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1 Saint Katherine Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA DOXA The monthly newsletter of Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church Volume 13, Number 6 JUNE 2015 ESTAMOS DE VUELTA WE RE BACK! THE CELEBRATION OF PENTECOST AND OUR EXPERIENCES IN CUBA are linked to the power of the Holy Spirit the Spirit that gave us the courage to travel to Havana and enjoy fellowship with our Orthodox brethren. Nia Vroustouris, Presv. Pauline, Dr. Jerry Rich, Elena Chambers, Perry Cherpes, Christos Marafatsos, Lucy Hagopian, Fr. Nectarios Trevino, and I accepted the Lord s challenge to go out to all nations and offer the good news of salvation. Our trip is a reminder to me of Saint Peter s words to the first converts when he said, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. For the promise is to you and to your children and to all that are far off, every one whom the Lord our God calls to him. And he testified with many other words and exhorted them, saying, Save yourselves from this crooked generation. So those who received his word were baptized, and there were added that day about three thousand souls. And they devoted themselves to the apostles teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers. You see, the Holy Spirit empowers all to do the will of God. Once a person is united to our Lord, they become devoted to teaching, fellowship, and worship. This is what our mission team did. We taught, we had fellowship, and we all worshipped our risen Lord. For teaching, we broke up into two groups one at Saint Nicholas in Havana and one at Saint Paraskevi in Holguin (a 12-hour drive from Havana). We all taught the children and adults how to make icons. The women at each parish spent time with Presvytera Pauline learning about the feasts of the Church, the activities in a parish, and exchanging thoughts of their personal lives in Cuba and the United States. The men spent several hours with Fr. Costa, discussing and setting up various ministries and outreach of the Church. The highlight of the trip was the children a group of about 15 that we met outside the Holguin city limits. This is a poverty-stricken place where an active Orthodox Christian man named Niko, who makes his living from baking cookies and bread in his handmade brick oven and selling them on the streets, takes care of these neglected children. We have some plans to help these children, which we will announce in the future. Fellowship is always a key component of spiritual growth and life. If we do not develop a personal relationship with Christ, then we are not so sure where we stand with Him. The same goes with our brethren in Cuba. They trust us and believe that we are not there as tourists, but as fellow caring, loving, Orthodox Christians, willing to share our faith. I want to thank all of you for your support especially Philoptochos. I leave you with these words from the Second Book of Acts (verses 38-39) on Pentecost, And Peter said to them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. For the promise is to you and to your children and to all that are far off, every one whom the Lord our God calls to him. INSIDE THIS ISSUE... All Around the Town... 5 Appalachian Mission Trip Bookstore... 8 Book Club (Women s)... 8 Book Review... 8 Calendar Camps... 4 Church Duty Roster Daughters of Penelope... 8 Festival... 9, 10, 17 GOYA... 4 GRACE... 9 Graduates... 4 Greek Article... 5 Greek Dance... 6 Kings Dominion... 4 Missions and Outreach , 18 Parish Council... 3 Philoptochos... 8, 18 Registry Stewardship Summer Camp (Virginia)... 4 Vacation Bible Camp AND MORE!

2 Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America Greek Orthodox Metropolis of New Jersey Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA phone facsimile CLERGY Rev. Protopresbyter Konstantinos A. Pavlakos, Proistamenos cell , home Rev. Presbyter Panagiotis Hanley cell STAFF Bookkeeper Lori Nelson Choir Director John Doulis Hellenic Education Center Director Presv. Eleni Alexopoulou Information Technology Theodoros Theocharis Protopsalti James Loizou Secretary/Teacher Sophia Tsangali PARISH COUNCIL President, Jim Stoucker Vice President, Nicholas Larigakis Secretary, Bill Polizos Treasurer, Maria Vargas Kelly Alexis George Moshos Chris Christou Bill Porter Dr. John Demakis Dr. Jerry Rich Artemis Dimopoulos Pierre Tavoularis Peter Karounos Daphne Vaccarello Mallamo Mavromatakis Mary Varlas SCHOOLS AND STUDIES Bible Study (Sundays) Bill Polizos Catechetical (Sunday) School, Adult Bill Polizos Catechetical (Sunday) School, Youth George Charuhas, Principal Women s Book Club Fay Mpras MINISTRIES Acolytes Daniel McKinney AHEPA #438 (P. Derzis) John Papathanassiou Bookstore Frances Kalavritinos, Manager Book Reviews Gregory McKinney, Contributor Daughters of Penelope Helle #283 Karen Polizos, President DOXA Presv. Pauline Pavlakos, Editor Facebook Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church Gregory McKinney GOYA (ages 13-18) Demetri Karounos, President GRACE Fr. Costa Pavlakos, Spiritual Advisor Greek Dance Aris and Anna Yortzidis, Instructors Greek School Auxiliary Martha Lampros, President Hellenic Education Center Greek School and Paideia Preschool HOPE (ages 7 and under) Vaitsa Bousbouras JOY (ages 8-12) Toula Christou, Director Listserv ( list) Presv. Pauline Pavlakos, Administrator Missions and Outreach Dr. John Demakis, Chairman OCF (College Ministry) Fr. Costa Pavlakos, Spiritual Advisor Philoptochos Eleni Kanakos, President Prison Ministry (Kairos) Dennis Garbis Safeway escrip Presv. Pauline Pavlakos, Coordinator Single Parent Fellowship Andrea Katsenes, Coordinator Website Presv. Pauline Pavlakos, Webmaster YAL (Young Adult League) Faye (Fotini) Anson

3 FROM THE PARISH COUNCIL PRESIDENT OUR COMMUNITY HAS MANY BLESSINGS for which to be grateful. Among the greatest of these blessings in my view, is the sense of community or family so abundant at Saint Katherine. Indeed, this parish is our family in every sense of the word. Families grow old together many of us need only look around to see the young adults and families -mothers and fathers who only a blink of an eye ago were the toddlers running around at our feet. Our own aging process is perhaps a bit sobering when considered in such a fashion, but this inexorable generational continuum within our community helps bring into focus who we are. We function for each other as well as for those around us and we constantly strive to improve ourselves and our family. Among the most important things families do is provide for each other and, of course, one of the most consequential things we provide parishioners in our community is education. Between Liturgies on a recent Sunday, I was walking around our Community Center during Sunday School classes. I passed by Pierre Tavoularis class and turned the corner and looked in on Bill Polizos Adult Catechetical Class and I was struck by the fact that both groups young and old were totally immersed and focused on their instructor. Later that week, I passed by Father Panagiotis office as he was giving religious instruction to a recent convert and on a daily basis, I view the children of our Hellenic Education Center who attend Greek School and our Paideia Preschool equally engaged in their studies. These are a few of the things that bring a smile to my face. This is why we exist to be here for each other as well as those who follow and to ensure our language, culture, heritage and especially the good news of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ are passed on to future generations. Elsewhere in this newsletter, you will read the important comments of Dr. Aris Christou, Chairman of our Board of Education, who describes in detail our accomplishments to date based on our strategic vision regarding the reform of education within our community and the ongoing initiatives relating to its improvement. Although far from complete, progress to date is most impressive and the improvements we've undertaken have not gone unnoticed. Within the last year, we have been invited to speak to several Hellenic and Church groups about our innovative approach to education. Last July, our Director, Eleni Alexopoulou spoke about our educational initiatives to the American Hellenic Institute (AHI) forum on The Future of Hellenism in America in Houston, Texas. Recently, two of our HEC faculty members, Evangelia Dimitropoulou and Ismini Michail, attended the Greek Economic Forum held at Harvard University and made an important presentation on Hellenic Education Center (HEC) teaching methods to a panel examining Best Practices in Teaching the Greek Language as Second, Foreign and/or Heritage Language. And just last month, at the invitation of His Eminence Metropolitan Evangelos, our Director, Eleni Alexopoulou, again made an important speech on The Educational Paradigm at Saint Katherine to our own Metropolis of New Jersey Clergy Laity Congress. Metropolitan Evangelos, who has been enthusiastic in his support for our educational initiatives, rose to personally introduce the presentation and made extremely kind and generous remarks about our educational innovations at Saint Katherine. I am most pleased to report the presentation was enthusiastically received by the Conference. In fact, after the speech James Fountas, Chairman of the Metropolis Clergy Laity Conference remarked to the assembly: That s the most positive news I ve heard in 30 years! Moreover, the innovations introduced at Saint Katherine were so well received and the desire for additional information from parishes so great that His Eminence saw fit to create a new Metropolis of New Jersey Education Committee and named Presvytera Eleni its chairperson. I congratulate everyone associated with the Hellenic Education Center on these successes our Director, faculty, the Board of Education and our supportive parents and parishioners. I also know that as grateful as we all are for all our recent successes, we remain mindful that much has yet to be done. On behalf of the Parish Council, I wish you all a pleasant and safe summer. SUMMER SCHEDULE Please note that Sunday Orthros/Divine Liturgy times from June 7-September 13 are 8:30/9:30. Weekday Orthros/Divine Liturgy times are 9:30/10:30. President, Parish Council 3

4 JOIN FR. COSTAS AT ORTHODOX YOUTH DAY AT KINGS DOMINION June 23 $50/person (includes lunch) All youth of our community are invited! Parents must accompany children under the age of 13. RSVP to by Monday, June 8 GOYA GOYA WILL PARTICIPATE in Orthodox Youth Day at Kings Dominion on Tuesday, June 23. The last day to RSVP is Monday, June 8. Please see above for more information. ATTENTION GRADUATES CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES! You should be very proud of your accomplishments. We would like you to share your wonderful news with the entire community in the July/August 2015 issue of DOXA. Please send the following information to by noon on Sunday, June 14: your name, your parents names, name of your high school, name of the college you will attend or your future plans, and, if you wish, a short list of your accomplishments. College and other higher education graduates are encouraged to send information as well. Please limit your submission to 75 words or less. CAMP GOOD SHEPERD: VIRGINIA Theme: Living the Good Life The Beatitudes Fr. Costa will drive the church van to/from camp, if there is interest. Contact him at Ages: Cost: $495 by June 1, $545 after June 1 Location: Camp Piankatank Dates: June 28 (2:00pm check in) through 1586 Stampers Bay Road July 3 (2:30pm pick up) Hartfield, Virginia Scholarships available: Contact or Registration: login.html;jsessionid=eadce6b54fd4dea9cfe6cc48a Additional information: SAINT KATHERINE VACATION BIBLE CAMP Sponsored by AHEPA Chapter #438 June :30am-2:00pm Visit Flyers/2015_VBC_Brochure.pdf for a brochure and registration form Vicki Mowery ( or Eleni Porter ( or 4

5 ΤΟ ΠΡΟΣΦΟΡΟ Σοφία Δ. Τσαγκάλη ΑΡΚΕΤΕΣ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΟΙ ΦΟΡΕΣ, που διαβάζουμε άρθρα για την Θεία Λειτουργία, τα οποία βοηθούν τον καθένα μας στο να κατανοήσουμε τα όσα λέγονται και επιτελούνται στην θεία λατρεία. Όπως όμως γνωρίζουμε, το Μυστήριο της Θείας Ευχαριστίας, το οποίο είναι ο σκοπός της Θείας Λειτουργίας, είναι απαραίτητο ο ιερέας να έχει το πρόσφορο, για να κάνει την προσκομιδή. Από το πρόσφορο λοιπόν θα βγάλει τον «Αμνό», το μεσαίο δηλαδή τετράγωνο που χρειάζεται, για να τελεστεί το μυστήριο, καθώς και άλλες μερίδες. Με τη δύναμη του Αγίου Πνεύματος θα μεταβληθεί αυτός ο άρτος στο Τίμιο Σώμα του Κυρίου, που θα αξιώσει τον κάθε πιστό να μεταλάβει. Σκεφτήκαμε ποτέ την τιμή, που μας κάνει ο Θεός, να παρασκευάζουμε το πρόσφορο; Γιά να ζυμώσουμε όμως το πρόσφορο πρέπει πρώτα απ όλα να είμαστε καθαροί στην ψυχή και στο σώμα. Αλλά και τα σκεύη που θα χρησιμοποιήσουμε να είναι καθαρά και, αν είναι δυνατόν, να τα έχουμε προορισμένα μόνο γι αυτή τη χρήση. Η σκέψη μας πρέπει να είναι συγκεντρωμένη στο μεγάλο γεγονός και η ψυχή μας να προσεύχεται. Ας είμαστε ειρηνικοί και ας μή μιλάμε προς σεβασμό σε αυτό που ετοιμάζουμε. Μπορούμε επίσης να έχουμε και θυμίαμα. Τί θα χρειαστούμε για ένα πρόσφορο: -Αλεύρι: 750 γραμμάρια. Το μισό να είναι σιταρένιο σκληρό (κίτρινο) και το άλλο μισό μαλακό ή αλατίνη. -Μαγιά: μέγεθος ενός αμύγδαλου. -Αλάτι: ένα κουταλάκι του γλυκού γεμάτο. -Νερό: χλιαρό όσο πάρει. (Το καλοκαίρι τελείως κρύο). -Σφραγίδα: ξυλόγλυπτη (ποτέ πλαστική). -Ταψάκι: Νο 20. -Λεκάνη. Εκτέλεση: Κοσκινίζουμε το αλεύρι στη λεκάνη και κάνουμε μιά λακκουβίτσα. Λιώνουμε τη μαγιά σ ένα φλιτζάνι του τσαγιού με χλιαρό νερό και τη ρίχνουμε στη λακκουβίτσα. ιαλύουμε και το αλάτι σε χλιαρό νερό και το ρίχνουμε και αυτό μέσα. Τα αναμιγνύουμε όλα και ρίχνουμε λίγο-λίγο το υπόλοιπο νερό ώσπου να ζυμωθεί όλο το αλεύρι. Το ζυμώνουμε περίπου 20 λεπτά. Η ζύμη πρέπει να είναι σφιχτή. Σε περίπτωση που θα χρειαστεί η ζύμη ακόμη λίγο νερό, βρέχουμε τα χέρια μας με χλιαρό νερό και συνεχίζουμε το ζύμωμα, μέχρι να το απορροφήσει. Όταν ζυμωθεί καλά, πλάθουμε τη ζύμη σε σχήμα στρογγυλό και το τοποθετούμε στο κέντρο του ταψιού. Από πριν όμως έχουμε ζεστάνει το ταψάκι και τοποθετούμε το ειδικό χαρτί που είναι για ψήσιμο, για (Continued on page 9, column 2) ALL AROUND THE TOWN Joanna Bose GREEK JEWS IN THE NATIONAL RESISTANCE A RECENT EXHIBIT at the Washington Hebrew Congregation, called Synagonistis, or comrade in arms, presented a series of documentary clippings on the history of the close collaboration that persisted during the years between Greeks in all parts of Greece and their Jewish fellow combatants against Nazi Germany and its allies. The war in Greece started in October 1940 at the Greek Albanian border when Italian troops attacked. Jews and Orthodox Christians fought and died together, facing a common enemy. This history is very touching, with photographs and all kinds of testimonials. The partisan collaboration was multi-faceted. From the outset, there was solidarity in support of the Jews. Newspapers declared that their sufferings were a scourge and a blow to all humanity. Priests and police officers alike colluded to forge documents and provide shelter within Greek homes for Jewish families to hide in until the war ended. Thessaloniki, which had the largest Jewish population of over 55,000 was the first city to see its numbers targeted. Deportations to Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland started in March 1943, with trucks laden with people, but also by train. There s a railway control card, one of 30,385, called Kontrollmarke, in both Greek and German, a ticket to the death camp. A Proclamation from the National Solidarity in Athens, in April 1943, writes in response to these deportations: The pain of this persecuted race we feel as our own pain. Every Greek should protest against the ordeals of the Jews because it is one part of the tribulations that the conqueror is piling up on the people who live on our Greek land. It s one part of the Fascist brutality which strikes one person and another and all of us together. Amongst the church leaders who were actively engaged was Metropolitan Gennadios of Thessaloniki, who encouraged the priests to counsel their parishes to give support to their Jewish neighbors. In Volos, Metropolitan Joachim helped many to flee to the safety of the mountains, while preserving their valuables and the contents of their synagogues. In Athens, the Archbishop Damaskinos helped issue false identity cards with Christian names and false baptismal papers. The island of Zakynthos is the one island that preserved its Jewish population intact thanks to the Mayor and Metropolitan Chrysostomos refusing to give any names to the Germans. There was also a Secret Jewish Rescue Committee which worked alongside other resistance groups from England, another group called Haganah and the Jewish Agency in Istanbul. This network saved thousands of lives. What is most heartening and a tribute to all the efforts to preserve the Jewish presence in Greece is the existence today of synagogues in: Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete, Corfu, Rhodes, Larissa, Trikala, Ioannina, Chalkida, and Volos! 5

6 MISSIONS AND OUTREACH Metropolitan Kallistos Ware, June We are excited to announce that Metropolitan Kallistos Ware, from Oxford, England, will visit Saint Katherine June He will be here for the whole week to participate in the Orientale Lumen Conference a joint Orthodox Catholic dialogue. On Saturday, June 13, he will participate in the 5:00pm Vesper service at Saint Katherine and, following heavy refreshments, he will make a major presentation. On Sunday, June 14, His Eminence will officiate at the Divine Liturgy at Saint Katherine. His topic for the presentation will be announced shortly. From June Metropolitan Kallistos will be at the Oriental Lumen Conference XIX at the Washington Retreat Center. The topic will be The Bishop of Rome: Past, Present and Future. Go to the website of the Orientale Lumen Conference XIX for details. Cuba Team Returns. Our Cuba mission team led by Fr. Costa and Nia Voudouris returned Friday, May 8 from another successful mission trip to Cuba. Fr. Costa discusses the trip a bit in his article on page 1 of this issue. More information will follow. OCMC Benefit Dinner. Fr. John Chakos, our full-time missionary in Guatemala, was our featured speaker at this year s OCMC benefit dinner on April 26. Over 100 people came to hear of the amazing growth of the Orthodox Church in Guatemala and especially among the Mayan Indians. We were honored to have, in the audience, two teen boys who were adopted from the Hogar orphanage in Guatemala. Fr. Chakos told us of the new Orthodox clinic being built there and asked for our support. Our dinner raised almost $10,000 for the mission. Monumental Mission Walk, September 19. Our third annual Monumental Mission Walk will take place on Saturday, September 19. Eleni Porter and her energetic committee are organizing this year s event. This year, our mission walk will take us around the Tidal Basin to learn about the monuments in that area of the National Mall. These include the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial, the Martin Luther King Memorial, and others. Our tent will be set up in that area. Proceeds from our mission walk are shared with the OCMC and our area ministries. Forms are available for walkers to register for the walk and to begin collecting donations from family, friends, coworkers, fellow parishioners, or anyone else who would like to sponsor them. Forms will be available every Sunday in the lobby or you may request one by sending an to Eleni Porter at The website will be available shortly. Come join us and walk for missions!!! OCMC Spring Executive Board Meeting. This year, the OCMC Spring Board meeting took place place in Johnstown, Pennsylvania May at the historic Christ the Savior Cathedral, the cathedral of the Carpatho Russian Orthodox Diocese in America. Two members of our Missions and Outreach Committee, Betty Slanta and Dr. John Demakis, are on the national OCMC executive board and travelled to Johnstown, PA for the OCMC meetings. The meeting was most productive. Food Pantry Collection. Our last food pantry collection of the academic year took place on May 17. A full report will be in the July/August DOXA. Our next food collection will take place in September. Date to follow. Culmore Clinic. The Culmore Clinic, located down the block from Saint Katherine in the Columbia Baptist Church, is a clinic for those without insurance and supported by many faith based organizations in the Bailey s Crossroads area including Saint Katherine. Fr. Costa and Dr. Demakis are both on their Executive Committee. The Culmore Clinic is open only one day a week Thursdays. However, the clinic is now planning to open a second day of the week because of the great need in our area. They are in the process of writing grants to charitable institutions to help raise money for a second day. If you would like to contribute, please make checks out to Saint Katherine and write Culmore Clinic in the lower left line. HOMELESS SHELTER Serving Food. Our Sunday School teen class served dinner at the shelter on Monday, May 18. Our Vacation Bible Camp will serve on Friday, June 26. In July, our Missions and Outreach Committee will serve. If your organization would like to serve at the shelter, please contact Dr. John Demakis at Clothes and Toiletries. We continue to collect clothes and toiletries for the homeless shelter. Please bring new or clean used clothes and unopened toiletries to the atrium of the Meletis Charuhas Center. Next Missions and Outreach Meeting, June 16. Our next Missions and Outreach meeting will be on Tuesday, June 16 at 7:00pm. Everyone is welcome. Come and bring a friend! And Finally...Please welcome our newest little missionary, Catherine Carr, the first child of Alex and Jen Carr. Alex and Jen were very active members of our Missions Committee until they recently moved to Connecticut. May God Bless little Catherine. Make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19). 6

7 KAIROS PRISON MINISTRY FROM APRIL 16TH TO THE 19TH, a KAIROS 4-day event took place at the Greensville Correctional Center in Jarratt, Virginia. It was an awesome event and was even more powerful than the two preceding KAIROS events in which I participated. I was a table leader in which there were 6 offenders and 3 KAIROS teams members. One item to be highlighted were the cookies from Saint Katherine. On the third day, after eating many chocolate chip cookies, I asked the table server if he could get us some different cookies. He smiled and returned with a bowl of larger cookies which I immediately recognized as some of the cookies we baked at Saint Katherine. They were larger and better tasting. It was the Greek kouzina that made the difference. Our Saint Katherine community is to be commended for an outstanding effort in baking the cookies. There were some unbelievable stories from the weekend and I would love to share all of them with you, but I ll mention only a few to give a general idea of what takes place. One of the offenders at the table was a Caucasian man who was extremely angry because he was sent back to prison due to a parole violation. He never participated in any of the discussions, prayer sessions, or chapel services. (He did eat the cookies, though.) During one of the breaks, I mentioned to him that I could tell he was very angry. He asked how I knew. I responded that it was written on his face. It wasn t until the graduation ceremony on Sunday evening that I saw a smile on his face. I do not know what his offenses were that got him to Greensville. Another offender sat to my immediate left. He was missing his right forearm. I could see him struggle executing even simple tasks. On the second day I began to anticipate some of his needs and helped him with things such as pouring coffee, opening a bag of sugar, removing the cover on a pen, or finding the pages in the prayer book. On the third day, he asked me why I hadn t asked him about how he lost his arm. I responded that I figured he would tell me when he was ready. He proceeded to tell me that he loved fast cars, loved to drink, and loved to party. He loved being in the fast lane. One night, he was returning from a party with his brother and his girlfriend, traveling at a very high speed, when he lost control of the vehicle and crashed. He and his brother (in the front seat and not buckled in) were thrown over 30 feet. He broke over 20 bones in his body. He was unconscious for over three and half months. During that time, his severely mangled arm became infected and had to be amputated. His brother was in the hospital for about the same time. His girlfriend was killed instantly. He said his girlfriend was the only person who ever gave him things and expected nothing in return. He said she was beautiful like Cinderella. He said he was responsible for killing the most precious thing to him. He says the guilt he has is unbearable. He was sentenced to 16 years in prison for involuntary manslaughter. The last offender was a young Caucasian man who was incarcerated for bank robbery. He said he did it to get even with his father who, told him when he was only 15 years old, that he and his new wife were moving out of state and he was not part of their plans for the future. Apparently, the father had a successful construction business. To get even with, and to embarrass his father, he robbed several banks with whom the family did business. When he went in to rob the bank he never wore any disguises to hide his face and everyone immediately identified him. He is halfway through an 18-year sentence. The stories of how the men ended up in prison are interesting, but not nearly as interesting as how they react upon being exposed to God s forgiveness. All the men above had great guilt, a heavy burden for their crimes, were lonely, and were angry because, in most cases, their families and friends abandoned them. Some of the men, up to the KAIROS event, had spoke openly about committing more crime when they are released. They believed they were smarter now and would not be caught again. A prison is one of the most negative and darkest places one could imagine. When KAIROS comes in and brings the Light of Jesus Christ to the darkness, most men are eager to accept a different and better path. When they learn that God forgives us when we earnestly repent and that He wipes the slate clean and allows for a fresh start, many (not all) jump at the chance to break the chains of sin. To see the transformation and witness God s grace in action is beyond description. I was in prison and you visited me. (Matthew 28:19) 7

8 PHILOPTOCHOS (by Eleni Kanakos, President) PLEASE JOIN US for the Annual Philoptochos Dinner on Tuesday, June 9, 6:00pm at Anthony's Restaurant, 3000 Annandale Road, Falls Church, VA The cost per guest is $ For your reservation, please call Mary Drakoulis at Be prepared to give her your choice of chicken tou fourno or lamb shank. Thanks to all who have already volunteered to help at our Spring Festival. Please contact Andrea Ballard or ) if you have not yet volunteered, but would like to help. I thank Trish Kapsidelis for her hard work organizing the yard sale, the volunteers, and all of you who donated. Thank you to all the ladies who are baking koulourakia and paximadakia. Thank you for your financial support! Your stewardship is greatly appreciated. Those of you who have not yet sent in your stewardship, please do so. I appreciate all of the donations for the Saint Nicholas Shrine. We are trying to reach our goal, so every amount counts! Once again, it has been another successful year. I hope all of you have a wonderful summer and I look forward to seeing everyone in September. SHUT-IN MINISTRY If you are, or know of, a shut-in, who would like visits or phone calls, please contact Kathy Cavallo at or and she will make arrangements for someone to call or visit. BOOKSTORE END OF SEASON CLEARANCE SALE!! During the month of June, all books, icons, and Orthodox gifts are 20% off retail price (rounded to nearest dollar). The bookstore is open most Sundays after each Liturgy. WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD to our end of year gathering at The Winery at Bull Run on Saturday, June 13. Helle Chapter has had a busy year and it will be very nice to enjoy a fun afternoon of wine tasting, picnic lunch, and sisterhood. Helle Chapter will celebrate its 60th Anniversary in November. To mark this special milestone, we are planning an anniversary brunch on Saturday, November 21, at Westwood Country Club. More details will follow. WOMEN S BOOK CLUB SAINT KATHERINE WOMEN S BOOK CLUB MEMBERS will continue their reading of Prodigal Daughter by Myrna Kostash. We will meet on Wednesdays, June 10, 10:30am at church and June 24, at the home of Fay Mpras, 11:30am (following the Divine Liturgy). We will have lunch after the meeting. This will be the last meeting for this ecclesiastical year. Our book club will start a new season in October. If you have any questions, please contact Fay Mpras BOOK REVIEW Gregory McKinney Thirty Steps to Heaven: The Ladder of Divine Ascent for All Walks of Life. Fr. Vassilios Papavassiliou. Ancient Faith Publishing (February 2014). Paperback. 256 pages. Somewhere early in my exposure to Orthodoxy, I was discouraged from spending time in the 6th-century classic The Ladder of Divine Ascent by St. John Climacus. I was told (true enough) that book was written for monastics who spend so much of their lives in prayer and who are under daily spiritual guidance by an elder. Lay people, especially newbies, I was told, should tread lightly in Climacus work, especially if not already in a close relationship with a spiritual father. So I held to that advice, until I picked up Fr. Vassilios exposition on the Ladder intended for those of us living in the world among the heterodox, the only bits of the original Ladder that I was familiar with was the mealtime readings in the monasteries I had visited. Perhaps it s time for me to pick up the original, with Fr. Vassilios serving as my guiding elder in absentia in this companion piece. Following St. John s structure, Fr. Vassilios guides us in the ascending path. Each page interweaves St. John s own words (always identified in bold), with Fr. Vassilios own clear prose. For instance, Step 6, The Remembrance of Death, receives sensible and sensitive treatment: When we remember death, life is put into perspective. We will not waste our time on things that are not good and profitable for our souls. This is why St. John writes, No one who has acquired the remembrance of death will ever be able to sin. Our worldly desires are mortified when we remember that death is at the door. At the same time, we seek all the more urgently to do good. When people know they have only so long to live, they begin to get the affairs in order The saints lived each day as though it were their last, and so they always sought forgiveness and reconciliation, they gave away their possessions to the poor, and they spurned the pleasures of life. The thought of death brings with it chastity and activity. (p.55) Both books seek to move us ever higher, up from the basic Christian virtues, through and beyond the prideful vices that can block the way, and into the higher virtues as our ongoing cooperation with Grace (the synergy of Divine and human love and engagement) place us on an upward path culminating in God and the infinite and allencompassing Love of the Holy Trinity. But as Fr. Vassilios reminds us. Very few people indeed will have climbed all thirty steps of the Ladder If you think you have, you probably need to go back to the beginning. Amen! The Very Rev. Archimandrite Vassilios Papavassiliou is a priest of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain. He was schooled in pastoral and social theology at Aristotle University, Thessalonica (Greece), and also studied Classics and Byzantine music. 8

9 GRACE NOT, HOW DID HE DIE, BUT HOW DID HE LIVE? Not how did he die, but how did he live? Not what did he gain, but what did he give? These are the units to measure the worth Of a man as man, regardless of birth. Not what was his church, nor what was his creed? But had he befriended those really in need? Was he ever read, with word of good cheer, To bring back a smile, to banish a tear? Not what did the sketch in the newspaper say, But how many were sorry when he passed away. Saint Katherine offers a grief support group, GRACE (Grief Recovery: Accepting, Coping, and Evolving). For further information, please call Fr. Costa Pavlakos at Thank you to Maria Papageorgiou for contributing articles nearly every month for the last 11 years. ARRIVAL OF THE HOLY ICON OF THE PANAGIA IPSENI Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church 520 South Ponca Street Baltimore, MD This icon of the Panagia is very historic and was painted by an unknown iconographer from the end of the 15th century to the start of 16th century. The Holy Monastery of Panagia Ipseni is located in Lardos on the Island of Rhodes, Greece. Many believers pray to her and seek healing from serious illnesses and diseases. Thursday, June 4 Veneration by the faithful Vespers Paraklesis Veneration by the faithful Friday, June 5 Orthros/Divine Liturgy Light Lunch Veneration by the faithful Paraklesis Veneration by the faithful Vespers Break for Refreshments Paraklesis Great Compline/Salutations Orthros/Divine Liturgy 6:00pm-7:00pm 7:00pm 8:30pm Open 8:45am/9:30am Open 3:00pm Open 8:00pm 9:00pm 10:00pm 11:00pm/12:00am Contact Andrea Ballard to volunteer at our Spring Festival June or Ocean City Greek Festival July / greek-festival OPENS AT NOON! να μην κολλήσει. Στο κέντρο του προσφόρου βάζουμε την σφραγίδα και την πιέζουμε με δύναμη και ελαφρά τη στρίβουμε πολύ λίγο, για να αποτυπωθούν καλά τα γράμματα. Τη σηκώνουμε σιγά-σιγά και πλάγια. Με μιά οδοντογλυφίδα τρυπάμε στα άκρα του Σταυρού και στον «Αμνό» (στο μεσαίο της σφραγίδας) στις τέσσερις γωνίες και από το έξω μέρος. Σε δύο ώρες περίπου πρέπει να έχει φουσκώσει. Έξω από την σφραγίδα πιέζουμε τη ζύμη με το δάχτυλό μας ελαφρά και όταν η ζύμη ξαναγυρίσει στη θέση της, θα πει ότι έχει φουσκώσει και είναι έτοιμο για τον φούρνο. Προθερμαίνουμε τον φούρνο (10-15 λεπτά) και σε 350 βαθμούς βάζουμε το πρόσφορο να ψηθεί επί περίπου μισή ώρα. Όταν πάρει χρώμα από πάνω, κατεβάζουμε την θερμοκρασία στους 325 βαθμούς και το σκεπάζουμε με αλουμινόχαρτο. Για να ψηθεί χρειάζεται περίπου μία ώρα. Θα το πάμε στην Εκκλησία τυλιγμένο σε πεντακάθαρη άσπρη πετσέτα και σε χαρτί καθαρό θα γράψουμε τα ονόματα αυτών που ζουν και σε άλλο χαρτί θα γράψουμε τα ονόματα όσων βρίσκονται στον ουρανό. Θα νιώσουμε χαρά και ευφροσύνη για μιά τέτοια ευκαιρία! Είναι ευλογία από τον Πατέρα Θεό! 9

10 SUNDAY CHURCH DUTY ROSTER June 7, :30am Jim Stoucker, Captain Pierre Tavoularis Nick Larigakis Daphne Vaccarello George Moshos Maria Vargas Bill Porter June 14, :30am Mary Varlas, Captain Nick Larigakis Kelly Alexis Mallamo Mavromatakis Chris Christou Dr. Jerry Rich Artemis Dimopoulos June 21, :30am Pierre Tavoularis, Captain Dr. Jerry Rich Kelly Alexis Jim Stoucker Peter Karounos Maria Vargas Bill Polizos June 28, :30am M. Mavromatakis, Captain Bill Porter Dr. John Demakis Daphne Vaccarello Artemis Dimopoulos Mary Varlas George Moshos APPALACHIAN MISSION TRIP AUGUST Saint Katherine will send a Mission Team to Spruce Pine, NC in support of Operation Inasmuch, an interdenominational home repair ministry. The trip is from Sunday, August 16 through, Saturday, August 22. Two years ago our Mission Team went to Spruce Pine and assisted in light construction projects for the elderly and handicapped and shared wonderful fellowship with the local community. Please contact Daphne Papamichael at for more information. Save the Date! The Festival is coming and we want YOU to be there! Traditional Homemade foods and Desserts Arts and Crafts Live Music and Dancing Opa! Friday, June 5 Saturday, June 6 Sunday, June 7 11am-10pm daily 10

11 June 2015 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday *Please note that Sunday Orthros/Divine Liturgy times are 8:30/9:30. 7 All Saints 8:30am Orthros* 9:30am Divine Liturgy* Spring Festival 11:00am-10:00pm 1 2 6:30pm Grk Folk Dance Adult Greek School 7:00pm Beginners 8 Apostles Fast Begins 7:30pm YAL Deuteri Deutera RSVP deadline for Orthodox Youth Day at Kings Dominion (see page 4) 9 6:00pm Philoptochos Dinner at Anthony s 6:30pm Grk Folk Dance Adult Greek School 7:00pm Beginners 8:00pm AHEPA Spring Festival 11:00am-10:00pm 10 10:30am Women s Book Club 5:00pm Greek School Adult Greek School 5:00pm Beginners/ Conversation Class :00pm Greek School Adult Greek School 5:00pm Beginners/ Conversation Class 6 9:30am Greek School Spring Festival 11:00am-10:00pm 13 Greek School Graduation Visit with Metropolitan Kallistos Ware 5:00pm Vespers followed by refreshments and presentation Flag Day 8:30am Orthros* 9:30am Divine Liturgy* 16 7:00pm Missions pm Deadline for July/August DOXA (Father s Day) 8:30am Orthros* 9:30am Divine Liturgy* 22 Vacation Bible Camp 10:30am-2:00pm 23 Orthodox Youth Day at Kings Dominion Vacation Bible Camp 10:30am-2:00pm 24 Nativity of Saint John the Baptist 9:30am Orthros 10:30am Divine Liturgy Vacation Bible Camp 10:30am-2:00pm 25 Vacation Bible Camp 10:30am-2:00pm (Field trip to the zoo) 26 Vacation Bible Camp 10:30am-2:00pm 27 11:30am Women s Book Club (Mpras home) 8:30am Orthros* 9:30am Divine Liturgy* 29 Holy Apostles Peter and Paul 9:30am Orthros 10:30am Divine Liturgy 30 7:30am-3:30pm HEC Summer Program 7:30am-3:30pm HEC Summer Program

12 Baptisms Michael John (April 19) son of John N. and Kaliopi Polizos Godparent: Amy Paraskevopoulos Mia Katherine (April 19) daughter of Enea B. & Katelin S. Zaro Godparent: Alex Karousos Louisa Voula (May 1) daughter of Peter and Fatima Retsinas Fotini Maria (May 9) daughter of Aaron and Georgia McKain Godparent: Margarita Maria Margaritis Isadora Katherine Ruocco (May 16) daughter of Gregory and Adamandia Ruocco Godparent: Helen Talty Spiros Demosthenes (May 16) son of Demosthenes and Maria Zissios Godparents: Spiros and Olga Fotelargias Dionysios (May 17) son of Christos and Evanthia Bouzis Godparent: Ilias Iliopoulos Na mas zisoun. REGISTRY Weddings Ekaterina T. Chelpon and George C. Tjoumas (May 9) Koumbaros: Christopher Tzoumas Elizabeth M. Tursell and Mark A. Kalaris (May 17) Koumbaroi: John and Marilyn Nunnaly Dimitra Christos Kosmakos and Brian Andrew Bell (May 24) Koumbaroi: Ioannis Kosmakos and Alexandra Kosmakos Na mas zisoun. Funeral Vasiliki Karousos (April 21) May her memory be eternal COMPREHENSIVE EXAMINATION IN MODERN GREEK The Comprehensive Examination in Modern Greek is a foreign language achievement test that assesses student proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing Modern Greek. It is developed and administered by the Direct Archdiocesan District Office of Education of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America according to the specifications of the New York State Education Department, aligned to the Checkpoint B learning standards for Languages Other Than English (LOTE). The proficiency level of the Examination is equivalent to a third year level of foreign language high school courses. It is reviewed and evaluated by the World Languages Program/Department of Linguistics/University at Buffalo/The State University of New York as well as the Institute of Modern Greek Studies/Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece. This year the Examination will be given again at our Saint Katherine s School on Monday, June 22 at 5:00pm. Please contact Sophia at the church office ( or for more information. 12

13 HELLENIC EDUCATION CENTER Eleni Alexopoulou THIS SCHOOL YEAR the HEC students had the opportunity to build connections within the school, other Greek School programs, the community and the world. Our Greek school students were surprised to find out that people of different cultural backgrounds are interested in the Greek language and culture when they met the author of Keekee s Adventure to Greece. Ms. Shanon Jones visited our school, presented her book and explained the process of book binding. A highlight of the Greek school program, along the same line, was the addition of the We Care curriculum that was implemented this year to teach our students how to express and manage their emotions in Greek. Not only they enjoyed it and enriched their vocabulary but were able to connect with other schools in Diaspora and schools in Greece. The schools included in the same team as our school were the 1st Arsakeio-Tositsio Elementary (private school in Athens), 1st Elementary School of Chios Island (public school) and the School Center of Kardamyla. On April, Christians Anderson s birthday is celebrated around the world and thus a variety of literature activities with Greek Children Literature Books took place with all levels participating; Books such as Μελίτσα μια μικρή ελίτσα/ Melitsa a small olive, Η βιβλιοθηκάριος της Βασόρας/the Librarian of Vasora, Μύθοι του Αισώπου/Aesops Fables, were read in Greek, acted out, read aloud from upper level students to lower levels. With other Greek language schools in the Great Washington Area, we visited the NASA Goddard in Greenbelt MD. The presentation was given by Mr. Pashalidis Senior Project Scientist for Technology Advancement in NASA/Goddard s Heliophysics Science Division (HSD) who explained the meaning of the word Galaxy/Milky Way deriving from the Greek word Galaxias/Γαλαξίας, the importance of the magnetic field of the Earth for the earth itself and the explosive activities around the sun. It was very educational and a lot of fun! Finally, all the levels worked on a school project named KOTINOS. Focused on the olive tree and the olive oil, the students were engaged in fun activities and thus discovered the fundamental role it had, and still has, in medicine, athleticism, commerce, culinary, the arts, cosmetics, mythology and Greek Orthodox faith. Presentation of the KOTINOS PROJECT was held at the Greek School Graduation Ceremony. This school year has been wonderful and productive for our students and all involved. All the above wouldn t have been materialized hadn t been for Fr. Kosta s support and the Parish Council, the commitment of the Board of Education and the hard work of all our parents to bring the children to school, to help with homework assignments, to give us feedback, to fundraise and advocate for the programs, to trust HEC to be the best place for a child s Greek Orthodox Education (pre-k through 8th grade) and everyone from the community for supporting HEC and its programs. Needless to say, our teachers deserve a big thank you from all of us for their genuine love and commitment to teach our children of their heritage, language, and faith. We would like to express our gratitude to Ms. Elena Papadopoulou for her contribution. You will be missed! HEC staff would like to also thank Mr. George Theodoridis for volunteering in teaching Byzantine and Greek folk music to our young students, Ms. Marilyn Rouvelas and Ms. Magda Kaimaki for volunteering to teach the religion class and Fr. Panayioti for his time spent with the children. We will have more fun projects prepared for the children for in anticipation of another fruitful year. I wish everyone a restful summer. Καλό και ξένοιαστο καλοκαίρι σε μικρούς και μεγάλους! THE BYZANTIO GREEK DANCE and Cultural Arts Program s Greek folk dance lessons for all youth ages 4 and up are on Tuesdays, 6:30pm- 7:30pm. The Adult performing group practices on Sundays from 6:00pm-7:30. Please visit or contact Aris and Anna Yortzidis at for more information. 13

14 HELLENIC EDUCATION CENTER STATUS REPORT Every year, I take this opportunity to give to the community a status report of the Hellenic Education Center, based on where we are in implementing the Strategic Plan of the Center. The Hellenic Education Center was created by action of the Parish Council on February 28th, 2013 and hence it has been in existence for only approximately two years. The policies, activities, budget and faculty of the HEC are managed by the Board of Education, a Board of distinguished and totally dedicated citizens of our community. The Board consists of Dr. Fay Mpras, Mr. Tony Alexis, Mr. Christos Christou, our Parish Council President, Mr. Jim Stoucker and our Proistamenos, Rev. Fr Costas Pavlakos. Our actions are consistent with our mission, which is to educate the children of our community and beyond consistent with the principles and tenants of our Holy Orthodox faith. We are dedicated to the offering of the highest quality education to our pre-school students, students from K-12, as well to the entire St Katherine's community who seek a broad range of Hellenic and bi-lingual language skills combined with knowledge of history and culture. Our Strategic Plan lays out the road map for achieving our goals through an innovative and stimulating teaching approach, using traditional as well as technologically enhanced instructional methods. The student achievements at the pre school level are monitored and through a loving and nurturing atmosphere we hope to prepare the students for kindergarten and beyond. It is our goal that all students will successfully achieve competency in Greek as measured by the NY State Regency Exam in Modern Greek (The Archidioce Exam in Modern Greek). Advanced students will also have the opportunity to pass the annual Ellinomatheia Examination in Modern Greek. Our Mission is consistent with the best practices in bilingual education, enhanced by spiritual and cultural learning. We have achieved much in the first two years of existence. We have implemented a new HEC management structure and have hired a new Director. The registration procedures have been revised and new registration procedures have been implemented, with an emphasis on preregistration by the end of school year to facilitate planning and prudent hiring practices. In order to modernize our financial system, we have consolidated all business functions of the Greek School and Paideia Preschool and therefore have eliminated duplication of activities and have streamlined our billing system, and have integrated it within the St. Katherine s financial management system. One of the most important changes has been the revision of the Greek School curriculum: The BOE completed a very thorough review and restructuring of the Greek School curriculum, in accordance with learning standards and latest thinking among foreign language educators. The (Continued on page 15, column 2) ΑΓΑΠΗΤΟΙ ΓΟΝΕΙΣ ΚΑΙ ΦΙΛΟΙ του Ελληνικού Εκπαιδευτικού Κέντρου, Κάθε χρόνο επωφελούμαι αυτής της ευκαιρίας να παρουσιάσω στην κοινότητα την καταστατική αναφορά του Ελληνικού Εκπαιδευτικού Κέντρου (ΕΕΚ), με βάση την πρόοδό μας στην εφαρμογή του Στρατηγικού Σχεδίου του Κέντρου. Το ΕΕΚ δημιουργήθηκε με πρωτοβουλία του Κοινοτικού Συμβουλίου στις 28 Φεβρουαρίου 2013 και έκτοτε δρα για περίπου δύο χρόνια. Οι τακτικές, οι δραστηριότητες, ο προϋπολογισμός και το διδακτικό προσωπικό του ΕΕΚ διαχειρίζονται από την Σχολική Επιτροπή, μία επιτροπή από διακεκριμένα και ολόψυχα αφoσιωμένα μέλη της κοινότητάς μας. Η επιτροπή περιλαμβάνει την ρα. Φαίη Μπρα, τον κ. Τώνη Αλέξη, τον κ. ημήτρη Στούκερ και τον κ. Χρήστο Χρήστου. Οι ενέργειές μας είναι συντονισμένες με την αποστολή μας, που είναι η διαπαιδαγώγηση των παιδιών της κοινότητάς μας και πέραν αυτής, σύμφωνα με τις αρχές και τα δόγματα της Αγίας Ορθοδόξου πίστεώς μας. Έχουμε αφιερώσει τις προσπάθειές μας στην προσφορά της υψηλότερης ποιοτικά μορφώσεως για τα προνήπια, τους μαθητές από νηπιαγωγείο έως 12 η τάξη Λυκείου, καθώς και για όλους όσους γυρεύουν μία πλατειά απόκτηση ικανοτήτων στην Ελληνική, αλλά και στην δίγλωσση μάθηση, σε συνδυασμό με εισαγωγή σε ιστορικές και πολιτιστικές γνώσεις. Το Στρατηγικό μας Σχέδιο διαγράφει την πορεία για την επίτευξη των στόχων μας μέσω μιάς καινοτομικής και δυναμικής παιδαγωγικής προσέγγυσης, χρησιμοποιώντας παραδοσιακές, καθώς και τεχνολογικά προηγμένες μεθόδους. Τα επιτεύγματα των μαθητών του προνηπιακού επιπέδου θα παρακολουθούνται και μέσα από μία στοργική και φροντισμένη ατμόσφαιρα ελπίζουμε να προετοιμάσουμε τους μαθητές για το νηπιαγωγείο και πέρα. Είναι σκοπός μας όλοι οι μαθητές να επιτύχουν ικανότητα στα Ελληνικά σύμφωνα με τα μέτρα του NY State Regents Exam στα Νεοελληνικά (Εξετάσεις Αρχιεπισκοπής σε Νεοελληνικά). Προχωρημένοι μαθητές θα έχουν επίσης την ευκαιρία να περάσουν τις ετήσιες εξετάσεις Ελληνομάθειας στα Νεοελληνικά. Η αποστολή μας είναι συντονισμένη με τις καλύτερες πρακτικές της δίγλωσσης μαθήσεως, συμπληρωμένη από πνευματική και πολιτιστική μόρφωση. Έχουμε επιτύχει πολλά στα δύο χρόνια από την ίδρυσή μας. Έχουμε εφαρμόσει νέα δομή διαχειρίσεως του ΕΕΚ και προσλάβαμε καινούργια διευθύντρια. Οι διαδικασίες εγγραφής έχουν αναθεωρηθεί και νέες έχουν εφαρμοστεί, με έμφαση στην στην πρόϊμη εγγραφή έως το τέλος της σχολικής χρονιάς για την διευκόλυνση προγραμματισμού και συνετών τρόπων προσλήψεως προσωπικού. Για να (Continued on page 15, column 1) 14

15 (Continued from page 14, column 2) εκσυγχρονίσουμε το οικονομικό μας σύστημα, έχουμε ενοποιήσει όλες τις οικομικές λειτουργίες του Ελληνικού Σχολείου και της Παιδείας. Ως εκ τούτου έχουμε αποφύγει την επανάληψη δραστηριοτήτων, έχουμε απλοποιήσει το λογιστικό μας σύστημα, και το έχουμε ενσωματώσει στο οικονομικό διαχειριστικό σύστημα της Αγίας Αικατερίνης. Μία από τις πιο σημαντικές αλλαγές είναι η ανασύσταση του προγράμματος του Ελληνικού Σχολείου. Η Εκπαιδευτική Επιτροπή διεκπεραίωσε μία πλήρη αναθεώρηση και αναδημιουργία του προγράμματος του Ελληνικού Σχολείου, σύμφωνα με εκπαιδευτικά πρότυπα και τις τελευταίες ιδέες ξένων εκπαιδευτών γλωσσών. Το νέο πρόγραμμα βασίζεται σε Επίπεδα Επιτευγμάτων και Ικανοτήτων. Ένας μαθητής που τελειώνει το Προχωρημένο Επίπεδο θα μπορεί να περάσει τις ως άνω εξετάσεις και να αναγνωριστούν τα μαθήματα αυτά στο Λύκειο ή και να ζητήσει να αναγνωριστούν σε Πανεπιστημιακό επίπεδο. Έχουμε εισαγάγει προχωρημένη τεχνολογία στο Ελληνικό Σχολείο, όπως καινούργια laptops για να επαυξηθεί η διδασκαλία και online προγράμματα μάθησης όως το Blackboard για την διευκόλυνση επικοινωνίας μεταξύ δασκάλων, μαθητών και γονέων σχετικά με τις κατ οίκον εργασίες, άλλες εργασίες που αναθέτουν οι δάσκαλοι, κλπ. Οργανώνουμε θερινή κατασκήνωση για παιδιά 6-8 ετών, στην οποία σκοπεύουμε να προσθέσουμε γλωσσικό πρόγραμμα στο μέλλον. Έχουμε αποπερατώσει επιτυχώς την αίτηση για την ζώνη Νηπιαγωγείου και λάβαμε άδεια από την Κομητεία να προσθέσουμε Νηπιαγωγείο στο πρόγραμμά μας. Σχεδιάζουμε να αρχίσουμε την λειτουργία του Νηπιαγωγείου τον Σεπτέμβριο του Μόρφωση ανοικτή σε όλη την κοινότητα είναι ένας κεντρικός σκοπός του ΕΕΚ. Εκτός από τις τάξεις Ελληνικής γλώσσας για ενήλικες που προσφέρονται κάθε Τρίτη και Πέμπτη, έχουμε τώρα προσθέσει και συνδυασμένα μαθήματα γλώσσας και πολιτισμού για όλη την κοινότητα κάθε Παρασκευή. Επίσης, έχουμε ξεκινήσει σεμινάρια και μαθήματα βραχείας διαρκείας για μεγάλους (π.χ. χορού, Ελληνικής μαγειρικής, Ελληνικού πολιτισμού, καθώς και Βυζαντινής Ιστορίας). Αυτές οι δραστηριότητες θα επαυξηθούν την ερχόμενη χρονιά. Οι στόχοι μας μπορούν να πραγματοποιηθούν μόνον μέσα από την επίπονη εργασία της διευθύντριάς μας, Ελένης Αλεξοπούλου και του αφοσιωμένου της διδακτικού προσωπικού, αυτό το διδακτικό προσωπικό πτυχιούχων και εκπαιδευμένων δασκάλων που έχει δουλέψει πολλές ώρες με ελάχιστη αμοιβή. Έχουμε διευρύνει τις ευκαιρίες επαγγελματικής ανάπτυξης για το Ελληνικό Σχολείο και την Παιδεία για να βοηθήσουμε τις δασκάλες να τροποποιήσουν τις διδακτικές μεθόδους, σύμφωνα με το καινούργιο πρόγραμμα. (Continued from page 14, column 1) new curriculum is based on Levels of Achievements and Competency. A student completing the Advanced Level will be able to pass the above mentioned competency examinations and qualify for foreign language credit at their high school or even petition for advanced credit at their University. We have introduced Greek School Technology enhancements such as new laptops to enhance instruction and online learning tools such as Blackboard to enhance teacher-student-parent communication regarding homework, assignments, etc. We have offered opportunities for the summer camp and it is our plan to add a language camp for 6-8 year olds in the future. We have completed successfully our kindergarten zoning application and have received permission from the County to add Kindergarten to our program. It is our plan to start the operation of the kindergarten in September of Community Education is a key strategic goal of HEC. In addition to our adult Greek language classes offered on Tuesday and Thursday, we now offer a Friday evening combined language-cultural class for the entire community. We have also initiated the offering of seminars and short courses for adults (e.g., Dance Workshop, Greek Cooking, Hellenic Culture as well Byzantine History). These activities will be greatly enhanced in the coming year. Our goals can only be accomplished through the hard work of our director, Eleni Alexopoulou and her dedicated faculty. The teaching staff of degreed and trained educators, has worked long hours with minimal compensation. We have expanded both the Greek School and Paideia Preschool training and professional development offerings to enable the teachers to modify their teaching methods, in accordance with the revised curriculum. There is much more that can be done and will be done. We are thankful for the support our Parish Council and Father Costa has given to this effort. We are thankful to the entire community of St. Katherine, a community which has embraced this effort and has recognized that the education of our children is the key to ensuring the continued growth of our Greek Orthodox faith. Respectfully, Aris Christou, Chair Υπάρχουν πολλά περισσότερα που μπορούν να γίνουν και θα γίνουν. Είμαστε ευγνώμονες για την υποστήριξη του π. Κώστα Παυλάκου στις προσπάθειές μας. Είμαστε ευγνώμονες σε ολόκληρη την κοινότητα της Αγίας Αικατερίνης που έχει ενστερνιστεί αυτή την προσπάθεια και έχει αναγνωρίσει ότι η μόρφωση των παιδιών μας είναι κρίσιμη για την εξασφάλιση της συνεχιζόμενης εξάπλωσης της Ορθοδόξου πίστεώς μας. Άρης Χρήστου 15

16 STEWARDSHIP SHOWN BELOW is a list of families and individuals who participated in the 2015 Saint Katherine Stewardship Program through April 30, 2015.Thank you for responding to the needs of our church. If you have not yet submitted you 2015 pledge, please complete the stewardship form on the next page and return it to the Church Office as soon as possible. Alternatively, you may pledge online today at Your Church and community depend on your stewardship commitment. Any questions? Please contact Lori Nelson at or Samia Aburdeineh Donald and Irenelee Adams Mr Frank Agnos M/M John Agnos Mrs Penelope Alatis Ms Joanna Alexis M Alexis Rev/Presv Stefanos Alexopoulos M/M Peter Aliferis M/M Larry Anagnos Mrs Cleoniki Anastasiou Mrs Georgia Anastisiou and Mr Jose Perez Ms Janis Anderson M/M John Andre M/M Paul Anson M/M Tasie Anton Mrs Voula Antonaiou Dr/Mrs Nicholas Argerson Mr James Argodale M/M Nektarios Athanasiou Mrs Panagiota Bakatsias Ms Emilia Bakopoulos Capt/Mrs James Ballard, III M/M James Ballis Mr Richard Bambacus Dr/Dr George Banks M/M Tom Beck Dr Dean Bellas Mrs. Elizabeth Billis Mr Bokis Papadopoulou-Bokis M/M George Boosalis M/M Theodore Bousbouras Mrs Stella Brackman Ms Maria Brazda (Leopard Media Group) M/M Lewis Brickates M/M David Buddendeck M/M Elias Burton M/M John Calamos Ms Aikaterini Callahan Mr William Camarinos Mrs Catherine Speleos Canard Mrs Gisella Caparell M/M Aggie Capsalis M/M Manuel Capsalis M/M Todd Carr Ms Olympia Carranza Katherine and Tony Cavallo Mrs Georgia Chakeris M/M Pete Chambers M/M Demetris Charalambous M/M George Charuhas Mr Telly Charuhas M/M Constantine Chelpon M/M Mark Cherpes Mr/Ms Peter Cherpes M/M Emmanuel Chiaparas Mrs Emerald Chiotakis M/M George Christacos Dr Nicole Christacos M/M Stavros Christacos Dr/Mrs Joseph Christodoulides Mrs Christofi and Mr Arias Dr Andrew Christopher M/M Aristotle Christou Miss Ljiljana Ciric Mrs Mirjana Ciric Walter and Theresa Cobb Mrs/Mr Stephanie Coleman Mrs Ileana Constantinescu Dr George Contis Col/Mrs Harry Contos Dr Susan Coronis Mr Michael Dakes M/M Stephen Dakes Mrs Theodosia Dampier M/M Ivan Danzig Dr/Mrs Nicholas Darzenta Mr Lycurgus Davey M/M Michael Davey M/M James Dehart Dr/Mrs John Demakis Mrs Antoinette Demeres M/M Christian Demeter M/M Demetrios Demetriou Mrs Elpida Demetriou and Mr Bruno Cardoso M/M Lambros Demetriou M/M Peter Demetriou Mr John Spanos Deoudes Ms Effrossini Dianelli Miss Alexandra Diapoulis M/M Nicholas Diapoulis Ms Georgia Dimitras M/M Arthur Dimopoulos Dr/Mrs Harry Dinella Mr Stephen Dinos and Dr Evie Cavros Mr Nicholas Dopuch M/M John Doulis Mr/Dr Steven Doulis Ms Mary Drakoulis M/M Stavros Drosos Mrs Nicolitsa Economou Mr Paul Economou Mrs Catherine Edgington M/M Scott Edwards M/M Christos Elefantis Maj/Mrs James Enos M/M James Eskinzes M/M Christopher Euripides Mrs Niki Flevarakis M/M Dennis Floros Mr George Floros M/M Nicholaos Floros Ms Anna Flossos Ms Ioanna Flossos Mrs Dianne Kavros Fogarty Mr Antonios Fotelargias M/M Vasilios Fotinos M/M James Francis M/M Stephen Francis Mr Athan Gadonas Mr Athanasios Gadonas Mr Athan D Gadonis Mr Demetrios Gadonas M/M Dimitrios Gadonas Mr William Galanis M/M Demetrios Galatis M/M Richard Gamble Ltc/Mrs Dennis Garbis M/M John Garbis M/M Martin Gardner M/M David Garnett Mrs Effie Gasparis M/M Lampros Georgakopoulos Mrs Aspasia Georgatos M/M George Georgeadis Ms Mary Georghiou M/M Frank Gerow, Jr M/M Chris Gianakura Mrs Helen Gianelos M/M Constantinos Giannoukos Mrs Eleni Goldsmith M/M Arthur Gomez M/M Chad Gorman M/M John Gouvis M/M Peter Gouvis M/M Spiro Grivas M/M Mark Gull Mrs Christina Kehayia Hadigian M/M Andreas Hadjichristodoulou Ms Thecla Hadjidamianou Mr Menbere Haile M/M John Hall M/M Donald Halstead Mrs Antigone Harocopos Alexander and Victoria Hatjis M/M Peter Hatzi Ms Diane Gatsis Havinga HEC Parents Basketball M/M Karl Hickson Ms Georgia Higley M/M Dimitrios Hios M/M Everet Hoeg, III M/M Keith Horenstein M/M James Howard Mrs Hariklia Ioannou M/M Iacovos Ioannou M/M Clinton Irby Mrs Kim Johnson Isaac M/M James Jatras M/M Scott Jemison Mr James Jeweler M/M John Jeweler Dr Michael Jeweler M/M Timothy Johnson M/M Tom (Athanasios) Jouvanis Mr Louis Junes M/M Benjamin Jurado Mr Christ Kacoyannakis and Mrs Nancy Thompson Mrs Irene Kakaviatos M/M James Kalaris Mr Mark Kalaris M/M Christopher Kalavritinos Mrs Maria Kalis Mr Michael Kalis M/M John Kalpos Ms Konstantina Kalpos-Reid M/M Tim Kalyvas Christine Kanakis M/M Brasidas Kanakos M/M Tom Kanakos M/M George Kapetanakis Mrs Konstantina Kapetanakis M/M Bill Kapsidelis Mr John Karabelas and Mrs Olga Pierrakos Mrs Koula Karabelas M/M Harry Karageorge Mrs Maria Karageorge M/M John Karamanis Mrs Helen Karambelas Mrs Maynee Karanikas M/M Peter Karounos M/M Anthony Katsakis Mr/Dr Efthimios Katsapis M/M Dean Katsikes M/M George Kavarligos M/M George Kavros Dr Alexandra Kazakis M/M Anastasios Kehayias M/M Nicholas Kikis M/M Michael Kiklis M/M Mike Kiros M/M Thomas Kiszka M/M Konstantinos Kohilas M/M Andreas Kokkinis M/M Costas Kolas Andreas and Lauren Kolazas M/M Alexandros Kolovos Mr Nicholas Kolovos Mrs Barbara Koltos M/M Panos Konstas Mr Vitali Kopylov M/M Dionisios Korkos M/M Konstantinos Koukides Mrs Marika Koumanelis M/M George Koumarianos Mr Teddy Koumarianos M/M Dimitris Kouretas Mrs Maria Koustenis Ms Christina Kanakis Kouteas Mrs Maria Koutrouvelis M/M Peter Kulic Dr/Mrs Andy Kydes Ms Andronique Kyriacou Mrs Maria Laliotis M/M Sheldon Lampert Mr Nicholas Larigakis Ms Anna Lecos M/M Vassilios Lekkas Ms Tina Ligelis Mrs Georgia Lindroth Mr James Loisou M/M James Loizou M/M George Louvis Mr Joseph Macekura M/M Nikolaos Makrigiorgos M/M Peter Malek Ms Ekaterini Malliou Miss Gaye Mallis Ms Glykeria Maniatis M/M Frank Manno M/M George Manoleras Dr/Mrs John Manolis Mr Nagi Mansour M/M Kevork Marachelian Ms Margarita Margaritis M/M Peter Marketos Mrs Anne Masters Mrs Stasia Mastorakis M/M Apostolos Mavris M/M Georgios Mavromatakis M/M William McCarthy M/M Gregory McKinney Maj/Mrs Stephen McMahon M/M Peter Mentis Dr/Mrs Joseph Michalowicz M/M Peter Michos Ms Eleni Mickles Mrs Evdoxia Mitchell M/M Louis Mitchell Mrs Jane Moore M/M William Moore M/M George Moratis M/M Robert Morrison M/M John Moschopoulos M/M Gus Moshos M/M Nickolaos Moustakas Ltc/Mrs Matthew Mowery Mr/Dr Michael Mpras M/M Nicholas Mpras M/M Kenneth (Kallinikos) Myers Mrs Erma Nettles M/M Veldon Newtson Mr/Ms Clayton Nightingale M/M Nicolas Nitis Mrs Eugenia Nobes Dr/Mrs Constantine Nonas Mrs Roula Oktay M/M Crysilios Orphanides M/M Anthony Pagonis Mr Nicholas Pagonis M/M Harry Panopoulos M/M George Panteleos Mr Panagiotis Papadopoulos Capt/Mrs Michael Papageorgiou Dr E.C. Papailias Mrs Anastasia Papalios Ms Crystallo Papamichael Mrs Daphne Papamichael and Mr Tim Nichols Mrs Mamie Papamichael Dr/Mrs Alexander Papas M/M Panayiotis Papasavvas Dr/Mrs George Papastergiou M/M Gus Papathanasiou M/M Dennis Papathanasopoulos M/M Jim Paras M/M Haralabos Paraskevopoulos M/M Charalambos Pashiardis Ms Alexandra Pattaras Rev/Presv Costas Pavlakos M/M Andrew Pavlakos M/M Nick Pekatos M/M Theodoros Pelekasis Mrs Katherine Pergola Mrs Kathy Pesavento M/M John Petalas Col/Mrs Daniel Peyser Mrs Catherine Phass Dr/Mrs Dean Phass Mrs Loiza Pieri Mrs Pezounou Pieri Mrs Androula Pikrallidas Mr Demetrios Pikrallidas M/M Kostas Pikrallidas Mr Dean Pilarinos M/M Nick Ploutis M/M Bill Polizos M/M John Polizos M/M Spyridon Polyzos M/M Manolis Ponirakis Mr John Pors M/M William Porter, Jr Mr Pete Poulos Mrs Stella Pristouris M/M Anthony Quebral M/M Stephen Rader M/M Mitchel Raftelis Ms Despina Raizes M/M Theofanis Rantis Dr/Mrs Jerry Rich Dr/Mrs Haris Riris Dr/Mrs Adel Rizkalla M/M George Roiniotis M/M Gregory Romanias M/M Basil Rousos M/M Emanuel Rouvelas Mr Larry Rouvelas and Mrs Rebecca Leung Mr Aaron Rusnak and Mileva Sturgis Mrs Evangelia Sabbarese Anne Sakellaris M/M William Salavantis Mrs Aspasia Sapountzis 16

17 M/M Christos Sarantis Mr Saul and Mrs Pavlides Mrs Irene Sarris Mrs Ann Sedor Mr Christo Sedor Mr Andrew Sessions M/M John Seward Mr Eric Shiflett and Ms Lilyanna Peyser M/M Panos Siatis Mr Perry Siatis Mrs Calliope Silis Dr George Silis Dr/Dr Manny Silis James Simcox Mrs Katherine Simmons Mr Charles Sistrunk Mr Frank Sofocleous M/M James Soiles M/M Chris Soves Ms Helen J. Spanos Ms Stella Spathopoulos M/M Eleftherios Spyridis Mrs Rhea Stack Ms Panorea Stalter M/M John Stamos M/M Apostolos Stamoulas Mrs Maria Stamoulas and Mr Basil Koudelis Ms Stephanie Stanga M/M Odysseus Stassinos M/M George Stathopoulos M/M Peter Stefanou M/M Gerasimos Stellatos Mr John Stepanchuk M/M Demetrios Stergiou M/M Ken Stewart M/M James Stoucker Dr/Mrs Tom Stoumbos Rev/Mrs Milan Sturgis M/M Gus Svolis M/M Alexander Taousakis M/M Panagiotis Taousakis M/M Pierre Tavoularis Mr Paul Thanos M/M Athanasios Theodoropoulos M/M Craig Thomas M/M James Thomas M/M Gene Thornton Mrs Andromachi Timotheou John and Anastasia Topping Mr Angelo Toutsi Mr Christakis Trahili Dr/Mrs Michael Trahos Mrs Mary Triarhos Mrs Fotini Trikaliotis M/M Richard Tritel Ms Sophia Tsangali Mrs Angelika Tsatsakis M/M George Tsempales Mrs Anna Tsimbidis M/M Constantine Tzafolias M/M Themis Tzamarias M/M Thomas Vaccarello Dr/Mrs Charles Valases Ms Nikki Valavanis Col/Mrs Nicholas Vamvakias Ms Mary Van Mullekom Ms Ann Vaffis Ms Catherine Vangellow M/M Christopher Vargas M/M Stratis Varlas M/M Constantine Vassilopoulos M/M George Vassilopoulos M/M Stelios Vatikiotis M/M Ramon Vazquez M/M George Veletsis M/M Stavros Veletsis Col/Mrs James Velezis Miss Joanna Beltsistas M/M Larry Visos M/M Demetris Voudouris M/M Colin Waitt M/M Donald Wills Mr/Ms Keith Wooldridge Mr Jack Wuerker and Mrs Effie Triarhos Mr Peter Xefteris Mr Jason Yianilos M/M Anthony Yiannarakis M/M Angelos Zaloumis M/M Enea Zaro M/M Manuel Zavolas M/M Nicholas Zavolas Capt Christos Zirps M/M John Ziu Mrs Theodora Ziu M/M Athanasios Zuppas 2015 STEWARDSHIP FORM Christian Stewardship is learning how to be a responsible and concerned caretaker of Christ s Church; it is learning how to enjoy Church life and be happy in Church work, for in Her dwells the fullness of the Spirit of God...our active commitment to use all our time, talent, and treasure for the benefit of humankind in grateful acknowledgment of Christ s redeeming love...caring for the needs of others... (Williams & McKibben in Oriented Leadership). If you have not yet made a stewardship commitment to your church for the year 2015, please take a moment and do so now I (my family) pledge(s) $ of financial stewardship to Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church. Name: Address: City, State, Zip: Telephone Number: address: SAINT KATHERINE SPRING 2015 GREEK FESTIVAL JUNE 5, 6, 7 Get involved! Our Spring Greek Festival is made possible by the combined efforts of many volunteers just like you! The success of our festival depends on the support of all parishioners. Proceeds from our festival assist Saint Katherine in continuing its ministries and programs. Please take a moment and think about how you can best serve our festival guests. Do you have food service experience? Are you energetic or do you tire easily? Can you stand in one spot for 4 hours or would you rather move around? Would you rather work behind the scenes? Can you make change and work a cash register? No matter how you answer, we have a place for you! Please watch for more festival information in the Sunday bulletin. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Andrea Ballard ( or We need a little help from many, not a lot of help from just a few! 17

18 MISSIONARIES OF THE MONTH: THE RITSI FAMILY DEACON STEPHANOS RITSI, son of Father Martin and Presvytera Renee, grew up in the mission fields of Kenya and Albania for ten years. Upon arriving back in the United States, the Ritsi family moved to Saint Augustine, Florida. Dn. Stephanos attended his last years of middle school and high school in Saint Augustine. He then got his Bachelors degree in Political Science from the University of Florida (Go Gators). In 2006, Dn. Stephanos joined on a short-term missions team to Kenya. On this trip he realized that he was called to become a long-term missionary. He applied to Holy Cross School of Theology to prepare himself for missionary service and recently graduated with a Masters of Divinity and a certificate from the Boston Theological Institute in Missions and Ecumenism. Dnsa. Alexandria Ritsi, daughter of Louis and Valerie Polychronopoulos, grew up in a south suburb of Chicago and attended Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church in Palos Hills. She has lived in Chicago all of her life and was very active in her church community and youth groups. Growing up, Dnsa. Alexandria knew she wanted to serve the Church and be a teacher. Dnsa. Alexandria went to Hellenic College and while a student there, learned about the missionary ethos of the Orthodox Church. Through experience in Mission Classes offered at Hellenic College, Dnsa. Alexandria realized her vocation in becoming a missionary. Dn. Stephanos and Dnsa. Alexandria arrived in Albania as longterm missionaries in April of Since arriving in Albania, Dn. Stephanos and Dnsa. Alexandria have been learning about the Albanian culture and have been studying the Albanian language. Dn. Stephanos works at the Young Adult Office in the Orthodox Church. He leads Bible Studies, Young Adult Meetings, and teaches at the Resurrection of Christ Theological Academy. Dnsa. Alexandria works at the Protagonist School. She teaches 6th grade English, Catechism, and Character Education. On January 22, 2014 Stephanos was ordained to the Diaconate by His Beatitude Archbishop Anastasios. Together, Dn. Stephanos and Dnsa. Alexandria, have traveled to Kenya on OCMC mission teams in 2010 and 2011 to help prepare them to become missionaries. Dn. Stephanos and Dcn. Alexandria were engaged in Yosemite, California in 2009 and married in Saint Augustine, Florida in Dn. Stephanos and Dnsa. Alexandria met at Holy Cross/Hellenic College in They were very active in teaching Sunday School and leading retreats serving at Fr. Luke Veronis parish of Saints Constantine and Helen in Webster, Massachusetts. Dn. Stephanos and Dcn. Alexandria look forward to many years serving in Albania. ANNUAL PHILOPTOCHOS DINNER DATE: TUESDAY, JUNE 9 TIME: 6:00PM COST: $30, ALL INCLUSIVE PLACE: ANTHONY S RESTAURANT 3000 ANNANDALE ROAD FALLS CHURCH, VA CHOICE OF: CHICKEN TOU FOURNO OR LAMB SHANK RSVP: MARY DRAKOULIS,

19 19

20 SAINT KATHERINE GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH Non-Profit Org. U. S. POSTAGE Paid Merrifield, VA Permit No Return Service Requested ATTENTION POSTMASTER: Please expedite. Dated material. Demetry Pikrallidas AV Rated Attorney Preeminent Legal Ability and Ethical Standards, The Highest Legal Rating Possible Complete Business Formation/Representation Serious Injury Traffic and Criminal Domestic Relations Wills, Trusts Cases Handled in Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, Prince William, Loudoun, and District of Columbia Why don t YOU advertise in the DOXA? Contact Presvytera Pauline Pavlakos at or PJ Skidoos opened in 1978 and is a Greek family owned American restaurant in Fairfax City. We are located west of St. Katherine Greek Orthodox Church on Rt Fairfax Blvd Fairfax, VA (703)

DOXA. Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 JUNE 2014 UNITY OF FAITH

DOXA. Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 JUNE 2014 UNITY OF FAITH Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 DOXA The monthly newsletter of Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church Volume 12, Number 6 JUNE 2014 UNITY OF FAITH IN

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DOXA. Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 JUNE 2013 WE SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE INSIDE THIS ISSUE...

DOXA. Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 JUNE 2013 WE SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE INSIDE THIS ISSUE... Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 DOXA The monthly newsletter of Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church Volume 11, Number 6 JUNE 2013 WE SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE

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DOXA. Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 APRIL 2014 SACRAMENT OF HOLY CONFESSION

DOXA. Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 APRIL 2014 SACRAMENT OF HOLY CONFESSION Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 DOXA The monthly newsletter of Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church Volume 12, Number 4 APRIL 2014 SACRAMENT OF HOLY

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DOXA. Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 FEBRUARY 2013 WE DO AS SCRIPTURE SAYS INSIDE THIS ISSUE...

DOXA. Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 FEBRUARY 2013 WE DO AS SCRIPTURE SAYS INSIDE THIS ISSUE... Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 DOXA The monthly newsletter of Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church Volume 11, Number 2 FEBRUARY 2013 WE DO AS SCRIPTURE

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DOXA. Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 MARCH 2012 RESTORATION INSIDE THIS ISSUE...

DOXA. Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 MARCH 2012 RESTORATION INSIDE THIS ISSUE... Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 DOXA The monthly newsletter of Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church Volume 10, Number 3 MARCH 2012 RESTORATION GOD

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DOXA. Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 APRIL 2012 DAY BY DAY INSIDE THIS ISSUE...

DOXA. Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 APRIL 2012 DAY BY DAY INSIDE THIS ISSUE... Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 DOXA The monthly newsletter of Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church Volume 10, Number 4 APRIL 2012 DAY BY DAY SEVERAL

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A MESSAGE FROM OUR PRIEST November/December 2014 November/December 2014 Page 1 Volume 12, Issue 6 A Publication of the Greek Orthodox Church of Saint George Piscataway, New Jersey «Φωνὴ βοῶντος ἐν τῇ ἐρήμῳ, Ἑτοιμάσατε τὴν ὁδὸν

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HOLY TRINITY. APRIL 2009 Volume 39 Issue 4 THE MYSTICAL SUPPER ΑΓΙΑ ΤΡΙΑΣ. Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Wilmington, Delaware

HOLY TRINITY. APRIL 2009 Volume 39 Issue 4 THE MYSTICAL SUPPER ΑΓΙΑ ΤΡΙΑΣ. Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Wilmington, Delaware HOLY TRINITY APRIL 2009 Volume 39 Issue 4 THE MYSTICAL SUPPER ΑΓΙΑ ΤΡΙΑΣ Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Wilmington, Delaware The Official Publication of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church 808 N. Broom

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The Ascension Light FATHER S MESSAGE THE DAY OF JUDGMENT ORTHODOX CHURCH. I am the light of the world JANUARY - MARCH 2014

The Ascension Light FATHER S MESSAGE THE DAY OF JUDGMENT ORTHODOX CHURCH. I am the light of the world JANUARY - MARCH 2014 The Ascension Light FATHER S MESSAGE I am the light of the world JANUARY - MARCH 2014 THE DAY OF JUDGMENT My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Once again we proceed toward the period of Holy and Great

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VOICE THE. 97th Annual Community Dinner Dance. THE VOICE September 2014 - Volume No. 288. Catechism 101

VOICE THE. 97th Annual Community Dinner Dance. THE VOICE September 2014 - Volume No. 288. Catechism 101 THE VOICE THE VOICE September 2014 - Volume No. 288 TABLE OF CONTENTS Father s Article... 1 Archangels... 3 Back to School... 4 P.T.A.... 5 Sunday School... 6 Youth Ministry... 7 Orthodox Studies... 8

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Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Forgiveness of transgressions is fundamental to our faith as Orthodox Christians. We understand that the waters of baptism are, waters for the. Christ has the power

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The Voice of Saint George

The Voice of Saint George November/December November/December 2012 2012 Page 1 Volume 10, Issue 6 A Publication of the Greek Orthodox Church The Voice of Saint George of Saint George Piscataway, New Jersey ΔΙΜΗΝΙΑΙΟ ΔΕΛΤΙΟ ΤΗΣ

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ST. DEMETRIOS GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH UNION, NJ 908-964-7957. A Message from Father George:

ST. DEMETRIOS GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH UNION, NJ 908-964-7957. A Message from Father George: THE ST. DEMETRIOS Greek Orthodox Metropolis of New Jersey GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH UNION, NJ 908-964-7957 A Message from Father George: Beloved Family of St. Demetrios G.O. Church, November,

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THE ORTHODOX L GHT.. the light of the knowledge of the glory of God 2 Corinthians 4.6

THE ORTHODOX L GHT.. the light of the knowledge of the glory of God 2 Corinthians 4.6 THE ORTHODOX L GHT.. the light of the knowledge of the glory of God 2 Corinthians 4.6 Greek Orthodox Church of Saint George & The Shrine of Saint Nectarios Clifton, NJ Winter Issue: December 2013 February

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ΚΑΝΟΝΑΣ ΠΙΣΤΕΩΣ Ι.Ν. ΑΓΙΟΥ ΝΙΚΟΛΑΟΥ ΚΑΝΟΝΑΣ ΠΙΣΤΕΩΣ Ι.Ν. ΑΓΙΟΥ ΝΙΚΟΛΑΟΥ St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church San Jose, California May 2014 1 Mission Statement A monthly publication prepared by and for the parishioners of St. Nicholas Greek

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Encyclical Holy and Great Lent. In THIS ISSUE. Ministry Videos The Archdiocese presents an online series of various ministries of the Church. P.

Encyclical Holy and Great Lent. In THIS ISSUE. Ministry Videos The Archdiocese presents an online series of various ministries of the Church. P. FEBRUARY MARCH 2015 Vol. 80 No. 1303 e-mail: $1.00 In THIS ISSUE Santiago Calatrava design National Shrine Full page coverage for St. Nicholas National Shrine

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THE HOLY TRINITY GREEK ORTHODOX CATHEDRAL CAMP HILL, PA THE SOURCE October 2014 Issue # 10-14 HOLY TRINITY GREEK ORTHODOX CATHEDRAL CAMP HILL, PA Church growth and funding missionary work Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ: Toward the end of the sacrament

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ST. ATHANASIOS GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ ΟΡΘΟΔΟΞΟΣ ΕΚΚΛΗΣΙΑ ΑΓΙΟΥ ΑΘΑΝΑΣΙΟΥ. 51 Paramus Road, Paramus, New Jersey 07652 ST. ATHANASIOS GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ ΟΡΘΟΔΟΞΟΣ ΕΚΚΛΗΣΙΑ ΑΓΙΟΥ ΑΘΑΝΑΣΙΟΥ T H E G O O D N E WS 51 Paramus Road, Paramus, New Jersey 07652 Tel: 201-368-8881 - Fax: 201-368-9195 - Emergency Tel: 201-925-6994

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Saints Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church of Washington DC. The Harbinger. August 2013

Saints Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church of Washington DC. The Harbinger. August 2013 Saints Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church of Washington DC The Harbinger August 2013 Dear Saints Constantine and Helen Family, A Message from Father Jason Greetings in Christ! I hope you are all

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The Voice of Saint George

The Voice of Saint George Summer 2005 Volume 3 - Issue 4 A publication of the Greek Orthodox Church of Saint George Piscataway, New Jersey The Voice of Saint George Dimhniaio Deltio Ths Ellhnikhs Orqodoxhs Koinothtas Agiou Gewrgiou

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ORQODOJOS ZWH. The Monthly Publication of

ORQODOJOS ZWH. The Monthly Publication of ORQODOJOS ZWH The Monthly Publication of ORTHODOX LIFE SAINT VASILIOS GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH 5 Paleologos Street, Peabody, MA 01960-4496. Tel: (978) 531-0777. Fax: (978) 538-9522 Web:

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DORMITION OF THE VIRGIN MARY NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2013 PUBLICATION DORMITION OF THE VIRGIN MARY GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH 29 Central St., Somerville, MA, 02143 Tel.( 617) 625-2222 Fax (617) 628-4529 Web : E-mail :

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THE SOURCE. Back to Practical Parenting With Fr. Kosta

THE SOURCE. Back to Practical Parenting With Fr. Kosta THE SOURCE March 2015 Issue # 3-15 HOLY TRINIT RINITY GREE REEK ORTHODO RTHODOX CATHEDRA THEDRAL CAMP HILL ILL,, PA Every Dad Can Be a Hero Make Father's Day a day to celebrate - for Dad and his kids.

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The Voice of Saint George

The Voice of Saint George May/June May/June 2013 2013 Page 1 Volume 11, Issue 3 A Publication of the Greek Orthodox Church The Voice of Saint George of Saint George Piscataway, New Jersey ΔΙΜΗΝΙΑΙΟ ΔΕΛΤΙΟ ΤΗΣ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗΣ ΟΡΘΟΔΟΞΗΣ

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Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew Celebrates 20 th Anniversary

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew Celebrates 20 th Anniversary NOVEMBER 2011 Vol. 76 No. 1270 e-mail: $1.00 Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew Celebrates 20 th Anniversary Nearly 500 persons joined Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew

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HOLY TRINITY May 2013 HOLY TRINITY May 2013 Volume 44 Issue 5 The Holy and Great Sunday of Pascha, the Feast of Feasts and Festival of Festivals May 5, 2013 ΑΓΙΑ ΤΡΙΑΣ Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Wilmington, Delaware

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1211 October 2012. Let my prayer be set forth as incense before You and the lifting up of my hands as an evening sacrifice!

1211 October 2012. Let my prayer be set forth as incense before You and the lifting up of my hands as an evening sacrifice! \\\\\ \Issue 1211 October 2012 Let my prayer be set forth as incense before You and the lifting up of my hands as an evening sacrifice! PARISH MINISTRIES Parish Council President Vice President Secretary

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HERALD. ST. DEMETRIOS GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH 908-964-7957 UNION, NJ THE HERALD Greek Orthodox Metropolis of New Jersey ST. DEMETRIOS GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH 908-964-7957 UNION, NJ My Beloved Spiritual Children, Summer 2013 Heavenly King, Comforter, the

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