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2 DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY SYSTEM FOR BOCOC Essential Information Name of Manufacturer Model Country of origin Year on which model was launched to the market Year on which model was last upgraded Outline of Specifications A system for general radiographic imaging procedures with high frequency x-ray generator, overhead tube suspension, height adjustment and flat panel detector for both horizontal table and vertical tilting receptor. For Systems with one flat panel detector, the positioning of the flat panel detector from under the table to the vertical tilting receptor to be carried out automatically. Manufacturing quality certificates to be provided with the offer The system comprise of: X-ray generator X-ray tube Horizontal table Wall stand Collimators Detector Unit Viewing station for Radiographers System computer Connectivity with HIS, RIS, PACS DAP meter Quality Control kit CD or DVD RW X-RAY GENERATOR: The X-ray generator to be microprocessor controlled high frequency of nominal power 80kW at 100kV according to EN Specification Requirements 1 Radiographic rating: 800 ma at 100kV Radiographic Voltage range: kvp in steps. (To be specified) Radiographic current range: ma in steps (to be specified) 2 The generator to incorporate automatic exposure control (AEC) 3 Tube over load protection to be incorporated and be displayed on the generator 4 System error codes log to be incorporated. 5 All operations to be performed through a userfriendly operating panel with pre-programmed user definable examination protocols. The number of protocols to be stated T=WxP/N (see appendix 1) Factor 7%

3 3 X-RAY TUBE: X-ray tube of rotating anode compatible to the quoted generator suitable for digital flat panel detectors. Automatic collimators with filtering system to be incorporated Factor 7% Specification Requirements 6 Dual focal spots of 0.6 mm and 1.2 mm according to IEC Anode heat storage capacity of at least 350 khu Actual value to be stated. 8 Anode heat dissipation of 75 khu per minute, or more. Actual value to be stated. 9 The cooling method to be specified. 10 The tube to be supported overhead. Explain its features 11 All movements (longitudinal-lateral-vertical) of the suspended x-ray tube support to be stated 12 Image quality optimisation and dose efficiency and safety features to be included and must be fully explained. 13a 13b Αdditional added filtration should be available. Please note the options. Leakage from X-ray tube housing not to exceed 100 mr per hour at 1 meter. T=WxP/N (see appendix 1) HORIZONTAL TABLE: A Horizontal table (absorption factor of 1.5 mm Aluminium equivalent at 100kVp) with motorised height adjustment and electromagnetic brakes.) Specification Requirements 14 Height adjustment from 600mm to 800mm. Actual value to be stated. 15 Tabletop load of 200 kg State maximum table load: a) Normal b) Fully extended State, also, tabletop deflection when the table is fully extended at maximum load. 16 Longitudinal patient coverage of 180 cm. Actual value to be stated. 17 Lateral patient coverage of 60 cm. Actual value to be stated. 18 The Source to Image distance to be 100 cm. Actual value to be stated. 19 Patient hand grips and compression band to be included Factor 5%

4 4 20 The tube ceiling suspension to move vertically in automatic synchronization with either the table or the vertical tilting receptor T=(WxP)/N (see appendix 1) VERTICAL TILTING RECEPTOR: The motorised vertical tilting receptor to be such dimension as to accommodate varying patient sizes. To be floor-mounted counter balanced or ceiling suspended with all Field of View selections.. Specification Requirements 21 For Chest X-rays the source to Image Distance to be 180 cm. For Table top exposures the source to image distance to be 100cm. For each grid, State the type of grid technology and the grid ratio and no. of grid lines and SID. Also please state the Primary radiation transmission and Scattered radiation transmission values for the grid type quoted ( One for Chest imaging and one for table top exposures). 22 The movements of the receptor (vertical travel, tilt, etc) to be stated 23 Electromagnetic lock switches to be incorporated 24 Patient hand grips to be incorporated 25 Automatic exposure control to be incorporated T=WxP/N (see appendix 1) Factor 5% DETECTOR UNIT: A detector of appropriate size in order that the full chest anatomy of all patients to be covered in a single view. Specification Requirements 26 The type and number of detectors to be stated (i.e. Direct technology, Amorphous Silicon or Selenium, CCD, etc) 27 The detector to have motorized vertical movement. Factor 25% 28 The characteristics of the detector(s) to be stated: Image Area Detector Assembly size Dimensions of panel Number of pixels Bit depth, Resolution etc 29 The pixel size to be 200 microns or smaller. Actual value to be stated. 30 The MTF response to match the pixel size. The curve to be provided.

5 5 31 The DQE performance at 0 lp/mm according to RQA5 to be stated. All relevant graphs to be provided 32 Post processing algorithms used to eliminate artifacts to be stated 33 All cables and connections to the detector to be internally routed and not to interfere in any way with the positioning of the patient or detector unit movements 34 The exposure to exposure cycle time to be 10 seconds for high patient throughput. Actual value to be stated. 35 The system to be ready for use in 10 minutes from power up. Actual value to be stated. 36 The exposure to fully processed image period to be 25 seconds. Actual value to be stated. 37 The Detector cooling system to be stated 38 Entrance Air KERMAS at receptor surface according to RQA5 to be stated T=WxP/N (see appendix 1) OPERATOR S CONSOLE AND IMAGE PROCESSING UNIT: Operator Control Console for image display, processing and communication comprising of monitor, computer server, keyboard and all accessories Factor 12 % Specification Requirements 39 The system to perform the image processing according to the anatomy of interest inches non-white screen TFT colour Monitor(s) with 1280x1024 resolution or better, to be included. Specify if the operator console has one or two monitors. If the operator console is equipped with two monitors, the cursor shall move within and between the two monitors in a smooth and continuous manner under the control of a mouse, with the cursor remaining visible during its movement. 41 The system to include software for: a) Image display (image zoom, window levelling, image invert and image rotate) b) Image processing (measurements, annotations, anatomical view, patient data entry) c) Patient files/images organization d) Periphery control (see Connectivity) e) Exposure Dose Area (mgycm 2 ) and patient skin dose (mgy) displayed on digital image 42a The computer system of the operator control station to be provided : a) At least one HD with a minimum 500 GB for the storage of uncompressed images b) At least Intel Core 2 Duo at 2.0 Ghz c) At least 2 GB RAM d) CD-ROM Drive (optional)

6 6 e) CD / DVD writer f) At least 1 Ethernet Adapter 10/100/1000 g) At least 512 MB PCI EXPRESS (NOT ON BOARD) h) At least 3 PCIs i) At least 4 USB b The local computer of the image processing unit at the control station of the digital X-ray Unit, to have an initial storage capacity to host images for a mininmum of 6 months. The system shall be interacting with the main PACS system for any other needs 2 Attention must be given to paragraphs 42 and Appendix 2, with regards to storage capacities. The main operator console monitor must have available all system controls, including generator settings and image processing. In addition: a) The monitor(s) shall display no fewer than 1024 shades of grey (Specify if 16 bit, 32 bit or other depth) b) The monitor should have a light output of at least 400 cd / m 2. c) The video refresh rate shall be greater than or equal to 60Hz. d) It shall be possible to choose among multiple display formats for the monitors of the operator console, for example: 1:1, 2:1, 4:1, etc e) The Monitor(s) must comply with international standards. f) It shall be possible to assure calibration of the monitor(s) with respect to contrast, intensity and spatial resolution. g) The Tenderer shall supply a QC procedure and any required images and calibration equipment to assure that the test and calibration requirements in this section are met. h) The Tenderer shall provide information on monitor life expectancy in hours Control of Hard Copy Printing and reporting 1) The operator console station shall allow users with the proper privileges to print examinations on any image printer connected to the network. 2) The Tenderer shall present a solution that restricts printing only to users with the proper privilege. 3) Requests for printing shall not compromise the console operation or performance. 4) The workstation shall allow the user to choose from multiple image formats: 1:1, 2:1, 4:1, 6:1, 8:1, 9:1, 12:1, 15:1, 16:1 and 20:1. 5) The operator console shall allow the user to arrange the images of the examination within the selected image format. 6) The operator console shall provide a function which displays the status of image printers on the network, including the print queue and the status (e.g., on-line, off-line, out-of-film, etc.). 7) The operator console shall allow the user to produce multiple copies of the same image with one request, up to a maximum limit specific to the user. 8) The operator console shall allow the user to cancel a print request that has been previously entered.

7 7 T=WxP/N (see appendix 1) CONNECTIVITY/UPGRADEABILITY: The system to be DICOM 3 standard compliant. The DICOM 3 conformance statements to be submitted with the offer. 45 The diagnostic equipment should be DICOM 3.0 compliant, including a minimum of DICOM store and DICOM modality worklist. Image Communication through Ethernet interface in DICOM 3 format to support: a) Send b) Print c) communicate with PACS, archive d) Store e) Query / Retrieve f) Modality Work List g) Other DICOM 3 statements to be stated 46 The system to be upgradeable with proven track record. Both hardware and software upgrades such as acquisition speed, storage capacity, reduction of scattered radiation, and other clinical techniques to be stated. 47 a) The system to be ready of being connected to a Radiology Information System or a Hospital Information System ( including LANTIS / IMPAC), and the Tenderer shall co-operate with the B.O Cyprus Oncology Information System providers to define a fully functional interface between the Digital X-ray Unit computer system and the B.O. Cyprus Oncology Center Information System, based on the HL7 DICOM 3 compliant standard. b) The Tenderer shall have full responsibility for the connectivity of the proposed Digital X-ray unit computer and the B.O. Cyprus Oncology Center electronic patient record system, including all required hardware, software, testing and other work required to implement the interface. The interface of the Digital X- ray system to the B.O. Cyprus Oncology Center Information System, (Oncology Center Network), and the centers PACS system, shall be upgratable to maintain, at a minimum, its initial functionality or extend its functionality when either the image storage system or the B.O. Cyprus Oncology Information System software is upgraded. Tenderers shall indicate the possibilities of upgrade paths and system expansions. d ) For each image acquisition system which is not DICOM compliant and integration needs to be achieved by other means, a thorough description of the method shall be provided by the Tenderer, for the Factor 8%

8 8 non-dicom modality connectivity to the Centre s PACS system e) The Tenderer to provide the latest IHE connectivity test sheet with his/her proposal. T=WxP/N (see appendix 1) QUALITY CONTROL KIT. A quality control kit for DR systems, with all the necessary phantoms, dosimeters and CD/DVD to perform a complete quality control. (Homogeneity, Spatial and contrast resolution, alignment of light field and x-ray field, artifacts, and focal spot size. Mounting frames for chest unit should be included). A spot luminance meter, a kvp meter, a set of filters for HVL measurements, and a PEP should be included. Dosimeters should measure dose, dose rate and exposure time. The necessary SW to perform all tests, and accessories for a PC/laptop should also be included. Cases should be accompanied with removable trolleys. factor = 2 % Α1.1 Specification Requirements (to be completed by Tenderer) 48 The phantoms, dosimeters, and other components of the quality control kit which should be supplied, to be fully described. With these tools it should be possible to evaluate the image quality (low contrast detectability, high contrast resolution, noise etc., and measure the radiation exposure to the patient, the detector, and survey the radiation levels from scatter and tube leakage in the X-ray room and the console area. T=(WxP)/N (see appendix 1) IMAGE QUALITY. The Image Quality of the system should be as high as possible with the lowest possible dose factor = 4 % Α1.2 Specification Requirements 49 Mean pixel size to be stated (to be completed by Tenderer) a) Uniformity % to be stated b) Indicate the % noise 10 κgy to the to the detector a) Threshold contrast detail detactability (TCDD), curves to be provided. c) State the the smallest diameter of a lesion that may be detectable at 2 % contrast, at 80 kv and 10 mas

9 9 52 The maximum line pair resolution achived on the monitor, to be stated, together with the conditions used. T=(WxP)/N (see appendix 1) System Acceptance, Maintenance etc Factor 10% A. Operations 1) The Tenderers should include in their proposal a complete description of the proposed system s operation. This should include descriptions of any of the key internal processes like image storage, database access, handshaking with external information systems, etc. B. Reliability 1) The system shall protect against the loss of acquired images and data. 2) The proposal shall identify all components, the failure of which can cause significant loss of system functionality, e.g., inability to acquire, display, or store examinations, etc. 3) The Tenderer shall describe how the system will be restored after a failure has been corrected. 4) The vendor shall supply an Uninterraptible Power Suply (UPS) with sufficient capacity to support the necessary equipment in case of power failure, and guarantee against loss of information System Acceptance 1) Verification that the required equipment and services meet the RFP requirements shall be accomplished through an Acceptance Test. 2) The successful Tenderer shall be responsible for developing a system Acceptance Document that will be used as part of the BOCOC acceptance test. 3) The successful Tenderer shall identify and provide all required materials and supplies for the acceptance test. Training 1) An operator s manual shall be provided for each delivered system component. 2) Service manuals shall be provided for each system component type. 3) Manuals covering the operation, installation, and maintenance of all system components and explaining the operational concept of the system as a whole shall be provided. 4) Quality Control procedures required to maintain operation within the requirements of this RFP shall be

10 10 supplied for each component. 5) All manuals shall be updated appropriately to reflect each new software release and implementation phase. 6) The successful Tenderer shall provide a comprehensive training plan including training programs for: Technologists, Radiologists, Administrative Personnel, Information Technology staff, the System Administrator and the Medical Physicists. 7) Specify the The duration of each training in advance. 56 Warranty, Maintenance Contract, Spare parts A. Warranty 1. The warranty period shall start on the date of successful completion of the acceptance test as agreed on by the Tenderer and the Oncology Center. 2 The warranty period shall last a minimum of 12 months. The Supplier will specify options and terms related to warranty of both software and hardware (Upgrades, Updates included). All updates and upgrades released during the first 24 months after installation, must be made available free of charge 3. The warranty period shall be extended by one month for each month during which there is documentation the system failed to meet the reliability requirements of 54 B.. 4. The warranty shall cover parts, labour, and all associated costs. 5. During the warranty period the hospital shall have the option of requiring replacement of any component that does not maintain at least 80% availability. 6. In order to meet the functionality and reliability requirements of this RFP, the Tenderer will state the number of hours and the qualifications of staff that will be needed for implementation and maintenance of the imaging system. This personnel support will be supplied by the Tenderer during the warranty and maintenance contract periods. B. Maintenance Contract 1. The Tenderer shall provide a proposal for a maintenance Contract for the Digital X-ray system. Additionally the Tenderer must state clearly: a) What type of software updates/upgrades are included in the contract. b) Replacement of monitors for failure to meet the necessary image reading quality. c) The number of hours and the qualifications of staff that will be needed for the maintenance of the Digital X-ray system in order to meet the functionality requirements of this RFP. This personnel support will be provided by the Tenderer. C. Spare parts 1. The Tenderer shall describe in the proposal the spare parts stocking strategy which will be employed during the warranty and maintenance periods..2. The Tenderer shall provide a guarantee that the

11 11 hospital will be able to have any required spare parts needed for eight years from the time the component has ceased being manufactured.. ΠΑΡΑΡΣΗΜΑ 1 AΞΙΟΛΟΓΗΗ ΣΕΧΝΙΚΗ ΠΡΟΣΑΗ Η αμηνιόγεζε ησλ ηερληθώλ πξνηάζεσλ ζα γίλεηαη κε βάζε ηα πην θάησ ζεκεία: 1. 90% ησλ ζπλνιηθώλ βαζκώλ ζα δίλνληαη ζηελ αμηνιόγεζε ηνπ πξνζθεξνκέλνπ εμνπιηζκνύ θαη θαηά πόζν απηόο πιεξνί ηηο δεηνύκελεο πξνδηαγξαθέο ζε ζπλδπαζκό κε ηελ απόδνζε θαη ηελ απνηειεζκαηηθόηεηα ηνπ γηα ηελ πξνηηζέκελε ρξήζε ηνπ % ησλ ζπλνιηθώλ βαζκώλ ζα δίλνληαη ζηελ αμηνιόγεζε ηεο ζέζεο ησλ πξνζθεξνκέλσλ εηαηξεηώλ ζε ζπλδπαζκό κε ηελ ππνδνκή γηα ηελ ηερληθή ηνπο ππνζηήξημε, ηελ εθπαίδεπζε ηνπ πξνζσπηθνύ, ην απνδεθηό απόζεκα εμαξηεκάησλ θ.ι.π. 3. Οη πξνζθέξνληεο, γηα θάζε ηερληθό ζεκείν ηεο πξνζθνξάο ζα αμηνινγνύληαη κε βάζε κία θιίκαθα αμηνιόγεζεο από 60 κέρξη 140 βαζκνύο αλάινγα κε ην βαζκό ηθαλνπνίεζεο ησλ θξηηεξίσλ ησλ πξνδηαγξαθώλ θαη ζε ζπλδπαζκό κε ηνλ αληίζηνηρν ζπληειεζηή ζηάζκηζεο (weight factor), δειαδή: Τερληθέο πξνηάζεηο πνπ ζα ηθαλνπνηνύλ πιήξσο ηηο απαηηνύκελεο ηερληθέο πξνδηαγξαθέο ζα βαζκνινγνύληαη κε 100 βαζκνύο. Τερληθέο πξνηάζεηο πνπ ζα ηθαλνπνηνύλ κεξηθώο ηηο απαηηνύκελεο ηερληθέο πξνδηαγξαθέο αιιά ε ηερληθή απηή απόθιηζε δελ ζα επεξεάδεη ηελ απόδνζε ηνπ ζπζηήκαηνο ή ηηο αλάγθεο ηνπ αζζελή / ρεηξηζηή, γηαηξνύ ή ηεο δηαρείξηζεο ηνπ λνζνθνκείνπ ζα βαζκνινγνύληαη ζηελ θιίκαθα από 60 κέρξη 100 βαζκνύο. Τερληθέο πξνηάζεηο πνπ ζα ηθαλνπνηνύλ πιήξσο ηηο απαηηνύκελεο ηερληθέο πξνδηαγξαθέο θαη επηπξόζζεηα ζα δίλνπλ ζεκαληηθό θιηληθό πιενλέθηεκα ζα βαζκνινγνύληαη ζηελ θιίκαθα από 100 κέρξη 140 βαζκνύο. 4. Σε παξαγξάθνπο πξνδηαγξαθώλ όπνπ δελ ππάξρεη εύξνο αξηζκεηηθώλ ηηκώλ γηα λα ρξεζηκνπνηεζνύλ ζαλ κέηξν αμηνιόγεζεο, νη πιεξνθνξίεο πνπ δίλνληαη από ηνπο πξνζθέξνληεο ζα θαηαηαρζνύλ ζύκθσλα κε ηελ θιηληθή θαη ηερλνινγηθή αμία ηνπ πξνζθεξνκέλνπ ζπζηήκαηνο. Χξεζηκνπνηώληαο ηελ γξακκηθή θιίκαθα αμηνιόγεζεο, ε ςειόηεξε θιηληθή ή ηερλνινγηθή αμία ζα παίξλεη 140 βαζκνύο θαη ε ρεηξόηεξε Επίζεο νη παξάγξαθνη ζα αμηνινγνύληαη ιακβάλνληαο ππόςε ηα αθόινπζα: Παξάγξαθνη πνπ ζα αθήλνληαη θελέο ή ζα ζπκπιεξώλνληαη κε ηηο ιέμεηο Πιεξώ, Ναη ή παξόκνην θαη ρσξίο λα εκπεξηέρνπλ απνδεηθηηθά ληνθνπκέληα ζπκκόξθσζεο ζα βαζκνινγνύληαη κε κεδέλ (0) βαζκνύο. Παξάγξαθνη πνπ ζα ζπκπιεξώλνληαη κε άζρεηεο πιεξνθνξίεο θαη ρσξίο λα εκπεξηέρνπλ απνδεηθηηθά ληνθνπκέληα ζπκκόξθσζεο ζα βαζκνινγνύληαη κε κεδέλ (0) βαζκνύο. Παξάγξαθνη πνπ ζα ζπκπιεξώλνληαη κε δειώζεηο νη νπνίεο είλαη είηε παξόκνηεο είηε παλνκνηόηππεο κε ηηο ηερληθέο πξνδηαγξαθέο (cut-and-paste) θαη ρσξίο λα εκπεξηέρνπλ απνδεηθηηθά ληνθνπκέληα ζπκκόξθσζεο ζα βαζκνινγνύληαη κε κεδέλ (0) βαζκνύο. Παξάγξαθνη πνπ ζα ζπκπιεξώλνληαη κε δειώζεηο νη νπνίεο, πιεξνύλ κεξηθώο ηηο απαηηήζεηο ή δειώζεηο νη νπνίεο δελ θαιύπηνπλ όια ηα ζεκεία ησλ πξνδηαγξαθώλ αιιά δίλνπλ ζσζηέο θαη αθξηβείο παξαπνκπέο ζηα επηζπλαπηόκελα ληνθνπκέληα, ζα αμηνινγνύληαη κε ηνπο βαζκνύο πνπ ηνπο αλαινγνύλ ζύκθσλα κε ηελ παξάγξαθν 3, κείνλ κέρξη θαη 5 βαζκνύο (-1 κέρξη 5), αλάινγα κε ηηο παξαιείςεηο ησλ δειώζεσλ. Παξάγξαθνη πνπ ζα ζπκπιεξώλνληαη κε ηηο ιέμεηο Πιεξώ, Ναη ή παξόκνην θαη δίλνπλ ζσζηέο θαη αθξηβείο παξαπνκπέο ζηα επηζπλαπηόκελα ληνθνπκέληα, ζα αμηνινγνύληαη κε ηνπο βαζκνύο πνπ ηνπο αλαινγνύλ ζύκθσλα κε ηελ παξάγξαθν 3, κείνλ 5 βαζκνύο (-5 βαζκνύο).

12 12 Όπνπ: Παξάγξαθνη πνπ ζα ζπκπιεξώλνληαη κε ηηο ιέμεηο Πιεξώ, Ναη ή παξόκνην θαη δίλνπλ αλαιεζείο θαη αλαθξηβείο παξαπνκπέο ζηα επηζπλαπηόκελα ληνθνπκέληα ηα νπνία πεξηέρνπλ ηηο αλαγθαίεο πιεξνθνξίεο θάπνπ αιινύ, ζα αμηνινγνύληαη κε ηνπο βαζκνύο πνπ ηνπο αλαινγνύλ ζύκθσλα κε ηελ παξάγξαθν 3, κείνλ 10 βαζκνύο (-10 βαζκνύο). Σε πεξίπησζε δηαθσλίαο κεηαμύ ησλ δειώζεσλ ηνπ πξνκεζεπηή (πξνζθέξνληα) θαη ηνπ θαηαζθεπαζηή ή δηαθσλίαο κεηαμύ ηεο γξαπηήο δήισζεο ηνπ θαηαζθεπαζηή θαη ησλ επηζπλαπηνκέλσλ δηαθεκηζηηθώλ/ ηερληθώλ πξνδηαγξαθώλ/ κπξνζνύξσλ, ην ζέκα ζα δηεπθξηληζηεί πξηλ ηελ αμηνιόγεζε. 6. Οη ζπλνιηθνί βαζκνί γηα θάζε ππνζύζηεκα ηνπ πξνζθεξόκελνπ ζπζηήκαηνο (ή ζπζηεκάησλ), ζα πνιιαπιαζηάδνληαη κε ηνλ ζπληειεζηή ζηάζκηζεο (weight factor) ηνπ ππνζπζηήκαηνο θαη ζα δηαηξεζνύλ κε ηνλ αξηζκό ησλ παξαγξάθσλ πνπ απνηεινύλ ην ππνζύζηεκα νύησο ώζηε λα εμαρζεί ε ηερληθή βαζκνινγία ηνπ ππνζπζηήκαηνο, ρξεζηκνπνηώληαο ηελ αθόινπζε εμίζσζε: (νη ηηκέο λα είλαη κε αθξίβεηα ηξηώλ δεθαδηθώλ ςεθίσλ) Σ είλαη ε ηερληθή βαζκνινγία ηνπ ππνζπζηήκαηνο Τ = W x P / N W είλαη ν ζπληειεζηήο ζηάζκηζεο ηνπ ππνζπζηήκαηνο P είλαη νη ζπλνιηθνί βαζκνί αμηνιόγεζεο ηνπ ππνζπζηήκαηνο Ν είλαη ν αξηζκόο ησλ παξαγξάθσλ ηνπ ππνζπζηήκαηνο. 7. Η ζπλνιηθή ηερληθή βαζκνινγία ηεο ηερληθήο πξόηαζεο είλαη ην άζξνηζκα ησλ βαζκώλ όισλ ησλ ππνζπζηεκάησλ / ππνηκεκάησλ, πνπ ππνινγίζζεθαλ κε ηελ βνήζεηα ηεο πην πάλσ εμίζσζεο. 8. Η αμηνιόγεζε ηεο ζέζεο ησλ πξνζθεξνκέλσλ εηαηξεηώλ ζε ζπλδπαζκό κε ηελ ππνδνκή γηα ηελ ηερληθή ηνπο ππνζηήξημε, ηελ εθπαίδεπζε ηνπ πξνζσπηθνύ, ην απνδεθηό απόζεκα εμαξηεκάησλ θ.ι.π. εμεγείηαη ιεπηνκεξώο ζην Παξάξηεκα Ια Δήισζε Σπκκόξθσζεο κε Πνηνηηθά Κξηηήξηα. 9. Τερληθέο πξνηάζεηο ησλ νπνίσλ ε ζπλνιηθή ηειηθή βαζκνινγία (Τερληθή θαη Πνηνηηθή) είλαη ρακειόηεξε από 90 βαζκνύο, ζα απνξξίπηνληαη θαη ζα απνθιείνληαη από πεξαηηέξσ αμηνιόγεζε, ελώ νη νηθνλνκηθέο ηνπο πξνηάζεηο ζα επηζηξέθνληαη ζηνπο πξνζθέξνληεο ζθξαγηζκέλεο όπσο παξαιήθζεθαλ. 10. Οηθνλνκηθέο πξνηάζεηο ησλ εγθεθξηκέλσλ πξνζθνξώλ (απηώλ ησλ νπνίσλ ε ζπλνιηθή ηειηθή βαζκνινγία είλαη ςειόηεξε από 90 βαζκνύο), ζα αλνίγνληαη αλάινγα κε ηελ έγθξηζε ηνπ Σπκβνπιίνπ Πξνζθνξώλ ηνπ Ογθνινγηθνύ Κέληξνπ ηεο Τξάπεδαο Κύπξνπ.

13 13 Appendix 2 Procedure Volume Analysis MODALITY EXAMINATIONS PER DAY IMAGES PER EXAMINATION MB/IMAGE GB/YEAR* (WITH NO COMPRESSION) Digital x-ray system ,00 144,00 MSCT ,50 375,00 MRI ,375 90,00 Mammo C , US Color ,75 13,50 US B/W ,25 45,00 Total per year Assuming 300 working days per year