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1 THE anchor St. Andrew Greek Orthodox Church 5649 N. Sheridan Rd., Chicago, IL (ph) (fax) ( ) Rev. John N. Kalomas, Proistamenos Rev. John G. Kutulas, Proistamenos Emeritus Deacon Vasilios Smith LENT & PASCHA ANCHOR 2015 Father John s Article My Beloved Parishioners and Friends of St. Andrew: Having the opportunity to be able to surf the internet grants us the moments where we are able to find interesting articles. I came across one that was written by a Pastoral Associate from a Catholic parish that tried to show the justifications of their lack of attendance to Mass. As much as it is Catholic oriented with the title of Mass and that Mass is given on Saturdays, I can say that it can also be interchangeable with our Eastern Orthodox Faith. Interesting that even more now is the time that the church gives us the opportunity to be able to distinguish something that is not pure in our lives and that it asks of us to reconcile it with God. There are 365 days throughout the year and out of those 365, except for Sundays which is one day a week, the church asks us to take 47 days out of those 365 to reconcile our life with God. It is a moment for us to bring humility in our lives and to try to heal the wounds of sin as well as the wounds of our lives that the world has set upon us. This is why we must use our faith especially at this time of year for if we don t then we risk the chance to lose it. Losing it doesn t mean that we will be shunned out from the church, or that the doors will be closed. No losing it means that when the storms of life come crashing upon us we will struggle through it but at the end we risk the greater chance that we may not overcome it and become bitter. It means that we will have difficulty to deal with struggles of work, family issues, illnesses, and loss of a loved one. Also losing it means that we can take it for granted for look how free we are to pray without any thoughts of persecution where the Christians of the middle East are being enslaved, brutalized, be-headed, crucified, exiled; all the same of the ancient Roman Empire and its persecutions, along with Ottoman Empire and its persecutions. I therefore, want to allow you the moment to read the below in what a Catholic Pastoral Associate found in justifying of not participating as often or never in their Mass. As you read through it take the word Mass and change it to Liturgy. Take the word Catholic and make it Orthodox. Like I said except for the one on Sunday where Catholics also have Mass on Saturdays, all the rest seems to fall in place. As a Pastoral Associate in a Catholic Parish, I have heard it all. People find ways to justify their lack of Mass attendance and believe (momentarily) that their justification will convince the pastoral staff of their correctness. Here are my refutations of these excuses meant not to isolate further or hurt the feelings of those who don t go to Mass, but as a playful invitation to reconsider and come back to the family that misses them. 1: I Work 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week First of all, I m pretty sure that s illegal there are labor laws. Do you want me to help find you a lawyer? Also, that s not what your Facebook page says. Americans are super busy we fill our time with all sorts of things. It does feel like we re working all the time believe me, I m right there with you. My job takes me out week days, evenings and Sundays. Plus, my , text and Facebook are on my phone, so I m frequently doing business in my free time, too. That s not good. We all need to take a break. But, God should be part of that break, not what we re taking a break from. Worshipping with a community, receiving Christ these things rejuvenate, not deplete. Take time out for yourself that is going to fill you up. 2: I Have Small Children Oh, they re the worst. Noisy little things... I have them, too. You know, the first thing they do when they exit the womb is scream? And it doesn t stop there if you bring them to Church they will choose the quietest time of Mass to scream like you re murdering them the homily, the Consecration they know how to pick it. When my kids were little, I used to get ready for Mass and wonder what fresh hell I was in for this week. There were Sundays when my husband would take one of my screaming, writhing kids out of Church and I d wonder if I would ever see either of them again (not enough to follow them, mind you, just enough to quietly ponder). So, why did we put ourselves through it? Because now they come with us cheerfully not perfectly but cheerfully enough. I still have to sit between them and give them the hairy eyeball once in a while, but dang if they aren t listening. Church is what we do on Sunday. It s the main event and the rest of our day and the (Continued on page 3)

2 The Anchor LENT & Pascha 2015 Page 2 ST. ANDREW GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH His Eminence Metropolitan Iakovos Metropolis of Chicago Rev. John N. Kalomas, Proistamenos Rev. John G. Kutulas, Proistamenos Emeritus Deacon Vasilios Smith Contact Fr. John at or him at Terri Mikuzis Kosta Zografopoulos Phil Hatzopoulos George Marks Bill Aslanides Steve Hastalis Nick Hatzopoulos Peter Alexopoulos PARISH COUNCIL 2015 Michael Bartholomew Milton Fasseas Spiro Kondos Mark Poulakidas Pastoral Assistant: Financial Secretary: Office Secretary: President 1st Vice President/Facilities 2nd Vice President/Stewardship 3rd Vice President/Finance Secretary Assistant Secretary Treasurer Financial Secretary MEMBERS Jeffery Chrones Nick Karafotias Nick Kontos Frank Prokos STAFF & MINISTRY LEADERS Julie Tziolas Vivian L. Davros Alejandra Franco Philoptochos President: Vonnie Karafotias Chanters: Choir Director: Narthex Committee: Sunday School Coordinator: Greek School Principal: Mommy and Me Advisor: JOY Advisors: GOYA Advisors: Young Adult Ministry: Website: Nicholas Christacos & Dean Theodoropoulos Dr. Peter Jermihov William Alexopoulos, Leo Manta, Matthew Bezanes, James Chrones, Michael Davros, Solon Tsaoussis Father John Kutulas Stephane Collopy Tia Manolakas, & Bill Aslanides Georgia Loomas Tatiana Vukotic, Anastasia Papas, & Eleni Papas Julie Tziolas Our Spring General Assembly Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, March 22, 2015, immediately after the Divine Liturgy in the S.J. Gregory Auditorium. Please make every effort to attend the meeting. Every steward of St. Andrew s in good standing, as of thirty days prior to the meeting, will be required to check and sign-in so as to register before this meeting. Christine Bezanes Florence Dasaky Cathy Fasseas Effie Kakavas Vicky Karagianis Evangeline Mistaras Aspasia Sarris OFFICE MAILINGS Bess Davis Stacy Diacou Helen Giannakopoulos Adeline Kalant Terri Mikuzis Samia Sami Frances Tsaoussis Thank you all for your continued help and support throughout the year! In an effort initiated by our dear departed friend and Philoptochos sister Ethel Kotsovos, members of the greater Chicago Orthodox community have had the privilege of serving lunch to approximately 100 less fortunate fellow human beings on the first Saturday of the month for more than 15 years. The soup kitchen, located at the First Presbyterian Church in Evanston, is just one part of that church's strong community outreach program. St. Andrews Philoptochos and other volunteers have consistently and continuously served the Saturday soup kitchen, longer than any other single contributing group. Please contact Fofo Egan for more information and if you would like to join this mission. ST. ANDREW S FOOD PANTRY More and more everyday less fortunate people are asking churches for food. In these difficult times St. Andrew would like to help them, but in order to do so we need your help. Please help us restock our food pantry with items such as: cereal, oatmeal, rice, pasta, pasta sauce. Also, canned items of tuna, tomato sauce, soup, vegetables, fruit or any other non-perishable items. It is helpful if the canned goods have a flip-top lid. Monetary donations will also be accepted.

3 Page 3 The Anchor LENT & Pascha 2015 rest of our week is better for it. 3: Mass Is Sooooooooooo Booooooooring Sometimes it is. I know. I ve been to Churches where the preaching was less than stellar (not my parish, of course), and the music was more like a dirge (not my parish; we have the best music ministry anywhere), and the community might have been comprised of un-dead. I was told when I was a kid, that it s not what Mass brings to you, but what you bring to Mass your attitude, your attention to the readings and prayers, the quality time you are spending with God, etc. That s certainly one way to look at it. But, what Mass brings to us is unbelievable, and transcends bad music and boring preaching it s the True Presence of God in the Eucharist and a loving community. 4: Church Is Full Of Hypocrites Yes, it is, and as our Protestant brothers and sisters say, There s always room for one more! A family is only as good as its best member, and is as bad as its worst member. A parish family is no different. Are we not up to snuff? Not quality people enough for you? Come! Make us better! That s a huge part of belonging to the body of Christ we are a group of broken, messed-up people who God makes better, and who make each other better. We could use your help. 5: Sunday Is The Only Day I Can Sleep In Most parishes have Mass times conducive to sleeping in. At my parish we have three: Saturday 5:00 p.m., Sunday 10:30 a.m., and if you really want to sleep, 12:30 p.m. You know as well as I do that if there s something you really want to do like go fishing, golfing, spend a day in the City, whatever you re going to drag your sorry, tired bottom out of bed on a Sunday to do it. (Here comes the Catholic, Italian, Mother guilt!) You can t spare a little time for God who gives you everything, but you can get up for your soccer league? You can t give God 45 minutes of the time that God gave you in the first place to say Thanks? Sure you can. And parishes make it easy with our copious Mass times. 6: Mass/Church Is Unrelatable To My Life Yeah. No it s not. Real Housewives Of New Jersey is unrelatable to your life. Gossip magazines and Candy Crush are unrelatable to your life. Mass is about who we actually are. We are reminded that we are children of God, brothers and sisters, and how we should be in relationship with one another. It s belonging to a community that cares for one another, who share values. Mass the prayers we pray together, the readings from Scripture, the quiet time with Jesus puts us more in touch with who we are meant to be. We fail, we make mistakes, but Mass is where we are unconditionally loved by God, and invited into a deeper union with Him so that we can live more in a more fulfilled, loving way every day. 7: I Can Pray At Home/ I Am Spiritual We are all spiritual. It s how God made us. You sure can pray at home! And you should! But, if you are a Christian, that is not enough. Jesus set his followers up to pray together, to be in community together, to go out to preach the Gospel together. He said, Wherever two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them. (Mt 18: 20) This means that God (who, as a Trinity is Community) is more fully present to us when we worship with other people. And, Jesus gave us, with his own example, what that prayer should be. The Catholic Church has been doing Mass the same way since the 1st Century. Jesus taught the Apostles how, and we continue it. 8: Having To Go To Church Is A Man-Made Rule I m not sure where this idea came from. I m guessing from people who have never read the Bible. The second chapter of the first book of the Bible says that we are supposed to keep the Sabbath because God modeled it for us not because He needed it, but because He knows that we do. In Exodus and Deuteronomy we have the Ten Commandments listed for us, which, number three is keep holy the Sabbath. Then, we have Jesus at the Last Supper saying, Do this in memory of me (Lk 22: 19) and every time he meets someone after the Resurrection, they recognize him in the breaking of the bread. The Apostles, from the first days of the Resurrection set Sunday aside for Eucharist. It never wasn t a part of who we are. Do you know that some groups Atheists are now having weekly meetings for community and some sort of ritual? It s innate!!! We are hard-wired for community, prayer and God; and Mass is how Catholics do. 9: I m Excommunicated No you aren t. I m pretty sure you re not. Did a Bishop tell you, you are? Okay, you re not. If you were married in the Catholic Church and divorced, you are not excommunicated. If you are those things and got re-married without an annulment (or in your first marriage but not married in the Church), you are not in full communion, but you are not excommunicated. Or maybe you ve been away or have some other problem you are probably not in full communion. Not in full communion means that you are more than welcome to be part of our community, you can come to Mass and pray with us, you can be a part of things. But, you can t receive Communion. Sometimes it s just a matter of going to Confession. If you want to get some info on how to get back into full communion, call your local parish to find out what needs to be done. Trust me--they d LOVE to help you!!!! 10: If I Walk Into A Church The Roof Will Fall Down On My Head No it won t. That has never happened, and far worse people than yourself have stepped through those doors! It doesn t matter how long you ve been away from Church. God wants you back. We want you back. Come home. There really is nothing that should prevent you from feeling welcome and loved here. Come home. Bonus Reason: I m Not Catholic So what? That s an easy one! Call your local parish and they ll help you fix that. The last line is the best especially for all of us who are of the Orthodox faith and are confused, not sure, or struggling. Why not then call your parish priest and through God s grace he will help you fix that. The priest is there for you, to help you with the struggles. Don t be afraid that you are bothering him, it s ok; bother him. That is what he is there for. My Beloved parishioners. The above was just a taste of what we are truly losing in our lives and not by the will of others, but by our own will. The easiest part of what is in our lives to ignore or maybe I should say place on a back burner our faith. Whether it is work, whether it is sports for our children, yes even home work, we will sacrifice our church and faith attendance for all else. How often have I heard that Father if he doesn t go to this practice others are waiting to take his place, or even Father we can t come because my child has studies and that evening we (Continued on page 4)

4 The Anchor LENT & Pascha 2015 Page 4 have to go to a dinner so he has to study first so we can go to the dinner that night. Do we place our children s sports or dinners higher than the church? Of course not, or I should say we don t really mean to but look at the end of everything, we feel if we say no to our children that church is more important than we feel we will turn them off to church. Did our own parents have that fear? We know if we didn t go to church on a Sunday it had to be because of an illness that kept one in bed. But look at today; if our children are influenced by our examples by not making the church an active part of our lives when they are young, teenagers or even young adults they in turn will imitate our actions when they get to be our age. Yes I even said young adults, when your influence as a parent maybe strong but not as strong as it was when they were toddlers. But even as young adults if they see their parent s active in going to church, something will be planted in their hearts that prayerfully, with the correct cultivation, will eventually become a reality when they get to be their parent s age. Parents, you really do not fully understand the power that you posses in keeping the faith and the church in your child s life by your actions of going to church and showing the faith in your own life. A wise person once said that a child sees God as the Father when he sees God in his father. My friends! Very soon we will be standing in a dark church with only a small candle illuminating off the altar table. It will be pitch black yet with many people in the church, in the pews, in the aisles, in the narthex and the hall ways. All waiting and anticipating the great event that change not only our lives but the world. But why only then? Why only on this great event? Is this enough? It would be if this event remained lit throughout the entire year, but for the majority as soon as their candle is lit and the words of Christ is Risen are shouted, immediately after the candle is extinguished and left unlit until next year. Anastasis was such an awesome event growing up. I remember in our small wooden church that only held about 150 people yet it was so jam packed that if the fire marshal came, he would have closed it down. I couldn t see the altar because the iconostasis was wooden and the altar door had a curtain in front of it. Still though as pitch dark as it was I would see a glow start emulating from behind the altar. The light reaching up the walls and illuminating the outline of the iconostasis. The curtain would suddenly open and Fr. Nikiforos would be holding the candles 33 secured together that he brought back from Jerusalem in which the flame was about 6 inches high. It instilled such a thrill in me as a young child seeing this from the back of the church, but it also placed a fear in me because of what the awesomeness of the event we were celebrating that took place so many thousands of years ago. My mother and father made sure that this candle remained lit not only in my life, but also in our family s life all year round because church was something that had to be done every Sunday and there was no discussion about it. We have it my beloved. The above writing from the Catholic pastoral associate specifically states it for their church, but it also speaks directly for us. Yes just going to church does not make you a better person, but by going it places us on the road to become better and by our children seeing the importance of it in our lives plants the seeds that somewhere in their lives they will be watered, maybe by us as parents, maybe by a priest that they really get to know and feel comfortable, or maybe by a stranger in which a good deed is done to them or they in turn to a stranger. This seed being watered will eventually flourish into a beautiful tree and prayerfully that as children when they become adults will emulate still the importance of God s house in their lives and their children s lives. If it is hard for to make it every Sunday, and I am not giving you excuses, I then encourage you to begin with baby steps. Make a commitment that one Sunday a month which ever you choose either as an individual, a couple or as a family that we will go to church, and not at 10:45 when communion is given, but at the beginning when we call Blessed Is The Kingdom Of The Father And Of The Son And Of The Holy Spirit, Now And Forever And Unto The Ages Of All Ages. Amen. Starting slow allows us not to fail but to grow strong. Remember our Lord started with only 12 and now look where it has grown to. I therefore ask you don t allow hesitance, questioning, scandals, hatred, hopelessness, disbelief or any other negativity to cloud your faith; for here in this country your faith is free and we are not persecuted to make a choice for a life or death situation about our faith as the Christians are in the middle east. We are left because of us being free to make a life or death situation for our faith and our souls. At the end of it, it is our own choice, our own free will. Yes the church has sinners yet are not sins an illness and by going to the physicians house illnesses are to be cured? I leave you therefore with the story that has always lifted me up when I am feeling discouraged about something. It is the story of the two wolves. An elderly Cherokee Native American was teaching his grandchildren about life. He said to them, "A fight is going on inside me, it is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One wolf is evil---he is fear, anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, competition, superiority, and ego. The other is good ---he is joy, peace, love, hope, sharing, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, friendship, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith. This same fight is going on inside you, and inside every other person, too." They thought about it for a minute, and then one child asked his grandfather, "Which wolf will win, Grandfather?" The Elder simply replied, "The one you feed." With the approach of the celebration of our Lords Resurrection my beloved feed the good wolf of your life. Feed the goodness of our Lord s love to all of us. Feed it by allowing Him to grow in your life, your family s life, and the life that you live in God s house as well as all those you come in contact with. Do not allow any justification or excuses to separate you from His love, from His house, for if we do that and separate ourselves from His house, His Love, we are no longer under the shelter of His wing. Live every day as a gift from our Lord, for everyday is a gift and therefore being a gift allows us to call it the present. May the anticipation of our Lord s Resurrection shine in your hearts and your life and may His home become a reality that it is our home to that we can come in and celebrate as a community the love that He has for all of humanity. A Blessed and Bright Pascha, Fr. John N Kalomas

5 Page 5 The Anchor LENT & Pascha 2015 WED. March 18 ΤΕΡ. ΜΑΡ 18 FRI. March 20 ΠΑΡ. ΜΑΡ 20 SUN. March 22 ΚΥΡ. ΜΑΡ 22 WED. March 25 ΤΕΡ. ΜΑΡ 25 Ο FRI. March 27 ΠΑΡ. ΜΑΡ 27 SUN. March 29 ΚΥΡ. ΜΑΡ 29 WED April 1 ΤΕΡ ΑΠΡ 1 SAT. April 4 ΣΑΒ. ΑΠΡ 4 SUN. April 5 ΚΥΡ. ΑΠΡ 5 HOLY MONDAY, April 6 ΜΕΓΑΛΗ ΔΕΥΤΕΡΑ, ΑΠΡ 6 HOLY TUESDAY, April 7 ΜΕΓΑΛΗ ΤΡΙΤΗ., ΑΠΡ 7 Pre-Sanctified Liturgy: 6:00pm Λειτουργία Προηγιασμένων Δώρων 6:00μμ. 4 th SALUTATIONS TO THE VIRGIN MARY 7:00pm «Δ» Στάσις τών Χαιρετισμών 7:00μμ St. John Climacus: Orthros 8:00am, Liturgy 9:30am Κυριακή τού Αγίου Ιωάννου του Κλίμακου. Ορθρος: 8:00πμ, Λειτουργία 9:30πμ March 25 th Feast of the Annunciation: Orthros 8:00am, Liturgy 9:30am ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΙΣΜΟΣ. Ορθρος: 8:00πμ, Λειτουργία 9:30πμ AKATHISTOS HYMNOS 7:00pm Ο ΑΚΑΘΙΣΤΟΣ ΥΜΝΟΣ 7:00μμ Sunday of Mary of Egypt; Orthros 8:00am, Liturgy 9:30am Κυριακή Μαρίας τής Αιγυπτίας. Ορθρος: 8:00πμ, Λειτουργία 9:30πμ Pre-Sanctified Liturgy 6:00pm Λειτουργία Προηγιασμένων Δώρων 6:00μμ SATURDAY OF LAZARUS. Orthros at 8:30am. Divine Liturgy at 10am. ΣΑΒΒΑΤΟΝ ΤΟΥ ΛΑΖΑΡΟΥ. Ορθρος: 8:00πμ, Λειτουργία 9:30πμ PALM SUNDAY. Orthros at 8am, Liturgy at 9:30am. Service of the Bridegroom at 7pm ΚΥΡΙΑΚΗ ΤΩΝ ΒΑ Ι ΩΝ. Ορθρος: 8:00πμ, Λειτουργία 9:30πμ. Ακολουθία του ΝΥΜΦΙΟΥ 7:00 μ.μ. Service of the Bridegroom at 7pm Ακολουθία του ΝΥΜΦΙΟΥ 7:00 μ.μ. Service of the Bridegroom at 7pm Ακολουθία του ΝΥΜΦΙΟΥ 7:00 μ.μ. HOLY WEDNESDAY, April 8 Sacrament of Holy Unction at 2:45pm Service of the Mystical Supper and Holy Oil at 7pm ΜΕΓΑΛΗ ΤΕΤΑΡΤΗ, ΑΠΡ 8 Μυστήριον του ΕΥΧΕΛΑΙΟΥ 2:45 μ.μ. Ακολουθία του ΜΥΣΤΙΚΟΥ ΔΕΙΠΝΟΥ καί Ευχέλαιον 7:00 μ.μ. HOLY THURSDAY, April 9 ΜΕΓΑΛΗ ΠΕΜΠΤΗ, ΑΠΡ 9 Vesperal Liturgy of St. Basil at 9am. Reading of the Twelve Gospels & Procession of the Crucified Christ at 6:45pm Εσπερινός & Θεία Λειτουργία του Μ. Βασιλείου 9:00 π.μ. Τά Δώδεκα Ευαγγέλια 6:45 μ.μ. GOOD FRIDAY, April 10 Service of the Great Hours at 9am Service of the Apokathelosis at 3pm. Service of the Lamentations, Procession of the Epitaphio outside & around the Church at 7pm ΜΕΓΑΛΗ ΠΑΡΑΣΚΕΥΗ. ΑΠΡ 10 Ακολουθία των Μεγάλων Ωρών 9:00 π.μ., Ακολουθία Αποκαθηλώσεως 3:00 μ.μ, Ο Επιτάφιος Θρήνος 7:00 μ.μ. HOLY SATURDAY, April 11 ΜΕΓΑ ΣΑΒΒΑΤΟΝ, ΑΠΡ 11 Vesperal Liturgy of St. Basil at 8:30am. Preparatory Service for Pascha at 11pm. Εσπερινός & Θεία Λειτουργία του Μ. Βασιλείου 8:30 π.μ. Προκαταρτική Ακολουθία 11:00 μ.μ. SUNDAY OF THE RESURRECTION/PASCHA, April 12: Resurrection Service, Orthros, Divine Liturgy at 12midnight Great Vespers of AGAPE (Reading of the Gospel in many Languages) at 11:30am ΚΥΡΙΑΚΗ ΤΟΥ ΠΑΣΧΑ, ΑΠΡ 12 Η Ακολουθία της Αναστάσεως, `Ορθρος καί Θεία Λειτουργία 12:00 π.μ Μεσονύκτικον Ο ΕΣΠΕΡΙΝΟΣ ΤΗΣ ΑΓΑΠΗΣ 11:30 π.μ

6 The Anchor LENT & Pascha 2015 Page 6 LAZARUS SATURDAY: On this Saturday we remember how our Lord Jesus Christ raised His friend Lazarus from the dead. He knew Lazarus was grievously ill, but He waited till he died before He answered Martha and Mary s call for Him. Jesus knew that His own death on the Cross was near. He knew how terrified and bewildered His disciples would be, how they might doubt that He was indeed the Christ. Only after four days did He bring Lazarus back to life, so that His disciples would see that He had power over life and death and was indeed the Resurrection and the Life. It was this miracle that prepared Christ s triumphant entry into Jerusalem and gave us the certain assurance of the physical resurrection of all the dead. PALM SUNDAY: This day celebrates Christ s triumphal entry into the holy city of Jerusalem. When the people heard of His coming, great crowds rushed to the city gates to meet Him. They spread their cloaks on the road and strewed palm leaves in His path. Children waved green boughs and all sang, Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is He that cometh in the Name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest! At Palm Sunday Matins, after the Gospel lection about the entry into Jerusalem, the priest blesses palm leaves or other appropriate branches, which the people hold during the canon. Palm Sunday is one of the twelve great feasts of the Church. PALM SUNDAY EVENING: This evening's service calls to mind the beginning of Jesus' suffering. The Gospel describes the plotting of the priests and elders to trap Jesus into convicting Himself as a religious heretic. Through parables, Jesus tells us of His coming betrayal, trial, conviction, and execution by crucifixion. The hymns of this service commemorate two things: The first, the prophetic figure of Joseph, who while virtuous, nonetheless suffered unjustly at the hands of his brothers before being greatly rewarded. The second, the parable of the fig tree, which in failing to bear fruit, became a symbol of fallen creation, and of our own lives, in which we also have failed to bear spiritual fruit. HOLY MONDAY EVENING: This evening's theme is the need for watchfulness and preparation, lest we be called unprepared before the awesome judgment seat of Christ to render an account of ourselves. The Gospel reading contrasts the efforts of the Pharisees to trick and discredit Jesus, with the forceful resistance which Christ mounts against their evil. The hymns remind us of the parable of the Ten Young Women-- five wise and five foolish--in which the faithful Christian is exhorted to vigilance. HOLY TUESDAY EVENING: The need for true repentance is the concern of Tuesday evening's service. This transformation from the life of sin to a life of faith and obedience is exemplified for us in the person of the sinful woman who received the gift of forgiveness when she anointed Jesus with myrrh and washed His feet. The highlight of the service is the hymn written in honor of this woman by Saint Kassiani. The Gospel meditation foretells of the coming suffering of Christ and recalls His inner struggles and agony. HOLY WEDNESDAY EVENING: The primary theme of Holy Wednesday is our human need for the healing and forgiveness that comes into our lives when we establish a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We are reminded that the way to this relationship is to be found above all else, through the life of prayer. In the Sacrament of Holy Unction the faithful are anointed and thus healed both physically and spiritually. They are also reconciled to God and one another so that they might receive the gift of the Holy Eucharist instituted by Christ at the Last Supper. HOLY THURSDAY MORNING: On Holy Thursday morning we ascend Mount Zion with Christ and the Twelve, and enter into the upper room. Once there, we witness the awesome moment when, at the Last Supper, Christ abolishes the ritual practice of the Old Covenant, and establishes the ritual of the New Covenant, prophesied by Jeremiah, through the Sacrament of Holy Communion. The faithful receive Holy Communion at that Holiest of Liturgies. HOLY THURSDAY EVENING: In this service, we commemorate the undeserved suffering of Jesus Christ, endured for our sake, so that we might be reconciled anew to God our Father. The Gospel readings witness for us the betrayal and arrest of Jesus, His trial and conviction, and finally His torture, crucifixion, and death at the hands of a sinful humanity. This evening's service also includes the procession representing Christ carrying His own cross along the streets of Jerusalem to Golgotha, and ends when we see before us the King of Glory crucified. HOLY FRIDAY AFTERNOON: In this service, we are once again reverent witnesses to the undeserved suffering of Christ, to his terrible passion and death. What is remembered in a special way, through liturgical commemoration and procession is the faithfulness and love of Joseph of Arimathea who tenderly removed Christ's Body from the cross, wrapped it in clean linen, and carried it to his own unused tomb for burial. HOLY FRIDAY EVENING: On Good Friday evening the theme is Christ's descent into Hades during which the Gospel of repentance and reconciliation with God is shared with those who died before Christ's saving dispensation in the flesh. The service begins with lamentations sung as we stand before the tomb of Christ commemorating His unjust punishment and the shedding of His innocent blood. But the service ends on a note of joy and hope, with the reading of the Prophet Ezekiel in which he describes his vision of our resurrection yet to come; in the midst of despair, we are told there is hope, for not even death can separate us from the unfailing love and power of God. Death is about to be conquered, and faithfulness rewarded. HOLY SATURDAY MORNING: On Holy Saturday morning we celebrate the theme of faithfulness receiving its reward. The crucifixion is over, Christ is buried, the twelve Apostles and other disciples are scattered and defeated, and yet, three myrrh-bearing women come in faithfulness to perform the last act of love--to anoint Jesus according to the Jewish burial custom. Their unwavering devotion is rewarded--they are the first to share in Christ's triumph over evil and death. They are the first witnesses to the Resurrection. This joy is commemorated through the scattering of flower petals by the priest. HOLY SATURDAY EVENING: The Lamentations of the previous night are repeated and the church is plunged into darkness to symbolize the despair and defeat experienced before the dawn of Christ's victory over the Enemy of our salvation. Precisely at midnight, a single light emerges from the altar representing the victory of Christ over death, the defeat of the Prince of Darkness by Jesus, the Light of the World. As the light is passed from person to person, it pushes back the darkness of the church and defeats it completely. The Resurrection is proclaimed in song and triumphant procession. After the Liturgy, its light is carried into our homes, that they too might be filled with its light and warmth and triumph. EASTER SUNDAY: Christ's Resurrection and victory is affirmed in this morning's theme. The Gospel is read in several languages to illustrate the universality of the Good News of the Resurrection and its proclamation to the very ends of the earth. Love, forgiveness, reconciliation, triumph, and joy--these are the gifts which we receive because Christ lived and died and triumphed for our sake.

7 Page 7 The Anchor LENT & Pascha 2015 "Την εκτην των σεπτών νηστειών εβδομάδα προθύμως απερχόμενοι, Κυρίω προεόρτιον ύμνον των Βαϊων άσωμεν πιστοί..." Ή Εκκλησία μας υπενθυμίζει ότι αρχίζει η Μεγάλη Εβδομάδα. Η Εβδομάδα των Παθών και της Αναστάσεως του Κυρίου μας. Μια εβδομάδα αλλιώτικη. Γεμάτη από μηνύματα. Η Εκκλησία απευθύνει πρόσκληση σε όλους τους πιστούς. Μας καλεί στις κατανυκτικές ακολουθίες των ιερών ημερών και μας προτρέπει να συμμετάσχωμε και να εννοήσωμε τα τελούμενα. Να ζήσουμε και να βιώσωμε το Πάθος και την Ανάσταση. Για μας τους Ορθοδόξους η Μεγάλη Εβδομάδα και το Πάσχα είναι σταθμός στη ζωή μας. Είναι απαρχή νέας ζωής. Είναι το κέντρο της πίστης μας και γι αυτό ανάλογη πρέπει να είναι και η συμμετοχή μας στις ακολουθίες της Μεγάλης Εβδομάδας. "...Λάζαρος ο φίλος ημών κεκοιμηται..." αναφέρει ο Χριστός στους μαθητές Του και με καθυστέρηση δύο ημερών φτάνει στην Βηθανία. Τον προϋπαντούν οι αδελφές του Λαζάρου με θρήνους και η Μάρθα λέει με παράπονο :"..Κύριε αν βρισκόσουν εδώ δεν θα πέθαινε ο αδελφός μ ο υ. "...Εγώ είμαι ή Ανάσταση καί ή ζωή. Οποιος πιστεύει σε μένα δεν θα πεθάνει ποτέ..." απαντάει ο Κύριος και ανασταίνει τον Λάζαρο, νεκρό ήδη τεσσάρων ημερών. Η ανάσταση του Λαζάρου είναι προεικόνιση της Αναστάσεως του Χριστού και της δικής μας αναστάσεως. Καί γι αυτό η υμνολογία της ημέρας έχει αναστάσιμο και πασχαλινό χαρακτήρα. : Τη θριαμβευτική είσοδο του Κυρίου στα Ιεροσόλυμα εορτάζομε σήμερα. Υποδεχόμαστε τον "επί πώλου όνου " με τα βάϊα που είναι σύμβολα των αρετών καί των θείων έργων. Υποδεχόμαστε το Χρίστο που είναι η "προσδοκία των εθνών", "ο παντοκράτωρ, "ή πραγματικήί χαρά και ειρήνη", "ο θριαμβευτής", "ο ανιστών τους νεκρούς. Καλούμαστε σε προπαρασκευή, όπως "κεκαθαρμένοι τας ψυχάς, ίδωμεν την φαιδράν και ζωηφόρον Ανάστασιν του Χριστού". (ΟΡΘΡΟΣ ΤΗΣ Μ. ΔΕΥΤΕΡΑΣ) Την Αγία και Μεγάλη Δευτέρα μνήμη του μακαρίου Ιωσήφ του Παγκάλου και της από τον Κύριο "καταρασθείσης και ξερανθήσης συκής'. Στην αρχή της Μεγάλης Εβδομάδας παρουσιάζεται σε μας εις τύπον Χριστού ο Ιωσήφ. "...ΕΙκών δε ούτος Χριστού, ότι και ο Χριστός παρά των ομοφύλων Ιουδαίων φθονείται..." Και η συκή εικονίζει την Συναγωγή των Εβραίων η οποία " άμοιρος πνευματικών καρπών, αρά ξηραίνει...". (ΟΡΘΡΟΣ ΤΗΣ ΜΕΓ. ΤΡΙΤΗΣ) Την Αγία καί Μεγάλη Τρίτη τελούμε την ανάμνηση της παραβολής των δέκα παρθένων όπως αναφέρει το Ιερό Ευαγγέλιο. Επειδή "...άδηλος η ημέρα και Ώρα του τέλους, η παραβολή των δέκα παρθένων παρά των Θεοφόρων Πατέρων ετάχθη, παιδεύουσα ημάς αεί έγρηγορέναι, και έτοιμους είναι προς την υπάντησιν του αληθινού Νυμφίου, δια των αγαθών πράξεων καί μάλλον της ελεημοσύνης...". (ΟΡΘΡΟΣ Μ. ΤΕΤΑΡΤΗΣ) Κατά την Αγία και Μεγάλη Τετάρτη οι Αγιώτατοι Πατέρες της Εκκλησίας εθέσπισαν να ενθυμούμεθα την πόρνη γυναίκα, η οποία άλειψε τον Κύριο με αρώματα, διότι λίγο πριν από το πάθος, αυτό έγινε καί ίνα δ ι ' έργων πληροφορηθώμεν πόσα ισχύει η μετάνοια". Στην αγανάκτηση των μαθητών εις τί η απώλεια αύτη ό Κύριος λέγει "έργον καλόν ειργάσατο...προ του ενταφιασμού μου τούτο εποίησεν". Στην γυναίκα αυτη "και μισθός εδόθη" αφού παντού έγινε γνωστή η πράξη της "καί άφεσις αμαρτημάτων δωρείται". Σήμερα ψάλλεται και το υπέροχο τροπάριο της Κασσιανής: "Κύριε η εν πολλαίς αμαρτίαις περιπεσούσα γυνή...". Οι τα πάντα καλώς διαταξάμενοι Θείοι Πατέρες μας παρέδωσαν να εορτάζομε σήμερα τέσσερα γεγονότα: Τον Ιερό Νιπτήρα (δηλ. το πλύσιμο των ποδιών των μαθητών από τον Κύριο), το Μυστικό Δείπνο (δηλ. την παράδοση των Ιερών Μυστηρίων- της Θείας Ευχαριστίας), την ύπερθαύμαστη Προσευχή (του Κυρίου προς τον Πατέρα Του) και την Προδοσία (του Ιούδα). " Δια τούτο και ημείς εορτάζομεν, μνείαν των φοβερών και αρρήτων έργων εκείνων και πράξεων μετά δέους ποιούμενοι". Τελείται επίσης σήμερα και το Ιερό Εύχέλαιο. Τελείται ο Εσπερινός και η Θεία Λειτουργία του Μεγάλου Βασιλείου Κατά την Αγία και Μεγάλη Παρασκευή επιτελούμε την ανάμνηση των Αγίων καί σωτηρίων και φρικτών Παθών του Κυρίου και Θεού και Σωτήρος ημών Ιησού Χριστού, ενθυμούμαστε τους εμπτυσμούς, τα χτυπήματα στο πρόσωπο και τον αυχένα, τις βρισιές, τους γέλωτες, την κόκκινη χλαμύδα, τον κάλαμο, το σπόγγο, το όξος, τα καρφιά, τη λόγχη, και πάνω απ' όλα τον Σταυρο και τον θάνατο, τα οποία δέχτηκε με την θέληση Του να υποστεί για χάρη μας καί ενθυμούμαστε επίσης το ληστή που σταυρώθηκε μαζί Του καί τη σωτήρια ομολογία του. Ο Σταυρός τοποθετείται στο μέσο του ναού μετά την ανάγνωση του Ε' Ευαγγελίου, και παραμένει για προσκύνηση μέχρι τη Μεγάλη Παρασκευή το βράδυ. Διαβάζονται οι Μεγάλες Ωρες (οί Βασιλικές) και εν συνεχεία τελείται η Αποκαθήλωσις. Το Άγιο και Μέγα Σάββατο εορτάζομε τον ενταφιασμό του μετά της Θεότητας αχωρίστου Σώματος του Κυρίου και Θεού και Σωτήρος Ιησού Χριστού και επίσης την Κάθοδο του Κυρίου στον Άδη για τη σωτηρία των νεκρών. Ο Χριστός έπαθε πάνω στο Σταυρό και πέθανε πραγματικά αλλά "η θεότης απαθής δ ι έ μ ε ι ν ε. " Υπέροχος ο στίχος από το υπόμνημα του Τριωδίου: "μάτην φυλάττεις τον τάφον κουστωδία" Ου γαρ καθεξει τύμβος αυτοζωίαν". Στο ναό όλα αλλάζουν. Τα καλύμματα και τα άμφια είναι λευκά. Τελείται ο Εσπερινός με την Θεία Λειτουργία του Μεγ. Βασιλείου. Αναγιγνώσκεται η προφητεία του Ιωνα, του οποίου η τριήμερος παραμονή στην κοιλιά του κήτους προεικονίζει την τριήμερο ταφή και Ανάσταση του Κυρίου. Ψάλλεται το " Ανάστα ο Θεός..". Το Ευαγγέλιο αναστάσιμο. Η Θεία Λειτουργία χαρμόσυνη. Αναστάσιμη. Ο Χριστός, Κύριος ζώντων και νεκρών. Κατά την Αγια και Μεγάλη Κυριακή του Πάσχα εορτάζουμε την ζωοποιό Ανάσταση του Κυρίου καί Θεού και Σωτήρος ημών Ιησού Χριστού. "Δεύτε λάβετε φως..." καί αμέσως μετά το "Χριστός Ανέστη." δίνει ελπίδα και νέα ζωή στον άνθρωπο. Η αναστάσιμη Θεία Λειτουργία και ο υπέροχος Κατηχητικός Λόγος του Αγίου Ιωάννου του Χρυσοστόμου, στο τέλος, συμπληρώνουν τη χαρά και την πανήγυρη. Ο Χριστός αναστήθηκε "εσφραγισμένου του μνήματος..." και δώρησε σε όλο τον κόσμο την αθανασία. Ετσι ιστορείται η ορθόδοξη εικόνα της Αναστάσεως σε δύο τύπους. Η μία με το Χριστό στον Άδη νικητή να τραβάει τον Αδάμ (το γενάρχη της ανθρωπότητας) από τη φθορά και η άλλη παρουσιάζει τον άγγελο να δείχνει στις γυναίκες τον άδειο τάφο και να λέει "ηγέρθη ουκ έστν ώδε' Ίδε ο τόπος όπου έθηκαν αυτόν."

8 The Anchor LENT & Pascha 2015 Page 8 HOLY WEEK AND PASCHA 2015 Beloved Brethren: Below you will find the needs for the costs of this year s Lenten/Holy Week/Pascha Flowers. If you wish to help and be a donor for anything in memory of any individuals or a sum of the below mentioned items, please call the church and either speak to Fr. John or Vivian. Thank you for your constant love and support. Αγαπητοί Αδελφοί, Κατωτέρω θά εύρετε τί χρειαζόμεθα γιά τήν Μεγάλης Τεσσαρακοστή καί το Πάσχα. Αν έχετε τήν ευχαρίστησι νά προσφέρετε ότι δωρεά μπορείτε γιά τις ανάγκες της Εκκλησίας μας, σάς παρακαλούμε τελεφωνήστε στό γραφείο της Εκκλησίας μας, νά επικοινωνήσετε μέ τον Πατέρα Ιωάννη ή την Βίβιαν. Σάς ευχαριστούμε γιά την αγάπη καί την υποστήριξίν σας. Full Donation Partial Donation Palms and Bay Leaves for Palm Sunday: $ : $ Daffodils: $ : $ Akathist Hymn Icon: $ : $ Floral Sprays for the Nymphio Icon: $ : $ Rose petals for Myrrophores: $ : $ Easter Lilies: ($20 each) $ : $ Flowers for Large Anastasis Icon: $ : $ Flowers for 2 small Anastasis Icons:($200 each) $ : $ Orchids for Anastasis: $ : $ Floral Spray for Lavaron: $ : $ Flowers for the Mystical Supper Icon: $ : $ Gardinias for the Epitaphio: $ : $ 3 Ornate Clergy Anastasi Candles: $ : $ 9 Candles for the Cross: $ : $ Roses for Holy Friday Evening: $ : $ Floral arrangements for all other needs $ : $ Floral Wreath for the Cross $ : $ Epitaphio Flowers $2,300.00: $ Carnations for Epitaphio $ : $ Please check the items in which it will be a full donation or a partial donation so that it can properly be credited. Thank you again for your continued support. Signature ΚΑΙ ΤΟ ΘΕΟ ΔΟΞΑ Date AND GLORY BE TO GOD

9 Page 9 The Anchor LENT & Pascha 2015 As we enter the beginning of Lent, and we start to fast and prepare ourselves for Pascha, I hope that all of you will come to the various services offered. Check the time for all services on the sheets which are on the pangari in Church. I am happy to report to those of you who may not know, that we have been offered a Challenge for the Stained Glass Window Project. For every $3.00 we get donated, we will receive a $1.00 donated by an anonymous donor up to $100,000. How fortunate we are to have such a donor at our Church. Many have given to help us raise funds for this project. Any amount will help, and your name will be put on a plaque which will be placed in the Church. This gift Challenge will finish at the end of We also will be having our General Assembly on Sunday, March 22, after Liturgy. Please make every attempt to stay and hear what is going on with the Parish. We are fortunate to have many ministries which are active and as a Steward all should be there to hear about these. For the seniors at St. Andrew s you have not been forgotten. We have been very fortunate to have the Mather Foundation active here at church. They have a special luncheon every month with entertainment for a nominal fee. Tai Chi and other exercise classes are available several times a week. Please take advantage of these activities, From the Pariah Council and myself we wish all of you a very holy Lenten period and Kalo Pascha. Terri Mikuzis Sunday, March 15 (Veneration of the Holy Cross) Solemn Vespers at 7PM at St. Sophia Church, Elgin Rev. Fr. Peter Balkas, preacher. Sunday, March 22 (St. John of the Ladder) Solemn Vespers at 7PM at Saint Demetrios Church, Hammond, IN Rev. Fr. Constantine Aliferakis, preacher. Sunday, April 29 (St. Mary of Egypt) Solemn Vespers at 7PM at St. Basil Church, Chicago Rev. Fr. Chris Mihalopoulos, preacher. During this Lenten season, please let us know if you have a loved one who is in the hospital or nursing home, or is a shut in, and is in need of Holy Communion. Fr. John will be making visitations during the week of March 23. Please contact Julie at the church office at with the name, contact information, and location so that we may schedule a visitation time. Please do NOT wait for Holy Week. Fr John Kalomas will be offering the Sacrament of Confession during Great and Holy Lent every Wednesday from 4pm to 5:30pm and every Friday from 4pm to 6pm. Please call either the office or Fr. John to make an appointment. 40 Day Blessings Marina Angela, daughter of Debbie and John Drivas Alexander Theodore, son of Alexandrea and Emanuel Grivas Theodore, son of Anastasia and Raymond Pelelas Leo Nikolaos, son of Terra and Bill Therapos Baptisms Sofia Marina, daughter of Kellie and Leonidas Nicoloudes Audrey Margaret, daughter of Alexis and Raymond Koukari Catherine, daughter of Alyssa and Riley Quinn Julian, son of Darice and Bobby Alvertos Weddings Ron Fank and Elena Papastefan Scott Mathis and Georgia Melidis Edmund Schloss and Tina Souhlas Frank (Panteleimon) Dremon 21 days George T Anton 40 days Adrienne Dendrinos 40 days Vasiliki Davlantes Domer 40 days Rea Festos 40 days Lee (Pantelis) Forres 40 days Melpomeni Karageorgopoulou 40 days Beatrice (Panagiota) Marks 40 days Nikolaos Karnezos 3 months Funerals Vasiliki Davlantes Domer Demetra Atsaves Eugenia Bennett Rea Festos George A. Potakis Memorials Despina Peroustianis 9 months Daniel (Dionysios) Doulougeris 1 year Mary Maniatis 3 years Constantine Siavelis 3 years Andrew Tzakis 7 years Eugenia Tzakis 8 years Ioanna Paxenos 11 years Rhea E. Georgoulis 12 years George A. Kalant 20 years Joseph Ades 25 years John Maniatis 43 years

10 The Anchor LENT & Pascha 2015 Page 10 Altar Vesting Rooms After many years of use these two rooms on both sides of the Altar have been renovated with new flooring, cabinetry and energy efficient lighting. As you can see from the Before & after photos it has made a great improvement! Before After The maintenance committee has been busy working on various projects and we wish to provide the following update to you: Stained Glass Windows- We recently announced the matching gift challenge donation for the windows and thus far we have received over $93,000 that qualifies for the matching funds. We are now working with our contractor to plan work this spring based on the new funding we have received towards the project. A temporary sign acknowledging donors has been placed in the Narthex ( until permanent plaque is created). Thanks to all who have donated and we as all of you to consider supporting this project to the best of your ability! (see flyer for more details) Chapel-Due to the freezing weather a heating pipe froze and burst within the chapel causing major water damage to our beautiful worship space. We are currently working on the clean -up process, with a restoration company along with our insurance carrier to assess the situation. At this point we have repaired the heating pipes, removed the pews and carpeting and will be washing all walls and murals. We will provide more information as we progress through this process (see photos). Thanks to Matthew Bezanes who spent several days assisting with the initial response. On another note, we have new Chapel doors on order, but will delay installation until the clean- up work is completed. Roofing & Gutters-Leak in Nave occurred during heavy storm last month and notified roofer who will inspect/repair as weather permits. President s Room - We are sure many of you have seen the improvements to this room. We replaced lighting, ceiling tiles, sound system and TV, painted the walls, cleaned the ceramic tile and grout, installed new tile in the bar area and replaced the old carpet. Our final work will include adding new window shades and refurbishing the cabinet behind the bar Stop by and take a look at our updated room! Thanks to all who participated and contributed to make this a reality. Side Door-South Main Church A new door has been ordered and will be installed as soon as weather permits. As you can see there are many things going on with our church maintenance and we continue to seek additional members to join and assist in the maintenance projects of the church.

11 Page 11 The Anchor LENT & Pascha 2015 Philoptochos April Meeting Notice Join us for a Book Reading/Signing & Meeting EVERYONE is welcome!! Greek Night!! on Tuesday, April 21, 2015 Meeting 6:30 pm; Book Reading/Signing 7:15 pm Bring your favorite Greek APPETIZER to share. We will be having Triple award winning writer, and author of Seasons of Sun, Paula Renee Burzawa (Akouris) as she presents: Tasso s Journey Tasso's Journey is the love story of her Yiayia and Papou. He was from Sparta (Magoula) and she from Vassara. Tasso is in the race of his life to protect his family as Nazi troops invade Greece. Facing countless challenges, his struggle to understand purpose forces him to examine his personal faith. Tasso s destiny is far from what he imagined. John Dedakis, CNN: Paula Burzawa does it again. She brings family history alive in this gripping saga of survival, faith, and enduring love. If you liked Seasons of Sun, you ll love Tasso s Journey. RSVP to Demetra by Thursday, April 16, 2015, or at Dear Philoptochos Members and Friends; We have been busy over the past few months and would like to share all our news with you. ANNUAL HOLIDAY DINNER DANCE Heartfelt compliments on our recent Holiday Dinner Dance at Café La Cave made this evening a memorable one! Champagne flowed, music and fellowship made this an unforgettable evening for all who attended. A portion of the proceeds in the amount of $2500 was donated to The Dreamcatcher Foundation, an organization helping victims of Human Trafficking, which is located in Chicago. Another portion of the proceeds of $2500 was donated to the Stained Glass Window Restoration Challenge Fund. Cathy Fasseas & Pat Perritt, Co-Chairmen, Holiday Dinner Dance Thursday, January 28, FEED THE HUNGRY Philoptochos Feed the Hungry outreach program took place on Tuesday, January 27 th at the Annunciation Cathedral. Feed the Hungry is an outreach luncheon which has been in existence for over 25 years, where people of all ages come together. It was a huge success due to all the fabulous volunteers. Thank you Kosta Zografopoulos for cooking the fabulous meal, you are always more than generous with your time. Thank you Terri and Dean Mikuzis and Karen Anderson for working the kitchen and making sure there was enough food for second helpings. We had a great crew that served and socialized with our guests, a big thank you to: Eugenia Brelias, Becky Hatzopoulos, Kathy Kaporis, Vonnie Karafotias, Vicki Karagianis, Maria Kotsinis, Georgia Farlakas, and Pat Perritt. Lastly, thank you Stephen, Adam and Maia Rudofski for putting together 180 snack bags for our guests, they really appreciated your efforts. Tia Manolakas, Feed the Hungry Chairman GO RED SUNDAY was held on Sunday February 1. Thank you to Kathy Kaporis for putting together all the heart healthy foods we had along with the flyers letting you know some helpful hints. APOKREATIKO GLENDI On Saturday, February 7, we held our annual Glendi. On behalf of Philoptochos a huge thank you goes out to Tracey Lazos and Fotine Bloom for putting together a wonderful evening of fun and fellowship. This year we had our very own Peter Alexopoulos cook the delicious dinner that we enjoyed along with Billy Alexopoulos. Thank you Pete and Billy for taking the time to do this for us. Thank you to Nick Hatzopoulos for providing the music for us and always having a packed dance floor. What would a Glendi be without the kids area. They always have a great time with the face painter and balloon artist. Thank you to Shia Kapos for putting this together. It is wonderful to see the smiles on their faces. Thank you Patty Tsaoussis and Kathy Siavelis for organizing the raffle. The proceeds from the raffle will go to the St. Nicholas Shrine at Ground Zero. We raised over $900!! Thank you to those who donated raffle prizes, bought tickets and congratulations to all the winners. HUMAN TRAFFICKING On February 12, at our meeting we had 2 guest speakers from The Dreamcatcher Foundation. Brenda and Stephanie, spoke to us about Human Trafficking, as themselves were victims of this. For those of us who knew nothing about this, it was a very eye opening experience on how the young children get caught up in this. They have made a documentary film which is at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. If you go to their website and you can catch a clip of it on their trailer and see what this organization is about. We will be doing a long with the parish and Sunday School Children, our annual Personal Items Drive. (see flyer in anchor). Thanks you to Cathy Fasseas and Pat Perritt for organizing this most informative topic. UPCOMING EVENTS: (see flyers in anchor for more info) March, 2015: Saturday, March 28 BAKE-A-THON April, 2015: Sunday, April 5 PALM SUNDAY BAKE SALE/TSOUREKI May, 2015 Saturday, May 2 A MAD HATTER S LUNCHEON. Featuring Couture Millinery Fashions, Union League Club.

12 The Anchor LENT & Pascha 2015 Page 12 Volunteer Form for Philoptochos 2015 St. Andrew s Philoptochos invites ALL of the ladies in the parish to join in helping with any of the events listed below and to join us at our monthly meetings. Your time and talent is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Vonnie Karafotias, Philoptochos President Please put a X next to what you d like to volunteer for. Please return to church office or it to Special Trays 2015 Sunday, March 15 March, 2015 HC/HC Lenten Event Tray Saturday, March 28 Bake-a-thon 9:30am (Palm Sunday Bake Sale) April, 2015 Sunday, April 5 Palm Sunday Bake Sale/Tsoureki Sale Name: May, 2015 Saturday, May 2 Thursday, May 14 Sunday, May 31 Spring Fundraiser ELECTIONS - watch for more info Pentecost Coffee Hour June, 2015 Wednesday, June 3 or Thursday, June 4 (Fast Free Week) Outgoing President s Dinner Outing location/date TBD Phone: Meetings for 2015 Presidents Room - Please mark your calendars! April See your Sunday Bulletin/ for Date - Book Review; May Meeting See your Sunday Bulletin/ for Date Outgoing Presidents Dinner June 3 or 4 (date and location to be determined Fast Free Week) Please Note: Dates and Times Subject for change. Check your weekly bulletin, Anchor and s PHILOPTOCHOS 2015 STEWARDSHIP Philoptochos is you and me making a difference. National Philoptochos is the largest women s Christian charitable organization in the U.S. We are 27,000 strong nationwide!! Our St. Andrew s Women s Philoptochos Society supports and helps those in need here in our community and beyond. Philoptochos assists the elderly, the sick and the poor. We give to Orthodox missions, IOCC, St. Basil s Academy, local hospitals, neighborhood food pantry and other places. Philoptochos works to make the lives of others better. We pray you choose to be part of St. Andrew s Women s Philoptochos in your time, talent, and support. It is only through your generous commitment that we are able to pursue our philanthropic mission. Suggested Annual Membership Donation: $40.00 To be distributed as follows: National Philoptochos: $15.00 & Metropolis Philoptochos: $6.00. Any additional amount supports the good works of our chapter. Please print a copy of this form and complete the requested information Name Spouse Address City State Zip Phone Number Cell Number Donation Amount Please make check payable to St. Andrew s Women s Philoptochos Society (SAWPS). Mail this form and payment to: St. Andrew s Women s Philoptochos Society Attn: Membership, 5649 N. Sheridan Rd, Chicago, IL ************************************************** Whether you can help for one hour or spend the day with us, your time is appreciated!! Please indicate the SAWPS activities that interest you: Holy Cross Vesper/Names Day Sept. 13 & 14 Blanket Making October. & January IOCC Walkathon September or October Nursing Home November/month may vary Thanksgiving Food Baskets November St. Andrew s Vesper/Names Day November 29 & 30 Christmas Food Baskets December Dinner Dance Committee - December Christmas Dinner Outing December Vasilopita/Coffee Hour January Feed the Hungry/Annunciation Cathedral January Go Red Sunday February Lenten Lunch/Veneration of Holy Cross - March Glendi Committee February/March Spring Event - April Baking - Lent and/or when needed Month varies Bake Sale/Palm Sunday Month varies End of Year Dinner Outing - June Boutique - As needed/july Festival Breakfast/Dinner Meetings - Coordinate Bulletin Board - Ongoing Public Relations - Ongoing Membership - Ongoing Programs for Monthly Meetings Ongoing

13 Page 13 The Anchor LENT & Pascha 2015 St. Andrew s Women s Philoptochos BAKE-A-THON Volunteers needed! Saturday, March 28, 10:30 am - 2:00 pm We ll be baking Koulourakia and Moustokouloura! You bring your apron! Ingredients & cookies sheets will be provided by SAWPS. Please contact or by March 27.

14 The Anchor LENT & Pascha 2015 Page 14 FEBRUARY NATIONAL MINISTRY COMMITMENTS: It is with the fundraising that we do and with your support that we are able to help with the following: AUTISM ASSISTANCE FUND - $500: The Autism Assistance Fund was established in July 2008 at the National Biennial Convention in Washington, DC to enable Philoptochos to heighten awareness of autism and to provide assistance and support to persons within the autism spectrum. February has been designated as the month to support this discretionary fund and with the generosity of our Chapters, we were able to disburse $14,000 in These funds covered educational services that help improve the communication and relationship skills of a child, youth or adult, expenses which are otherwise not covered under health insurance plans. Please open your hearts this February and support our National Philoptochos Autism Assistance Fund by sending your donation to the National Philoptochos Society earmarked Autism Assistance Fund. SAINT PHOTIOS SHRINE - $100 This year the St. Photios Shrine celebrates the 33rd anniversary of its dedication. Saint Photios, the Great Patriarch of Constantinople, for whom the Shrine is named, was prophetic and eager to proclaim the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Thus the Saint Photios Shrine is the Jewel of St. George Street in St. Augustine, Florida and remains the Beacon of Greek Orthodoxy in America.

15 Page 15 The Anchor LENT & Pascha 2015 MARCH: 22 Adult Choir 29 Chanters APRIL: 5 Youth and Adult Choir 12 Adult Choir 19 Adult Choir 26 Adult Choir MAY: 3 Youth Choir 10 Chanters 17 Adult Choir 24 Adult Choir 31 Adult Choir Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago ST. JOHN CHRYSOSTOM ORATORICAL AND FINE ARTS FESTIVAL St. Spyridon Hellenic Orthodox Church in Palos Heights, IL on Saturday, April 18, 2015 The St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival was established 32 years ago by our Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, for the purpose of giving our young people an opportunity to formally articulate their faith and religious beliefs, share publicly the values that the saints and martyrs of the Church fought and died for, and to acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ through our Greek Orthodox Church. Everyone is more than welcome to attend this event and witness our youth, express their love and faith for the Orthodox Church through Oratory, Essay, Poetry, and Iconography.

16 The Anchor LENT & Pascha 2015 Page 16

17 Page 17 The Anchor LENT & Pascha 2015

18 The Anchor LENT & Pascha 2015 Page 18 We re anticipating an exciting summer at Fanari Camp, as we move into our brand new facility at the St. Iakovos Retreat Center in Kansasville, WI! Great new buildings, great new food, great new program, same great staff, same great songs, same great games and the same enduring camp spirit! This year, we will be switching to an online camper registration form. We are working diligently on getting our website up and running by April 1st. Mark your calendars for the following dates of camp to choose from: Session 1: June th-11th grade Session 2: June th & 11th grade ONLY Session 3: July th-11th grade Session 4: July th-11th grade Due to the new layout of our retreat center, each week we will be able to house approximately campers. There is a first come first serve policy. Once a week is full, there will be an option for a waiting list or to register for another week, if that week is open. This is a new change for us all, and we appreciate your patience in advance, as we move forward with these new policies and procedures. More information about registration will follow soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact Dn. Chris Avramopoulos at or

19 Page 19 The Anchor LENT & Pascha 2015

20 The Anchor LENT & Pascha 2015 Page 20 As the GOAL Basketball Seasons has concluded, I want to extend a special Thank You Timon Roussis and Frank Prokos for stepping up and coaching our kids. Although the season did not include as many victories as we would have liked, we all very proud of the kids that participated. We had several newcomers to the team and with such a young and fresh group of players, we should all applaud the efforts. I know next year will be even better. Peter Alexopoulos Please register at At St. Andrew s providing Senior Services Art Insights: The Art of Looking at Art Sponsored by Mather Edgewater Tuesday, March 31 from 1-2PM Why is art important? Why do all societies have art? How does it enhance our life? Determine our culture? Teach us about our past? We live in a visual world with images constantly flying by us communicating information. But when we look at art we are forced to stop, to consider the image before us beyond the first impression, and to examine our reaction to that image. An engagement with art stimulates the brain, triggers emotional response, and promotes social interaction. MRI scans have shown that looking at art literally engage the brain on many different levels. Engage your brain! Presented by volunteers from the Art Institute of Chicago. Location: St. Andrew s Greek Orthodox Church Cost: FREE; Reservations Required: (773)

21 Page 21 The Anchor LENT & Pascha nd grade 3rd-4th grades Kindergarten Class 1st grade 5th-6th grades 3 and 4 year old classes THANK YOU to our JR and SR Division Oratorical Judges: Jr division: Mark Poulakides, Michael Davros, Cathy Fasseas Sr Division: Julie Bezanes, Jessica Wacker, Bill Aslanides Essays: Demetra Christus, Marianne Nichols, Tracy Poulakidas

HOLY TRINITY. APRIL 2009 Volume 39 Issue 4 THE MYSTICAL SUPPER ΑΓΙΑ ΤΡΙΑΣ. Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Wilmington, Delaware

HOLY TRINITY. APRIL 2009 Volume 39 Issue 4 THE MYSTICAL SUPPER ΑΓΙΑ ΤΡΙΑΣ. Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Wilmington, Delaware HOLY TRINITY APRIL 2009 Volume 39 Issue 4 THE MYSTICAL SUPPER ΑΓΙΑ ΤΡΙΑΣ Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Wilmington, Delaware The Official Publication of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church 808 N. Broom

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The Voice of Saint George

The Voice of Saint George March/April 2014 March/April 2014 Page 1 Greek Orthodox Church The Voice of Saint George of Saint George ΔΙΜΗΝΙΑΙΟ ΔΕΛΤΙΟ ΤΗΣ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗΣ ΟΡΘΟΔΟΞΗΣ ΚΟΙΝΟΤΗΤΑΣ ΑΓΙΟΥ ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΥ Volume 12, Issue 2 A Publication

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HOLY TRINITY. May 2015. Volume 46 Issue 5. Sts. Constantine and Helen Equal to the Apostles

HOLY TRINITY. May 2015. Volume 46 Issue 5. Sts. Constantine and Helen Equal to the Apostles HOLY TRINITY May 2015 Volume 46 Issue 5 Sts. Constantine and Helen Equal to the Apostles ΑΓΙΑ ΤΡΙΑΣ Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Wilmington, Delaware The Official Publication of Holy Trinity Greek

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The Ascension Light FATHER S MESSAGE THE DAY OF JUDGMENT ORTHODOX CHURCH. I am the light of the world JANUARY - MARCH 2014

The Ascension Light FATHER S MESSAGE THE DAY OF JUDGMENT ORTHODOX CHURCH. I am the light of the world JANUARY - MARCH 2014 The Ascension Light FATHER S MESSAGE I am the light of the world JANUARY - MARCH 2014 THE DAY OF JUDGMENT My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Once again we proceed toward the period of Holy and Great

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Issue 1204 March 2012

Issue 1204 March 2012 Issue 1204 March 2012 O Lord and Master of my life, keep from me the spirit if indifference and discouragement, lust of power, and idle chatter Instead, grant to me, Your servant, the spirit of wholeness

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DOXA. Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 APRIL 2014 SACRAMENT OF HOLY CONFESSION

DOXA. Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 APRIL 2014 SACRAMENT OF HOLY CONFESSION Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 DOXA The monthly newsletter of Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church Volume 12, Number 4 APRIL 2014 SACRAMENT OF HOLY

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THE SOURCE. April 2013 Issue # 4-13 HOLY TRINITY GREEK ORTHODOX CATHEDRAL CAMP HILL, PA THE SOURCE April 2013 Issue # 4-13 HOLY TRINITY GREEK ORTHODOX CATHEDRAL CAMP HILL, PA Dear brothers and Sisters in Christ, please read Dr. Vrame s article on Layers in Lent. On the second page look for

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DOXA. Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 APRIL 2012 DAY BY DAY INSIDE THIS ISSUE...

DOXA. Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 APRIL 2012 DAY BY DAY INSIDE THIS ISSUE... Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 DOXA The monthly newsletter of Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church Volume 10, Number 4 APRIL 2012 DAY BY DAY SEVERAL

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The Prodigal Son Return

The Prodigal Son Return Ss. Nicholas, Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church 80 Laurel Ave Roseland, NJ 07068 Tel: (973) 251-2920 Fax: (973) 251-2921 March / April 2015 The Prodigal Son Return Holy and Great Lent: A Time

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THE SOURCE. Back to Practical Parenting With Fr. Kosta

THE SOURCE. Back to Practical Parenting With Fr. Kosta THE SOURCE March 2015 Issue # 3-15 HOLY TRINIT RINITY GREE REEK ORTHODO RTHODOX CATHEDRA THEDRAL CAMP HILL ILL,, PA Every Dad Can Be a Hero Make Father's Day a day to celebrate - for Dad and his kids.

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SOURCE THE LOVELY MAY TIME. May 2014 Issue # 5-14. Dearly beloved,

SOURCE THE LOVELY MAY TIME. May 2014 Issue # 5-14. Dearly beloved, THE SOURCE May 2014 Issue # 5-14 HOLY TRINITY GREEK ORTHODOX CATHEDRAL CAMP HILL, PA LOVELY MAY TIME Dearly beloved, The month of May is a great time of year! First and foremost, it is a time when the

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The Voice of Saint George

The Voice of Saint George May/June May/June 2014 2014 Page 1 Volume 12, Issue 3 A Publication of the Greek Orthodox Church The Voice of Saint George of Saint George Piscataway, New Jersey ΔΙΜΗΝΙΑΙΟ ΔΕΛΤΙΟ ΤΗΣ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗΣ ΟΡΘΟΔΟΞΗΣ

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GOOD NEWS GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH OF THE ANNUNCIATION, ROCHESTER, NY. December 2014. Sunday School Update GOOD NEWS GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH OF THE ANNUNCIATION, ROCHESTER, NY President s Message Jim Stathopoulos offers his remarks at the end of his tenure as President December 2014

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HOLY TRINITY May 2013 HOLY TRINITY May 2013 Volume 44 Issue 5 The Holy and Great Sunday of Pascha, the Feast of Feasts and Festival of Festivals May 5, 2013 ΑΓΙΑ ΤΡΙΑΣ Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Wilmington, Delaware

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DOXA. Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 MARCH 2012 RESTORATION INSIDE THIS ISSUE...

DOXA. Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 MARCH 2012 RESTORATION INSIDE THIS ISSUE... Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 DOXA The monthly newsletter of Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church Volume 10, Number 3 MARCH 2012 RESTORATION GOD

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VOICE THE. Wishing all of you a blessed Holy Week and a Glorious Pascha! THE VOICE April 2015 - Volume No. 294

VOICE THE. Wishing all of you a blessed Holy Week and a Glorious Pascha! THE VOICE April 2015 - Volume No. 294 THE VOICE THE VOICE April 2015 - Volume No. 294 TABLE OF CONTENTS Father s Article... 1 Stewardship... 3 Great Lent... 4 Philoptochos... 5 Sunday of Orthodoxy... 6 Summer Camp... 7 P.T.A./Sunday School...

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FATHER S MESSAGE. Dear Parishioners,

FATHER S MESSAGE. Dear Parishioners, FATHER S MESSAGE Dear Parishioners, We will enter again this year into the purifying period of Great and Holy Lenten season. Monday, February 23rd begins our Lenten journey. This journey leads us from

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Published ten times a year

Published ten times a year Saint John Chrysostom Author of the Divine Liturgy Mosaic, Hagia Sophia Constantinople November 2008 Volume XXI Issue IX Published ten times a year ECUMENICAL PATRIARCHATE His All Holiness,

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TAXIARCHAE/ARCHANGELS GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH THE ARCHANGEL S CALL - March 2015 Page 1 Mercy to the suffering is greater than fasting. The Church reads Christ's words on the Dread Judgment on the Eve of Great Lent, so that the faithful will know that

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1211 October 2012. Let my prayer be set forth as incense before You and the lifting up of my hands as an evening sacrifice!

1211 October 2012. Let my prayer be set forth as incense before You and the lifting up of my hands as an evening sacrifice! \\\\\ \Issue 1211 October 2012 Let my prayer be set forth as incense before You and the lifting up of my hands as an evening sacrifice! PARISH MINISTRIES Parish Council President Vice President Secretary

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ANNUNCIATION GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH ANNUNCIATION GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH Monthly Bulletin March 2013 Inside this issue: The Annunciation of the theotokos Clergy Message Spiritual Wisdom Calendar Greek Message Sacraments Donations President

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DORMITION Of the virgin mary Greek Orthodox Church

DORMITION Of the virgin mary Greek Orthodox Church JANUARY APRIL 2015 PUBLICATION DORMITION Of the virgin mary Greek Orthodox Church 29 Central St., Somerville, MA, 02143 Tel.( 617) 625-2222 Fax (617) 628-4529 Starting with Forgiveness Vespers on Sunday

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The Voice of the Greek Community JAN/FEB 2013 1

The Voice of the Greek Community JAN/FEB 2013 1 The Voice of the Greek Community JAN/FEB 2013 1 CELEBRATING 65 YEARS OF COMMUNITY NEWS AND HISTORY VOL. 73 NO. 531 HOLY TRINITY GREEK ORTHODOX CATHEDRAL 600 E. BOULEVARD CHARLOTTE, NC 28203 704-334-4771

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THE HOLY TRINITY GREEK ORTHODOX CATHEDRAL CAMP HILL, PA. Graduations, Pentecost, and Goals THE SOURCE June / July 2014 Issue # 6-14 HOLY TRINITY GREEK ORTHODOX CATHEDRAL CAMP HILL, PA Graduations, Pentecost, and Goals This year Pentecost falls around the same time as many graduation ceremonies.

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VOICE THE. 97th Annual Community Dinner Dance. THE VOICE September 2014 - Volume No. 288. Catechism 101

VOICE THE. 97th Annual Community Dinner Dance. THE VOICE September 2014 - Volume No. 288. Catechism 101 THE VOICE THE VOICE September 2014 - Volume No. 288 TABLE OF CONTENTS Father s Article... 1 Archangels... 3 Back to School... 4 P.T.A.... 5 Sunday School... 6 Youth Ministry... 7 Orthodox Studies... 8

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The Voice of Saint George

The Voice of Saint George July/August July/August 2013 2013 Page 1 Volume 11, Issue 4 A Publication of the Greek Orthodox Church The Voice of Saint George of Saint George Piscataway, New Jersey ΔΙΜΗΝΙΑΙΟ ΔΕΛΤΙΟ ΤΗΣ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗΣ ΟΡΘΟΔΟΞΗΣ

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The Annunciator. Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation

The Annunciator. Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation The Annunciator Rev. Fr. Paul A. Kaplanis, Dean ( Rev. Fr. Christos P. Mars, Presbyter ( Jonathan Resmini, Pastoral

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ST. DEMETRIOS GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH UNION, NJ 908-964-7957. A Message from Father George:

ST. DEMETRIOS GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH UNION, NJ 908-964-7957. A Message from Father George: THE ST. DEMETRIOS Greek Orthodox Metropolis of New Jersey GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH UNION, NJ 908-964-7957 A Message from Father George: Beloved Family of St. Demetrios G.O. Church, November,

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