuːðli/ He drove very smoothly round the circuit. ομαλά, στρωτά good deeders /ˌɡʊd diːdəz/ He is always helping people in need and has been voted good deeder of the year. αυτός που κάνει καλές πράξεις naughty / nɔːti/ Billy is an extremely naughty child. άτακτος confesses /kən fes z/ The burglar confessed to stealing the jewellery. ομολογώ missing out /ˌmɪsɪŋ aʊt/ Janet couldn't come to the party she's missing out on all the fun. χάνω launch /lɔːntʃ/ We have launched a campaign to raise 50,000. λανσάρω impact / ɪmpækt/ The environmental impact of car use is proving very bad for the planet. αντίκτυπος slogan / sləʊɡən/ The company needed a catchy slogan for their new breakfast cereal. σύνθημα effective /ɪ fektɪv/ What is an effective way to teach reading? αποτελεσματικός combating / kɒmbætɪŋ/ Combating street crime is an uphill battle. πολεμώ, μάχομαι reluctant /rɪ lʌktənt/ For some reason, he was reluctant to accept her offer of help. διστακτικός unwilling /ʌn wɪlɪŋ/ He's unwilling to admit he was wrong. απρόθυμος vague /veɪɡ/ She's been a bit vague about her plans for the summer. ασαφής concrete / kɒŋkriːt/ Let's try and come up with some concrete ideas to improve sales! συγκεκριμένος, σαφής 1 out of 38

2 1 9 3 individual /ˌɪnd vɪdʒuəl/ Each individual drawing is slightly different. ατομικός bewildered /bɪ wɪldəd/ The children looked bewildered and scared. σαστισμένος embarrassed /ɪm bærəst/ I felt embarrassed about how untidy the house was. αμήχανος got on (really) well with /ˌɡɒt ɒn wel wɪð, wɪθ/ She got on really well with her classmates. τα πηγαίνω (πραγματικά) καλά με fitted in /ˌfɪt d ɪn/ The new guy has fitted in well with the rest of the sales team. ταιριάζω με support /sə pɔːt/ Many people have given us support in our campaign. στήριξη went out with /went aʊt wɪð, wɪθ/ Suzie went out with Luke for about six months. βγαίνω με κάποιον broke up with /ˌbrəʊk ʌp wɪð, wɪθ/ She broke up with him because he was such a liar. χωρίζω με κάποιον fell out with /ˌfel aʊt wɪð, wɪθ/ The children had an argument and fell out with each other. έρχομαι σε ρήξη washing up /ˌwɒʃɪŋ ʌp/ After the meal, they argued about who should do the washing up. πλύσιμο πιάτων made up /ˌmeɪd ʌp/ They made up after the row over whose money it was. τα ξαναβρίσκω με κάποιον persuade /pə sweɪd/ John was trying to persuade me to stay. πείθω social networking sites /ˌsəʊʃəl netwɜːkɪŋ ˌsaɪts/ The children aren't allowed to access social networking sites. ιστοσελίδες κοινωνικής δικτύωσης virtual / vɜːtʃuəl/ He became a virtual prisoner in his own home. εικονικός phenomenon /fɪ nɒm nən/ The phenomenon of laughter is unknown in animals. φαινόμενο significant /sɪɡ nɪfɪkənt/ The government made significant changes in the exam system. σημαντικός taps into /ˌtæps ɪntə, ɪntʊ/ You should tap into your full potential if you want to realise your dreams. αξιοποιώ insecurities /ˌɪnsɪ kjʊər tiz/ You must try and overcome your insecurities. ανασφάλεια valid / vælɪd/ The travellers all have valid passports. έγκυρος in a sense /ɪn ə sens/ In a sense we were all responsible for the accident because no one was paying attention. κατά μια έννοια pointless / pɔɪntləs/ His remarks were rather pointless, I thought. άσκοπος 1 12 Practice task hesitate / hez teɪt/ She hesitated before answering. διστάζω 1 12 Practice task supportive /sə pɔːtɪv/ Mark and Sally are very supportive of our attempt to win compensation. υποστηρικτικός correspondent /ˌkɒr spɒndənt/ Here's our sports correspondent. ανταποκριτής recipe for disaster /ˌres pi fə dɪ zɑːstə/ Giving weapons to the police was a recipe for disaster. συνταγή αποτυχίας ceremony / ser məni/ Helen Mirren won an Oscar at the award ceremony. τελετή premiere / premieə/ All the stars appeared on the red carpet at the film premiere. πρεμιέρα, πρώτη παράσταση issue / ɪʃuː, ɪsjuː/ This is a very important political issue. ζήτημα clash /klæʃ/ Ten soldiers were wounded in a clash with the rebels. σύρραξη, σύγκρουση research /rɪ sɜːtʃ/ The latest medical research on cancer shows great promise for sufferers. έρευνα limelight / laɪmlaɪt/ Ted loves being in the limelight. δημοσιότητα 1 14 Grammar 3 conflict / kɒn4ɪkt/ The conflict between the two countries lasted two years. διαμάχη, σύγκρουση 1 14 Grammar 3 psychologist /saɪ kɒlədʒ st/ He visits a psychologist every week for a one hour session. ψυχολόγος 1 14 Grammar 3 major / meɪdʒə/ Traffic is a major problem in the city. μείζων, σημαντικός 1 14 Grammar 3 benefit / benəfɪt/ What are the benefits of contact lenses? όφελος, πλεονέκτημα 1 14 Grammar 3 handle / hændl/ Computers can handle huge amounts of data. χειρίζομαι 1 14 Grammar 3 row /raʊ/ Tom and his wife had a huge row about who to invite to their party. καβγάς 1 14 Grammar 3 degenerates /dɪ dʒenəreɪts/ The condition of the housing estate had degenerated. παρακμάζω 1 14 Grammar 3 storming off /ˌstɔːmɪŋ ɒf/ She stormed off down the street, leaving him standing there. ορμάω έξω 1 14 Grammar 3 crisis / kraɪs s/ The country now faces an economic crisis. κρίση 1 14 Grammar 3 put things into perspective /ˌpʊt θɪŋz ɪntə pə spektɪv/ Watching the horror of the disaster on TV put my own worries into perspective. βάζω τα πράγματα στη σωστή προοπτική 1 14 Grammar 3 compromise / kɒmprəmaɪz/ Talks will continue until a compromise is reached. συμβιβασμός 1 14 Grammar 3 affection /ə fekʃən/ Barry felt a great affection for her. στοργή 1 14 Grammar 3 criticism / krɪt sɪzəm/ I don't think his criticisms of the project are justified. κριτική, επίκριση 1 14 Grammar 3 contempt /kən tempt/ Stuart treated his wife with utter contempt. περιφρόνηση 1 14 Grammar 3 constructively /kən strʌktɪvli/ As a teacher you have to look critically and constructively at a student's work. εποικοδομητικά 1 14 Grammar 4 inevitable /ɪ nev təbəl/ Death is inevitable. αναπόφευκτος 1 14 Vocabulary 1 considerate /kən sɪdər t/ He was always kind and considerate. ευγενικός, διακριτικός 1 14 Vocabulary 1 streak /striːk/ Jane has a ruthless streak in her personality. χαρακτηριστικό 1 14 Vocabulary 1 diplomatic /ˌdɪplə mætɪk/ I told her I liked her dress, but really I was just being diplomatic. διπλωματικός 1 14 Vocabulary 1 fiercely / fɪəsli/ He fought back fiercely against the injustice. άγρια 1 14 Vocabulary 1 loyal / lɔɪəl/ Ted was always loyal to his friends. πιστός 1 14 Vocabulary 1 brutally / bruːtl-i/ He was brutally murdered. κτηνωδώς 1 14 Vocabulary 1 lose your temper /ˌluːz jə tempə/ Jack loses his temper far too easily. χάνω την ψυχραιμία μου 1 14 Vocabulary 1 spontaneous /spɒn teɪniəs/ The audience burst into spontaneous applause. αυθόρμητος 1 14 Vocabulary 1 level headed /ˌlevəl hed d/ Sarah is a very level headed person. λογικός, συνετός 1 14 Vocabulary 1 vivid / vɪv d/ Meg gave a vivid description of her childhood in Cornwall. ζωηρός, έντονος 2 out of 38

3 1 14 Vocabulary 1 razor sharp /ˌreɪzə ʃɑːp/ Jimmy has a razor sharp sense of humour. κοφτερός 1 14 Vocabulary 1 tendency / tendənsi/ He has a tendency to talk too much. τάση 1 14 Vocabulary 1 snap decisions /ˌsnæp dɪ sɪʒənz/ Jason tends to make snap decisions rather than thinking through the problem. βιαστική απόφαση 1 15 Vocabulary 3 morally / mɒrəli/ Slavery is morally wrong. ηθικά 1 15 Writing 3 pressure / preʃə/ Her family are putting pressure on her to stay at home. πίεση livid / lɪv d/ Their parents were livid when they discovered the couple had eloped. έξαλλος stripe /straɪp/ Zac was wearing a shirt with blue and white stripes. ρίγα punctual / pʌŋktʃuəl/ Ted's always very punctual. ακριβής value / væljuː/ I always value your advice. εκτιμώ have no hesitation in /hæv ˌnəʊ hez teɪʃən ɪn/ He was a brilliant salesman and I had no hesitation in promoting him.. δε διστάζω να recommending /ˌrekə mendɪŋ/ The decorator was superb and I've been recommending him to all my friends.. συνιστώ distinctly /dɪ stɪŋktli/ I distinctly remember his words. ξεκάθαρα waterproof / wɔːtəpruːf/ I bought the children some waterproof boots. αδιάβροχος Unit Title sensational /sen seɪʃənəl/ Howard Carter made a sensational discovery when he found the tomb of Tutankhamen. εντυπωσιακός takeaway / teɪkəweɪ/ We decided to have a takeaway meal for dinner. (φαγητό) πακέτο, απ'έξω nano food / nænəʊ fuːd/ I won't be buying any nano food unless I know it is safe to eat. νανο τρόφιμα bland /blænd/ That woman is so bland she irritates me. πράος texture / tekstʃə/ She liked to feel the smooth texture of silk on her skin. υφή family run /ˌfæməli rʌn/ It's a small family run business. οικογενειακός established /ɪ stæblɪʃt/ They're a well established company, with branches in most cities in Britain. εδραιωμένος trendy / trendi/ There's a new, trendy bar just opened in town. μοντέρνος, μοδάτος affected /ə fekt d/ She was deeply affected by the news of his death. επηρεασμένος, συγκινημένος 2 18 Listening 1 atmosphere / ætməsfɪə/ The atmosphere at home was tense. ατμόσφαιρα 2 18 Listening 1 décor / deɪkɔː/ I didn't like the décor in the restaurant. διάκοσμος 2 18 Listening 1 expense /ɪk spens/ All his money went on medical expenses. έξοδο 2 18 Listening 2 themed /θiːmd/ It was a themed restaurant based on Alice in Wonderland. θεματικός 2 18 Listening 3 location /ləʊ keɪʃən/ Draw a map showing the precise location of the accident. τοποθεσία 2 18 Listening 3 worth /wɜːθ/ Our house is worth 350,000. αξίζει 2 18 Listening 4 ingredients /ɪn ɡriːdiənts/ Mum went out to buy all the ingredients to bake a birthday cake. συστατικά 2 18 Vocabulary 2 build (the business) up /ˌbɪld ʌp/ John worked hard building the business up. αναπτύσσω,ενισχύω (την επιχείρηση) 2 18 Vocabulary 2 thought up /ˌθɔːt ʌp/ Whoever thought up this idea needs to be fired! επινοώ, σκαρφίζομαι 2 18 Vocabulary 2 council / kaʊnsəl/ The local council decided to close down the nightclub. συμβούλιο 2 18 Vocabulary 2 pile up /ˌpaɪl ʌp/ Debts from the business were piling up quickly. συσσωρεύω 2 18 Vocabulary 2 conjure up /ˌkʌndʒər ʌp/ Smells can often conjure up memories. φέρνω στο μυαλό 2 18 Vocabulary 2 eat up /ˌiːt ʌp/ Eat up, there's a good girl. τελειώνω το φαγητό μου 2 18 Vocabulary 2 speak up /ˌspiːk ʌp/ Could you speak up, please? μιλάω πιο δυνατά 2 18 Vocabulary 2 make up /ˌmeɪk ʌp/ Ron made up an excuse. βγάζω κάτι απ'το μυαλό μου 2 18 Vocabulary 2 from scratch /frəm skrætʃ/ They built up the business from scratch. από την αρχή 2 18 Vocabulary 3 add up /ˌæd ʌp/ Add your scores up and see who's won. αθροίζω, προσθέτω 2 18 Vocabulary 3 dream up /ˌdriːm ʌp/ Who dreams up these TV commercials? εφευρίσκω, σκαρφίζομαι 2 18 Vocabulary 3 save up /ˌseɪv ʌp/ Mum and Dad saved up for three years to go on a round the world trip. κάνω οικονομίες 2 18 Vocabulary 3 heat up /ˌhiːt ʌp/ Fred heated up the soup. ζεσταίνω 2 18 Vocabulary 3 hang up /ˌhæŋ ʌp/ She said goodnight and hung up. κλείνω το τηλέφωνο thrilling / θrɪlɪŋ/ It was a thrilling game of football. συναρπαστικός edge /edʒ/ Billy sat on the edge of the bed. άκρη intimate / ɪnt m t/ They became intimate friends. στενός supper / sʌpə/ We had supper in an Italian restaurant. δείπνο anticipated /æn tɪs peɪt d/ They anticipated a large crowd of people at the game. αναμένω, προσδοκώ charming / tʃɑːmɪŋ/ Her brother is one of the most charming people I have met. γοητευτικός salmon / sæmən/ She ordered salmon with wild garlic. σολωμός plump /plʌmp/ Mum bought a lovely plump turkey for Christmas dinner. παχουλός chargrilled / tʃɑːɡrɪld/ Matthew ordered chargrilled steak and chips. στη σχάρα portion / pɔːʃən/ There's not enough food for everyone we'll have to make all the portions smaller. μερίδα appeal /ə piːl/ Your food still has a certain appeal, despite being burnt. έλξη, γοητεία memorabilia /ˌmemərə bɪliə/ My son's room is full of soccer memorabilia. αναμνηστικό merchandise / mɜːtʃəndaɪz, -daɪs/ All the merchandise on display was half price. εμπόρευμα 3 out of 38

4 queuing / kjuːɪŋ/ People were queuing overnight waiting for the sales to start. σχηματίζω ουρά review /rɪ vjuː/ After reading the food critic's review of the restaurant, we decided not to go. κριτική efficiency /ɪ fɪʃənsi/ The efficiency of the service was excellent. αποτελεσματικότητα feature / 5ːtʃə/ An important feature of his paintings is their colours. γνώρισμα, χαρακτηριστικό memorable / memərəbəl/ All in all it was a very memorable day. αξιομνημόνευτος 2 21 risotto /rɪ zɒtəʊ/ Steve made risotto for dinner. ριζότο three course dinner /ˌθriː kɔːs dɪnə/ Every Sunday, the family have a three course dinner. δείπνο τριών πιάτων prototype / prəʊtətaɪp/ He tried to buy the prototype of the Apple ipod. πρωτότυπο chewed /tʃuːd/ That child is chewing bubblegum! μασάω strip /strɪp/ Tear the paper into one inch strips. λωρίδα roast /rəʊst/ Liam ordered roast beef and Yorkshire Pudding. ψητός blueberry pie /ˌbluːbəri paɪ/ For dessert she had blueberry pie. πίτα με βατόμουρα far fetched /ˌfɑː fetʃt/ Her story was pretty far fetched. παρατραβηγμένος laboratory /lə bɒrətri/ Margaret works in a research laboratory. εργαστήριο programmable / prəʊɡræməbəl/ The company are hoping to produce programmable nano food. προγραμματιζόμενος consumer /kən sjuːmə/ Consumers are enjoying lower airfares. καταναλωτής zap /zæp/ I zapped the food in the microwave to heat it up. μαγειρεύω στο φούρνο μικροκυμάτων transmitter /trænz mɪtə/ The local transmitter has broken down, and we can't get a picture. πομπός activate / ækt veɪt/ This switch activates the alarm. ενεργοποιώ nano capsule / nænəʊ ˌkæpsjuːl/ These socks contain nano capsules that prevent them retaining the smell of your feet. νανοκάψουλα containing /kən teɪnɪŋ/ She found a box containing all her mother's jewellery. περιέχω green hued /ˌɡriːn hjuːd/ On the rock sat a green hued lizard. σε πράσινη απόχρωση blackcurrant flavoured /blæk kʌrənt ˌ4eɪvəd/ Carl bought a tube of blackcurrant flavoured sweets. με γεύση φραγκοστάφυλο omega 3 /əʊˌm ɡə θriː/ The nutritionist recommended that she take 500 mg of Omega 3 fish oil every day. ωμέγα dissolve /dɪ zɒlv/ Stir the mixture until the sugar dissolves. διαλύω precision /prɪ sɪʒən/ Some animals can find their way in the dark with great precision. ακρίβεια substance / sʌbstəns/ The bag was covered with a sticky substance. ουσία molecular /mə lekj lə/ It is difficult to discover the molecular structure of some materials. μοριακός atomic /ə tɒmɪk/ A large number of atomic particles have been discovered over the past 100 years. ατομικός exploits /ɪk splɔɪts/ Her grandchildren exploited her generosity shamelessly. εκμεταλλεύομαι startling / stɑːtlɪŋ/ Her startling beauty left me breathless. εντυπωσιακός targeted / tɑːɡ t d/ We need better targeted sales campaigns if anyone is to get a bonus. στοχευμένος manufacturer /ˌmænj fæktʃərə/ Food manufacturers have promised to use less packaging on their products. κατασκευαστής encapsulation /ɪnˌkæpsj leɪʃən/ Will the public like the idea of encapsulation of flavours in nano food? περίκλειση σε κάψουλα, ενθυλάκωση shelf life / ʃelf laɪf/ Some foods have a very short shelf life. διάρκεια ζωής engineer /ˌendʒ nɪə/ His enemies engineered his downfall. μηχανεύομαι sensation /sen seɪʃən/ She had a tingling sensation in her hands. αίσθηση fat based / fæt ˌbeɪst/ I try to avoid buying fat based foods. λιπαρός, βασισμένος σε λιπαρά spread /spred/ Alan took the cheese spread out of the fridge. άλειμμα reduction /rɪ dʌkʃən/ There's been a reduction in the number of students choosing science. μείωση processed / prəʊsest/ He only ever buys processed peas. επεξεργασμένος content / kɒntent/ The style of the website is good, but I'm not really interested in its content. περιεχόμενο technique /tek niːk/ Brian's guitar playing techniques are superb. τεχνική sophisticated /sə fɪst keɪt d/ This new radio is a very sophisticated model. εξεζητημένος tailored / teɪləd/ He always has his suits tailored to fit him exactly. προσαρμοσμένος flavour / 4eɪvə/ Which flavour of ice cream do you want chocolate or vanilla? γεύση cater / keɪtə/ She catered to his every need. εξυπηρετώ ultimately / ʌlt m tli/ Their efforts ultimately resulted in his release from prison. τελικά The Holy Grail /ðə ˌhəʊli ɡreɪl/ The Holy Grail is said to possess miraculous powers, and has never been found. το Άγιο Δισκοπότηρο trimming / trɪmɪŋ/ At Christmas we had a turkey dinner with all the trimmings. συνοδευτικό protein / prəʊtiːn/ Most foods contain at least some protein. πρωτεϊνη altering / ɔːltərɪŋ/ She's lost weight and is altering some of her clothes so they fit. μεταποιώ nutrient / njuːtriənt/ Plants absorb nutrients from the soil. θρεπτική ουσία hazelnut / heɪzəlnʌt/ My son has a hazelnut allergy. φουντούκι nutritional /njuː trɪʃənəl/ He takes a lot of nutritional health supplements. θρεπτικός lactose / læktəʊs/ Helen bought some lactose free vanilla ice cream. λακτόζη filtered / fɪltəd/ All drinking water must be filtered. φιλτράρω 4 out of 38

5 lactose intolerant /ˌlæktəʊs ɪn tɒlərənt/ People become lactose intolerant as they grow older. δυσανεκτικός στη λακτόζη application /ˌæplɪ keɪʃən/ It's very pretty, but does it have any practical application? εφαρμογή beetroot / biːtruːt/ Beetroot is one of my favourite vegetables. παντζάρι behaviour /bɪ heɪvjə/ I'm not very pleased with your behaviour. συμπεριφορά associated /ə səʊʃieɪt d, ə səʊsi-/ Her name is always associated with high fashion. συνδεδεμένος back to front /ˌbæk tə frʌnt/ He put his T shirt on back to front. ανάποδα innovation /ˌɪnə veɪʃən/ The introduction of flexitime was a welcome innovation. καινοτομία off shoot / ɒf ʃuːt/ The TV series was an off shoot of a highly successful movie. παρακλάδι sensor / sensə/ The fire spread because the smoke sensors weren't working. αισθητήρας allergen / ælədʒən/ The Department provides allergen information for non packaged foods. αλλεργιογόνο dafter / dɑːftə/ Believe it or not, he's had dafter ideas. πιο χαζός relevant / rel vənt/ Are your qualifications relevant to the job? σχετικός corporation /ˌkɔːpə reɪʃən/ She works for a major engineering corporation. όμιλος 2 24 Grammar 2 essential /ɪ senʃəl/ A balanced diet is essential for good health. ουσιώδης 2 24 Grammar 2 component /kəm pəʊnənt/ The factory supplies components to the car industry. εξάρτημα 2 24 Grammar 2 balanced / bælənst/ I try to eat a balanced diet. ισορροπημένος 2 24 Grammar 2 medicinal /m dɪsənəl/ Some plants have medicinal properties. ιαματικός 2 24 Grammar 2 virtue / vɜːtʃuː/ People sometimes doubt the medicinal virtues of certain types of food. ιδιότητα 2 24 Grammar 2 the jury is still out on /ðə ˌdʒʊəri ɪz ˌstɪl aʊt ɒn/ The jury is still out on whether he will be allowed to play for the team on Saturday. δεν έχει ακόμη αποφασιστεί 2 24 Grammar 2 prevent /prɪ vent/ His prompt action prevented a serious accident. προλαμβάνω 2 24 Grammar 2 tooth decay / tuːθ dɪˌkeɪ/ Everyone should brush their teeth to help prevent tooth decay. τερηδόνα 2 24 Grammar 2 husk /hʌsk/ Husks of cocoa beans are used as a gelling agent in jams and other foods. φλοιός 2 24 Grammar 2 discarded /dɪs kɑːd d/ They discarded the empty bottles at the bottle bank. πετάω, απορρίπτω 2 24 Grammar 2 plaque /plɑːk/ The plaque read: Samuel Johnson was born here. (αναμνηστική) πλάκα 2 24 Grammar 2 dental / dentl/ The dentist looks after your dental care. οδοντικός 2 24 Grammar 2 forego /fɔː ɡəʊ/ We decided to forego a second helping of pudding. απέχω, παραιτούμαι 2 24 Grammar 2 temptation /temp teɪʃən/ I had to resist the temptation to slap him. πειρασμός 2 24 Grammar 2 life expectancy / laɪf ɪkˌspektənsi/ Scientists predict that life expectancy for children born today will be over 100 years. προσδόκιμο ζωής 2 24 Grammar 2 in moderation /ɪn ˌmɒdə reɪʃən/ I believe in eating and drinking in moderation. με μέτρο 2 24 Grammar 2 clogging up /ˌklɒɡɪŋ ʌp/ Fatty diets lead to the clogging up of arteries. βουλώνω, φράσσω 2 24 Grammar 2 artery / ɑːtəri/ The heart pumps blood out through one main artery. αρτηρία 2 24 Vocabulary 1 refined /rɪ faɪnd/ I buy whole grain bread, fresh vegetables and fruit and avoid all refined food. επεξεργασμένος 2 24 Vocabulary 1 stodgy / stɒdʒi/ Jack was eating a stodgy pudding. δύσπεπτος, βαρύς 2 24 Vocabulary 1 tender / tendə/ She slow cooked the beef until it was tender. τρυφερός 2 24 Vocabulary 1 bitter / bɪtə/ The drink left a bitter taste in my mouth. πικρός 2 24 Vocabulary 1 acidic /ə sɪdɪk/ Oranges and lemons are acidic foods. όξινος 2 24 Vocabulary 1 spicy / spaɪsi/ My son loves spicy food. καρυκευμένος, πικάντικος 2 24 Vocabulary 1 smooth /smuːð/ She was busy preparing some smooth homemade baby food. λείος, απαλός 2 24 Vocabulary 1 appetising / æp taɪzɪŋ/ The meal smelt very appetising. ορεκτικός 2 24 Vocabulary 1 lumpy / lʌmpi/ My child has progressed from smooth purees to lumpy solid food. σβωλιασμένος 2 24 Vocabulary 1 off /ɒf/ The meat was off, so we had cheese on toast instead. χαλασμένος 2 24 Vocabulary 1 pungent / pʌndʒənt/ The pungent smell of garlic pervaded the kitchen. δριμύς chunky / tʃʌŋki/ This food is too chunky for the baby to eat. τραγανός palate / pæl t/ The chef has a very refined palate. ουρανίσκος 2 25 CAE close up airborne / eəbɔːn/ Many people died after breathing in airborne particles from the factory. αερομεταφερόμενος 2 25 CAE close up perceived /pə siːvd/ Obama is perceived by many people as the country's last hope of introducing universal health benefits. αντιληπτός 2 25 CAE close up blandness / blændn s/ The blandness of the food was complete. έλλειψη νοστιμιάς, ανοστιά 2 25 CAE close up attributed /ə trɪbj t d/ She attributed her illness to the cold weather. αποδίδω, καταλογίζω 2 25 CAE close up aircraft / eəkrɑːft/ The aircraft had a few empty seats. αεροσκάφος 2 25 CAE close up takeoff / teɪkɒf/ On takeoff we had to fasten our safety belts. απογείωση 2 25 CAE close up taste bud / teɪst bʌd/ As we get older, we tend to lose our taste buds. γευστικός κάλυκας 2 25 CAE close up altitude / ælt tjuːd/ Breathing becomes more difficult at high altitudes. υψόμετρο 2 25 CAE close up supply /sə plaɪ/ We've bought a week's supply of fresh meat. προμήθεια 2 25 CAE close up oxygen / ɒksɪdʒən/ In one breath, the adult whale can take in enough oxygen to last for about an hour. οξυγόνο 2 25 CAE close up mild /maɪld/ The patient has a mild increase in temperature. ήπιος 2 25 CAE close up decrease / diːkriːs/ There was a decrease in sales last month. μείωση 2 25 CAE close up sour /saʊə/ That apple tasted extremely sour. ξινός 5 out of 38

6 2 25 CAE close up factor / fæktə/ Vaccination is an important factor in improving the nation's health. παράγοντας 2 25 CAE close up paramount / pærəmaʊnt/ Safety is paramount in the aircraft industry. ύψιστος 2 25 CAE close up mass /mæs/ The city was hit by a mass outbreak of flu. μαζικός 2 25 CAE close up food poisoning / fuːd ˌpɔɪzənɪŋ/ Rachel has called in to say that she's in bed with food poisoning. τροφική δηλητηρίαση 2 25 CAE close up disastrous /dɪ zɑːstrəs/ We had a disastrous week's holiday in Italy. καταστροφικός 2 25 CAE close up consequence / kɒns kwəns/ The health consequences of obesity do not appear to stop people from overeating. συνέπεια 2 25 CAE close up source /sɔːs/ The main source of calcium is diary products. πηγή 2 25 CAE close up accordingly /ə kɔːdɪŋli/ If you work extra hours, you will be paid accordingly. ανάλογα 2 25 CAE close up palatable / pælətəbəl/ This is a very palatable wine. εύγευστος 2 25 CAE close up spice /spaɪs/ The meal contained a number of strong spices. καρύκευμα, μπαχαρικό 2 25 CAE close up percentage /pə sentɪdʒ/ What percentage of the workers are women? ποσοστό 2 25 CAE close up dessert /dɪ zɜːt/ We had ice cream for dessert. επιδόρπιο set up /ˌset ʌp/ She left the company to set up her own business. ιδρύω, δημιουργώ fairly / feəli/ She's a fairly popular girl. αρκετά expanded /ɪk spænd d/ The company has expanded since he took over as a director. επεκτείνομαι regular / reɡj lə/ Jock's a regular, and comes in every day for his lunch. θαμώνας conference / kɒnfərəns/ She was invited to attend an international conference on the environment. συνέδριο calculating / kælkj leɪtɪŋ/ He always calculates the bill before paying it. υπολογίζω, λογαριάζω genetic /dʒə netɪk/ His area of expertise is genetic research. γενετικός aversion /ə vɜːʃən/ She has a strong aversion to cats. αποστροφή, απέχθεια variation /ˌveəri eɪʃən/ There can be huge variations in price from store to store for the same item. απόκλιση governed / ɡʌvənd/ She wants to be a creative chef and not be governed by strict recipes. ελέγχω, κυβερνώ gene /dʒiːn/ The article stated that the genes in GM food are synthetic. γονίδιο pudding / pʊdɪŋ/ We had chocolate pudding for dessert. πουτίγκα reaction /ri ækʃən/ What was his reaction to the question? αντίδραση stew /stjuː/ We always have beef stew on Monday. βραστό fondness / fɒndn s/ His fondness for his eldest daughter was evident. αγάπη, στοργή off putting /ˌɒf pʊtɪŋ/ I found the style of the book very off putting. απωθητικός Unit competitive /kəm pet tɪv/ Boys are more competitive than girls. ανταγωνιστικός achievement /ə tʃiːvmənt/ Putting a man on the moon was one of our greatest achievements. κατόρθωμα rises to a challenge /ˌraɪz z tʊ ə tʃæləndʒ/ Is he capable of rising to the challenge? δέχομαι μια πρόκληση set yourself a goal /ˌset jəself ə ɡəʊl/ Why don't you set yourself a goal to save that amount in six months? θέτω έναν στόχο στον εαυτό μου spectator /spek teɪtə/ The spectators cheered on their team. θεατής active participant /ˌæktɪv pɑː tɪs pənt/ He was an active participant in all the games. ενεργός μέτοχος keeping fit /ˌkiːpɪŋ fɪt/ Keeping fit is one of those things that I find difficult to fit into a busy life. κρατιέμαι σε φόρμα partly / pɑːtli/ They moved to France, partly to be nearer their daughter. εν μέρει sociable / səʊʃəbəl/ He's extremely sociable, and will talk to anyone. κονωνικός keen on / kiːn ɒn/ Liam is very keen on skiing. είμαι ενθουσιώδης give up /ˌɡɪv ʌp/ Why have you given up going to the gym? παρατώ, εγκαταλείπω attitude / æt tjuːd/ Many people have negative attitudes towards old age. στάση, συμπεριφορά fitness industry / fɪtn s ˌɪndəstri/ He's a personal trainer in the fitness industry. τομέας της φυσικής κατάστασης craze /kreɪz/ Hula hooping is one of the latest fitness crazes to hit New York. τρέλα, μανία purpose / pɜːpəs/ What is the purpose of your visit to England? σκοπός effort / efət/ She puts a lot of effort into her work. προσπάθεια prop /prɒp/ The stage manager makes sure all the props are in the right places before the play begins. στήριγμα, στύλος ladder / lædə/ Women have had to fight to climb the career ladder. σκάλα drinking straw / drɪŋkɪŋ ˌstrɔː/ She put a drinking straw in each glass of fruit juice. καλαμάκι extraordinary /ɪk strɔːdənəri/ It's extraordinary that he didn't tell you! ασυνήθης, αξιοσημείωτος advanced /əd vɑːnst/ Shani is an advanced participant in Pilates. προχωρημένος chaos training / keɪɒs ˌtreɪnɪŋ/ After one session I decided that chaos training wasn't for me. μέθοδος εκγύμνασης μέσω μη τυποποιημένων ασκήσεων muscle group / mʌsəl ɡruːp/ At the gym he was advised on how to exercise each muscle group. μϋική ομάδα motivated / məʊt veɪt d/ Most climbers are motivated by a desire to reach the summit. υποκινούμενος thrive /θraɪv/ A cactus is a plant that is able to thrive in dry conditions. ευδοκιμώ inbuilt / ɪnbɪlt/ She was driven by an inbuilt desire to pass all her exams. έμφυτος desire /dɪ zaɪə/ President Obama's desire for peace earned him the Nobel Peace Prize. επιθυμία 6 out of 38

7 instinct / ɪnstɪŋkt/ Instinct told me something was wrong. ένστικτο spirit / spɪr t/ I'm 85, but I still feel young in spirit. πνεύμα competing /kəm piːtɪŋ/ She trained hard because she knew she would be competing against the best. ανταγωνίζομαι intense /ɪn tens/ Students are under intense pressure to succeed. έντονος stiff /stɪf/ Morrison faces stiff competition in the 200 metres sprint. σκληρός came up against /keɪm ʌp əˌɡenst/ I've never come up against such stiff competition. αντιμετωπίζω, συναντώ a slim margin /ə ˌslɪm mɑːdʒ n/ By a slim margin, he was voted class president. με μικρή διαφορά rower / rəʊə/ The UK rowers crossed the line to win yet another gold medal. κωπηλάτης row /rəʊ/ They rowed across the lake. κωπηλατώ epic / epɪk/ Ellen Macarthur's epic journey round the world started from Plymouth. επικός odd /ɒd/ Jake's an odd guy. αλλόκοτος laid back /ˌleɪd bæk/ He has a very laid back approach to life. χαλαρός challenge / tʃæl ndʒ/ I enjoy the challenge of a new job. πρόκληση cope with / kəʊp wɪð, wɪθ/ How on earth does she cope with eight children? ανταπεξέρχομαι, τα βγάζω πέρα were (certainly) up against /wər ʌp əˌɡenst/ They were certainly up against the best team in the league. αντιμετωπίζω (σίγουρα) κάτι με δυσκολία physically / fɪzɪkli/ Try running to help you keep physically fit. σωματικά horrendous /hɒ rendəs/ It was a horrendous sight. φρικτός exhausted /ɪɡ zɔːst d/ I was still exhausted from the race. εξαντλημένος near torture /ˌnɪə tɔːtʃə/ I had so many blisters, it was near torture to keep on rowing. σχεδόν βασανιστήριο considerable /kən sɪdərəbəl/ He left her a considerable amount of money. σημαντικός, αξιοσημείωτος 3 30 Grammar 3 session / seʃən/ We run training sessions for disabled athletes. συνεδρίαση 3 30 Grammar 3 unpredictable /ˌʌnprɪ dɪktəbəl/ We ran into some unpredictable weather. απρόβλεπτος 3 30 Listening 2 element / eləmənt/ There's an element of risk in every sport. στοιχείο unsung /ˌʌn sʌŋ/ They were the unsung heroes of the revolution. αφανής immaculate /ɪ mækj l t/ Her hair was immaculate. αψεγάδιαστος court /kɔːt/ I beat her at squash but she thrashed me on the tennis court. γήπεδο orderly / ɔːdəli/ She always has a neat, orderly desk. τακτικός well deserved /ˌwel dɪ zɜːvd/ Mum's having a well deserved rest. που μου αξίζει give credit / kred t/ She gave him credit for doing a good job. αναγνωρίζω behind the scenes /bɪˌhaɪnd ðə siːnz/ No one knew what went on behind the scenes. στο παρασκήνιο magnificent /mæɡ nɪf sənt/ He gave a magnificent performance. υπέροχος falcon / fɔːlkən/ The falcon swooped and seized its prey in its claws. γεράκι dive bomb / daɪv bɒm/ The bird was trained to dive bomb any pigeon it saw. βομβαρδίζω με κάθετη εφόρμηση, ορμάω κάθετα pigeon / pɪdʒ n/ Fred used to race homing pigeons. περιστέρι distracting /dɪ stræktɪŋ/ I found his presence very distracting. που αποσπά την προσοχή mess up /ˌmes ʌp/ Wimbledon uses falcons to frighten away the pigeons which mess up the courts. λερώνω, βρωμίζω disease /dɪ ziːz/ He was suffering from heart disease. νόσος scaring off /ˌskeərɪŋ ɒf/ The dog was excellent at scaring off burglars. διώχνω, τρομάζω resounding /rɪ zaʊndɪŋ/ Leona's new record was a resounding success. ηχηρός dropped /drɒpt/ The number of applicants applying for the course has dropped. μειώνω poison / pɔɪzən/ Arsenic is a deadly poison. δηλητήριο trained /treɪnd/ Their dog was trained at obedience classes. εκπαιδεύω lawn /lɔːn/ Dad went out to mow the lawn. γρασίδι soil /sɔɪl/ The soil here is very poor. έδαφος maintained /meɪn teɪnd/ The groundsmen maintained the courts very well at Wimbledon. συντηρώ upkeep / ʌpkiːp/ The money went towards the upkeep of the church. συντήρηση surface / sɜːf s/ The surface of the vase felt smooth. επιφάνεια formula / fɔːmj lə/ There's no magic formula for success. συνταγή, τύπος mimic / mɪmɪk/ Some of the boys were mimicking the teacher. μιμούμαι footfall / fʊtfɔːl/ I thought I heard a footfall behind me. βηματισμός blade /bleɪd/ He cut his finger on the blade of his saw. λεπίδα skywards / skaɪwədz/ She hit the ball skywards. προς τον ουρανό ensuring /ɪn ʃʊərɪŋ/ He checked all the doors, ensuring they were locked. εξασφαλίζω minimum of fuss /ˌmɪn məm əv fʌs/ The author agreed to visit the school but insisted on the minimum of fuss. ελάχιστος κόπος series / sɪəriːz/ We have to do a series of exercises in our PE class. σειρά refine /rɪ faɪn/ The sugar is refined and then shipped abroad. διυλίζω 7 out of 38

8 temperament / tempərəmənt/ He hasn't got the right temperament to work with children. ιδιοσυγκρασία vital / vaɪtl/ His evidence was vital to the defence case. ζωτικός skilful / skɪlfəl/ He was a skilful photographer, but very temperamental. επιδέξιος banging / bæŋɪŋ/ He tripped and ended up banging his head into the wall. χτυπώ net post / net pəʊst/ The tennis player slammed his first serve into the net post. δίχτυ, φιλέ carried on /ˌkærid ɒn/ The cricketers carried on playing until bad light stopped play. συνεχίζω steward / stjuːəd/ He is training to be a steward on a national airline. αεροσυνοδός strict /strɪkt/ Our teacher is very strict and will not allow talking in class. αυστηρός fairly / feəli/ Sam has always treated his employees fairly. δίκαια turnstile / tɜːnstaɪl/ I showed my ticket and passed through the turnstile. περιστρεφόμενη πόρτα slope /sləʊp/ Our house is built on a slope. πλαγιά sole /səʊl/ He was the sole survivor of the crash. μοναδικός provider /prə vaɪdə/ I decided to change my Internet service provider. πάροχος reputation /ˌrepj teɪʃən/ The neighbourhood used to have a very bad reputation. φήμη exceptional /ɪk sepʃənəl/ Stella was an exceptional student. εξαιρετικός variety /və raɪəti/ The college offers several varieties of language course. ποικιλία supplies /sə plaɪz/ He very kindly supplied me with a pen to fill in the form. προμηθεύω, εφοδιάζω fortnight / fɔːtnaɪt/ The meetings take place once a fortnight. δεκαπενθήμερο consumption /kən sʌmpʃən/ We are more than aware of the need to reduce petrol consumption. κατανάλωση picker / pɪkə/ She was a very fast strawberry picker, and quickly filled her basket. συλλέκτης adapt /ə dæpt/ Children may find it hard to adapt to a new school. προσαρμόζομαι surrogate mother /ˌsʌrəɡeɪt mʌðə, -ɡ t/ Clare acted as a surrogate mother for her sister. παρένθετη μητέρα assigns /ə saɪnz/ The teacher had assigned each of them a particular task. αναθέτω locker / lɒkə/ He changed into his football kit and left his clothes in the locker. ντουλάπι, ερμάριο laundry / lɔːndri/ Henry put the laundry in the washing machine. μπουγάδα tends /tendz/ She tends to his every need. φροντίζω demand /dɪ mɑːnd/ There's a great demand for new housing. ζήτηση bagful / bæɡfʊl/ My son arrived home with a bagful of dirty laundry. μια τσάντα γεμάτη quirky / kwɜːki/ Mike has a quirky sense of humour. ιδιόμορφος rip /rɪp/ Her clothes had all been ripped. σκίζω 3 34 Vocabulary 1 idol / aɪdl/ Overnight he became a pop idol. είδωλο 3 34 Vocabulary 1 standard / stændəd/ We must improve standards of food hygiene. πρότυπο 3 34 Vocabulary 2 battled / bætld/ They battled against the elements. μάχομαι 3 34 Vocabulary 2 exhaustion /ɪɡ zɔːstʃən/ He collapsed with exhaustion. εξάντληση 3 34 Vocabulary 2 dizziness / dɪzin s/ Jean was overcome by dizziness. ζάλη 3 34 Vocabulary 2 nausea / nɔːziə, -siə/ She was filled with nausea at the thought of killing a turkey. ναυτία 3 34 Vocabulary 2 sunstroke / sʌnstrəʊk/ She was suffering from a severe case of sunstroke. ηλίαση 3 34 Vocabulary 2 expectations /ˌekspek teɪʃənz/ The holiday didn't live up to our expectations. προσδοκίες 3 34 Vocabulary 2 determined /dɪ tɜːm nd/ He was determined to find out what had gone wrong. αποφασισμένος 3 34 Vocabulary 2 averaging / ævərɪdʒɪŋ/ The hikers were averaging about twenty miles a day. κάνω κατά μέσο όρο 3 34 Vocabulary 2 outstanding /aʊt stændɪŋ/ The opera singer gave an outstanding performance. εξαιρετικός 3 34 Vocabulary 2 schedule / ʃedjuːl, ske-/ The project looks like finishing on schedule. πρόγραμμα 3 34 Vocabulary 2 status / steɪtəs/ If I marry an American, will my status as an British citizen be affected? κατάσταση, θέση 3 34 Vocabulary 2 minor / maɪnə/ We made a few minor changes to the plan. μικρός, ασήμαντος 3 34 Vocabulary 2 role model / rəʊl ˌmɒdl/ I try to be a positive role model for my kids. πρότυπο 3 34 Vocabulary 2 elite /eɪ liːt/ They were a highly trained, elite group of soldiers. εκλεκτός 3 35 Grammar 3 coach /kəʊtʃ/ Phil was a brilliant coach, and took the team into the Premier League. προπονητής 3 35 Grammar 3 reckon / rekən/ We've done all we can, I reckon. νομίζω, εκτιμώ 3 35 Grammar 3 recovered /rɪ kʌvəd/ Jed's in hospital, recovering from his operation. αναρρώνω stick to / stɪk tə, tʊ/ We decided to stick to our original plan. εμμένω barefoot / beəfʊt/ The children ran barefoot in the sand. ξυπόλητος sole /səʊl/ His wellington boots had rubber soles. σόλα wobbly / wɒbli/ She spilt her coffee because she was sitting on a wobbly chair. ταλαντευόμενος rival / raɪvəl/ The two teams had always been rivals. αντίπαλος took up /ˌtʊk ʌp/ Lucy took up squash about six months ago. αναλαμβάνω, ξεκινάω racehorse / reɪshɔːs/ That racehorse is superb over the fences. άλογο κούρσας Unit 04 8 out of 38

9 4 37 Introduction myth /mɪθ/ I'm reading a book about Greek myths and legends. μύθος 4 37 Introduction memory / meməri/ She has a very good memory. μνήμη fairy story / feəri ˌstɔːri/ I read a fairy story to my daughter every night. παραμύθι fable / feɪbəl/ His favourite book is Aesop's Fables. μύθος fib /fɪb/ You shouldn't tell fibs. ψεματάκι legend / ledʒənd/ Most children are familiar with the legend of King Arthur. θρύλος appealing /ə piːlɪŋ/ Which of these books do you find most appealing? ελκυστικός trashy / træʃi/ For some light reading on the plane he picked up a trashy novel. άχρηστος, τιποτένιος non fiction /ˌnɒn fɪkʃən/ She never reads non fiction books, as she find real life depressing as it is. ρεαλιστικός, πραγματικός professional /prə feʃənəl/ You'll need professional legal advice. επαγγελματικός journal / dʒɜːnl/ He was writing an article for a scientific journal. εφημερίδα intended /ɪn tend d/ The language will vary according to the intended audience. επιδιωκώμενος promote /prə məʊt/ He attended a meeting to promote trade between Taiwan and the UK. προωθώ potential /pə tenʃəl/ The salesmen were eager to impress potential customers. ενδεχόμενος came about /ˌkeɪm ə baʊt/ The first Band Aid concert came about because of Bob Geldof and Midge Ure. συμβαίνω founder / faʊndə/ Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer were the founders of Marks and Spencer. ιδρυτής reducing /rɪ djuːsɪŋ/ The company were reducing the number of staff. μειώνω antisocial /ˌæntɪ səʊʃəl/ The police are cracking down on antisocial behaviour. αντικοινωνικός appreciated /ə priːʃieɪt d/ They very much appreciated the work she had done on their behalf. εκτιμώ literature / lɪtərətʃə/ It wasn't a major work of literature but it was a best seller. λογοτεχνία hooked /hʊkt/ My son got hooked on books after our visit to the library. εθίζομαι vast /vɑːst/ Vast areas of rainforest were cut down and used for logging. τεράστιος majority /mə dʒɒr ti/ Money is a problem for the majority of students. πλειοψηφία hurdle / hɜːdl/ Finding enough money for the project was the first hurdle. εμπόδιο classics / klæsɪks/ Reading the classics can improve your learning experiences. κλασικός follow suit /ˌfɒləʊ suːt, sjuːt/ If a publisher brings out a new reading scheme, their competitors usually follow suit. ακολουθώ το παράδειγμα self help /ˌself help/ The author gave a talk about self help and where to go for advice. αυτοβοήθεια aid /eɪd/ Exercise can aid relaxation. βοηθώ accessibility /əkˌsesə bɪl ti/ To aid accessibility to computers, these are now available in libraries. προσβασιμότητα illustration /ˌɪlə streɪʃən/ She loved the illustrations in the Dr Seuss books. εικονογράφηση cartooning /kɑː tuːnɪŋ/ Her cartooning techniques were terrific. γελοιογραφία comic strip / kɒmɪk strɪp/ The comic strip style of book appealed to my son but not my daughter. κόμικ modernised / mɒdənaɪzd/ She decided to modernise the kitchen. εκσυγχρονίζω response /rɪ spɒns/ I knocked on the door but there was no response. απόκριση, απάντηση generation /ˌdʒenə reɪʃən/ Three generations of the Lambe family have lived here. γενιά fiction / fɪkʃən/ She writes children's fiction. μυθιστόρημα reject /rɪ dʒekt/ Your application has been rejected. απορρίπτω struggle / strʌɡəl/ Parents struggle to bring up children on a low income. αγωνίζομαι, παλεύω secure /sɪ kjʊə/ An attempt was made to secure the release of the hostages. εξασφαλίζω frustrated /frʌ streɪt d/ I get really frustrated with my computer sometimes. απογοητευμένος sent off /ˌsent ɒf/ The author sent off the manuscript to her publisher. αποστέλνω manuscript / mænj skrɪpt/ The Book of Kells is Ireland's most precious medieval manuscript. χειρόγραφο featuring / 5ːtʃərɪŋ/ We went to see 'The Curse of the Were Rabbit' featuring Wallace and Gromit. πρωταγωνιστώ, εμφανίζομαι claiming / kleɪmɪŋ/ He went to the police, claiming the accident was not his fault. ισχυρίζομαι frustration /frʌ streɪʃən/ Every job has its frustrations. απογοήτευση, αποτυχία original /ə rɪdʒɪnəl, -dʒənəl/ The house still has its original stone floor. αυθεντικός masterpiece / mɑːstəpiːs/ Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece the Mona Lisa now hangs in the Louvre in Paris. αριστούργημα publishable / pʌblɪʃəbəl/ His manuscript was returned with a letter saying it was not publishable. δημοσιεύσιμος retyping /ˌriː taɪpɪŋ/ He asked his secretary to retype the letter because it was full of spelling mistakes. επαναπληκτρολογώ slight /slaɪt/ There's been a slight improvement in his health. ελαφρός, μικρός alteration /ˌɔːltə reɪʃən/ I have just made a couple of minor alterations to the drawings. μετατροπή staggering / stæɡərɪŋ/ She spent a staggering 2000 on a new dress. ιλιγγιώδης spot /spɒt/ A pilot spotted the wreckage. εντοπίζω ripped off /ˌrɪpt ɒf/ The film ripped off 'Gone with the Wind'. καταληστεύω proximity /prɒk sɪm ti/ We chose this house because of its proximity to the school. εγγύτητα infant / ɪnfənt/ The mother was very concerned about her infant's weight. βρέφος tongue /tʌŋ/ She could still taste the chocolate on her tongue. γλώσσα 9 out of 38

10 infancy / ɪnfənsi/ Their son died in infancy. νηπιακή ηλικία blacksmith / blækˌsmɪθ/ He was a blacksmith, and shoed all the horses. σιδηρουργός marsh country / mɑːʃ ˌkʌntri/ The government are planning to build an airport on the marsh country around the city. ελώδης περιοχή churchyard / tʃɜːtʃjɑːd/ The wedding guests congregated in the churchyard. αυλόγυρος εκκλησίας marshes / mɑːʃ z/ We decided to visit Rainham Marshes in Essex. έλη rushing / rʌʃɪŋ/ He went rushing off to catch the bus. σπεύδω grave /ɡreɪv/ We visited my grandfather's grave. τάφος throat /θrəʊt/ I have a sore throat. λαιμός fearful / fɪəfəl/ People are fearful of rising crime. έντρομος comparison /kəm pær sən/ He went on the Internet to make a comparison of prices. σύγκριση version / vɜːʃən/ I saw the original version of the film. εκδοχή fake /feɪk/ The painting was a fake. πλαστός bothered / bɒðəd/ She didn't bother to turn down the radio even though she knew I was trying to sleep. ενοχλώ turned down /ˌtɜːnd daʊn/ She turned down his offer of marriage. απορρίπτω orphaned /ˌɔːfənd/ After Hurricane Katrina, many children were left orphaned. ορφανός deathly / deθli/ His face was a deathly white. νεκρικός went off /went ɒf/ I leapt out of bed when the alarm went off. χτυπάω, κουδουνίζω cellar / selə/ They turned the cellar into a playroom for the children. κελάρι 4 40 CAE close up recreated /ˌriːkri eɪt d/ The Titanic voyage is to be recreated on a cruise liner 100 years after it sank. αναδημιουργώ 4 40 CAE close up dress up /ˌdres ʌp/ I went to the party dressed up as a gorilla. μεταμφιέζομαι 4 40 CAE close up costume / kɒstjʊm/ They had to go to the party dressed in Victorian costumes. στολή 4 40 CAE close up ride /raɪd/ We went for a ride in his new car. βόλτα 4 40 CAE close up high speed /ˌhaɪ spiːd/ The high speed Bullet trains slashed journey times across the region. υψηλής ταχύτητας 4 41 CAE close up fairground ride / feəɡraʊnd ˌraɪd/ She wanted to go on the fairground ride. λούνα πάρκ 4 41 CAE close up outing / aʊtɪŋ/ We're going on a family outing. εκδρομή 4 41 CAE close up theme park / θiːm pɑːk/ We had a day out at Flamingoland theme park. θεματικό πάρκο 4 41 CAE close up be put off /bi ˌpʊt ɒf/ Don't be put off by his gruff attitude he's got a heart of gold! απωθούμαι 4 41 CAE close up unjustified /ʌn dʒʌst faɪd/ Our fears were unjustified. αδικαιολόγητος 4 41 CAE close up evidence / ev dəns/ You must be able to provide evidence of your ability. απόδειξη 4 41 CAE close up satisfied / sæt sfaɪd/ I'm not really satisfied with the way he cut my hair. ικανοποιημένος 4 41 CAE close up beneficial /ˌbenə fɪʃəl/ The agreement will be beneficial to both groups. επωφελής 4 41 CAE close up generating / dʒenəreɪtɪŋ/ He's always trying to think up different ways of generating money. παράγω 4 41 CAE close up disapprove /ˌdɪsə pruːv/ Her parents strongly disapprove of her lifestyle. αποδοκιμάζω 4 41 CAE close up overly / əʊvəli/ I think Kane is being overly optimistic. υπερβολικά 4 41 Vocabulary 1 something makes me feel nostalgic /ˌmeɪd miː ˌ5ːl nɒ stældʒɪk/ Every time I hear that song it makes me feel a little nostalgic. κάτι με κάνει να αισθάνομαι νοσταλγία 4 41 Vocabulary 1 haunted / hɔːnt d/ The locals call it the haunted house, but I don't believe in such rubbish. στοιχειωμένος 4 41 Vocabulary 1 memories came flooding back /ˌmeməriz keɪm ˌ4ʌdɪŋ bæk/ When I heard her voice, memories came flooding back. κατακλύζομαι από αναμνήσεις 4 41 Vocabulary 1 one of my earliest memories /ˌwʌn əv maɪ ˌɜːliəst meməriz/ One of my earliest memories is my Dad reading to me in bed. μια από τις πρώτες μου αναμνήσεις 4 41 Vocabulary 1 looking back /ˌlʊkɪŋ bæk/ Looking back, I regret not emigrating to Australia. εκ των υστέρων 4 41 Vocabulary 1 influence / ɪn4uəns/ The Queen has no political influence. επιρροή 4 41 Vocabulary 1 it all comes back /ɪt ˌɔːl kʌmz bæk/ As soon as I set foot in the classroom it all came back to me. επανέρχομαι στη μνήμη 4 41 Vocabulary 1 evokes strong memories /ɪˌvəʊks strɒŋ meməriz/ That song evokes strong memories of my youth. επαναφέρω, ζωντανεύω δυνατές αναμνήσεις 4 41 Vocabulary 1 we go back a long way /wi ɡəʊ ˌbæk ə ˌlɒŋ weɪ/ He's my best pal we go back a long way. γνωριζόμαστε πολύ καιρό 4 41 Vocabulary 1 vividly remember /ˌvɪv dli rɪ membə/ I vividly remember my first visit to Hong Kong. θυμάμαι ξεκάθαρα 4 41 Vocabulary 1 vaguely remember /ˌveɪɡli rɪ membə/ I vaguely remember her but couldn't give you an accurate description. θυμάμαι αμυδρά 4 41 Vocabulary 1 my mind's gone blank /maɪ ˌmaɪndz ɡɒn blæŋk/ I'd met her before but my mind went blank and I couldn't remember her name. το μυαλό μου είναι κενό fancy dress /ˌfænsi dres/ We were invited to his party but I don't want to go, as you have to wear fancy dress.. επίσημο ένδυμα range /reɪndʒ/ The centre provides a range of services for the elderly. γκάμα grab /ɡræb/ He grabbed my bag and ran. αρπάζω urban myth /ˌɜːbən mɪθ/ Lightning never strikes twice in the same place' is an urban myth. αστικός μύθος conspiracy theory /kən spɪrəsi ˌθɪəri/ The death of Princess Diana spawned lots of conspiracy theories. θεωρία συνωμοσίας harmful / hɑːmfəl/ Most people are aware of the harmful effects of smoking. επιβλαβής illegal /ɪ liːɡəl/ It's illegal to park here. παράνομος drain /dreɪn/ We had to call the plumber to clear the blocked drain. σωλήνας exaggerated /ɪɡ zædʒəreɪt d/ He has an exaggerated sense of his own importance. υπερβολικός reassured /ˌriːə ʃʊəd/ The surgeon reassured me that the operation had gone without a hitch. διαβεβαιώνω 10 out of 38

11 moon landing / muːn ˌlændɪŋ/ They stayed up to watch the moon landing on TV. προσελήνωση proof /pruːf/ There is no proof of the existence of life on other planets. απόδειξη faked /feɪkt/ The whole story had been faked. ψεύτικος, πλαστός commercially /kə mɜːʃəli/ The business wasn't commercially viable. εμπορικά visual / vɪʒuəl/ The movie has a strong visual impact. οπτικός 4 44 Vocabulary 1 fully grown /ˌfʊli ɡrəʊn/ That puppy will be a huge dog when he's fully grown. πλήρως ανεπτυγμένος 4 44 Vocabulary 2 suitable / suːtəbəl, sjuː-/ We are hoping to find a suitable school. κατάλληλος 4 44 Vocabulary 2 impressive /ɪm presɪv/ The view from the hotel balcony was very impressive. εντυπωσιακός 4 44 Vocabulary 4 recommendation /ˌrekəmen deɪʃən/ The committee made detailed recommendations to the school. σύσταση 4 44 Vocabulary 4 troubling / trʌblɪŋ/ The couple went through some troubling times but managed to pull through. ανησυχητικός 4 44 Vocabulary 4 upsetting /ʌp setɪŋ/ His behaviour was upsetting the whole family. αναστατώνω 4 44 Vocabulary 4 sorrow / sɒrəʊ/ The death of their son was a time of great sorrow. θλίψη 4 44 Vocabulary 4 action packed /ˌækʃən pækt/ The action packed film had us on the edge of our seats. γεμάτος δράση 4 44 Vocabulary 4 praised /preɪzd/ Ken was praised for his brave action in the emergency. επαινώ 4 44 Vocabulary 4 idyllic /ɪ dɪlɪk/ It was an idyllic setting for a country cottage. ειδυλλιακός 4 44 Vocabulary 4 stunning / stʌnɪŋ/ You look stunning in that dress. εκπληκτικός 4 44 Vocabulary 4 colossal /kə lɒsəl/ They've run up colossal debts. κολοσσιαίος 4 44 Vocabulary 4 distressing /dɪ stresɪŋ/ She had a distressing dream. θλιβερός 4 44 Vocabulary 4 dazzling / dæzəlɪŋ/ The actress gave a dazzling performance. εκθαμβωτικός 4 44 Vocabulary 4 fatuous / fætʃuəs/ One of the boys made a fatuous remark. ανόητος 4 44 Vocabulary 4 unbearable /ʌn beərəbəl/ The pain was unbearable. αφόρητος 4 44 Vocabulary 4 tremendous /trɪ mendəs/ I have tremendous respect for her. τεράστιος 4 44 Vocabulary 4 excruciating /ɪk skruːʃieɪtɪŋ/ The pain in my knee was excruciating. ανυπόφορος 4 44 Vocabulary 4 astonishing /ə stɒnɪʃɪŋ/ In light of all the facts, it was an astonishing decision. εκπληκτικός 4 44 Vocabulary 4 agonising / æɡənaɪzɪŋ/ The pain was agonising. αγωνιώδης 4 44 Vocabulary 4 laughable / lɑːfəbəl/ He claims to be the world's most successful comedian, but I think that's just laughable. γελοίος 4 44 Vocabulary 4 traumatic /trɔː mætɪk/ Being mugged was a traumatic experience. τραυματικός 4 44 Vocabulary 4 ludicrous / luːd krəs/ It was such a ludicrous suggestion, I totally ignored it. γελοίος 4 44 Vocabulary 4 astounding /ə staʊndɪŋ/ The play was an astounding success. καταπληκτικός 4 44 Vocabulary 4 preposterous /prɪ pɒstərəs/ That's a preposterous suggestion! παράλογος 4 44 Vocabulary 4 massive / mæsɪv/ The English Mastiff is a large, massive, powerful dog. ογκώδης 4 44 Vocabulary 4 disturbing /dɪ stɜːbɪŋ/ The police were worried by a recent disturbing increase in crime. ενοχλητικός 4 44 Grammar 2 fad /fæd/ One of the latest fashion fads this year is Ugg boots. μανία 4 44 Grammar 2 you've been had /ˌjuːv biːn hæd/ How much did you pay for this? You've been had! σε εξαπάτησαν 4 44 Grammar 2 fallen for / fɔːlən fə, fɔː/ Don't tell me you fell for that old trick! την πατάω 4 44 Grammar 2 credibility /ˌkred bɪl ti/ The scandal has damaged the government's credibility. αξιοπιστία 4 45 Grammar 4 plot /plɒt/ What is the plot of this story? πλοκή 4 45 Speaking 1 neutral / njuːtrəl/ Switzerland remained neutral during World War II. ουδέτερος dramatisation /ˌdræmətaɪ zeɪʃən/ The dramatisation of Lord of the Rings trilogy was a huge success. δραματοποίηση gossiping / ɡɒs pɪŋ/ It s not just the girls in the office who are forever gossiping! κουτσομπολεύω properly / prɒpəli/ I can't see properly without my glasses. κατάλληλα, σωστά nostalgia /nɒ stældʒə/ He felt a brief nostalgia for his life on the farm. νοσταλγία pleading / pliːdɪŋ/ I pleaded with her not to go. παρακλητικός irritating / ɪr teɪtɪŋ/ She has an irritating habit of finishing off your sentences for you. εκνευριστικός Unit sentience / senʃəns/ He strongly believes in the sentience of animals. αισθητικότητα pony club / pəʊni klʌb/ She has her own pony and has joined the Pony Club. ιππικός όμιλος sniffer dog / snɪfə dɒɡ/ Police were using sniffer dogs to track down the escaped convict. εκπαιδευμένος σκύλος customs officer / kʌstəmz ˌɒf sə/ At the airport, the customs officer asked me if I had anything to declare. τελωνειακός presence / prezəns/ The document should be signed in the presence of a witness. παρουσία natural disaster /ˌnætʃərəl dɪ zɑːstə/ Hurricanes and earthquakes are natural disasters. φυσική καταστροφή red riding hood /red raɪdɪŋ hʊd/ Little Red Riding Hood' is my daughter's favourite book. Κοκκινοσκουφίτσα shabby / ʃæbi/ The old man was wearing a shabby old coat. άθλιος unlikely /ʌn laɪkli/ It's very unlikely that they'll win. απίθανος escape route /ɪ skeɪp ˌruːt/ During fire practice, each department was told which escape route to take. διαδρομή διαφυγής ghetto / ɡetəʊ/ Critics complained that expanding the model town would create urban ghettos. γκέτο neighbourhood / neɪbəhʊd/ He grew up in a tough neighbourhood. γειτονιά 11 out of 38

12 crackle / krækəl/ Can you please stop crackling that paper? I'm trying to listen to the TV! τρίζω, κροταλίζω barely / beəli/ They had barely enough money to live on. μόλις backdrop / bækdrɒp/ The film was about a love story set against the backdrop of war. σκηνικό decay /dɪ keɪ/ Urban decay becomes more evident in our cities as more people move to the suburbs. παρακμή jolting / dʒəʊltɪŋ/ Pete's car was jolting down the road. τραντάζω take his breath away /ˌteɪk hɪz breθ əˌweɪ/ When he first saw her, she took his breath away. κόβω την ανάσα emerges /ɪ mɜːdʒ z/ The swimmer emerged from the water. αναδύομαι beams /biːmz/ When she gave him his present he beamed with delight. ακτινοβολώ eternally /ɪ tɜːnəl-i/ She gave me my start in life, for which I will be eternally grateful. αιωνίως stable / steɪbəl/ She goes down to the stables twice a week for riding lessons. στάβλος father figure / fɑːðə ˌfɪɡə/ My father died when I was a baby, and my grandfather has always been my father figure. πατρική φιγούρα contributor /kən trɪbj tə/ The company is a big contributor to our charity. συνεισφέρων burnt /bɜːnt/ I never give interviews now I've been burnt by the media too many times. καμμένος gain their trust /ˌɡeɪn ðeə trʌst/ How do you gain someone's trust after you've lost it? κερδίζω την εμπιστοσύνη documenting / dɒkj mentɪŋ/ The politicians' expenses were well documented by the newspapers. τεκμηριώνω unique /juː niːk/ Every house we build is unique. μοναδικός drifted / drɪft d/ The patient drifted in and out of a coma. παρασύρομαι structure / strʌktʃə/ His wife managed to put some structure and order in his life. δομή count on / kaʊnt ɒn/ You can always count on Doug in a crisis. βασίζομαι let (me) down /ˌlet daʊn/ I trust him completely and know he'll never let me down. απογοητεύω rehabilitate /ˌriːhə bɪl teɪt/ Special help is needed to rehabilitate amputees. αποκαθιστώ male /meɪl/ The male lion controls the pride and defends their territory. αρσενικό grant /ɡrɑːnt/ They applied for a government grant for loft insulation. επιχορήγηση aggressively /ə ɡres vli/ The football coach told him he had to attack more aggressively. επιθετικά survival /sə vaɪvəl/ The operation will increase his chances of survival. επιβίωση documentary /ˌdɒkjə mentəri/ They are making a documentary about volcanoes. ντοκιμαντέρ employment /ɪm plɔɪmənt/ Are you in full time employment? εργασία loose /luːs/ In a loose sense, we agreed who would pay for what. χαλαρός co operative /kəʊ ɒpərətɪv/ I always found him most co operative. συνεργάσιμος auction / ɔːkʃən/ He bought the painting at an auction. δημοπρασία wealthy / welθi/ She comes from an extremely wealthy family and wants for nothing. πλούσιος fallen away /ˌfɔːlən ə weɪ/ The plaster had fallen away from the ceiling. ξεκολλάω, πέφτω enhances /ɪn hɑːns z/ Exercise enhances your chances of keeping your good health. επαυξάνω, ενισχύω broken home /ˌbrəʊkən həʊm/ He comes from a broken home. διαλυμένο σπίτι ignored /ɪɡ nɔːd/ His warning was ignored, and the disaster happened anyway. αγνοώ in their stead /ˌɪn ðeə sted/ The nightmares disappeared, and in their stead came dreams of childhood. στη θέση τους improvement /ɪm pruːvmənt/ There was a steady improvement in efficiency. βελτίωση packhorse / pækhɔːs/ The packhorse was surefooted, and picked its way neatly over the difficult terrain. υποζύγιο in a posse /ɪn ə pɒsi/ The riders galloped across the fields in a posse. σε απόσπασμα, ομαδικά combination /ˌkɒmb neɪʃən/ Doctors now treat this disease with a combination of drugs. συνδυασμός ain't /eɪnt/ This ain't mine,' he said, handing it back. δεν είναι muddy / mʌdi/ He pulled off his muddy boots. λασπωμένος pen /pen/ He built a square pen for the horses. μάντρα patch /pætʃ/ The donkey was tied to a post on a patch of wasteland. κομμάτι γης wasteland / weɪstlænd/ The council voted to turn the urban wasteland into parks. ανεκμετάλλευτη γη groomed /ɡruːmd/ The young riders were given instructions on how to groom a horse. περιποιούμαι rundown / rʌndaʊn/ The old man lived in an old rundown shack. καταβεβλημένος suburban /sə bɜːbən/ The family lived in a quiet suburban street. προαστιακός façade /fə sɑːd/ My wife didn't like the façade of the house. πρόσοψη converted /kən vɜːt d/ We converted the guest house into a stable. μετατρέπω ramshackle / ræmʃækəl/ The builders pulled down the ramshackle old farmhouse. ετοιμόρροπος financially /f nænʃəl-i, faɪ-/ He was successful and financially secure. οικονομικά 5 50 Vocabulary 1 metaphorical /ˌmetə fɒrɪkəl/ Her poetry is rather metaphorical in its use of language. μεταφορικός 5 50 Vocabulary 1 burst with pride /ˌbɜːst wɪð praɪd/ Her parents almost burst with pride when she was handed her gold medal. σκάω από υπερηφάνια 5 50 Vocabulary 1 illustrate / ɪləstreɪt/ A chart might help to illustrate this point. διευκρινίζω 5 50 Vocabulary 1 contrast / kɒntrɑːst/ The contrast between the rich and the poor was evident. αντίθεση 5 50 Vocabulary 2 scenery / siːnəri/ She's won awards for her scenery in their last two theatre productions. σκηνικό 12 out of 38

13 5 50 Vocabulary 2 opposing /ə pəʊzɪŋ/ The two opposing groups were each given the same amount of air time. αντιτιθέμενος 5 50 Vocabulary 2 emotionally /ɪ məʊʃənəli/ My father was an emotionally cold man. συναισθηματικά 5 50 Vocabulary 2 limited / lɪm t d/ My knowledge of the business is limited. περιορισμένος 5 50 Vocabulary 2 stretched /stretʃd/ Our budget is a bit stretched at the moment we can't afford it. στριμωγμένος 5 50 Vocabulary 2 separate / sepəreɪt/ The class was separated into four groups. χωρίζω 5 50 Vocabulary 2 destroy /dɪ strɔɪ/ The building was completely destroyed by fire. καταστρέφω 5 50 Vocabulary 4 rest on one's shoulders /ˌrest ɒn wʌnz ʃəʊldəz/ A huge weight of responsibility rests on the President's shoulders. επωμίζομαι την ευθύνη 5 50 Vocabulary 4 riding on this / raɪdɪŋ ɒn ˌðɪs/ We've got a lot riding on this it's make or break time! ρισκάρω πολλά 5 50 Vocabulary 4 keep something alive /ˌkiːp sʌmθɪŋ ə laɪv/ She was determined to keep his memory alive. κρατάω κάτι ζωντανό 5 50 Vocabulary 4 catch one's eye /ˌkætʃ wʌnz aɪ/ This dress caught my eye and I just couldn't resist it. τραβάω την προσοχή 5 50 Vocabulary 4 welfare / welfeə/ We're only concerned with your welfare. ευημερία 5 51 Grammar 5 blood pressure / blʌd ˌpreʃə/ Older people often have high blood pressure. αρτηριακή πίεση 5 51 Grammar 5 stressful / stresfəl/ He left the company because his job was too stressful. αγχωτικός 5 51 Grammar 5 implication /ˌɪmpl keɪʃən/ The implications of this decision will reverberate throughout the land. επίπτωση 5 51 Grammar 5 stockbroker / stɒkˌbrəʊkə/ His stockbroker bought some shares in the company. χρηματιστής 5 51 Grammar 5 put under pressure /ˌpʊt ʌndə preʃə/ The sales team were put under pressure to sell more, more, more! θέτω υπό πίεση 5 51 Grammar 5 stress induced /ˌstres ɪn djuːst/ Simon was off work with a stress induced illness. αγχώδης 5 51 Grammar 5 drug /drʌɡ/ The doctor prescribed drugs for his illness. φάρμακο 5 51 Grammar 5 oddly / ɒdli/ Roger's been behaving very oddly. παράξενα 5 51 Grammar 5 observation /ˌɒbzə veɪʃən/ The researcher made careful observations of the animal's behaviour. παρατήρηση 5 51 Grammar 5 indicate / ɪnd keɪt/ Research indicates that women live longer than men. υποδεικνύω 5 51 Grammar 5 non judgemental /ˌnɒn dʒʌdʒ mentl/ Sally has a very non judgemental attitude to life. μη επικριτικός 5 51 Grammar 5 perception /pə sepʃən/ Children's perceptions of the world are different from those of adults. αντίληψη 5 51 Grammar 5 threat /θret/ Threats were made against his life. απειλή 5 51 Grammar 5 restraint /rɪ streɪnt/ The police showed great restraint. συγκράτηση 5 51 Grammar 5 soaring / sɔːrɪŋ/ The hot air balloon went soaring into the air. υψώνομαι 5 51 Grammar 5 derive /dɪ raɪv/ It's important that I derive some pleasure from my work. αντλώ 5 51 Grammar 5 roughly / rʌ4i/ Roughly 100 people attended the meeting. κατά προσέγγιση, περίπου 5 51 Grammar 5 invested /ɪn vest d/ I've invested a lot of time and effort into this project. επενδύω 5 51 Speaking 3 affectionate /ə fekʃən t/ My granddaughter is a very affectionate child. στοργικός 5 51 Speaking 3 delighted /dɪ laɪt d/ Yoko will be delighted to see you. ευχαριστημένος 5 51 Speaking 3 downhearted /ˌdaʊn hɑːt d/ She felt extremely downhearted when she failed to get the job. κακόκεφος 5 51 Speaking 3 devastated / devəsteɪt d/ When she left, he was devastated. συντετριμμένος 5 51 Speaking 3 touched /tʌtʃt/ She was deeply touched by his kindness. συγκινημένος 5 52 Writing 1 contribution /ˌkɒntr bjuːʃən/ Einstein's enormous contribution to science has always been acknowledged. συνεισφορά 5 52 Writing 1 domestic /də mestɪk/ Cats and dogs are domestic animals. οικιακός 5 52 Writing 4 cute /kjuːt/ They have just bought a cute little puppy. χαριτωμένος 5 53 Listening 3 detect /dɪ tekt/ Paul detected a note of disappointment in his mother's voice. διακρίνω, ανιχνεύω 5 53 Listening 3 educationally /ˌedjʊ keɪʃənəli/ The company only sold educationally related materials. εκπαιδευτικά 5 53 Listening 3 insect / ɪnsekt/ I brushed away the insect crawling up my leg. έντομο 5 53 Listening 3 bacteria /bæk tɪəriə/ Bacteria help our bodies digest food. βακτήριο 5 53 Listening 3 unfair /ˌʌn feə/ The other team had an unfair advantage. άδικος 5 53 Listening 3 rewarding /rɪ wɔːdɪŋ/ Nursing is a very rewarding job. καλά αμοιβόμενος 5 53 Listening 3 unreasonable /ʌn riːzənəbəl/ Do you think I'm being unreasonable? παράλογος 5 53 Vocabulary 1 checking out /ˌtʃekɪŋ aʊt/ We're checking out the new shopping mall. ελέγχω 5 53 Vocabulary 1 get out /ɡet aʊt/ The embassy advised tourists to get out of the country. φεύγω, βγαίνω από 5 53 Vocabulary 1 zone /zəʊn/ The reporter was advised to get out of the trouble zone. ζώνη 5 53 Vocabulary 1 ruled out /ˌruːld aʊt/ The police ruled him out as a possible suspect. αποκλείω 5 53 Vocabulary 1 option / ɒpʃən/ It's the only option we have left. επιλογή 5 53 Vocabulary 1 cuts out /ˌkʌts aʊt/ Buy a dishwasher it cuts out washing the dishes by hand! κόβω, σταματώ να κάνω κάτι 5 53 Vocabulary 1 get more out of /ɡet mɔːr aʊt əv/ Do you want to get more out of life? παίρνω περισσότερα από 5 53 Vocabulary 2 high class /ˌhaɪ klɑːs/ He took me for a meal in a high class restaurant. υψηλού επιπέδου 5 53 Vocabulary 2 posh /pɒʃ/ We stayed in a posh hotel for half the usual price. κομψός 5 53 Vocabulary 2 try out /ˌtraɪ aʊt/ I want to try out my new camera. δοκιμάζω 5 53 Vocabulary 2 organic /ɔː ɡænɪk/ She only ever eats organic food. οργανικός 5 53 Vocabulary 2 phase (it) out /ˌfeɪz aʊt/ The new subject didn't prove very popular, so we decided to phase it out. καταργώ σταδιακά 5 53 Vocabulary 2 dig out /ˌdɪɡ aʊt/ I dug her out of the snow with my hands. ξεθάβω 13 out of 38

14 5 53 Vocabulary 2 campaigning /kæm peɪnɪŋ/ The politicians are out campaigning on behalf of their parties. διεξάγω εκστρατεία 5 53 Vocabulary 2 tuna fish net / tjuːnə fɪʃ ˌnet/ The dolphins were caught up in a tuna fish net. δίχτυ ψαρέματος τόνου grass snake / ɡrɑːs sneɪk/ Grass snakes are not poisonous. νερόφιδο appalling /ə pɔːlɪŋ/ The children were living in appalling conditions. φρικτός, άθλιος honeybee / hʌnibiː/ One of the most familiar insects in the world is the honeybee. μέλισσα distinguish /dɪ stɪŋɡwɪʃ/ He is old enough to distinguish between fiction and reality. διακρίνω explosive /ɪk spləʊsɪv/ Dynamite is a type of explosive. εκρηκτικός wound /wuːnd/ The soldier died from his wounds. τραύμα absorbs /əb sɔːbz, əb zɔːbz/ Plants absorb oxygen. απορροφώ moisture / mɔɪstʃə/ Drinking lots of water helps retain your skin's natural moisture. υγρασία healing agent / hiːlɪŋ ˌeɪdʒənt/ Honey is an effective healing agent for bed sores. θεραπευτικός παράγοντας bumblebee / bʌmbəlˌbiː/ Bumblebees pollinate flowers as they search for food. αγριομέλισσα estimate / est meɪt/ We estimate that 75% of our customers are teenagers. υπολογίζω interval / ɪntəvəl/ There was a short interval between arrival and departure. διάστημα in tandem /ɪn tændəm/ They rode in tandem. παράλληλα rhythm / rɪðəm/ Drums are basic to African rhythm. ρυθμός nectar / nektə/ Do different kinds of flower have different amounts of nectar? νέκταρ buzz /bʌz/ The buzz of mosquitoes could be heard outside the window. βόμβος wing /wɪŋ/ A pigeon makes a lot of noise flapping its wings when it takes off. φτερό stroke /strəʊk/ He had a stroke last year. εγκεφαλικό επεισόδιο hatched /hætʃt/ The newly hatched queen bees fight to the death. εκκολαπτόμενος unhatched /ʌn hætʃt/ The newly hatched queen bee destroys any unhatched queens. που δεν έχει εκκολαφθεί hive /haɪv/ There was a bee hive in the garden. κυψέλη alert /ə lɜːt/ As soon as we suspected it was a bomb, we alerted the police. ειδοποιώ waggle / wæɡəl/ Bees return to the hive and do a waggle dance. με έντονη κίνηση distant / dɪstənt/ We could hear the sound of distant laughter. μακρινός lettuce / let s/ My husband doesn't like lettuce. μαρούλι inland /ɪn lænd/ The town was about 30 miles inland. ενδοχώρα hurricane / hʌr kən/ Hurricane Mitch killed over 11,000 people in Central America. τυφώνας abandoned /ə bændənd/ The number of abandoned animals is rising. εγκαταλειμμένος 5 55 CAE close up applicant / æplɪkənt/ The applicants have been invited for interview. αιτών, υποψήφιος critical / krɪtɪkəl/ It's critical that we win our next game. κρίσιμος zoology /zuː ɒlədʒi/ My son is taking a degree in zoology. ζωολογία display /dɪ spleɪ/ The panel agreed that the second applicant displayed a lot of ingenuity. επιδεικνύω handiwork / hændiwɜːk/ She swore it was all her own handiwork. εργόχειρο leap /liːp/ The horse gave a huge leap forward and cleared the hurdle. άλμα termite / tɜːmaɪt/ The wooden house was infested by termites. τερμίτης nest /nest/ There were three eggs in the bird's nest. φωλιά captivity /kæp tɪv ti/ Many animals won't breed in captivity. αιχμαλωσία ingenuity /ˌɪndʒə njuː ti/ His ingenuity is a byword throughout the company. ευφυία wielding / wɪəldɪŋ/ He was wielding his drumsticks manically throughout his drum solo. χειρίζομαι enclosure /ɪn kləʊʒə/ There was a panic when the leopard escaped from his enclosure. περίφραξη stacking / stækɪŋ/ Dave was stacking the boxes on top of each other. στοιβάζω tool /tuːl/ Dad keeps his gardening tools in the shed. εργαλείο breakthrough / breɪkθruː/ Police have made a breakthrough in their hunt for the killers. σημαντική ανακάλυψη stone chip / stəʊn ˌtʃɪp/ A stone chip had scratched the paint off the car door. θραύσμα πέτρας striking / straɪkɪŋ/ The chimp was striking one cobble against another to produce flakes of stone. χτυπώ cobble / kɒbəl/ The town's old streets were paved with cobbles. βότσαλο string /strɪŋ/ Tom's package was tied up with string. σπάγκος securing /sɪ kjʊərɪŋ/ He went round securing all the windows before leaving the house. ασφαλίζω lid /lɪd/ Put the lid on the pan. καπάκι have a shot at /hæv ə ʃɒt ət, æt/ They must win their next game to have a shot at winning the Cup. κάνω μια προσπάθεια, δοκιμάζω hurling / hɜːlɪŋ/ Children as young as six were hurling stones at the passing cars. εκσφενδονίζω concrete / kɒŋkriːt/ There was a concrete floor in the garage. τσιμέντο fragment / fræɡmənt/ When the window shattered, there were fragments of glass everywhere. θραύσμα hammer stone / hæmə stəʊn/ The chimp picks up the hammer stone and uses it to crack the nut. πέτρα που χρησιμοποιείται ως σφυρί blanket / blæŋk t/ The hills were covered with a blanket of snow. κουβέρτα, κάλυμμα 14 out of 38

15 underprivileged /ˌʌndə prɪv lɪdʒd/ The charity supports underprivileged children's homes. μη προνομιούχος Progress Check 1 Progress Check fascinating / fæs neɪtɪŋ/ I find astronomy a fascinating subject. συναρπαστικός Progress Check manufacture /ˌmænj fæktʃə/ The company is involved in the manufacture of high technology equipment. κατασκευή Progress Check patronising / pætrənaɪzɪŋ/ I disliked his patronising attitude. προστατευτικός Progress Check determination /dɪˌtɜːm neɪʃən/ I admire his determination to work his way through law school. αποφασιστικότητα Progress Check integral / ɪnt ɡrəl/ Training is an integral part of any team's preparation. αναπόσπαστος Progress Check influential /ˌɪn4u enʃəl/ He has some very influential friends. ισχυρός, με επιρροή Progress Check creativity /ˌkriːeɪ tɪv ti/ The commission required a lot of artistic creativity. δημιουργικότητα Progress Check enthralled /ɪn θrɔːld/ One actress wowed the enthralled audience with her performance. γοητευμένος Progress Check privileged / prɪv lɪdʒd/ Students from privileged backgrounds usually attend private schools. προνομιούχος Progress Check backbone / bækbəʊn/ A good manager is the backbone of the team. ραχοκοκκαλιά Progress Check backcloth / bæk-klɒθ/ The company supplied stage backcloths. παραπέτασμα σκηνής θεάτρου Progress Check outrageous /aʊt reɪdʒəs/ The parents were shocked at the outrageous cost of school uniform. εξωφρενικός Progress Check fleeing / 4iːɪŋ/ People were fleeing from the burning building. εγκαταλείπω Progress Check flailing / 4eɪlɪŋ/ The drowning man was flailing his arms around. χτυπιέμαι Progress Check flapping / 4æpɪŋ/ All the swans were flapping their wings madly. φτερουγίζω Progress Check mate /meɪt/ His mates all congratulated him on winning. σύντροφος Progress Check collusive /kə luːsɪv/ The companies were accused of collusive action in pricing the items they sold. αθέμιτος Progress Check conclusive /kən kluːsɪv/ There is no conclusive evidence connecting him with the crime. αδιαμφισβήτητος Progress Check conniving /kə naɪvɪŋ/ They were accused of conniving together to cheat the old man of his fortune. συνωμοτώ Progress Check plain sailing /ˌpleɪn seɪlɪŋ/ We've had a few mishaps, but it should be plain sailing from now on. παιχνιδάκι Progress Check gruelling / ɡruːəlɪŋ/ It was a gruelling journey into the heart of the jungle. εξαντλητικός Progress Check stone /stəʊn/ My dad weighed exactly 12 stone for years. στόουν (μονάδα μέτρησης βάρους ίση με 6,35 κιλά) Progress Check knocked off /ˌnɒkt ɒf/ Jamie was knocked off his bike. χτυπώ και ρίχνω κάτω Progress Check pushing (himself) to the limit /ˌpʊʃɪŋ tə ðə lɪm t/ All the athletes are pushing themselves to the limit. ωθώ (τον εαυτό μου) στα όρια Progress Check prying / praɪ-ɪŋ/ The politician ignore the prying journalists' questions. αδιάκριτος Progress Check cut down on /ˌkʌt daʊn ɒn/ The doctor told me to cut down on the amount of food I eat. περικόπτω Progress Check inspiration /ˌɪnsp reɪʃən/ Monet was an artist who drew inspiration from Turner's work. έμπνευση Unit blockbuster / blɒkˌbʌstə/ We went to the cinema to see the latest Hollywood blockbuster. υπερπαραγωγή nomination /ˌnɒm neɪʃən/ No one was surprised when the film was included in the Oscar nominations. υποψηφιότητα amateur / æmətə/ It looked as if the building had been decorated by a bunch of amateurs. ερασιτέχνης the red carpet /ðə ˌred kɑːp t/ All the actresses looked fabulous as they crossed the red carpet into the Kodak Theatre. το κόκκινο χαλί 6 60 CAE close up in parallel /ɪn pærəlel/ The two competitions run in parallel with each other. παράλληλα 6 60 CAE close up exponential /ˌekspə nenʃəl/ His company has enjoyed exponential growth over the last five years. ραγδαίος 6 60 CAE close up growth /ɡrəʊθ/ Why has China experienced rapid growth? ανάπτυξη 6 60 CAE close up galloped / ɡæləpt/ Her horse galloped across the beach. καλπάζω 6 60 CAE close up raging / reɪdʒɪŋ/ His raging obsession to be with her all the time drove her mad. μαινόμενος 6 60 CAE close up obsession /əb seʃən/ He has lots of obsessions, but his model railway is the worst one! εμμονή 6 60 CAE close up dedicated / ded keɪt d/ She is extremely dedicated to her work. αφοσιωμένος 6 60 CAE close up hijacked / haɪdʒækt/ John's truck was hijacked on the road through the mountains. ληστεύω, κάνω πειρατεία 6 60 CAE close up click onto / klɪk ˌɒntə, ˌɒntʊ/ Marvin clicked onto his inbox. επιλέγω (με το ποντίκι του Η/Υ) 6 60 CAE close up browser / braʊzə/ Safari is Apple's web browser. περιηγητής 6 60 CAE close up lure /lʊə, ljʊə/ The lure of half price TVs was what brought people into the shop. δόλωμα 6 60 CAE close up slick /slɪk/ He was a very slick salesman, and I didn't believe a word he said. επιτήδειος 6 60 CAE close up rickety / rɪk ti/ The old man sat in a rickety old chair. ξεχαρβαλωμένος 6 60 CAE close up unmediated /ˌʌn miːdieɪt d/ He preferred face to face, unmediated communication. άμεσος, αδιαμεσολάβητος 6 60 CAE close up exceeds /ɪk siːdz/ Their success exceeded all expectations. υπερβαίνω 6 60 CAE close up mainstream / meɪnstriːm/ How does mainstream art communicate with the masses? κυρίαρχη τάση 6 60 CAE close up contemporary /kən tempərəri, -pəri/ We went to see an exhibition of contemporary art. σύχγρονος 6 60 CAE close up aesthetic /iːs θetɪk, es-/ His buildings are striking, but they don't have a very welcoming aesthetic. αισθητική 6 60 CAE close up deadpan / dedpæn/ Some people think that deadpan comedy is the funniest form. ανέκφραστος 6 60 CAE close up surveillance /sə veɪləns/ Police have the man under surveillance. επιτήρηση 6 60 CAE close up revolution /ˌrevə luːʃən/ A revolution in scientific thinking occurred during the Renaissance period. επανάσταση 6 60 CAE close up confessional /kən feʃənəl/ They were arguing about the confessional aspect of psychology. εξομολογητικός 15 out of 38

16 6 60 CAE close up aspect / æspekt/ What's the most interesting aspect of your work? πτυχή, πλευρά 6 60 CAE close up popularity /ˌpɒpj lær ti/ The popularity of the Internet has grown dramatically. δημοτικότητα 6 60 CAE close up inflamed /ɪn 4eɪmd/ His patience inflamed her anger all the more. πυροδοτώ, ερεθίζω 6 60 CAE close up grassroots / ɡrɑːsruːts/ Politicians need support at the grassroots. βάση 6 60 CAE close up mischievously / mɪstʃ vəsli/ She winked at me mischievously. κακόβουλα 6 60 CAE close up blurring / blɜːrɪŋ/ The blurring of the real and the fictional is what makes the book interesting. θόλωση 6 60 CAE close up turn out /ˌtɜːn aʊt/ Joanna wished things had turned out differently. καταλήγω 6 60 CAE close up ingenious /ɪn dʒiːniəs/ They came up with an ingenious plan. ευφυής 6 60 CAE close up footage / fʊtɪdʒ/ George showed some old footage of the war. βίντεο 6 60 CAE close up practitioner /præk tɪʃənə/ She's a practitioner of homeotherapy at the local surgery. ασκούμενος 6 60 CAE close up bypass / baɪpɑːs/ The road bypasses the town. παρακάμπτω 6 60 CAE close up persistent /pə sɪstənt/ How do you treat a persistent cough? επίμονος 6 60 CAE close up unjudging /ʌn dʒʌdʒɪŋ/ She found solace in his unjudging arms. μη επικριτικός 6 60 CAE close up uncomprehending /ˌʌnkɒmpr hendɪŋ/ He knew she didn't understand from the uncomprehending look on her face. ανέκφραστος 6 60 CAE close up gaze /ɡeɪz/ Judith tried to avoid his gaze. βλέμμα 6 60 CAE close up unedited /ʌn ed t d/ The publisher returned his unedited manuscript. ανέκδοτος 6 60 CAE close up deep focus /ˌdiːp fəʊkəs/ This scene was shot in deep focus. βαθιά εστίαση 6 60 CAE close up coerced /kəʊ ɜːst/ She was coerced into helping him. εξαναγκάζομαι 6 60 CAE close up digitally / dɪdʒ tl-i/ All the celebrities' photographs had been digitally enhanced. ψηφιακά 6 60 CAE close up gem /dʒem/ It's a gem of a film only ten minutes long, but wonderful! κόσμημα, στολίδι 6 60 CAE close up carpentered / kɑːp nt d/ The story had been carefully carpentered into an epic tale. φτιάχνω με δεξιοτεχνία 6 60 CAE close up gripping / ɡrɪpɪŋ/ It was such a gripping story I couldn't put the book down. συγκλονιστικός, συναρπαστικός 6 60 CAE close up raw /rɔː/ I added some raw onion to the salad. ωμός 6 60 CAE close up riveting / rɪv tɪŋ/ It was a riveting movie, and I sat glued to my seat. καθηλωτικός 6 61 CAE close up eerie / ɪəri/ There was an eerie sound outside my bedroom window. απόκοσμος, μυστηριώδης 6 61 CAE close up disquieting /dɪs kwaɪətɪŋ/ I found his attitude disquieting. ανησυχητικός 6 61 CAE close up genre / ʒɒnrə/ The Book Club discussed literary genres and the quality of the novel. είδος 6 61 CAE close up bizarre /b zɑː/ You look really bizarre in that outfit! παράξενος 6 61 CAE close up captured / kæptʃəd/ The photograph had captured the laughter in his eyes. αιχμαλωτίζω 6 61 CAE close up sublime /sə blaɪm/ The food was absolutely sublime. εξαίσιος, μεγαλειώδης 6 61 CAE close up clip /klɪp/ He was browsing through some movie trailers and video clips. βίντεοκλιπ 6 61 CAE close up trap door / træp dɔː/ Suddenly the trap door opened beneath him. καταπακτή 6 61 CAE close up slapstick / slæpˌstɪk/ He loves slapstick comedy, and is building up a collection of silent movies. χονδροειδής 6 61 CAE close up utterly / ʌtəli/ That's utterly ridiculous! εντελώς 6 61 CAE close up ratings / reɪtɪŋz/ NCIS still tops the TV ratings with more than 20 million viewers. ακροαματικότητα 6 61 CAE close up boiled down to /ˌbɔɪld daʊn tə, tʊ/ The argument all boiled down to who was going to do the washing up! συνοψίζομαι σε 6 61 CAE close up essence / esəns/ The essence of his argument is simple. ουσία 6 61 CAE close up unrestricted /ˌʌnrɪ strɪkt d/ Our hotel room gave us an unrestricted view of the ocean. απεριόριστος 6 61 CAE close up convention /kən venʃən/ We were careful to observe the social conventions of the country. σύμβαση 6 61 CAE close up attempt /ə tempt/ All attempts to resolve the problem have failed. απόπειρα, προσπάθεια 6 61 CAE close up supplement / sʌpləment/ I supplement my income by teaching Italian at weekends. συμπληρώνω 6 61 CAE close up addictive /ə dɪktɪv/ Cocaine is a highly addictive drug. εθιστικός 6 61 CAE close up resist /rɪ zɪst/ I just can't resist chocolate. αντιστέκομαι 6 61 CAE close up unaware /ˌʌnə weə/ She seemed completely unaware of what was happening. απληροφόρητος 6 61 CAE close up replicate / repl keɪt/ Scientists have tried to replicate the experiment. αναπαράγω 6 61 CAE close up address /ə dres/ There's a letter here addressed to you. απευθύνω 6 62 Vocabulary 1 extra / ekstrə/ He shot the film using thousands of extras in the crowd scenes. επιπλέον 6 62 Vocabulary 1 lead role /ˌliːd rəʊl/ That actor is playing his first lead role in a Hollywood movie. βασικός ρόλος 6 62 Vocabulary 1 setting / setɪŋ/ The setting of the story was a magical forest. σκηνικό 6 62 Vocabulary 1 script /skrɪpt/ One actor was studying his script. σενάριο 6 62 Vocabulary 1 set /set/ A famous designer had created the set for the film. σκηνικό 6 62 Vocabulary 1 direct /d rekt, daɪ-/ Spielberg has directed many successful films. σκηνοθετώ 6 62 Vocabulary 1 sound effect / saʊnd ɪˌfekt/ The sound effects for the film were truly amazing. ηχητικό εφέ 6 62 Vocabulary 1 soundtrack / saʊndtræk/ The soundtrack won a Grammy Award for album of the year. μουσική επένδυση 6 62 Vocabulary 1 experimental /ɪkˌsperə mentl/ The TV show 'Supernatural' has some of my favourite experimental TV episodes. πειραματικός 6 62 Vocabulary 1 shot /ʃɒt/ The photographer used a long lens to get that shot. πλάνο 6 62 Vocabulary 1 take /teɪk/ We had to do six takes for this particular scene. λήψη 16 out of 38

17 6 62 Vocabulary 4 entry / entri/ Are you going to send in an entry for the competition? εγγραφή 6 62 Vocabulary 4 archive / ɑːkaɪv/ A copy of the film went into the archives. αρχείο 6 62 Vocabulary 4 decent / diːsənt/ John gets quite a decent salary. αξιοπρεπής 6 62 Vocabulary 4 flow /4əʊ/ The River Elbe flows through the Czech Republic. ρέω, κυλώ 6 62 Vocabulary 4 interruption /ˌɪntə rʌpʃən/ Thankfully, there were few interruptions at the meeting. διακοπή 6 62 Vocabulary 4 vary / veəri/ Prices vary from 15 to 25. ποικίλλω 6 62 Vocabulary 4 angle / æŋɡəl/ I approached the building at an angle of 45 degrees. γωνία 6 62 Vocabulary 4 uploading /ʌp ləʊdɪŋ/ Darius uploaded his photos to the website. "ανεβάζω" στο Διαδίκτυο 6 62 Vocabulary 7 overall /ˌəʊvər ɔːl/ The overall cost of the trip is 500. συνολικός 6 62 Grammar 1 therefore / ðeəfɔː/ I work hard all week, therefore I never work at the weekends. επομένως 6 62 Grammar 2 nevertheless /ˌnevəðə les/ He wasn't feeling too well, but he went to the party nevertheless. ωστόσο 6 62 Grammar 2 understudy / ʌndəˌstʌdi/ The reviews said the understudy was better than the star of the show. αντικαταστάτης 6 62 Grammar 2 whereas /weər æz/ She likes to go abroad for holidays, whereas I like to stay home. ενώ 6 62 Grammar 2 thus /ðʌs/ He is the eldest son, and thus heir to the throne. συνεπώς 6 62 Grammar 2 hence /hens/ It was handmade, and hence very expensive. συνεπώς, επομένως 6 63 Grammar 5 nonetheless /ˌnʌnðə les/ Although I was suspicious of his motives, I nonetheless accepted his invitation. ωστόσο, παρ'όλα αυτά 6 63 Grammar 5 declining /dɪ klaɪnɪŋ/ The birth rate has been steadily declining over the last 20 years. μειώνομαι, υποχωρώ 6 63 Grammar 5 nation / neɪʃən/ The world's leading industrial nations met to discuss global warming. έθνος 6 63 Grammar 5 couch potato / kaʊtʃ pəˌteɪtəʊ/ My brother is a couch potato, and watches whatever comes on TV. οκνηρός, νωχελικός 6 64 Speaking 3 deliberately /dɪ lɪbər tli/ The fire was started deliberately. σκόπιμα 6 64 Listening 1 stunt performer / stʌnt pəˌfɔːmə/ For the film, the stunt performer had to dive off the top of a building. κασκαντέρ 6 64 Listening 1 ancillary /æn sɪləri/ They had to lose some workers, and this would include nurses and ancillary staff. βοηθητικός 6 64 Listening 1 censor / sensə/ The film was so sadistic it was denied a rating by the film censors. λογοκριτής, ελεγκτής 6 64 Listening 2 foresee /fɔː siː/ No one could have foreseen such a disaster. προβλέπω 6 64 Listening 4 highlight / haɪlaɪt/ We watched the highlights of today's cricket on TV. αποκορύφωμα, καλύτερο στιγμιότυπο 6 64 Listening 4 censorship / sensəʃɪp/ Some countries have already introduced internet censorship. λογοκρισία 6 64 Listening 4 violence / vaɪələns/ There's too much violence on TV these days. βία 6 64 Listening 4 committee /kə mɪti/ The International Olympic Committee is based in Switzerland. επιτροπή 6 64 Listening 4 financed / faɪnænst, f nænst/ The company financed his trip to Australia. χρηματοδοτώ 6 65 Listening 4 voted / vəʊt d/ He was voted the most popular student in the school. ψηφίζω 6 65 Vocabulary 2 outgrow /aʊt ɡrəʊ/ Kara's already outgrown her shoes. ξεπερνώ, μεγαλώνω πολύ 6 65 Vocabulary 2 disgraceful /dɪs ɡreɪsfəl/ Your behaviour has been disgraceful! επαίσχυντος 6 65 Vocabulary 3 innovative / ɪnəvətɪv/ The designer was full of new, innovative ideas. καινοτόμος 6 65 Vocabulary 3 dynamic /daɪ næmɪk/ I've seen him in action, and he really is a dynamic businessman. δυναμικός 6 65 Vocabulary 3 resistible /rɪ zɪstəbəl/ She found him easily resistible. αντικρούσιμος 6 65 Vocabulary 3 screenwriting / skriːnˌraɪtɪŋ/ He went on a screenwriting course in London. σεναριογραφία 6 65 Vocabulary 3 computer animation /kəmˌpjuːtər æn meɪʃən/ The film Star Wars used 3D computer animation. η δημιουργία κινούμενων εικόνων με τη χρήση Η/Υ 6 65 Vocabulary 3 philosophy /f lɒsə5/ She's studying philosophy at university. φιλοσοφία 6 65 Vocabulary 3 curriculum /kə rɪkj ləm/ Is Spanish on your school's curriculum? διδακτέα ύλη 6 65 Vocabulary 3 plus /plʌs/ Two plus two equals four. συν 6 65 Vocabulary 3 valuable / væljuəbəl, -j bəl/ She has some extremely valuable jewellery. πολύτιμος 6 65 Vocabulary 3 coastal / kəʊstl/ They lived in a coastal town in the south of England. παράκτιος 6 65 Vocabulary 3 inventory / ɪnvəntri/ We took an inventory of the museum. απογραφή 6 65 Vocabulary 3 paralleled / pærəleld/ His performances have never been paralleled by any other actor. παραλληλίζω current / kʌrənt/ I don't think I've met her current boyfriend. τωρινός command /kə mɑːnd/ Shoot when I give the command. εντολή, διαταγή bomb /bɒm/ Her latest film really bombed I hated it! αποτυγχάνω tentatively / tentətɪvli/ He asked her tentatively if he could see her again. διστακτικά underdog / ʌndədɒɡ/ He was clearly the underdog in the contest. ασθενέστερος, αουτσάιντερ crucial / kruːʃəl/ Money is crucial to the aid programme. κρίσιμος authenticity /ˌɔːθen tɪs ti, -θən-/ Experts doubted the authenticity of the manuscript. γνησιότητα cast /kɑːst/ The cast of the play were given a standing ovation. διανομή ρόλων 6 67 Writing 1 surroundings /sə raʊndɪŋz/ I soon got used to my new surroundings. περιβάλλον 6 67 Writing 1 facility /fə sɪl ti/ All rooms have private facilities. εγκατάσταση 6 67 Writing 4 to what extent /tə ˌwɒt ɪk stent/ To what extent was he responsible for the accident? σε ποιο βαθμό 6 67 Writing 5 broadly / brɔːdli/ We reached broadly similar conclusions. γενικά 17 out of 38

18 critic / krɪtɪk/ The film failed to impress the critics. κριτικός superb /sjuː pɜːb, suː-/ Grace is a superb cook. θαυμάσιος, εξαιρετικός contest / kɒntest/ My son qualified for the Ironman Hawaii contest, but he didn't win. διαγωνισμός mobbed /mɒbd/ Pop singers are sometimes mobbed by their admirers. πολιορκώ, περικυκλώνω downside / daʊnsaɪd/ The downside of the plan is the cost. μειονέκτημα illusion /ɪ luːʒən/ The mirrors create an illusion of space. ψευδαίσθηση restriction /rɪ strɪkʃən/ The government introduced new restrictions on the sale of guns. περιορισμός convenient /kən viːniənt/ Would 10:30 be a convenient time to meet? βολικός envy / envi/ She has a lifestyle most people would envy. φθονώ Unit Introduction telepathy /tə lepəθi/ The twins seemed able to communicate by telepathy. τηλεπάθεια brainbox /'breɪnbɒks/ Dad is the brainbox in the family. το "μυαλό", έξυπνος brainchild / breɪntʃaɪld/ The personal computer was the brainchild of Steve Jobs. πνευματικό παιδί brain drain / breɪn dreɪn/ Lots of skilled people were leaving the country, and the government were worried by the brain drain. μετανάστευση επιστημόνων brain teaser / breɪn ˌtiːzə/ The competition always ended with a brain teaser. σπαζοκεφαλιά brainwash / breɪnwɒʃ/ People are brainwashed into believing that being fat is some kind of crime. πλύση εγκεφάλου brainwave / breɪnweɪv/ I was struggling with the problem when suddenly I had a brainwave! ξαφνική έμπνευση, ιδέα knowledge / nɒlɪdʒ/ You don't need to have any special knowledge to do this job. γνώση native intelligence /ˌneɪtɪv ɪn tel dʒəns/ The spy's native intelligence helped him get out of some tricky situations. εγγενής νοημοσύνη academic intelligence /ækəˌdemɪk ɪn tel dʒəns/ No one doubts his academic intelligence, but he has no practical skills for the job. ακαδημαϊκή νοημοσύνη device /dɪ vaɪs/ Cellphones were banned from the gym, as these small devices also take photos. συσκευή construct /kən strʌkt/ The Empire State Building was constructed in κατασκευάζω emotion /ɪ məʊʃən/ She trembled with emotion. συναίσθημα electronically /ˌelɪk trɒnɪkli/ The computer processes the date electronically. ηλεκτρονικά reliable /rɪ laɪəbəl/ Rick is hard working and very reliable. αξιόπιστος input / ɪnpʊt/ Teachers contributed most of the input into the survey. εισαγωγή irritation /ˌɪr teɪʃən/ I find the children's constant bickering an irritation. εκνευρισμός, ενόχληση gratitude / ɡræt tjuːd/ Tears of gratitude filled her eyes. ευγνωμοσύνη astonishment /ə stɒnɪʃmənt/ We all stared in astonishment. έκπληξη automate / ɔːtəmeɪt/ The company could not afford to automate the production process. αυτοματοποιώ complex / kɒmpleks/ The city has a complex system of highways. περίπλοκος priority /praɪ ɒr ti/ The government's top priority is education. προτεραιότητα 7 71 Grammar 2 rhyme /raɪm/ Children love listening to nursery rhymes. ποιηματάκι 7 71 Grammar 2 memorising / meməraɪzɪŋ/ The best man was trying to memorise his speech for the wedding. απομνημονεύω 7 71 Grammar 2 chunk /tʃʌŋk/ He broke off a chunk of cheese. μεγάλο κομμάτι 7 71 Grammar 2 presentation /ˌprezən teɪʃən/ David gave a presentation to all the company's senior managers. παρουσίαση 7 71 Vocabulary 1 go back over /ɡəʊ ˌbæk əʊvə/ He decided to go back over his notes in case he had missed something. επανέρχομαι σε 7 71 Vocabulary 1 get (you) out of /ɡet aʊt əv, ɒv/ How do you expect me to get you out of this mess? γλιτώνω, βγάζω κάποιον από 7 71 Vocabulary 1 tricky / trɪki/ It was a tricky decision. δύσκολος 7 71 Vocabulary 2 get down to /ɡet daʊn tə, tʊ/ Isn't it time you got down to some work? στρώνομαι στη δουλειά 7 71 Vocabulary 2 get behind with /ɡet bɪ haɪnd wɪð, wɪθ/ He'd got behind with his work, and had to stay late to finish it. μένω πίσω 7 71 Vocabulary 2 get ahead with /ɡet ə hed wɪð, wɪθ/ I'll try and get ahead with the chores and meet you for lunch. ξεπερνώ 7 71 Vocabulary 2 get back into /ɡet bæk ˌɪntə, ˌɪntʊ/ She's been on maternity leave and is trying to get back into the swing of things. επιστρέφω, γυρίζω πίσω 7 71 Vocabulary 2 get round to /ɡet raʊnd tə, tʊ/ I'll get round to it sooner or later. βρίσκω το χρόνο, ευκαιρώ 7 71 Vocabulary 2 sort out /ˌsɔːt aʊt/ I must sort out my desk. τακτοποιώ, ξεδιαλέγω 7 71 Vocabulary 2 file /faɪl/ The school keeps files on all students. αρχείο 7 71 Vocabulary 2 get through to /ɡet θruː tə, tʊ/ How do you get through to someone who won't listen? γίνομαι κατανοητός 7 72 Vocabulary 3 go along with /ˌɡəʊ ə lɒŋ wɪð, wɪθ/ I'm happy to go along with your suggestion. συμφωνώ, δέχομαι 7 72 Vocabulary 3 go through with /ɡəʊ θruː wɪð, wɪθ/ She couldn't go through with the wedding. ολοκληρώνω, φθάνω στο τέλος 7 72 Vocabulary 3 go on about /ɡəʊ ɒn əˌbaʊt/ I do wish she wouldn't go on about him all day long! μιλώ διαρκώς για κάτι 7 72 Vocabulary 3 go off with /ɡəʊ ɒf wɪð, wɪθ/ She's gone off with my pen. φεύγω, το σκάω με 7 72 Vocabulary 3 forgetful /fə ɡetfəl/ Grandpa's getting a bit forgetful. ξεχασιάρης 7 72 Vocabulary 3 deliberate /dɪ lɪbər t/ She felt it had been a deliberate attempt to embarrass her in front of the class. σκόπιμος 7 72 Vocabulary 3 go in for /ɡəʊ ɪn fə, fɔː/ I've never gone in for gambling. ασχολούμαι, επιδίδομαι 7 72 Vocabulary 3 crossword / krɒswɜːd/ Dad always does the crossword in the newspaper. σταυρόλεξο 7 72 Vocabulary 3 puzzle / pʌzəl/ I bought my son a jigsaw puzzle for his birthday. παζλ lecture / lektʃə/ He gave a series of lectures on French literature. ομιλία 18 out of 38

19 technical / teknɪkəl/ I encountered a technical problem when accessing the website. τεχνικός potential /pə tenʃəl/ There is still considerable potential for development. δυνατότητα gleaned /ɡliːnd/ The techniques have been gleaned from many sources. περισυλλέγω, σταχυολογώ tapped /tæpt/ China has only tapped a fraction of its natural resources. αντλώ tangible / tændʒ bəl/ There was no tangible proof of his guilt. απτός genius / dʒiːniəs/ Michelangelo's sculpture of David is a work of pure genius. μεγαλοφυία course /kɔːs/ Bryony's taking a course in photography this term. σειρά μαθημάτων relaxation /ˌriːlæk seɪʃən/ I swim for relaxation. χαλάρωση throughout /θruː aʊt/ The police searched throughout the house looking for clues. παντού refund / riːfʌnd/ If you're not completely satisfied, we'll give you a refund. επιστροφή χρημάτων relies /rɪ laɪz/ He cannot be relied upon to tell the truth. βασίζομαι hanging out with /ˌhæŋɪŋ aʊt wɪð, wɪθ/ Greg is hanging out with his friends down at the café. κάνω παρέα με serial / sɪəriəl/ The detectives realised that there was a serial killer on the loose. κατά συρροή pursuing /pə sjuːɪŋ/ Police were pursuing him through the woods. καταδιώκω fat free /ˌfæt friː/ The book was full of fat free recipes. χωρίς λιπαρά strengthen / streŋθən, strenθən/ What's the best way to strengthen your arms? ενδυναμώνω mental / mentl/ Stress affects physical and mental health. ψυχικός cuddling / kʌdlɪŋ/ She was sat on the sofa, cuddling the baby. αγκαλιάζω degree /dɪ ɡriː/ He has a university degree but no common sense! πτυχίο expert / ekspɜːt/ Graham is an expert on ancient Egyptian art. εμπειρογνώμονας, ειδικός cognitive / kɒɡn tɪv/ The child's cognitive skills were excellent. γνωστικός capacity /kə pæs ti/ The fuel tank has a capacity of 50 litres. χωρητικότητα genetically /dʒə netɪkli/ He claims to be genetically disposed to being overweight. γενετικά decline /dɪ klaɪn/ Exercising can reduce the decline in mental abilities. εξασθένιση function / fʌŋkʃən/ Lighting performs several functions in the home. λειτουργία genetics /dʒə netɪks/ My daughter is studying genetics at university. γενετική persuasion /pə sweɪʒən/ After a little gentle persuasion, Debbie agreed to come. πειθώ bombarded /bɒm bɑːd d/ After their appeal for information, the police were bombarded with telephone calls. βομβαρδίζω billboards / bɪlbɔːdz/ The billboard read: 'Buckle up, baby, it's the law!' διαφημιστική πινακίδα surround /sə raʊnd/ The lake was surrounded by trees. περιβάλλω buy into /ˌbaɪ ɪntə, ɪntʊ/ I don't buy into this idea that women must have perfect bodies. το τρώω, το χάβω association /əˌsəʊsi eɪʃən, əˌsəʊʃi-/ Do you think there's any association between his family life and his life of crime? σχέση, σύνδεση subliminal /sə blɪm nəl/ Subliminal advertising has been banned in the UK. υποσυνείδητος subtle / sʌtl/ When he entered the room there was a subtle change in the atmosphere. ανεπαίσθητος unconscious /ʌn kɒnʃəs/ She was found alive but unconscious. αναίσθητος persuasive /pə sweɪsɪv/ He can be very persuasive when he wants to be. πειστικός noticeable / nəʊt səbəl/ There's been a noticeable improvement in your work. αισθητός, αξιοπρόσεκτος susceptible /sə sept bəl/ I've always been very susceptible to colds. επιδεκτικός on the brain /ɒn ðə breɪn/ I've had this song on my brain all day, and I can't stop singing it! στο μυαλό finances / faɪnæns z, f næns z/ His finances were in dire straits. οικονομικά the brains behind /ðə breɪnz bɪˌhaɪnd/ Steve was the brains behind the project. το μυαλό πίσω από beating my brains out /ˌbiːtɪŋ maɪ breɪnz aʊt/ I've been beating my brains out trying to think of a solution. προσπαθώ πολύ σκληρά get my brain in gear /ˌɡet maɪ breɪn ɪn ˌɡɪə/ Fortunately, I got my brain in gear before the meeting. αρχίζω να σκέφτομαι καθαρά pick your brains /ˌpɪk jə breɪnz/ I asked him if I could pick his brains. συμβουλεύομαι κάποιον racking my brains /ˌrækɪŋ maɪ breɪnz/ I've been racking my brains trying to think of her name. σπάω το κεφάλι μου insoluble /ɪn sɒlj bəl/ She was faced with an insoluble problem. άλυτος think for yourself /ˌθɪŋk fə jə self/ Why don't you think for yourself instead of doing everything he says? αποφασίζω για τον εαυτό μου can't hear myself think /ˌkɑːnt ˌhɪə maɪself θɪŋk/ Please stop this noise! I can't hear myself think! αδυνατώ να συγκεντρωθώ εξαιτίας του θορύβου have another think /ˌhæv ənʌðə θɪŋk/ Why don't you have another think about it over the weekend? το ξανασκέφτομαι don t think twice about it /ˌdəʊnt θɪŋk twaɪs əˌbaʊt ɪt/ Don't think twice about it if you like it, buy it! μην το σκέφτεσαι think on your feet /ˌθɪŋk ɒn jə 5ːt/ She's a good worker, and very good at thinking on her feet. σκέφτομαι και αντιδρώ γρήγορα think the world of someone /ˌθɪŋk ðə wɜːld əv sʌmwʌn/ Harry thinks the world of his wife. αγαπώ, μου αρέσει πολύ wander / wɒndə/ I lost concentration and my mind wandered onto other things. περιπλανιέμαι rehearsing /rɪ hɜːsɪŋ/ The cast were rehearsing their lines. προβάρω section / sekʃən/ Some sections of the motorway are very busy. τμήμα vitally / vaɪtl-i/ This work is vitally important. ζωτικά 19 out of 38

20 predict /prɪ dɪkt/ Organisers are predicting a close race. προβλέπω front man / frʌnt mæn/ The singer acted as front man for the band. βασικός τραγουδιστής in view of /ɪn vjuː əv/ I asked him to leave in view of his attitude towards the junior staff. εν όψει in the event of /ɪn ði ɪ vent əv/ In the event of fire, please walk calmly to the nearest exit. σε περίπτωση conscious / kɒnʃəs/ People are increasingly conscious of the need to exercise. συνειδητοποιημένος genuine / dʒenju n/ She bought him a genuine Rolex watch. γνήσιος with the aim of /wɪð ði eɪm əv/ I went to see her with the aim of apologising for my behaviour. με σκοπό να assuming that /ə sjuːmɪŋ ðət, ðæt/ The dress was too tight, and I took it back assuming that I'd get a refund. υποθέτοντας ότι transmit /trænz mɪt/ The virus is transmitted through sexual contact. μεταδίδω rate /reɪt/ The success rate for this type of operation is very high trust me, I'm a doctor! ποσοστό by contrast /baɪ kɒntrɑːst/ What do you hope to prove by contrasting the older sister with the younger? σε αντίθεση communicate /kə mjuːn keɪt/ We communicate by . επικοινωνώ telepathically /ˌtel pæθɪkli/ The twins appeared to be communicating with each other telepathically. τηλεπαθητικά conducted /kən dʌkt d/ The police conducted a polygraph test on the accused. διεξάγω as a consequence /əz ə kɒns kwəns/ As a consequence of climate change, the ice caps are melting. ως συνέπεια attach /ə tætʃ/ Please attach a photograph to your application. συνάπτω significance /sɪɡ nɪfɪkəns/ What is the significance of this new evidence? σημασία weird /wɪəd/ I had a really weird dream. παράξενος coincidence /kəʊ ɪns dəns/ It was pure coincidence that we were on the same train. σύμπτωση as long as /əz lɒŋ əz/ I don't mind your staying, as long as you clean up after yourself. εφ' όσον make no allowance for /ˌmeɪk nəʊ ə laʊəns fə, fɔː/ The police believed her, and made no allowance for that fact that she might be protecting her brother. δε λαμβάνω υπόψη key issue /ˌkiː ɪʃuː, ɪsjuː/ Consumer protection is a key issue for on line banking. βασικό ζήτημα fundamental /ˌfʌndə mentl/ It is a fundamental truth that all men are born equal. θεμελιώδης flaw /4ɔː/ There was a flaw in that glass vase I bought last week. ελάττωμα hypnotised / hɪpnətaɪzd/ It's as if he's been hypnotised by the way she looks! υπνωτισμένος ridiculous /rɪ dɪkj ləs/ That's a ridiculous idea! γελοίος sceptical / skeptɪkəl/ I'm highly sceptical about what I read in the newspapers. δύσπιστος so as to / səʊ əz tə/ I'm working over the weekend so as to have a few days off next week. έτσι ώστε workout / wɜːkaʊt/ Colin goes for a daily workout in the gym. προπόνηση, άσκηση commute /kə mjuːt/ My morning commute takes 45 minutes. μετακίνηση stimulate / stɪmj leɪt/ These measures are designed to stimulate the economy. τονώνω cue /kjuː/ Hal used cues in other people's behaviour to tell whether they were lying. νύξη non dominant /ˌnɒn dɒm nənt/ If you're right handed, the right side of your brain is non dominant. μη κυρίαρχος neural / njʊərəl/ This mind map looks like a set of neural pathways. νευρωνικός pathway / pɑːθweɪ/ He fell over the cliff while out walking on one of the coastal pathways. μονοπάτι mirror writing / mɪrə ˌraɪtɪŋ/ Leonardo da Vinci used the exercise of mirror writing to keep his brain working efficiently. αντικατοπτρική γραφή hippocampus /ˌhɪpə kæmpəs/ The surgeons found a tumour near his hippocampus. ιππόκαμπος short term memory /ˌʃɔːt tɜːm meməri/ Dad's short term memory is poor, but he can remember things that happened a long time ago. βραχυπρόθεσμη μνήμη track /træk/ The train left the track and crashed into one of the station platforms. δρόμος continuously /kən tɪnjuəsli/ If he can sing continuously for sixteen hours, he'll break the record! συνεχόμενα berry / beri/ Some of the shrubs in my garden have red or orange berries on them in the winter. μούρο seed /siːd/ I planted some seeds here last spring, but none of them grew. σπόρος fatty acid /ˌfæti æs d/ This food contains essential fatty acids that are good for you. λιπαρό οξύ Unit Introduction icon / aɪkɒn/ To send a fax, click on the telephone icon. εικονίδιο 8 79 Introduction storm chaser / stɔːm ˌtʃeɪsə/ Storm chasers have reported a huge tornado in the southeast of Kansas. κυνηγός καταιγίδων extreme /ɪk striːm/ The sport of extreme ironing involves doing your ironing in strange places like underwater or halfway up a ακραίος cliff manmade /ˌmæn meɪd/ I can't stand shirts made from manmade fibres I only like cotton ones. συνθετικός heyday / heɪdeɪ/ This is a photo of Greta Garbo in her heyday. ακμή, αποκορύφωμα era / ɪərə/ The post war era was a time when women found greater opportunities for work than before the war. εποχή vibrant / vaɪbrənt/ She was such a vibrant personality it's such a shame she's died. ζωηρός commercial /kə mɜːʃəl/ The film was a commercial success, but the critics didn't like it. εμπορικός hub /hʌb/ The local school was the hub of the community. κόμβος carving / kɑːvɪŋ/ Tom and Janice brought home some beautiful carvings from the South Pacific. σκάλισμα sophistication /səˌfɪst keɪʃən/ Rob's solution to the problem doesn't have the sophistication that Ted's has. επιτήδευση lured /ljʊəd/ Shoppers were lured into the store with promises of designer clothing at bargain prices. δελεάζω 20 out of 38