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1 Tablet PC User Manual V1.0

2 Contents 1. INTRODUCTION Package Contents Tablet Features Key Functions Charging the Tablet Inserting a Memory Card GETTING STARTED Turning the tablet On & Off Turning the Screen On and Off (Standby) Unlocking the screen About the touch screen Orientation sensor Home screen Customise Home Screen About Applications How to access the device applications: Preinstalled Applications Installing Applications About Menus Status Bar/Notification Window Entering text (Greek & English) Greek Keyboard using (AnySoftKeybord) Input Method CONNECTING TO THE INTERNET Connect to a Wi-Fi Network Browsing the web MANAGING APPLICATIONS OPTIONAL CONNECTIONS Connecting to a Computer Connecting headphones Using a USB (OTG) full-size adapter SYSTEM SETTINGS...27 Wireless & Networks Wi-Fi Data Usage

3 6.3 More Sound Display Storage Battery Apps Accounts & sync Location services Security Language & Input Backup & Reset Date & Time Accessibility About Device GENERAL INFORMATION S

4 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Package Contents Please make sure that the items shown below are included in the package. If an item is missing, please contact the local retailer from which you purchased this product. Crypto Tablet USB cable USB Power adapter Warranty Card User Manual 1.2 Tablet Features Feature Browse the Web. Check your Read your favourite books Discover thousands of apps for Android Connect to the Internet wirelessly Enjoy your media library anywhere MicroSD memory card reader Built-in front camera Automatic orientation detection Description Visit your favourite websites Keep in touch with friends and family Download and read thousands of books with the included E-book reader Games, applications, and more with the installed marketplace GetJar High-speed Wi-Fi b/g networking Play popular music, video, and photos Increase your storage capacity (up to 32 GB supported) Convenient front facing camera Read any way you want. The display adjusts automatically! 3

5 1.3 Key Functions This section provides information about the key functions available on your device Button Description 1. Power key Press to turn the unit on, or to turn the screen on and and hold to access the Power off menu. 2. Headphone jack Audio output connection for headphones. Note: Speaker output is automatically disabled when headphones are connected to the player. 3. Micro USB 2.0 Connect to a computer to transfer data (e.g., music, (OTG Host)/Charging videos, photos, and files). Use the OTG adaptor to connect mouse or keyboard. Charge the tablet 4. Volume Up-Down Increase or Decrease volume levels 5. msd Memory Card Load external microsdhc memory cards slot 6. Camera Front-Facing Camera 7. Speaker Speaker output 4

6 1.4 Charging the Tablet The tablet comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. Before using the tablet, the battery should be charged fully. To charge the battery: 1. Plug one end of the included USB power adapter into an AC V outlet. 2. Plug the USB cable on the adaptor and the other end on the the USB slot on the Tablet. 3. Disconnect the power adapter when the tablet is fully charged. Do not connect the device to a power source other than that, which is indicated here as this may result in the risk of fire or electric shock. Do not disassemble, incinerate, or heat the device. Do not leave the device in a place subject to direct sunlight or in a car with its windows closed. 1.5 Inserting a Memory Card The tablet accepts microsd memory cards. Insert a memory card into the microsd card slot to: Increase the memory capacity of your tablet Play media files stored on the memory card (e.g., music, video, or photo files). To insert a memory card: 1. Align the memory card with the card slot. The metal contacts of the memory card should face up towards the LCD screen. 2. Slide the card into the spring-loaded slot. Push the card in until to click into place. Do not attempt to insert objects other than a microsd memory card into the card slot. A compatible memory card should fit easily into the card slot. If you encounter resistance, check the alignment of the card. Do not attempt to force the card in. 5

7 To release and remove a memory card: 1. UNMOUNT the memory card. a. From the home screen, tap the Menu key, and then touch Settings/Storage to show the storage menu. b. Touch Unmount SD card to prepare the memory card for safe removal. 2. Push the card further into the slot until you hear a click. The card will spring out of the slot. 3. Grasp the card by its edge to remove it. To avoid damage and data corruption, do not remove a memory card while data is being written to or read from the card. For example, do not remove a card while playing music fie stored on the card. 2. GETTING STARTED 2.1 Turning the tablet On & Off To turn the tablet on: Press and hold the Power key until the LCD screen turns on. Wait until the Home screen appears. The tablet is now ready for use. To turn the tablet off: Press and hold the Power key until the Device power off Options menu appears. Touch OK to turn off the tablet. 6

8 2.1.2 Turning the Screen On and Off (Standby) When the tablet is on, you can turn off the screen to save battery power: Simply press the Power key once to turn the screen off. Press the Power key again to turn the screen back on. Note: To save battery power, the screen can be set to turn off automatically when the tablet is not in use (between 15 seconds and 30 minutes). This Screen timeout option can be found in the Display settings menu. 2.2 Unlocking the screen When the screen turns off, you will have to unlock the screen when you turn it back on. To unlock the screen, drag the lock circle icon across the screen towards the unlock icon. If a password has been set, enter the password to finish unlocking the screen. The Screen Unlock password can be set in the security settings menu. 7

9 2.3 About the touch screen The tablet comes equipped with an easy-to-use touch screen. The capacitive multi-touch screen requires gentle fingertip touch on the glass screen to activate tablet s functions. Multiple fingers may be used to perform gestures (e.g. 2-finger picture zoom). Note: Your finger tips must not be covered. To avoid damaging the screen, do not touch it with excessive force or with any object other than your finger. For best response, make sure your hands are clean before using the touch screen controls. Protective Film A thin film has been applied to the touch screen to protect it during shipping. The protective film should be removed before use. To remove it, simply take a corner of the film and peel it away from the screen. Touch screen Actions You can control all the functions of the tablet by using the touch screen in combination with the three touch keys located on the bottom part of the screen. 8

10 To control the tablet touch screen, use your finger to manipulate icons, buttons, menu items, on-screen keyboard, and other items displayed on the screen. You can perform the following actions by using your finger. Touch: To activate an on-screen item (e.g., application icons, buttons, menu items, letter/symbols of the on-screen keyboard), simply touch them with your fingertip. Touch & Hold: Drag: Some on-screen items have an alternate action if you touch and hold (e.g., opening an alternate menu, or to activate the drag function). To touch and hold an item, touch the item and do not lift your finger until the action occurs. Drag an on-screen item to change its position (e.g. an application icon on the home screen). To drag an item, touch and hold it for a moment, then without lifting your finger, move your finger on the screen until the item reaches its target destination. Swipe: Swipe up/down on the screen to scroll through a list. On some screens, you may be able to swipe left/right to change the view. To swipe, touch the screen and then quickly move your finger across the screen without lifting your finger. Do not pause on the screen with your finger at the initial point of contact or you may accidentally drag an item instead. Double -tap: Quickly tap the screen twice on a webpage or other application screen to zoom in (the application must support the double-tap/zoom function). Within the browser, double-tapping a web-page section will cause the browser to zoom and fit that section to the width of the screen. Pinch In some applications (such as Maps, Browser, and Gallery), you can zoom in and out by placing two fingers on the screen at once and pinching them together (to zoom out) or spreading them apart (to zoom in). 9

11 Rotate the screen The orientation of the screen rotates with the tablet as you turn it from upright to its side and back again. You can turn this feature on and off, in Display settings 2.4 Orientation sensor The tablet contains a sensor that will automatically change the orientation of most screens as you rotate the tablet. The sensor works best when the tablet is rotated perpendicular to the ground (i.e., when the tablet is held upright and not fat on its back). The orientation sensor can be turned on and off in the Display settings menu. 2.5 Home screen 10

12 The home screen is the starting point for all of the features of your tablet. Feature Description Back Tap it to go to the previous screen Tap it to check the latest files that you browsed Tap it to check the latest files that you browsed Tap it to adjust the volume Tap it to go to a shortcut menu for: Wallpaper - select wallpaper for the home screen. Manage apps - go a list of installed applications. System Setting - go to Setting menu directly. Applications Tap it go to Application menu Customise Home Screen To add an application to home screen, touch the launcher tab and go to the apps menu and long press the apps icon and then drop it into the home screen. Removing Icons from Home Screen Tap and hold the icon on the screen until it is selected. Hold continuously and drag the icon into the x remove icon on te top of the screen and then release it. Change the desktop wallpaper In the home interface, press the 3 dots button or press and hold the home screen in a blank spot for the pop-up menu to appear. Then tap the wallpaper. Tap to select wallpaper from gallery pictures or from the preinstall android wallpapers. 11

13 2.6 About Applications To open an application, touch the application icon on the home screen or in the apps menu How to access the device applications: Press lancher tab from the home screen to enter the Applications list window. Choose the application you want to access. To exit, press the back key or press the home key to go directly back to the home page screen Note: The screen shown above is for illustrative purposes only. Crypto reserves the right to modify and improve the final list of applications available on the tablet Preinstalled Applications Some applications have been installed on your tablet for your convenience. These applications include: View the current time, or set an alarm. 12

14 Display the calendar or record events and appointments to manage your schedule. Access to thousands of apps with GetJar Marketplace. Browse the web. Perform simple mathematical operations. Take pictures or videos with the front-facing camera. Check your . View and manage files stored on the tablet. View photos and play videos. Play music. Access the Settings menu to adjust the tablet s options. 13

15 2.6.3 Installing Applications You can also download an install additional application from the device s applications marketplace, the web browser, or other sources. The tablet must be set to allow installation of applications from non-market sources. The Unknown sources option can be set in the Security settings menu / if you check the Unknown sources. Note: Your Tablet may include access to, or information on, content, products, applications and services from third parties. Your use of such third party content, products, applications and services is at the discretion of such third party and expressly governed by such third party s terms of use, including any such third party s privacy policies, for such content, products, applications and services. Crypto S.A is not responsible for and expressly disclaims all warranties of any kind with respect to all such third party content, products, applications and services. Crypto S.A will not be responsible for any loss, costs, or damages incurred due to your access to or use of third party content, products, applications or services. 2.7 About Menus There are two types of menus used by the tablet. Option menus. Option menus contain items related to the current screen or application. To view an option menu, press the 3 dots icon on the top of the screen when you are in an application. Note: Not all screens or applications have an option menu; if a menu does not exist, nothing will happen if you press the Menu key. 14

16 Context menus. Context menus contain items related to a specific item on the screen. To view a context menu, touch and hold an item on the screen Touch & hold a Photo album. A context menu will appear on the top of the screen will selections eg delete share etc.. Note: Not all items have a context menu; if a menu does not exist, nothing will happen if you touch and hold the item. 2.8 Status Bar/Notification Window 15

17 1. Notification area The icons that appear in the Notification area of the screen alerts you when new messages arrive or alarms or other application events occur. View and respond to the notifications by opening the full Notifications panel. Touch the notification area of the screen to open the Notifications panel. Then touch the notification to open it. If you touch the little settings icons under the clock setting area some basic setting menu will pop up. To respond to a notification: Touch a notification in the list; the Notifcations panel will close and the application associated with the notification will launch. To clear all notifications: Drag the notification to the right and the notification will be cleared. To close the Notifications panel: Touch in an clear area on the panel or press the Back/home key Status area/ Time area Displays status icons to show the current state of your device, such as battery power, charging progress, alarms set, network connections, and so on. 16

18 2.9 Entering text (Greek & English) You can type text using the Android on-screen keyboard or the AnySoftKeybord that is preinstalled. The keyboards automatically rotate to either the portrait or landscape mode based on the device orientation Greek Keyboard using (AnySoftKeybord) Enabling AnysoftKeybord Go to your device settings, and select "Language & keyboard". In the new screen, enable "Any Soft Keyboard". A dialog box will may open and warn you about possible keylogging attacks which can be done by this keyboard application. Note: This is a generic message, and will be shown when you enable any keyboard application. You should not worry about approving this keyboard since this application does not have permissions for network access. Press OK to approve the keyboard. 17

19 Settings Here are two ways to access AnySoftKeyboard's settings: Under Android Settings, select "Language & keyboard", and then "Any Soft Keyboard setting" Long-press the on-screen ENTER key. This will bring up the actions menu: AnySoftKeyboard's Setting page Fonts Small - two half height sized keys, one for switching language layouts, the other for symbols. Big - Regular sized keys. Effects Vibrate on key-press: a short vibration on each key you press. Sound on key-press: a type-writer sound effects will be played when you press on a key. Grammar Auto-capitalization: will set the first letter in a sentence to capital. 18

20 Show suggestions: using the keyboard's dictionary AnySoftKeyboard will suggest words similar to the currently typed word. (This will work only for typing words in English language) Keyboards AnySoftKeyboard supports external packages for adding languages keyboards and dictionaries. In this sub-menu you'll be able to select the desired layouts you want to use. The Greek keyboard is already installed. Tweaks This sub menu is for power users. You'll be able to set various settings there, like click volume, key height override, and many more Input Method Change the input method by pressing to a text edit box area, and then pressing the keyboard icon on the notification panel Select the input required. You may select to use the Android Keybord or the AnysoftKeybord etc which supports Greek fonts 3. CONNECTING TO THE INTERNET This tablet can utilize Wi-Fi data networks to connect to the Internet. Wireless Wi-Fi technology can provide Internet access at distances of over 100 meters; however, this distance can be affected by your surrounding environment and Wi-Fi router. Requirements In order to connect to the Internet, you will need the following: A wireless router or access point with a broadband Internet connection The wireless router must support Wi-Fi b/g/n connections. The wireless router network settings 19

21 You will need to know the name of your network (SSID), as well as the password or other credentials if your network is secured. These settings can usually be found on the administration webpage of your wireless router. Please refer to your wireless router s documentation for help, or ask your network administrator for details. Note: You may encounter open Wi-Fi networks, or hot spots. These networks are usually configured so that you can simply connect to them without needing to know its settings; the tablet will obtain all the information it needs from the router automatically. 3.1 Connect to a Wi-Fi Network The Notification bar displays icons that indicate your tablet s Wi- Fi status. [no icon] Connected to a Wi-Fi network (waves indicate connection strength). There are no Wi-Fi networks in range, or the Wi-Fi radio is off. Turn on the Wi-Fi radio if it is not already on. To turn on Wi-Fi: Open the Settings menu Drag the the Wi-Fi icon to on possition. 20

22 When Wi-Fi is on, the tablet will look for and display a list of available Wi-Fi networks. Note: If a network that you have connected to previously is found, the tablet will connect to it. If you don t see your network in the list, you can force the tablet to re-scan. To scan for networks, tap the scan key. Select an available Wi-Fi network to connect to: In the same Wi-Fi settings menu above, touch a network in the list. If the network is open, the tablet will prompt you to confirm connection to the network. Touch Connect to confirm. If the network is secured (as indicated by a Lock icon), the tablet will prompt you to enter a password or other credentials. Touch the Wireless password box to show the on-screen keyboard and then use it to enter the password. Touch Connect to confirm. When you have successfully connected to a Wi-Fi network, the Notifications bar at the top of the screen will show a Wi-Fi signal indicator. 21

23 3.2 Browsing the web The Browser application lets you visit webpages and find information on the web. Keep up with the news, your friends, or enjoy video from YouTube. To use Browser, the tablet must be connected to the Internet. Read the section Connecting to the Internet to learn how to connect to the Internet. To open Browser, touch the Browser icon on the Home screen or in the Launcher. Some common Browser actions are described below. To go to a webpage. Touch the Address bar at the top of the Browser screen. The keyboard will open automatically. (If the Address bar is not visible, drag the page down to return to the top of the Browser screen.) Use the keyboard to enter the address (URL) of the webpage (e.g. 3.Touch enter to open the webpage. To bookmark a webpage. Bookmark your favorite WebPages in order to visit them quickly without entering a URL. Go to the web-page that you want to bookmark 22

24 Touch the 3 dots icon and select Save to Bookmarks Touch the Add tile. If desired, you can modify the name of the bookmark or its location (URL address). Otherwise, touch OK to finish adding the bookmark. To go to a bookmarked webpage. 1.Touch the 3 dots icon and select Bookmark from the drop down menu 2.Touch a bookmark tile to open it. To delete a bookmarked webpage. 1.Touch the Bookmark icon. 2.Touch and hold a bookmark tile to open the option menu. 23

25 3.Touch delete bookmark 4.Touch ok to confirm Browser menu. While viewing a webpage, touch the icon show as right to open the Browser Menu, the icon is locate on the top right corner of the screen, the options are: Refresh: Refresh the current webpage. Forward: Go to the next webpage. Bookmarks: List of your saved webpages Save to Bookmarks: Save a webpage Share page: Use to send the webpage URL. Find on page: Search for content on the current page. Save for offline reading: Save this page onto the internal memory, then you can read it when the internet connection is disable. Settings: Customize the Browser. 4. MANAGING APPLICATIONS Downloading and installing new applications to your tablet can extend its functionality in many ways. You can download and install applications from the included Applications store. To open the Applications store: 1. Touch the main menu icon. 2. Touch the Apps Marketplace icon. When installing an application, it will tell you what functions of the tablet it needs to control and if it needs access to your data. Make sure you review these access requirements carefully before completing the installation. 24

26 Note: Be especially cautious with applications that request access to many functions or to a significant amount of your data. You are responsible for the results of applications installed on your tablet. Some developers allow you to download and install applications directly from their website. Note: Your Tablet may include access to, or information on, content, products, applications and services from third parties. Your use of such third party content, products, applications and services is at the discretion of such third party and expressly governed by such third party s terms of use, including any such third party s privacy policies, for such content, products, applications and services. Crypto S.A is not responsible for and expressly disclaims all warranties of any kind with respect to all such third party content, products, applications and services. Crypto S.A will not be responsible for any loss, costs, or damages incurred due to your access to or use of third party content, products, applications or services. To uninstall an application: 1.From the Home screen, tap the Menu key. 2.Touch Settings to open the Settings menu. 3.Touch Applications, and then touch All applications to show a list of all applications installed on the tablet. 4. Touch the name of the application you want to uninstall; the Application Info screen will open. 25

27 5. Touch Uninstall. The tablet will prompt you to confirm. 6. Touch OK to uninstall the application. 5. OPTIONAL CONNECTIONS 5.1 Connecting to a Computer Connect the tablet to a computer to transfer files. Connect your tablet to the computer. With the included USB cable: Plug the small end of the cable into the USB 2.0 Hispeed connector of the tablet. Plug the large end of the cable into an available USB 2.0 Hi-speed port on the computer. When your tablet is connected, a USB icon will appear in the Notification bar. Touch the Notification bar to open the notifications panel. 26

28 Your tablet will be recognized by the computer as a Removable Storage drive. Drag and drop files between your tablet and the computer. 5.2 Connecting headphones Connect a pair of headphones (or earphones) to the tablet to enjoy media in private. Lower the volume level of the tablet before connecting headphones, and then slowly raise the volume to a comfortable listening level. The headphones must have a 3.5 mm (1/8 in) plug. When headphones are connected, speaker output will be disabled automatically. 5.3 Using a USB (OTG) full-size adapter The USB full-size adapter can be used to connect and use USB plug and play devices with the tablet. The adapter converts the micro USB port on the tablet into a USB On-the-Go (OTG) connector. 6. SYSTEM SETTINGS The settings are grouped by category. Touch a category to open and adjust its settings. Many applications will have their own settings; refer to the documentation provided by the application developer to learn more. To open the Settings menu: 1. From the Home screen, Touch Settings to open the Settings menu. 27

29 Wireless & Networks 6.1 Wi-Fi Set up a wireless connection (refer to section 3 Connecting to the internet of this manual for further instructions) 6.2 Data Usage Shows information about the data in use from your mobile carrier. 6.3 More Enable the Airplane mode and VPN settings Device 6.4 Sound Adjust the sound options of the tablet. Setup Silent Mode, Volume, Notification ringtone etc 28

30 6.5 Display Adjust the display options of the tablet. Setup Output settings, Brightness, Rotation of the screen, Screen time out. 6.6 Storage Set up the Nand, SD Card memory and view the internal available space of the tablet 6.7 Battery Information about the battery capacity 6.8 Apps Manage and remove installed applications, View and control all running services, View storage usage. Personal 6.9 Accounts & sync Add an , facebook account 6.10 Location services Enable apps to use data from sources such as wi-fi and mobile networks to determine your location Security Allow installations of non-market applications, set up screen password etc 6.12 Language & Input Change system language and choose keyboards. Set language Click Settings. Click on the language & input Select the language you require. Scroll down the list to see more languages. Set Keyboard Click Settings. Click on the language & input Click on the desired keyboard to enable it. 29

31 6.13 Backup & Reset Restore factory settings If your device encounters a serious error or you forget your unlock password, reset your device back to the original factory settings. Restore factory settings means the deletion of downloaded applications and other user settings, so all data will be lost. Remember to back up all your data System 6.14 Date & Time Set the date and time Accessibility Change system parameters like auto rotation of the screen, touch and hold delay etc 6.16 About Device View information about device model number, android version, battery usage etc. 7.GENERAL INFORMATION S Safety Instruction Cleaning: Unplug this product from the wall outlet before cleaning. Do not use liquid cleaners or aerosol cleaners. Use a cloth for cleaning. Water and Moisture: Do not use this product near water (e.g., near a bath tub, washbowl, kitchen sink, laundry tub, in wet basements, or near a swimming pool ). Ventilation: Slots and openings on the tablet are provided for ventilation to ensure reliable operation of the product and to protect it from overheating. These openings should never be blocked by placing the product on a bed, sofa, rug, or other similar surface. This product should not be placed in a built-in installation such as a bookcase or rack unless proper ventilation is provided or the manufacturer instructions have been adhered to. Do not put the player in high temperature enviroments, especially not in a car with the windows closed in summer or in dirt, humid or wet places. DO not leave the 30

32 device on your lap or any part of the body for long periods of time as the unit may become warm during use Power Sources: This product should be operated only from the type of power source indicated on the rating label. If you are not sure of the type of power supply to your home, consult your product dealer or local power company. For products intended to operate from battery power or other sources, refer to the operating instructions. ONLY USE the power supply provided with this device Touchscreen: DO not use excessive force on the touch screen and do not use any tools that may cause damage to the screen Servicing: Do not attempt to service this product yourself as opening or removing covers may expose you to dangerous voltage or other hazards. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Damage Requiring Service: Unplug this product from the wall outlet and refer servicing to qualified service personnel under the following conditions: a) when the power-supply or plug is damaged; b) if liquid has been spilled or if objects have fallen into the product; c) if the product has been exposed to rain or water; d) if the product does not operate normally by following the operating instructions. e) if the product has been dropped or damaged in any way. Heat: The product should be situated away from heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other products (including amplifiers) that produce heat. Legal and Trademark notices: Android is a trademark of Google Inc. Use of this trademark is subject to Google Permissions. Portions of the artwork used for this package are modifications based on work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License. microsd is a registered trademark of the SD Card Association. USB is a registered trademark of USB Implementers Forum, Inc. 31

33 All other trademarks and logos are property of their respective owners unless indicated otherwise. LCD Display CPU processor RAM Built-in Flash Camera Wi-Fi USB port Memory Expansion Slot 3G Dongles Specification Size 7.0 TFT Capacitive multitouch panel 16:9 Resolution 800*480 SVGA A13 Cortex 1.2 GHz 512MB DDR3 4GB 0.3MP (front) b/g/n micro USB 2.0 High Speed OTG Support microsdhc Card, max 32GB Support 3G WCDMA dongles Huawei:E230,E176G,E160E,E182G,E1782,E1750,E1 756,E220,230,E261,E1756,UMG1961, SRT-H800 ZTE:MF637U,MF633BP-1,MF633 A/V Connections 3.5mm headphone out Battery/ Power Built-in rechargeable Li-Poly 2000mAh,3.7V DC 5V Supply Adapter Playback Time (Hours)* Music: Up to 3 Hours Video: Up to 2.5 Hours Wi-Fi: Up to 2.5 Hours OS Android Languages Multiple languages Others G-sensor 360 support, stereo speakers,build in microphone Dimensions 190mmx115mmx11mm Technical Support For technical information and support please contact us: Web Site: Disposal of old electrical and electronic equipment If you see this symbol on the product or on its packaging, you should hand the product over to the applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. Do not throw it away with household wastes. The improper disposal of these products may have 32