HOLY TRINITY. May Volume 46 Issue 5. Sts. Constantine and Helen Equal to the Apostles

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1 HOLY TRINITY May 2015 Volume 46 Issue 5 Sts. Constantine and Helen Equal to the Apostles ΑΓΙΑ ΤΡΙΑΣ Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Wilmington, Delaware

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3 From the desk of Father Christos LESSONS ON THE LORD'S PRAYER In this lesson we revisited the parable of the Prodigal Son because the clearest picture the Bible shows of our heavenly Father is in this well known parable. We said, think of the most loving and forgiving, gentle yet strong, considerate and affirming, brilliant yet humble, unselfish and courageous father imaginable; multiply that by a million times over and you'll begin to have an inkling of what our heavenly Father is like. In the parable of the Prodigal Son we see the unconditional love of the Father. In it a trusting father allows his determined younger son to leave home with his full inheritance, knowing that his son's immaturity and faulty decision-making, will get him into trouble. This is the challenge all parents experience. Though we would like to protect our children and keep them safe from making major mistakes, holding onto them can have even more damaging results than letting them go. The Father of the Prodigal then was also a wise father! This amazing person was a non controlling parent, one who allows his child to think, not simply act mechanically. He permitted his son, who was of age, to try his wings and then allowed him to return home without laying a shame trip on him. Jesus gave us this parable as an icon of the kind of person we talk to when we pray the "Our Father". Let us summarize some patristic thoughts on these two words. St. Euthemios Zegavenos says: "We must examine each word with attentiveness. Jesus commands us to say the Our Father in order to remember the gift of ADOPTION and to behave worthy of the title SONS". St. John Chrysostom adds: "To call God Father has its consequences. We must do the deeds that are acceptable to Him. If we do evil deeds we call the devil father". In other words we must be children of light not of darkness. Saint Cyprian makes the following powerful commend which becomes an accuser to those who claim that all religions worship the same God. He says: "This small word OUR, that is in the Lord's Prayer means that God is the Father of those who believe in Jesus Christ. If Jesus is not our spiritual brother how can we call God, our Father. Whoever has the Son as a brother has God as Father. The Son and the Father are One in essence." After spending some time on the words Our Father we begin looking at the words "Who art in heaven". If it is understood the word Father denotes the heavenly Father why add extra words? Because for some it is not easily understood and in order to distinguish between the earthly fathers from the heavenly One. What does this mean? Here on earth many children do not have healthy fathers nor healthy relationships with them. For some when they hear the first words, especially the word Father, they remember their earthly father and they draw a parallel between him and their heavenly Father. We must be able to distinguish between our earthly father and our heavenly Father when thinking of God. Unless you've been healed from hurtful childhood emotions and memories, you will see God as you experienced your earthly father. If your human father was gone nearly all the time, you may feel God is unavailable to you. If he was verbally, physically or sexually abusive, you will be fearful of and unable to trust God and will want to keep a safe distance from Him. Many atheists and agnostics had poor fathers or father figures or perhaps religious leaders who represented God to them and may have disillusioned them. A chaplain in a correctional facility had said, "In my 12 years of experience in the jail ministry, in counseling and dealing with men 18yrs old and above, I find that 80% of these inmates have had poor father relationships. For the women it s a little better 60%". This is not the way it was meant to be. Scripture says," Fathers are the glory of their children" Proverbs 17:6. That is, fathers are supposed to be such good and loving examples, godly fathers, that their children will be drawn to God. Both boys and girls get a primary picture of how they view God from their earthly father. The importance of the mother's role is obvious because of her closeness to her child throughout pregnancy and her continued closeness during infancy and childhood. A child continues to get his/her feelings and emotional responses, good or bad, primarily from his/her mother. But, the point for our purpose is, that the father's role, which is often underestimated, is vital to a child's perception of God. We the earthly fathers need to be very careful. Do you have any bad habits like alcohol or drug abuse, gambling, cursing, just to mention a few or any other, try to eliminate them preferably before your children are able to utter the sweet word DAD. And if your children are grown by now, it is not too late to make a difference, repent and say 'I am sorry'. And if you have the habit of working even on a Sunday you need to change that habit also for the child wants to be with his father in God's home. Remember, God the Father rested on the seventh day in order to be with His son and daughter, Adam and Eve in the garden of delight, Paradise ie. The Church. If anyone has trouble seeing God as a loving Father, just take Jesus' word for now that He is! Next Sunday we will continue our discussion on the words "Who are in heaven". Christos Anesti! ~ Alithos Anesti! Father Christos

4 From the desk of Father Christos ΜΑΘΗΜΑΤΑ ΓΙΑ ΤΗΝ ΠΡΟΣΕΥΧΗ ΤΟΥ ΚΥΡΙΟΥ Σε αυτό το μάθημα επανεξετάσαμε την παραβολή του Ασώτου Υιού, επειδή η σαφέστερη εικόνα του ουράνιου Πατέρα μας στην Αγία Γραφή είναι σε αυτήν την πολύ γνωστή παραβολή. Είπαμε, σκεφτείτε τον αγαπητώτερο και συγχωρούντα, ευγενικό αλλά ισχυρό, διακριτικό και θετικό, πανέξυπνο αλλά ταπεινό, και τον πλέον ανιδιοτελή και θαρραλέο πατέρα που μπορεί να φανταστεί κανείς πολλαπλασιάστε το ένα εκατομμύριο φορές και θα αρχίσετε να υποψιάζεσθε πως μοιάζει ο ουράνιος Πατέρας μας. Στην παραβολή του Ασώτου Υιού βλέπουμε την ανιδιοτελή αγάπη του Πατρός. Στην παραβολή ένας αξιόπιστος πατέρας επιτρέπει στον αποφασισμένο νεώτερο γυιό του να φύγη από το σπίτι με το πλήρες μερίδιο της κληρονομιάς του, γνωρίζοντας ότι η ανωριμότητα του γυιού του και οι λανθασμένες λήψεις αποφάσεων του, θα τον έβαζαν σε περιπέτειες. Αυτή είναι η πρόκληση που όλοι οι γονείς βιώνουν. Αν και θα θέλαμε να προστατεύσουμε τα παιδιά μας εφ όρου ζωής και να τα κρατήσουμε ασφαλή από την διάπραξη μεγάλων λαθών, εμποδιζοντάς τα να φύγουν μπορεί να αποβή καταστροφικώτερο. Επομένως ο Πατέρας του Ασώτου ήταν επίσης ένας σοφός πατέρας! Αυτό το καταπληκτικό άτομο δεν ήταν ένας καπιεστικός γονέας, αλλά αυτός που επιτρέπει στο παιδί του να σκέφτεται, και όχι απλά να λειτουργή μηχανικά. Επέτρεψε στον γυιό του, ο οποίος ήταν ενήλικας, να δοκιμάση τις δτνάμεις του και στη συνέχεια του επέτρεψε να επιστρέψη στην οικία του χωρίς να του προκαλέση αίσθημα ντροπής. Ο Ιησούς μας έδωσε αυτή την παραβολή σαν μία εικόνα του ατόμου που ομιλούμε όταν προσευχόμαστε στο «Πάτερ ημών». Ας συνοψίσουμε κάποιες πατρικές σκέψεις για αυτές τις δύο λέξεις. Ο Άγιος Ευθύμιος Ζεγκανεβός λέει: «Πρέπει να εξετάσουμε κάθε λέξη με προσοχή. Ο Ιησούς μας διατάζη να λέμε το Πάτερ Ημών για να ενθυμούμεθα το δώρο της ΥΙΟΘΕΣΙΑΣ και η συμπεριφορά μας να είναι αντάξια του τίτλου ΥΙΟΣ.". Ο Άγιος Ιωάννης ο Χρυσόστομος προσθέτει: «Η κλήση του Θεού Πατέρα έχει τις συνέπειές της. Πρέπει να κάνουμε εκείνα τα έργα που είναι αποδεκτά από Αυτόν. Αν κάνουμε κακές πράξεις τότε καλούμε τον πατέρα διάβόλο..." Με άλλα λόγια, πρέπει να είμαστε παιδιά του φωτός και όχι του σκότους. Ο Άγιος Κυπριανός κάνει το ακόλουθο ισχυρό σχόλιο το οποίο γίνεται κατήγορος σε όσους ισχυρίζονται ότι όλες οι θρησκείες λατρεύουν τον ίδιο Θεό. Ο ίδιος λέει: «Αυτό η μικρή λέξη «ΜΑΣ», που είναι στην Κυριακή Προσευχή σημαίνει ότι ο Θεός είναι ο Πατέρας εκείνων που πιστεύουν στον Ιησού Χριστό. Αν ο Ιησούς δεν είναι ο πνευματικός αδελφός μας πώς μπορούμε να αποκαλούμε τον Θεό, Πατέρα μας. Όποιος έχει τον Υιό σαν αδελφό έχει τον Θεό ως Πατέρα. Ο Υιός και ο Πατέρας είναι ομοούσιοι ". Αφού αναλύσαμε εν συντομία τις λέξεις του Πάτερ Ημών άς αρχίσουμε να ασχοληθούμε με τις λέξεις «ο εν τοις ουρανοίς». Επειδή είναι κατανοητό ότι με την λέξη Πατέρας εννοούμε τον Επουράνιο Πατέρα, γιατί να προσθέσουμε επιπλέον λέξεις; Επειδή για κάποιους δεν είναι εύκολα κατανοητό και για να γίνεται διάκριση ανάμεσα στον γήϊνο από τον ουράνιο πατέρα. Τι σημαίνει αυτο? Εδώ στη Γη πολλά παιδιά δεν έχουν ούτε υγιείς πατέρες αλλά ούτε υγιείς σχέσεις μαζί τους. Για κάποιους, όταν ακούνε τις πρώτες λέξεις, ειδικά τη λέξη Πατέρα, φέρνουν στον νού τους τον επίγειο πατέρα τους σε αντιδιαστολή με τον ουράνιο Πατέρα τους. Πρέπει να είμεθα σε θέση να διακρίνουνμε μεταξύ του επιγείου πατέρα μας και του ο ουράνιου Πατέρας μας όταν σκεφτόμαστε το Θεό. Αν έχετε επουλωθεί από επώδυνα συναισθήματα και μνήμες της παιδικής ηλικίας σας, θα δήτε τον Θεό, όπως έχετε βιώσει τον γήϊνο πατέρα σας. Αν ο ανθρώπινος πατέρας σας δεν ήταν παρών σχεδόν όλη την ημέρα, ίσως να αισθανθήτε ότι και ο Θεός δεν είναι διαθέσιμος για σας. Αν ήταν λεκτικά, σωματικά ή σεξουαλικά τυραννικός, θα φοβάσθε και δεν θα μπορείτε να εμπιστευθήτε τον Θεό και θα θέλετε να διατηρήσετε μια ασφαλή απόσταση από αυτόν. Πολλοί άθεοι και αγνωστικιστές είχαν κακό πατέρα ή εικόνα του πατέρα ή ίσως θρησκευτικούς ηγέτες που αντιπροσώπευαν τον Θεό τους που μπορεί να τους απογοήτευσαν. Ένας ιερέας σε ένα σωφρονιστικό ίδρυμα είχε πει, «Σε 12 χρόνια εμπειρίας μου στην διακονία της φυλακής, στην παροχή συμβουλών και την αντιμετώπιση ανδρών άνω των 18 ετών, θεωρώ ότι το 80% αυτών των κρατουμένων είχαν κακές σχέσεις με τον πατέρα. Για τις γυναίκες είναι λίγο καλύτερα, 60% ". Αυτό δεν είναι ο τρόπος που ήταν γραφτό να γίνη. Η Γραφή λέει, «Οι πατέρες είναι η δόξα των παιδιών τους" Παροιμίες 17: 6. Δηλαδή, οι πατέρες υποτίθεται ότι είναι τόσο καλά και στοργικά παραδείγματα, ευσεβείς πατέρες, ώστε τα παιδιά τους να συνταχθούν με τον Θεό. Αμφότερα τα αγόρια όσο και τα κορίτσια παίρνουν την κύρια εικόνα για το πώς βλέπουν τον Θεό από τον επίγειο πατέρα τους. Η σημασία του ρόλου της μητέρας είναι προφανής, λόγω της εγγύτητάς της με το παιδί της σε όλη την εγκυμοσύνη και εν συνεχεία κατά τη διάρκεια της βρεφικής και παιδικής ηλικίας. Ένα παιδί συνεχίζει να αναπτύσση τα συναισθήματά του και τις συναισθηματικές αντιδράσεις, καλές ή κακές, κυρίως από τη μητέρα του. Όμως, η κεντρική ιδέα της αναλύσεώς μας είναι, ότι ο ρόλος του πατέρα, ο οποίος συχνά υποτιμάται, αλλά είναι ζωτικής σημασίας για την αντίληψη του παιδιού για τον Θεό. Εμείς οι γήϊνοι πατέρες πρέπει να είμεθα πολύ προσεκτικοί. Αν έχετε κάποιες κακές συνήθειες όπως το αλκοόλ ή τα ναρκωτικά, τα τυχερά παιχνίδια, βρίσιμο, για να αναφέρω μόνο μερικά ή οτιδήποτε άλλο, προσπαθήστε να τα εξαλείψετε, κατά προτίμηση πριν από τα παιδιά σας είναι σε θέση να προφέρουν την γλυκειά λέξη ΜΠΑΜΠΑ. Και αν τα παιδιά σας έχουν πλέον μεγαλώσει, δεν είναι πολύ αργά για να κάνετε την διαφορά, να μετανοήσετε και να ζητήσετε συγγνώμη. Και αν έχετε τη συνήθεια να εργάζεσθε ακόμη και την Κυριακή θα πρέπη ν αλλάξετε επίσης αυτήν την συνήθεια, ώστε το παιδί να θέλη να είναι με τον πατέρα του στο σπίτι του Θεού. Θυμηθείτε, ο Θεός Πατέρας αναπαύθηκε την έβδομη ημέρα, προκειμένου να είναι με το γυιό και την κόρη Του, τον Αδάμ και την Εύα στον κήπο της Εδέμ, στον Παράδεισο π.χ. στην Εκκλησία. Αν κάποιος έχει πρόβλημα να δή τον Θεό ως στοργικό Πατέρα, ας λάβη τον λόγο του Ιησού επί του παρόντος ότι Αυτός είναι! Την ερχόμενη Κυριακή θα συνεχίσουμε τη συζήτησή μας σχετικά με τις λέξεις «Ποιος είναι στον ουρανό". Πατήρ Χρήστος

5 Parish Council President s Message Dear Parishioners, Christos Anesti! With the joy and triumph of our Risen Lord, I pray you and your families enjoyed a blessed Easter and thank Father Christos for his spiritual guidance and example during the Paschal Season and an inspirational Holy Week. I would like to thank all those involved in the work of the Church during this time including our Choir, Psaltis, Altar Boys, Myrophores, Philoptochos, those who prepared and served the Agape Meal, the dedicated individuals who meticulously folded hundreds of Palms, the GOYAns and JOY HOPE kids that wrapped the Easter eggs, the JOY HOPE parents that organized and hosted a successful Easter Egg Hunt, and the Altar Guild for the many flowers and arrangements decorating the church. As the calendar turns to spring and summer, we are bombarded with obligations and activities both in and out of the Church, but this remains a critical time of year for our Parish. First, our 40 th Annual Festival is a month away and there is much preparation to do. There will be several meetings of the Organizing Committee over the next several weeks that remain open to all Booth Chairs and parishioners to attend and offer input. Most important, we are in need of volunteers so please contact the church office and let us know if you will be working this year. Soon, the scaffolding will be coming down on the initial phase of the Renovation and Preservation Project. The face/front of our church will be repaired and restored and we will shortly share with you additional information regarding the condition of the masonry, the integrity of the Bell Tower and a recommended path forward for the restoration and preservation of the remainder of the Church. In conjunction with this path forward, we will embark on a Capital Campaign to ensure we are fiscally prepared to manage the restoration and preservation of our Church building without encumbering our budget. The restoration and preservation of our beautiful church building is a significant undertaking but, with everyone working together, there is no doubt we will accomplish our goals. This year we were pleased to have four Sunday School students compete in the parish level Oratorical Festival, a substantial increase over previous years. The students Kana Turley, Eirenee Fountzoulas, Anna Gray, and Katherine Mantzavinos prepared and presented their speeches. Our students also competed at the District level that our Parish hosted on April 18 th and Kana Turley has advanced to compete at the Metropolis level. Also, Mariko Turley has submitted a written essay for Metropolis level. Their presentations were inspiring and all of them deserve our gratitude and appreciation for their efforts in this public speaking competition. We thank the parents, teachers and committee members involved in recruiting, guiding and motivating the participants. Our Spring General Assembly will be held on May 3. Please make every effort to attend. I look forward to seeing there to discuss all of these and more important matters. Sincerely, George Rassias

6 GREEK LADIES PHILOPTOCHOS SOCIETY St. Agape Chapter Beloved Philoptochos Ladies & Parishioners, I would like to thank our ladies and parishioners who helped to make a beautiful Holy Week and Pascha here at Holy Trinity. The Palm Sunday Luncheon was very successful and delicious. We thank Vickie Karakasidis our chairperson, and her committee. Thank you also to all the Parishioners who donated for the Epitaphio flowers. It was beautifully adorned under the guidance of Steve Nicholas along with many volunteers on Good Friday morning. We send a special thank you to Vasiliki Kromedas and Loula Kapordelis for preparing the kollyva for our chapter. The funds raised help us in fulfilling our Philanthropic endeavors. As we enter Spring we have many events planned and we hope you can join us. We will be baking Koulourakia and Almond Cookies for the Festival on Saturday, May 2 nd and Thursday, May 14 th. Please come and help us! We will host our End of Year Luncheon on Saturday, May 16 th at Harry s Savoy Grille on Naamans Road. (see flyer for details) Our Elections this year will be held on Tuesday, May 19 th at 6pm in the Philoptochos Room. Please plan on attending as this will be our last meeting of the year. Looking forward to Fall Our Welcome Back Meeting will be a Covered Dish Dinner and will be held on Tuesday, September 15 th at 6pm. Our annual Bid N Buy Luncheon will be on Saturday, October 24 th in our Community Center. It will be a Gift Extravaganza! Please mark your calendars now for this wonderful event! We have rescheduled our trip to Agia Skepi Monastery for Thursday, October 1 st, the Name day of the monastery. (more details to come later) Looking forward to seeing & serving with you at the Festival in June! In Christ s Service, Georgia Halakos President ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kollyva for Memorials Our Philoptochos Society would like to thank two of its members, Vasiliki Kromedas, for her generous offer to prepare the kollyva for any family of our community and donate the money for our Philoptochos charities, and Loula Kapordelis for helping her. The cost will be $100 which will include the Prosforon and the wine. Please allow at least a week and call Alexandra Tsaganos at who will contact Vasiliki. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

7 St. Agape Philoptochos End of Year Luncheon Saturday, May 16, :00 noon At Harry s Savoy Grille 202 Naamans Road Wilmington, DE COME JOIN US For Food, Fun & Fellowship Ticket: $35.00 per person (includes: baby spinach salad w/fig walnut vinaigrette, green beans, & choice of entrée, (choose below), and homemade carrot cake for dessert. Also includes Fruit Punch and H orderves) Firm Deadline for Reservations is Monday, May 11, 2015 For Questions Please Call: Alexandra Tsaganos at (302) (cut here) Name: Phone: Choice of Entrée (Please Circle One) Grilled European Cut Chicken Breast Roasted Atlantic Salmon Filet Flat Iron London Broil Check payable to: Philoptochos Society Mail to: Alexandra Tsaganos 4626 Weldin Road Wilmington, DE 19803

8 A Note of Thanks...

9 Sunday School News Parish Level St. John Oratorical Festival ~ March 27, 2015 On Friday, March 27th we held the Parish Level St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival here at Holy Trinity. We had four students from our Sunday School that participated; two Juniors and two Seniors. Their speeches are printed on the next few pages. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did! While all four were fantastic, sadly only one from each division could advance to the District Level. Kana Turley advanced from the Senior Division and Anna Gray advanced from the Junior Division. We congratulate the winners but remind all four of them that we, as a parish, are very proud of them and that they are ALL 4 winners to us! We would also like to thank Fr Christos, our judges Vasil Kirifides, George Tsakataras, and Paraskevi Wolcott, and our Oratorical Festival Committee - Nia Charalambides, Spiros Mantzavinos & George Rassias for their time and commitment to this Annual Event. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On Saturday, April 18th we hosted the District Level St. John Oratorical Festival here at Holy Trinity. We had 13 students from 8 DE VAL area churches compete. While all the students gave compelling speeches, only 2 from each of the Junior and Senior Divisions could advance to the Metropolis Level. From the Senior Division Alexandra Birbilis, from St. Thomas, Cherry Hill, NJ came in first, and proudly our Parish s Kana Turley took second place. From the Junior Division Angeliki Mills, from Annunciation, Elkins Park, PA took first place, and Yanni Tsetsekos from St. Luke, Broomall, PA took second place. Again we thank Fr Christos for his immeasurable support, our Time Keeper Steve Nicholas and our judges Margaret Consiglio, James Stockwell, and Fr. James Weremedic and our own MC George Tsakataras for giving of their time and talent for this exciting day. We congratulate the winners but again remind ALL of the students that they are ALL winners to us! Best of Luck to those advancing to the Metropolis Level! DISTRICT Level St. John Oratorical Festival ~ April 18, 2015

10 To Help Those in Jail or Shun Them Away Eirenee Fountzoulas Do not judge or you too will hath be judged (Matthew 7:1). I have heard that through this famous quote God spoke through Matthew. This recite has been brought up at numerous occasions when it comes to modern topics such as divorce, infidelity etc. What has not been thoroughly discussed is about people who have committed crimes and have gone to prison because of it. When we think of a person being imprisoned, we believe the most negative connotation on why that specific person has been convicted of. If you have forgotten, Jesus himself went to jail due to being a God figure. I was in prison and you came to me (Matthew 25:36). I believe that we should treat people who are imprisoned as a regular human being without putting a label on them because there are so many Christians in jail, we ourselves are imprisoned in some way and that we are sinning subconsciously. Jesus least favorite sin is the judgment of other people but, it s a sin that we humans partake every day. When someone goes into jail for a crime people instantly think that they did the most heinous crime possible such as murder or robbery. Are we aware of the fact that there are more Christians in jail than we would imagine? According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons about 75% of their total prison is a Christian of various denominations. Even though we have our own people in jail, it never stops us from judging them, since we cannot forgive easily those who are locked away, even though we could be trapped ourselves. There are two definitions of jail; one is the physical jail where you are stuck in prison confined and the second, I believe, it would be the mental kind where you have a disorder or impaired. Being mentally imprisoned could also be included in what Jesus was equivocating to Matthew. While Jesus was in jail he could not speak to his disciples and followers about and why God making him imprisoned. But, Jesus never sinned and yet he was sent into jail making people in jail less of a sinner than anyone else. On top of shunning prisoners, we also treat them less of human all because of their being labeled as convicts or something similar. Even when prisoners are released from the jail, they are labeled as ex-convicts which has a very negative connotation, thus they have less of a chance of getting a job or getting, that is getting a second chance starting their life over again. As a result of this wrong treatment, thousands upon thousands of ex-convicts have been homeless or return to jail by committing new crimes, trying to survive in the jungle of daily reality. In their minds, there is no help for them since no one is willing to accept them into their business or home, thus trying to help them to follow the right trail this time. These people are still humans, yet they are constantly haunted with the crimes that they have committed in the past and cannot move away from it. We sin every day, and yet we are be considered regular human beings, since we are not confined in jail. We could help the sinners by just stop judging them easily and trying to teat them without prejudice. Even I myself have been imprisoned over something I cannot control but no one judged me for it. I wear glasses because of my poor visibility so in other terms I am imprisoned physically that I may never be able to see again without theses thick sheets of glass in front of my eyes. Another example is how my grandfather past away when I was a little girl around the age of six or seven. I vividly remember seeing him staring at the ceiling since he could do nothing else because he was incapacitated and bedridden for the last three years of his life. However, the only difference between by grandfather and an ex-prisoner is that unlike the prisoner, my grandfather had a supporting family right beside him as he left this world. A prisoner has no one else to turn to, causing a repeated cycle of being in jail, getting released, then becoming lost again without zany support in the world, committing crime again and thrown to jail. The feeling of independence being taken away from you is an issue that none of us understands until it happens to us. We will never know how it feels to be treated as a villain until we actually experience it. It is a frightful side to imagine but it is happening as we speak. As the days go on, people still continue to judge others and commit more sins but that is what makes us humans. I was in prison and you came to me (Matthew 25:36). From this quote, being in prison can be taken as two different ways with one being physically in jail or being mentally of bodily restricted due to illness. In addition to Jesus himself being imprisoned, more than 75% of the individuals in jail are Christians, making them a part of our big family. However, I believe that should not judge those who have committed crimes because Jesus Christ says and instructs us to love each other and forgive. There should also be an understanding on why they have committed their crimes and try and help them to work towards a better future upon their release from the jail. Should we now help those who are imprisoned but will to improve their life and have asked for forgiveness from God and the society or live the rest of our lives ignoring those who made a mistake in their past?

11 The Church on Ground Zero: the Rebuilding of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church as a Symbol of the Cross and Resurrection Kana Turley The morning of September 11, 2001, is a tragic day in the memories of millions. Innumerable Americans lost friends, loved ones, and even their own lives when two airliners, hijacked by al-qaeda terrorists, crashed into the World Trade center, causing both the North and South towers to collapse. Included among those in mourning was the congregation of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. This small but dedicated group of around seventy families had lost something very precious to them: the church itself, which had been completely buried by the debris of the collapsing South tower. Now, after nearly fifteen years, plans to rebuild the church have been passed, with Archbishop Demetrios blessing. The reconstruction of St. Nicholas Church will not only be a source of joy for its congregation, but also for Orthodox Christians across the globe. The restoration of this church building will be a symbol of the Christian gospel itself in three ways: first, it reveals the theme of victory over evil; second, it is a symbol of healing and hope; and third, it is a beacon of Orthodox Christianity. Firstly, this church reveals the biblical theme of God s victory over evil. Of all the many interpretations of Christ s death, none are as hopeful and inspiring to the Christian s heart as the Greek patristic understanding of Jesus conquering evil, trampling the devil underfoot, and reigning victorious over all the earth. This idea, nurtured and developed by great theologians such as St. Athanasius and Gregory of Nyssa, doesn t just entail our individual salvation as a result of Christ s death on the cross: rather, it involves the salvation and redemption of the entire cosmos. It is a wonder that the cross could be so influential in changing the world forever when it appeared as nothing more than a terrible tragedy due to Jesus death. In a similar vein, St. Nicholas Church was involved in a tragic act of evil, but like the cross, it will rise again, free from evil s grasp. Though it is small and seemingly insignificant to non-believers, to Christians around the world, it will be a symbol of victory. In this way, the rebuilding of the St. Nicholas Church doesn t just point us back to the cross - it also points us back to the resurrection. Second, the St. Nicholas Church reminds us of the cross through the themes of healing and hope. We are once again pointed back to Christ, who was terribly treated before his death: His hands and feet were pierced by nails; his back was scarred from the recent scourging; his head was battered from the crown of thorns. Some scholars have said that so beaten and bruised was he, that even his closest friends wouldn t have been able to recognize him. This was similar to the state in which Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church was found after the 9/11 attack. The building had been completely destroyed, leaving barely any of its treasured relics and holy items intact. At first glance, one would guess that there was no way in which this decimated building could be restored to its original glory. However, what has been forgotten is that Christ, though battered seemingly beyond repair, rose again in the glory of the Father, healed of his wounds and purified of our sins. And such is the St. Nicholas Church. Through it s reconstruction, Orthodox Christians are reminded of healing, as it will be restored in the name of Christ; and we are also reminded of hope, in that death no longer controls us, and we can look forward to the kingdom that is free of pain and suffering. Lastly, the St. Nicholas Church points us to the cross and resurrection in that it will be a beacon of Orthodox Christianity. Through its reconstruction, it will encompass the most basic message of the Gospel, which is love, sacrifice, and resurrection. Similarly, the small, close-knit congregation longed for a place to be able to express its deep love for the Lord. On September 11, it was destroyed, buried under the debris of evil-doing. And now, it will rise again from the ruins, and will hopefully be completed by Easter of On October 18, 2014, New York government and church leaders joined together in order to break ground for the church, and bless the area. Patrick J. Foye, executive director of the Port Authority, summarized the occasion perfectly when he said, Just as the Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the birth, mourns the death and praises the resurrection, today we celebrate the rebuilding and the blessing of the hallowed land on which [the church] will stand. And so, the rebuilding of St. Nicholas Church is not just a sentimental gesture meant to satisfy its congregation. Rather, it is ultimately a beacon of the Christian gospel, testifying that Christ has risen, and that His love for us has broken into our world.

12 Malala Yousafzai ~ an inspirational example Katherine Mantzavinos Malala Yousafzai, children s rights activists and the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner was shot in the head on October 9th The reasoning of the man behind the trigger was that Malala and several other young women were on their way to school, although women getting an education in that region was uncommon, many are against those who insist upon it, including Pakistani militants. Some girls on that bus ceased going to school, fearing their life, but others like Malala continued to fight and refused to get discouraged. Although the world seemed to be against Malala she continued the fight for what she knew was right and in the end was supported and rewarded. In the bible we see many cases similar to Malala s where specific saints are faced with the punishment of execution or even torture but continue to embrace God and be a follower of Jesus Christ. Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, to which you were also called and have confessed the good confession in the presence of many witnesses (1 Timothy 6: 12). This passage was written by St. Paul to give encouragement to the young pastor, Timothy. This passage reminds us of Martyrs and Malala because when faced with danger they continue to fight the good fight. Although Malala is not a religious Martyr, she is a Martyr for her beliefs. There are many Martyrs of the faith but I am going to focus particularly on Great Martyr St. Marina of Antioch. St. Marina was raised by her father, a pagan, and her foster mother, a Christian. Marina s birth mother died in labor, so her Christian influence in life was from her nursemaid. St. Marina, like Malala was young. At the time of her torture St. Marina was 15 years old. When Malala was attacked that day on the bus, she was 14 years old. In Malala s speech given to the United Nations on July, 12 th 2013 she says They thought that the bullet would silence us, but they failed and out of that silence came thousands of voices. When hearing this quote, not only does is it inspire me but, it reminds of all the saints and martyrs that suffered. And in their suffering they inspired many more generations of Christians to preach the truth about the one true God. tells us that Malala s motivation for the Nobel Prize was for the struggle against the suppression of children and young people and for the right of all children to education. But a Martyrs prize motivation, is simply to spread the word of God and their prize is eternal life. There are many things we can learn from Martyrs and Malala. Throughout history it has been shown that with the strength of God you can endure anything the world may throw at you. Malala is a modern day representation of this statement, she shows us that with enough courage and faith you can recover and continue to have a strong bond with God. So why is it so hard for us to trust in God? Maybe we have a harder time trusting in God because we think we are alone, or because our mind isn t as open as it should be. We have to open our minds to realize the fact that like Malala and the Martyrs, God will catch us if we put our faith in him when fall. Malala and the saints are a good way to recognize that if we put our trust we realize that we are not alone and that he will help us. We have God, the saints, our family and friends all praying for our wellbeing and safety. Maybe not the thousands of people praying for Malala but the thoughts and prayers of our friends, family, God and all the saints combined could give us the strength to fight the common everyday threats and temptations. In conclusion, if we put our faith in God, like Malala, St. Marina and thousands of saints before and after he will catch and support us. But he won t be the only one supporting us, he will send multiple people to support us like he did for Malala and he will reward you like he did St. Marina. Putting our faith and trust in God might be hard at first but in the end we will be rewarded.

13 Why Do We Fast Anna Paisley Gray Fasting goes back a long time! Elijah s fast is described in the Old Testament of the Bible. Jezebel was plotting to kill Elijah, and Elijah became depressed. He turned to God, and an Angel was sent to him. Elijah fasted for forty days and was rewarded with hope, courage, and direction from God. Another biblical example is the Widow s fast. A poor widowed woman fasted and saved the money to help the poor. This pleased God, and He rewarded her greatly. She was given a food supply for three and a half years! Elijah and the widow are only two of many followers of our true God, who have chosen to fast. We too can fast and be rewarded. It s true that nobody likes to fast, even adults, because fasting is not an easy task to accomplish. When you are about to eat, remember the fast, and the good that will come. At parties or at home when nobody is preventing you from eating that savory chocolate bar, there is temptation. Though it s a struggle, fasting is part of being an Orthodox Christian. So, why should we fast? What good does it do for our souls? One of the biggest reasons to fast is to have a closer relationship with God and to understand Him more. Fasting is a little bit like a pledge that we are committing to God. Each person can take charge of his life and become a better Orthodox Christian to God, to our neighbors, and to ourselves. As Elder Porphyrios said, the reason for fasting is the most important thing. If you only fast to lose wait and go to church because someone forces you too, there is no spiritual benefit. We should do it out of free will because we love God and want to give a gift to him. Fast, go to church and do prostrations out of love for God. And when you fast, do not put on a sad face as the hypocrites do. They reject their appearance so that everyone will see that they are fasting. I assure you, they have already been paid in full. When you go without food, anoint yourself. Wash your face and comb your hair, so that others can not know that you are fasting, but only your Father, who is unseen, will know. And your father, who sees what you do in private, will reward you. Matthew 6: This says that when you re fasting, you must be humble about your actions, not showing off to the rest of the world. God will notice any good and bad you do during Lent. After all, the only person that you should be trying to please while fasting is God. By fasting during Lent, we are preparing for the feast day that awaits. Without the waiting and preparation, the deeper meaning of Easter is lost, and the rejoicing is less joyful. If we roast lamb and eat chocolate every day, it is not so special at the end. Almsgiving is also supposed to be an important piece of fasting. We must leave our self-centered society to help those in need. Saint John Chrysostom said, Nothing equals the merit of almsgiving. Great is the power of this action. Nothing so nourishes love as to be compassionate towards others. We can look forward to rewards outside of earth. We should not expect the prizes to benefit only us, but others in need. Especially in almsgiving, we should volunteer or do something on our own, not that we can gain from but where others are benefitted Fasting is an opportunity for the salvation of our souls. Nothing is more important than that. So take it into your own hands and make the best of the fast. We cannot think of fasting as a discipline only, but rather, as a chance to become a better Orthodox Christian. We have to experience all parts of the fast: fasting from food, prayer and almsgiving. God gave us this commandment for the benefit of His people. God will not force you to do good, but He will reward those who choose to do good. It is an example of free will, and with God s help we can make good choices.

14 GOYA NEWS As we enter into our final month of GOYA before elections and summer, I want to thank all the officers, advisors, parents, and coaches that have helped to make all of our GOYA memories from this year possible. I would also like to thank Fr. Christos for the continual guidance and support he gives us. The year went by fast and included Delaware Valley Youth dance in September, our first year in the Delaware Valley basketball league, a wonderful trip to give presents to the children of St Basils Academy in New York and our successful basketball tournament which included a record 12 churches. On April 2, Goya took a trip to Philadelphia where we fed the homeless. This event was a huge success and we had an awesome time giving back to the community. On April 25 th & 26 th we attended the St. Demetrios Baltimore basketball tournament and the next weekend on May 2 nd & 3 rd we also attended the Annapolis tournament in Maryland. Coming up on May 23 rd we have our end of year GOYA party in Ocean City, NJ for some beach and boardwalk fun to celebrate the end of a great year. Thanks to everyone for a wonderful year. With many blessings, Pauline Raisis When you pray "THROUGH EVERY PRAYER AND ENTREATY REMAIN IN CONSTANT SUPPLICATION AT ALL TIMES IN THE SPIRIT BEING WATCHFUL IN THIS WORK FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL THE SAINTS." EPHESIANS 6:18 Prayers for Health... Barbara Betty Catherine Chris Christine Clara Evangelos Faye George Gerasimos Gus Jacob Katherine Kathryn Marika Mary Matina Nicholas Peter Polly Stephanie Taylor Tena We ask that you give baptismal names only.

15 The HOPE & JOY ministries would like to thank the GOYAns for including them in wrapping red eggs on Holy Saturday in preparation for Great and Holy Pascha. It was great seeing the younger and older youth working together. In addition to the egg wrapping, the GOYAns had a Lenten lunch, arts and crafts and a story time for the children. Fun was had by all! Thank you GOYA! Received a note of gratitude from IOCC: Louis A. Zagami, Development Officer of IOCC, (International Orthodox Christian Charities) expresses his grateful thanks, on behalf of the IOCC, to the DVYC and specifically to the parish of St. Thomas for the recent Bible Bowl and the Health Kits assembled recently by the JOY young people of the Greater Philadelphia Area under the tremendous leadership of St. Thomas Rania Pappas. Because of the effort of the DVYC and the effort of others, IOCC is able to send thousands of kits around the world each year. Certainly a simple Health Kit to someone affected by a man-made disaster or natural disaster can bring a smile to a child s face. It offers, besides the material gift, a feeling of hope that better days are coming. All this is done is Christ s Name.

16 Serving in May Narthex Duty: May 3 ~ Group 2 May 10 ~ Group 1 May 17 ~ Group 2 May 24 ~ Group 1 May 31 ~ Group 2 Coffee Hours: May.3 ~ Parish Council/Daughters of Penelope May 10 ~ GOYA May 17 ~ Greek School Graduation May 24 ~ The Klezaras Family Memorial May 31 ~ (NO Coffee Hour/Festival) COFFEE HOURS WILL RESUME IN SEPTEMBER Prosforon Offerers May 3 ~ Sophia Regas May 10 ~ Vasiliki Kromedas May 17 ~ Eugenia Zerefos May 24 ~ Dimitra Lempesis May 31 ~ Litsa Anestos If you cannot meet your scheduled date for Prosfora please contact Loula Holy Trinity Altar Servers Coordinator: To Be Announced ST. BASIL & ST. CHRYSOSTOM TEAM LEADERS Matthew Christofidis & Panagiotis Tzinoudis MEMBERS: Chris Coulaloglou Constantine Krikelis Theodore Fessaras Niko Marinis Constantinos Fournaris Markos Zerefos Nicholas Gianelos Yianni Zerefos Larry Kirifides April 12th at the Emmanuel Dining Room East Again, we sincerely thank Mrs. Margaret Riggins for generously offering the luncheon meal that was served on Easter Sunday April 12th, in loving memory of her husband Bill. And, we thank the staff at the dining room for serving the meal for us that day. Evie and Manny Fournaris will sponsor and host the meal on Tuesday May 12th, as they have done many times before. All are welcome to join them that day to help out. We greatly appreciate all who generously serve and give to this charitable cause! Various groups and individuals generously donate the food and host the luncheon meal on the 12th of every month throughout the year. New sponsors are needed to fill a few months, so if you would like to become a part of this worthy service project with your family, friends or church organization, please contact Nikkie Tsakataras at or Tina Ganiaris at for more information. Happy Mother s Day!

17 Holy Trinity Food Pantry God s Blessings Continue to OVERFLOW... TAKE A BAG ~ BRING A BAG Experiences continued Success in the 2nd Month. We have been able to deliver 40 bags of Food since Pascha!! We had a fantastic turnout of food during the Lenten Season, and it has continued to come in over the past 2 weeks! We want you to remember that this is an ON-GOING Mission Project and that we are just a small part of the mission by delivering the food to benefit those who depend on the Food Pantries in the city ~ but YOU ~ the parishioners who continue to bring food ~ become the Missionary ~ YOU allow the Lord to work through your hands... May God bless each gift and each giver and we thank you for being the blessing that somebody needs today There are three drop-off locations for your convenience: one by the church office, one in the Narthex and one on the balcony in the hall. During Lent, make it a habit to share with the less fortunate. Thank you!!! The Food Pantry Committee Για την εξυπηρέτησή σας υπάρχουν τρείς θέσεις αποθέσεως μία στο γραφείο της εκκλησίας, μία στον Νάρθηκα, και μία στην Κοινοτική Αίθουσα. Προσπαθήτε πάντοτε να μοιράζεσθε την τύχησ ας με τους λιγότερο τυχερούς. Σας ευχαριστούμε!!! Η Επιτροπή Κελαριού Τροφίμων

18 Holy Trinity hosts The Delaware Valley Clergy Pascha Luncheon April 15, 2015


20 ALTAR GUILD Christos Anesti! We wish you a blessed Pascha. The Altar Guild would like to thank the following parishioners for their donations in April during this Holy Season of Great Lent. John Lazare Wreath for the Saturday of Lazarus Icon (April 4): In memory of my parents Lazarus and Philomena Lazare. Anna Tsionas Palms on Palm Sunday (April 5): In celebration of the Lord s triumphant entrance into Jerusalem. Soula and George Fournaris Wreath for our Lord on Palm Sunday evening (April 5) for the Nymphios Service. In memory of our Uncle Vassili. Robert and Katherine Coustenis Wreath honoring the Icon of the Mystical Supper (April 8): Prayers for the good health of our grandson Jacob. Anastasia and Harry Bouloukas Wreath for the Holy Cross on Holy Thursday (April 9): In honor of His Glorious Resurrection. Mary Littel - Flowers at base of the Holy Cross on Holy Thursday (April 9): In loving memory of my husband Bill, parents Eleni and Paul Fournakis and brothers Louis, Angelo and Anthony Fournakis. John and Stacy Koninis Wreath in honor of the Icon of Extreme Humility (April 9): In loving memory of our daughter Konnie. Barbara Vassos Wreath in honor of the Icon of the Crucifixion (April 9): In memory of my husband Peter and mother-in-law Katherine Vassos. Karablacas Family (Helen, Stelios and Virginia) Wreath in honor of the Icon of the Apokathelosis (April 10): Prayers for the continued health of our family. Bob and Voula Stout Wreath in honor of the Icon of the Resurrection (April 11): In memory of her father, Constantinos Anastasakos. Larry and Helen Kirifides Wreath in honor of the Icon of the Myrrhbearers (April 11): Prayers for the continued health of our family. Presbytera Ioanna Ganiaris and Family Wreath on the Lavaro (Standard of the Resurrection) (April 11): In loving memory of Fr. Stamatios Ganiaris a dear husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather.. Evie and Manny Fournaris Arrangements at Altar Doors (April 11 and 12): In honor of our Lord s Resurrection.

21 Lilies Anonymous In honor of His Glorious Resurrection. George, Evie, Ellie and Markella Coates In loving memory of our son and brother George on the 4-year memorial of his passing and his twenty-second birthday. Georgia Keros In loving memory of my parents Harry and Helen Keros, grandmother Panayiota Panagos, uncles George and Gus Panagos and my godparents Elizabeth and Gus Brown. Chris and Mary Mantzavinos In memory of our parents. Elizabeth Pappas Remembering my parents Philip and Pauline Pappas and nephew Philip P. Kamenakis. George and Stavroula Pettaris In honor of His Glorious Resurrection. Popi and Chris Papachrysanthou Remembering my dear mother. Anna Tsionas In honor of His Glorious Resurrection. Feastday of St. George (April 23) Stavroula Pettaris Wreath honoring the Feastday of St. George: Prayers for the continued health for husband George, son-in-law George, grandson George; and in memory of brother-in-law George. ***** Members on Duty in April: Katherine Coustenis, Helen Doukakis, Catherine Faller, Evie Fournaris, Presbytera Joan Ganiaris, Catherine Graham, Tina Ganiaris King, Helen Kirifides, Stacy Koninis, Mary Kountourzis, Mary Mantzavinos, Steve Nicholas, Sofia Regas, Barbara Vassos. ***** Our efforts are supported totally by donations from the parishioners. If you wish to share with our Church Community by donating for the purchase of flowers on your special days, please advise the president (Helen Doukakis, ), any member of the Altar Guild or use the form below Name Telephone Reserve date Special occasion Enclosed is check in the amount of $ made out to Holy Trinity Altar Guild Mail to: Katherine Coustenis, 62 Springer Court, Hockessin, DE May we publish this in our monthly bulletin? Yes No ICON BOOTH For the convenience of the parishioners, the Icon Booth will be open on May10. Available for sale are icons, cookbooks, the Orthodox Study Bible, A Guide to Greek Traditions and Customs in America and many other interesting items. We also have available beautiful children s books. *****WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED GENEROUS SUPPORT*****


23 The next Heart gatherings will be May 11am & 1pm. Note: Meeting twice this month! We meet in the AHEPA Room ~~ Please join us!! DON T FORGET...Save the Date! ~ May 9, 2015 ~ Annual Taverna Night!! PAME STA BOUZOUKIA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 th A N N U A L TAV E R N A N I G H T Dinner/Dance Hosted The Heart Saturday, May 9, 2015 Holy Trinity Community Center ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Get-Together/Cash Bar: 5:00-6:00PM Dinner: 6:00-7:00PM Music & Dancing: 7:00-10:00PM Prize Drawings! All this for just $30.00 per person ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For Reservations (deadline May 3nd) Please call: Peter Chris Elaine ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

24 Greek School Independence Day Program ~ March 29, 2015

25 Greek Independence Day Parade~ March 22, 2015

26 CONSTANTINE & HELEN, EQUAL-TO-THE APOSTLES / May 21 Apolytikion in the Plagal of the Fourth Tone He beheld the image of Your Cross in the Heavens and, as Paul, he too did not receive the call from men. Your Apostle among Kings placed the care of the Royal City in Your hands. Through the intercessions of the Theotokos, O only Loving Lord, keep it ever in peace. Kontakion in the Third Tone Today, Constantine with his mother Helen present the Cross, the most precious wood. It shames unbelievers. It is a weapon of faithful kings against their adversaries. A great sign has come forth for us which is awesome in battle. Reading: This great and renowned sovereign of the Christians was the son of Constantius Chlorus (the ruler of the westernmost parts of the Roman empire), and of the blessed Helen. He was born in 272, in (according to some authorities) Naissus of Dardania, a city on the Hellespont. In 306, when his father died, he was proclaimed successor to his throne. In 312, on learning that Maxentius and Maximinus had joined forces against him, he marched into Italy, where, while at the head of his troops, he saw in the sky after midday, beneath the sun, a radiant pillar in the form of a cross with the words: "By this shalt thou conquer." The following night, our Lord Jesus Christ appeared to him in a dream and declared to him the power of the Cross and its significance. When he arose in the morning, he immediately ordered that a labarum be made (which is a banner or standard of victory over the enemy) in the form of a cross, and he inscribed on it the Name of Jesus Christ. On the 28th Of October, he attacked and mightily conquered Maxentius, who drowned in the Tiber River while fleeing. The following day, Constantine entered Rome in triumph and was proclaimed Emperor of the West by the Senate, while Licinius, his brother-in-law, ruled in the East. But out of malice, Licinius later persecuted the Christians. Constantine fought him once and again, and utterly destroyed him in 324, and in this manner he became monarch over the West and the East. Under him and because of him all the persecutions against the Church ceased. Christianity triumphed and idolatry was overthrown. In 325 he gathered the First Ecumenical Council in Nicaea, which he himself personally addressed. In 324, in the ancient city of Byzantium, he laid the foundations of the new capital of his realm, and solemnly inaugurated it on May 11, 330, naming it after himself, Constantinople. Since the throne of the imperial rule was transferred thither from Rome, it was named New Rome, the inhabitants of its domain were called Romans, and it was considered the continuation of the Roman Empire. Falling ill near Nicomedia, he requested to receive divine Baptism, according to Eusebius (The Life of Constantine. Book IV, 61-62), and also according to Socrates and Sozomen; and when he had been deemed worthy of the Holy Mysteries, he reposed in 337, on May 21 or 22, the day of Pentecost, having lived sixty-five years, of which he ruled for thirty-one years. His remains were transferred to Constantinople and were deposed in the Church of the Holy Apostles, which had been built by him (see Homily XXVI on Second Corinthians by Saint John Chrysostom). As for his holy mother Helen, after her son had made the Faith of Christ triumphant throughout the Roman Empire, she undertook a journey to Jerusalem and found the Holy Cross on which our Lord was crucified (see Sept. 13 and 14). After this, Saint Helen, in her zeal to glorify Christ, erected churches in Jerusalem at the sites of the Crucifixion and Resurrection, in Bethlehem at the cave where our Saviour was born, another on the Mount of Olives whence He ascended into Heaven, and many others throughout the Holy Land, Cyprus, and elsewhere. She was proclaimed Augusta, her image was stamped upon golden coins, and two cities were named Helenopolis after her in Bithynia and in Palestine. Having been thus glorified for her piety, she departed to the Lord being about eighty years of age, according to some in the year 330, according to others, in 336. Reading courtesy of Holy Transfiguration Monastery Apolytikion courtesy of Narthex Press / Kontakion courtesy of Narthex Press

27 HOLY TRINITY REGISTRY Memorials: Sharon Alexandridis ~ 40 Day ~ April 19 Elais (Fayed) Batah ~ 40 Day ~ April 19 Fr. Stamati Ganiaris ~ 1 Year ~ April 26 Fr. George Giannaris ~! Year ~ April 26 Constance Vouras ~ 40 Day ~ April 26 LOOKING AHEAD Every year Holy Trinity recognizes all of it s GRADUATES. This includes all High School & College Seniors, and Post Graduate Degree Candidates. All Graduates will be honored and presented with a small gift on behalf of the Holy Trinity Community. Please submit your graduating students name for recognition, to the Church Office. Please include their name and school they are graduating from along with a short text about future plans, and send it to the church office by MAY 14. Please join us on May 17th Sunday School Awards & Graduation (in the Church Proper) Greek School Graduation (in the Community Center)

28 Τριλογία της Βασιλεύουσας Δρ. Κώστας Γ. Φούντζουλας Η καταστροφή της Ανατολικής Ρωμαϊκής Αυτοκρατορίας, που μετονομάστηκε από τον Γερμανό ιστορικό Ιερώνυμο Wolf ως Βυζαντινή το 1557 μ.χ. ήταν ένα από τα μεγαλύτερα εγκλήματα των Χριστιανών εναντίον μιας χριστιανικής αυτοκρατορίας και του Χριστιανισμού εν γένει. Για τα επόμενα 5 αιώνες η περιοχή υπέφερε κάτω από τον ζυγό των Οθωμανών Τούρκων. Το κόσμημα της αυτοκρατορίας ήταν η πρωτεύουσα της, η υπέροχη Κωνσταντινούπολη, γνωστή και ως Βασιλεύουσα. Τον 12ο αιώνα, η Κωνσταντινούπολη ήταν η μεγαλύτερη και πλουσιότερη Ευρωπαϊκή πόλη και έπαιξε καθοριστικό ρόλο στην εξάπλωση του Χριστιανισμού. Η Κωνσταντινούπολη εγκαινιάστηκε το 324 μ.χ. στο χώρο του αρχαίου Βυζαντίου ως η νέα πρωτεύουσα της Ρωμαϊκής Αυτοκρατορίας, από τον αυτοκράτορα Μέγα Κωνσταντίνο, υιό του Κωνσταντίου Χλωρού και Ελένης (Άγια) από τον οποίο πήρε το όνομά της, και αφιερώθηκε στις 11 Μαΐου 330 μ.χ. Ήταν η πρωτεύουσα της πρώτης χριστιανικής αυτοκρατορίας για τα επόμενα 11 αιώνες. Ήταν διάσημη για τα ισχυρά τείχη της, όπως τα Τείχη του Θεοδοσίου. Ήταν χτισμένη πάνω σε επτά λόφους, όπως η Ρώμη, καθώς και στον Κεράτιο κόλπο και τη Θάλασσα του Μαρμαρά και έτσι παρουσιαζόταν σαν ένα απόρθητο φρούριο περικλείοντας μεγαλοπρεπή παλάτια, θόλους και πύργους, που εκτείνονται σε δύο ηπείρους. Η πόλη ήταν επίσης γνωστή για τα αρχιτεκτονικά αριστουργήματα της, όπως ο Καθεδρικός Ναός της Αγίας Σοφίας, η οποία είναι η έδρα του Οικουμενικού Πατριαρχείου, το ιερό Αυτοκρατορικό Παλάτι, ο Πύργος του Γαλατά, ο Ιππόδρομος, και η Χρυσή Πύλη, ευθυγραμμιζόμενα με το τοξωτές λεωφόρους και πλατείες. Η Βασίλεύουσα κατελήφθη για πρώτη φορά το 1204 από το λατινικό στρατό της Δ! Σταυροφορίας, και απελευθερώθηκε το 1261 από τον αυτοκράτορα Μιχαήλ Η 'Παλαιολόγος. Οι Σταυροφόροι λεηλατούσαν,και βανδάλιζαν την πόλη για τρεις ημέρες, κατά τη διάρκεια των οποίων πολλά αρχαία και μεσαιωνικά Ελληνική και Ρωμαϊκά έργα είτε εκλάπησαν ή καταστραφησαν, όπως η Η Βιβλιοθήκη της Κωνσταντινουπόλεως Οι Σταυροφόροι λεηλατούσαν εκκλησίες, μοναστήρια και μονές της πόλης. Δολοφονούσαν εν ψυχρώ και εβίαζαν ακόμη και μοναχές, και έσπαγαν τα ιερά της πόλεως για τον χρυσό και το μάρμαρο τους. Η αρχική πτώση της Κωνσταντινούπολης έγινε την Τρίτη, 29 Μαΐου 1453 από τους Οθωμανούς Τούρκους, με αρχηγό τον 21ετή Σουλτάνο Μεχμέτ ΙΙ Ακολούθησε ένα 3- ημέρο λεηλασιών, δολοφονιών και βιασμών. Ήταν ένα τεράστιο πλήγμα για τη Χριστιανοσύνη. Πολλοί Έλληνες και άλλοι διανοούμενοι εγκατέλειψαν την πόλη πριν και μετά την πολιορκία, με την πλειοψηφία αυτών να μεταναστεύουν κυρίως στην Ιταλία, ξεκινώντας έτσι την Αναγέννηση. Η Άλωση της Πόλης συνεχίστηκε η 6-7ην Σεπτεμβρίου, Οι Έλληνες της πόλης έζησαν ένα ανθελληνικό πογκρόμ γνωστό ως η Νύχτα των Κρυστάλλων του Ελληνισμού της Κωνσταντινούπολης. Η Άλωση της Κωνσταντινούπολης ολοκληρώθηκε την 16ην Μαρτίου, 1964, όταν οι Έλληνες, διετάχθηκαν να εγκαταλείψουν την Τουρκία μέσα σε 24 ώρες με μόνο δύο χειραποσκευές βάρους 25 κιλών και 30 δολάρια. Το 1930 Ατατούρκ ονόμασε την πόλη Ιστανμπούλ (ΕΙΣ ΤΗΝ ΠΟΛΙΝ). Ο Πατριάρχης μας είναι υπάλληλος του Νομάρχου. Trilogy of the Queen City Dr. Costas G. Fountzoulas The destruction of the Eastern Roman Empire, renamed by the German historian Hieronymus Wolf as Byzantine in 1557 A.D. was one of the biggest crimes of Christians against a Christian empire and the Christendom in general. For the next 5 centuries the area suffered under the brutal yoke of the Ottoman Turks. The jewel of that empire was its capital, the magnificent Constantinople, a.k.a. the Queen City. In the 12 th century, Constantinople was the largest and wealthiest European city and it was instrumental in the advancement of Christianity. Constantinople was inaugurated in 324 AD at the site of ancient Byzantium as the new capital of the Roman Empire, by the Emperor Constantine the Great, son of Constantius Chlorus and Helen (Saint) after whom it was named, and dedicated on 11 May 330 A.D. She was the capital of the first Christian Empire for the next 11 centuries. She was famous for its massive defenses such as the Theodocian Walls. She was built on seven hills, like Rome, as well as on the Golden Horn and the Sea of Marmara and thus presented an impregnable fortress enclosing magnificent palaces, domes, and towers, spanning two continents. The city was also famous for its architectural masterpieces, such as the Greek Orthodox Cathedral Hagia Sophia, which has been since the seat of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, the sacred Imperial Palace, the Galata Tower, the Hippodrome, and the Golden Gate, lining the arcaded avenues and squares. The Queen City was taken for the first time in 1204 A.D. by the Latin army of the Fourth Crusade, and recovered in 1261 A.D. by the Emperor Michael VIII Palaiologos. The Crusaders looted, terrorized, and vandalized Constantinople for three days, during which many ancient and medieval Roman and Greek works were either stolen or destroyed. The Library of Constantinople was destroyed. The Crusaders systematically violated the city's holy sanctuaries, destroying or stealing all they could lay hands on; nothing was spared. Thousands of civilians were killed in cold blood. Women, even nuns, were raped by the Crusader army, which also sacked churches, monasteries and convents. The very altars of these churches were smashed and torn to pieces for their gold and marble. The initial Fall of Constantinople took place on Tuesday, 29 May 1453 by the Ottoman Turks who were commanded by 21-year-old Sultan Mehmet ΙI followed by a 3-day looting, killing and raping. It was a massive blow to Christendom. Several Greek and other intellectuals fled the city before and after the siege, with the majority of them migrating particularly to Italy, thus starting the Renaissance. The Fall of Constantinople continued the 6-7 th September, The Greeks of the city lived an anti-hellenic pogrom known as the Kristallnacht of Constantinople Hellenism. The Fall of Constantinople was completed on March 16, 1964, when the Greeks were order to leave Turkey within 24 hours with only two sets of hand luggage weighing 55 lbs and sum up to $30. In 1930 Ataturk renamed the city Istanbul (ES TIN POLIN).

29 JOHN THE APOSTLE, EVANGELIST, & THEOLOGIAN Apolytikion in the Second Tone Beloved Apostle of Christ our God, hasten to deliver a people without defense. He who permitted you to recline upon His bosom, accepts you on bended knee before Him. Beseech Him, O Theologian, to dispel the persistent cloud of nations, asking for us peace and great mercy. Kontakion in the Second Tone Who can recount your greatness, O virgin, for miracles flow and healing springs forth from you. You intercede for our souls, as the Theologian and friend of Christ. Reading: The feast today in honour of the holy Apostle John commemorates the miracle taking place each year in Ephesus, in which a certain dust or powder, called manna, suddenly poured forth from his tomb and was used by the faithful for deliverance from maladies of both soul and body. COMMEMORATION OF THE PRECIOUS CROSS THAT APPEARED IN THE SKY OVER JERUSALEM IN 351 A.D. / May 7 Apolytikion in the First Tone The image of Thy Cross at this time shone brighter than the sun, when Thou didst spread it out from the holy Mount of Olives to Calvary; and in making plain Thy might which is therein, O saviour Thou didst also thereby strengthen the faithful. Keep us always in peace, by the intercessions of the Theotokos, O Christ our God, and save us. Kontakion in the Fourth Tone Making its rays to shine above in the heavens, the spotless Cross dawned on the earth, bright with splendour; for it had opened Heaven, which was shut of old. Granted the effulgence of its divine operation, we are surely guided to the unwaning resplendence. In battles we possess it as a true weapon of peace and a trophy invincible. Reading: On this day in the year 351, not long after Cyril had succeeded Maximus as Archbishop of Jerusalem, during the reign of Constantius, the son of Saint Constantine the Great, on the day of Pentecost, the sign of the Cross appeared over Jerusalem. Saint Cyril, in his letter to the Emperor Constantius, says, At about the third hour of the day, an enormous Cross, formed of light, appeared in the heaven above holy Golgotha and reaching to the holy Mount of Olives. being seen not by one or two only, but manifest with perfect clarity to the whole multitude of the city; not, as one might suppose, rushing swiftly past in fancy, but seen openly above the earth many hours in plain sight, and overcoming the beams of the sun with its dazzling rays" (PG 33:1 16q). Reading courtesy of Holy Transfiguration Monastery/Apolytikion courtesy of Holy Transfiguration Monastery Kontakion courtesy of Holy Transfiguration Monastery / Icon courtesy of St. Isaac's Skete

30 Palm Sunday Luncheon SERVERS ~ A start to Holy Week Philoptochos Baking Bread The epitaphio adorners (a few more are not pictured )

31 Holy Friday Retreat Our Beautiful Epitaphio

32 Holy and Great Friday


34 Holy & Great Saturday


36 May 2015 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 5pm Greek School 2 10:30am Dunkelberger Baptism FAST 11am DOP sponsored Greek Dance Lessons 3 Sunday of the Paralytic 9am Orthros 10am Divine Liturgy 10am Sunday School Spring General Assembly 4 11am Heart 5 St Eirini the Great Martyr 9am Orthros 10am Divine Liturgy 6pm Girls BBall Practice 7pm AHEPA Board Meeting 7:15pm Boys BBall Practice 6 12:30pm Bible Study 6pm Choir 7pm HUC Meeting FAST 7 1pm Heart Gathering 8 St John the Evangelist 9am Orthros 10am Divine Liturgy 5pm Greek School 6-7:15pm GOYA FAST 9 7pm Heart Taverna Night 10 Wallace Chrismation Sunday of the Samaritan Woman 9am Orthros 10am Divine Liturgy 10am Sunday School Mothers Day 2pm Papoulis Baptism Metropolis of NJ Clergy/Laity Assembly 11 Metropolis of Clergy/Laity Assembly 12 12pm Emmanuel Dining Room 6pm Girls BBall Practice 6:30pm AHEPA Meeting 7:15pm Boys BBall Practice Metropolis of Clergy/Laity Assembly 13 12:30pm Bible Study 6pm Choir 7:30pm Holy Trinity, Wilmington, DE FAST 14 FESTIVAL MEETING 7pm Parish Council Meeting 15 5pm Greek School FAST 16 10am DVYC Mission Ocean City, NJ 17 8am Bauman Chrismation Sunday of the Blind Man 9am Orthros 10am Divine Liturgy 10am Sunday School Sunday School & Greek School Graduation pm Philoptochos Board Meeting 7pm Philoptochos Meeting 6pm Girls BBall Practice 7:15pm Boys BBall Practice 20 12:30pm Bible Study 6pm Choir FAST 21 Holy Ascension Sts Constantine & Helen 9am Orthros 10am Divine Liturgy 22 5pm Greek School FAST 23 3pm Kledaras/ Buckley Wedding Metropolis of NJ GOYA Olympics 24 Fathers of the 1st Ecumenical Council 9am Orthros 10am Divine Liturgy 10am Sunday School 1pm Alexopoulos Baptism Metropolis of NJ GOYA Olympics 25 Memorial Day Church Office Closed Festival Set-up 26 6:30pm DOP Meeting Festival Set-up 27 12:30pm Bible Study 6pm Choir FAST Festival Set-up 28 Festival Set-up 29 5pm Greek School (Last Day) FAST Festival Set-up 30 Saturday of Souls 9am Orthros 10am Divine Liturgy 12pm St. Elpida Emmanuel Dining Room Festival Set-up 31 Holy Pentecost 9am Orthros 10am Divine Liturgy

37 Μάϊος 2015 Κυριακή Δευτέρα Τρίτη Τετάρτη Πέμπτη Παρασκεύή Σάββατο 3 Κυριακή του Παραλατικού 9πμ Όρθρος 10πμ Θεία Λειτουργία 10πμ Κατηχητικό Γενική Συνέλευση Ανοίξεως 10 Βάπτισις Wallace 1μ.μ. Βάπτισις Παπούλη Κυριακή της Σαμαρατείδος 9πμ Όρθρος 10πμ Θεία Λειτουρ. 10πμ Κατηχητικό Ημέρα της Μητέρας Κληρολαϊκή Συνέλ. Μητροπόλεως NJ 4 11πμ Αειθαλείς Νέοι 11 Κληρολαϊκή Συνέλ.ευση Μητροπόλεως 5 Αγίας Ειρληνης Μεγαλομάρτυρος 9πμ Όρθρος 10πμ Θεία Λειτουργία 6 μμ Προπ. Μπ. ΜΠ. Θηλέων 7pm AHEPA Board Meeting 7:15μμ Προπ. Μπ. Μπ. Αρρένων 12 12μμ Emmanuel Dining Room 6 μμ Προπ. Μπ. ΜΠ. Θηλέων 6:30pm AHEPA Meeting 7:15μμ Προπ. Μπ. Μπ. Αρρένων Κληρολαϊκή Συνέλευση Μητροπόλεως 6 12:30μμ Μελέτη Βίβλου 6μμ Χορωδία 7μμ Συνάντηση HUC ΝΗΣΤΕΙΑ 13 12:30μμ Μελέτη Βίβλου 6μμ Χορωδία 7:30μμ Αγία Τριάδα, Wilmington, DE ΝΗΣΤΕΙΑ 7 1μμ Αειθαλείς Νέοι 14 ΣΥΝΑΝΤΗΣΗ ΦΕΣΤΙΒΑΛ 7μμ Συνάντηση Κοιν Συμβουλίου 1 5μμ Ελληνικό Σχολείο ΝΗΣΤΕΙΑ 8 Ευαγγελιστού Ιωάννη 9πμ Όρθρος 10πμ Θεία Λειτουργία 5μμ Ελληνικό Σχολείο 6-7:15μμ GOYA ΝΗΣΤΕΙΑ 15 5μμ Ελληνικό Σχολείο ΝΗΣΤΕΙΑ 2 10:30πμ Βάπτισις Dunkelberger 11πμ Μαθήματα Χορού από τις Θυγ. Πην. 9 7μμ Βραδυά Ταβέρνα Αειθαλώ Νέων 16 10πμ Βάδισις Αποστολής Ocean City, NJ 17 8 π.μ. Βάπτισις Bauman Κυριακή του Τυφλού 9πμ Όρθρος 10πμ Θεία Λειτουρ. 10π.μ. Κατηχητικό Αποφοίτησις Κατχητικού & Ελληνικού Σχολείου μμ Συμβουλίου Φιλοπτωχού 7μμ Συνάντηση Φιλοπτώχου 6 μμ Προπ. Μπ. ΜΠ. Θηλέων 7:15μμ Προπ. Μπ. Μπ. Αρρένων 20 12:30μμ Μελέτη Βίβλου 6μμ Χορωδία ΝΗΣΤΕΙΑ 21 Αναλήψεως Μ. Κωνσταντίνου & Αγίας Ελένης 9πμ Όρθρος 10πμ Θεία Λειτουργία 22 5μμ Ελληνικό Σχολείο ΝΗΣΤΕΙΑ 23 3μμ Γάμος Κλειδάρα/ Buckle Ολυμπιακοί GOYA Μητρο. NJ 24 Κυριακή των Πατέρων της Α! Οικ. Συνόδου 9πμ Όρθρος 10πμ Θεία Λειτουργία 10π.μ. Κατηχητικό 1μμ Βάπτισις Αλεξόπουλου Ολυμπιακοί GOYA ΜητροπόλεωςNJ 25 Memorial Day Γραφείο Εκκλησίας Κλειστό Διευθέτιση Φεστιβάλ 26 6:30μμ Συνάντηση Θυγ.Πην Διευθέτιση Φεστιβάλ 27 12:30μμ Μελέτη Βίβλου 6μμ Χορωδία ΝΗΣΤΕΙΑ Διευθέτιση Φεστιβάλ 28 Διευθέτιση Φεστιβάλ 29 5μμ Ελληνικό Σχολείο (Τελευταία Ημέρα) ΝΗΣΤΕΙΑ Διευθέτιση Φεστιβάλ 30 Ψυχοσάββατο 9πμ Όρθρος 10πμ Θεία Λειτουργία 12μμ Αγία. Ελπίδα Emmanuel Dining Room Διευθέτιση Φεστιβάλ 31 Πεντηκοστή 9πμ Όρθρος 10πμ Θεία Λειτουρ.

38 316 S Maryland Avenue, Wilmington, DE THIS SPOT CAN BE YOURS PUT YOUR BUSINESS CARD HERE CALL THE CHURCH OFFICE TO FIND OUT HOW Handbags Jewelry Gifts & So Much More! Talleyville Towne Shoppes 4001 Concord Pike Wilmington, DE P Monday - Saturday 10am-6pm Gift Certificates Available Over 50 Locations We Cater Any Size Party


HOLY TRINITY. APRIL 2009 Volume 39 Issue 4 THE MYSTICAL SUPPER ΑΓΙΑ ΤΡΙΑΣ. Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Wilmington, Delaware

HOLY TRINITY. APRIL 2009 Volume 39 Issue 4 THE MYSTICAL SUPPER ΑΓΙΑ ΤΡΙΑΣ. Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Wilmington, Delaware HOLY TRINITY APRIL 2009 Volume 39 Issue 4 THE MYSTICAL SUPPER ΑΓΙΑ ΤΡΙΑΣ Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Wilmington, Delaware The Official Publication of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church 808 N. Broom

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HOLY TRINITY May 2013 HOLY TRINITY May 2013 Volume 44 Issue 5 The Holy and Great Sunday of Pascha, the Feast of Feasts and Festival of Festivals May 5, 2013 ΑΓΙΑ ΤΡΙΑΣ Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Wilmington, Delaware

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AUGUST 2007 Volume 37 Issue 8 ΑΓΙΑ ΤΡΙΑΣ Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Wilmington, Delaware

AUGUST 2007 Volume 37 Issue 8 ΑΓΙΑ ΤΡΙΑΣ Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Wilmington, Delaware HOLY TRINITY AUGUST 2007 Volume 37 Issue 8 ΑΓΙΑ ΤΡΙΑΣ Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Wilmington, Delaware The Official Publication of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church 808 N. Broom Street, Wilmington,

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The Voice of Saint George

The Voice of Saint George March/April 2014 March/April 2014 Page 1 Greek Orthodox Church The Voice of Saint George of Saint George ΔΙΜΗΝΙΑΙΟ ΔΕΛΤΙΟ ΤΗΣ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗΣ ΟΡΘΟΔΟΞΗΣ ΚΟΙΝΟΤΗΤΑΣ ΑΓΙΟΥ ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΥ Volume 12, Issue 2 A Publication

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ST. DEMETRIOS GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH UNION, NJ 908-964-7957. www.stdgocunion.org. A Message from Father George:

ST. DEMETRIOS GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH UNION, NJ 908-964-7957. www.stdgocunion.org. A Message from Father George: THE ST. DEMETRIOS Greek Orthodox Metropolis of New Jersey GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH UNION, NJ 908-964-7957 www.stdgocunion.org A Message from Father George: Beloved Family of St. Demetrios G.O. Church, November,

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THE SOURCE. April 2013 Issue # 4-13 HOLY TRINITY GREEK ORTHODOX CATHEDRAL CAMP HILL, PA THE SOURCE April 2013 Issue # 4-13 HOLY TRINITY GREEK ORTHODOX CATHEDRAL CAMP HILL, PA Dear brothers and Sisters in Christ, please read Dr. Vrame s article on Layers in Lent. On the second page look for

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SOURCE THE LOVELY MAY TIME. May 2014 Issue # 5-14. Dearly beloved,

SOURCE THE LOVELY MAY TIME. May 2014 Issue # 5-14. Dearly beloved, THE SOURCE May 2014 Issue # 5-14 HOLY TRINITY GREEK ORTHODOX CATHEDRAL CAMP HILL, PA LOVELY MAY TIME Dearly beloved, The month of May is a great time of year! First and foremost, it is a time when the

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Issue 1204 March 2012

Issue 1204 March 2012 Issue 1204 March 2012 O Lord and Master of my life, keep from me the spirit if indifference and discouragement, lust of power, and idle chatter Instead, grant to me, Your servant, the spirit of wholeness

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The Ascension Light FATHER S MESSAGE THE DAY OF JUDGMENT ORTHODOX CHURCH. I am the light of the world JANUARY - MARCH 2014

The Ascension Light FATHER S MESSAGE THE DAY OF JUDGMENT ORTHODOX CHURCH. I am the light of the world JANUARY - MARCH 2014 The Ascension Light FATHER S MESSAGE I am the light of the world JANUARY - MARCH 2014 THE DAY OF JUDGMENT My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Once again we proceed toward the period of Holy and Great

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THE ORTHODOX L GHT.. the light of the knowledge of the glory of God 2 Corinthians 4.6

THE ORTHODOX L GHT.. the light of the knowledge of the glory of God 2 Corinthians 4.6 THE ORTHODOX L GHT.. the light of the knowledge of the glory of God 2 Corinthians 4.6 Greek Orthodox Church of Saint George & The Shrine of Saint Nectarios Clifton, NJ Winter Issue: December 2013 February

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GOOD NEWS GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH OF THE ANNUNCIATION, ROCHESTER, NY. December 2014. Sunday School Update GOOD NEWS GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH OF THE ANNUNCIATION, ROCHESTER, NY www.annunciationrochester.org President s Message Jim Stathopoulos offers his remarks at the end of his tenure as President December 2014

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DOXA. Saint Katherine www.saint-katherines.org 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 MARCH 2012 RESTORATION INSIDE THIS ISSUE...

DOXA. Saint Katherine www.saint-katherines.org 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 MARCH 2012 RESTORATION INSIDE THIS ISSUE... Saint Katherine www.saint-katherines.org 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 DOXA The monthly newsletter of Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church Volume 10, Number 3 MARCH 2012 RESTORATION GOD

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The Voice of Saint George

The Voice of Saint George July/August July/August 2013 2013 Page 1 Volume 11, Issue 4 A Publication of the Greek Orthodox Church The Voice of Saint George of Saint George Piscataway, New Jersey ΔΙΜΗΝΙΑΙΟ ΔΕΛΤΙΟ ΤΗΣ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗΣ ΟΡΘΟΔΟΞΗΣ

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Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Churc h. May 18, 2014 Sunday of the Samaritan Woman

Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Churc h. May 18, 2014 Sunday of the Samaritan Woman Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Churc h May 18, 2014 Sunday of the Samaritan Woman GREEK ORTHODOX ARCHDIOCESE OF AMERICA 8-10 East 79th St. New York, NY 10075-0106 Tel: (212) 570-3530 Fax:

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A MESSAGE FROM OUR PRIEST November/December 2014 November/December 2014 Page 1 Volume 12, Issue 6 A Publication of the Greek Orthodox Church of Saint George Piscataway, New Jersey «Φωνὴ βοῶντος ἐν τῇ ἐρήμῳ, Ἑτοιμάσατε τὴν ὁδὸν

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THE SOURCE. Back to Practical Parenting With Fr. Kosta

THE SOURCE. Back to Practical Parenting With Fr. Kosta THE SOURCE March 2015 Issue # 3-15 HOLY TRINIT RINITY GREE REEK ORTHODO RTHODOX CATHEDRA THEDRAL CAMP HILL ILL,, PA Every Dad Can Be a Hero Make Father's Day a day to celebrate - for Dad and his kids.

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FATHER S MESSAGE. Dear Parishioners,

FATHER S MESSAGE. Dear Parishioners, FATHER S MESSAGE Dear Parishioners, We will enter again this year into the purifying period of Great and Holy Lenten season. Monday, February 23rd begins our Lenten journey. This journey leads us from

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JULY 2006 Volume 36 Issue 7 ΑΓΙΑ ΤΡΙΑΣ Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Wilmington, Delaware

JULY 2006 Volume 36 Issue 7 ΑΓΙΑ ΤΡΙΑΣ Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Wilmington, Delaware HOLY TRINITY JULY 2006 Volume 36 Issue 7 ΑΓΙΑ ΤΡΙΑΣ Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Wilmington, Delaware The Official Publication of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church 808 N. Broom Street, Wilmington,

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The Voice of Saint George

The Voice of Saint George November/December November/December 2012 2012 Page 1 Volume 10, Issue 6 A Publication of the Greek Orthodox Church The Voice of Saint George of Saint George Piscataway, New Jersey ΔΙΜΗΝΙΑΙΟ ΔΕΛΤΙΟ ΤΗΣ

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Encyclical Holy and Great Lent. In THIS ISSUE. Ministry Videos The Archdiocese presents an online series of various ministries of the Church. P.

Encyclical Holy and Great Lent. In THIS ISSUE. Ministry Videos The Archdiocese presents an online series of various ministries of the Church. P. FEBRUARY MARCH 2015 Vol. 80 No. 1303 www.observer.goarch.org e-mail: observer@goarch.org $1.00 In THIS ISSUE Santiago Calatrava design National Shrine Full page coverage for St. Nicholas National Shrine

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DOXA. Saint Katherine www.saint-katherines.org 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 INSIDE THIS ISSUE... JUNE 2015

DOXA. Saint Katherine www.saint-katherines.org 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 INSIDE THIS ISSUE... JUNE 2015 Saint Katherine www.saint-katherines.org 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 DOXA The monthly newsletter of Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church Volume 13, Number 6 JUNE 2015 ESTAMOS DE VUELTA

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Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Forgiveness of transgressions is fundamental to our faith as Orthodox Christians. We understand that the waters of baptism are, waters for the. Christ has the power

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BELIEVE IN THE LORD JESUS AND YOU WILL BE SAVED Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation The Annunciator Rev. Fr. Paul A. Kaplanis, Dean (frpaulk@atlgoc.org) Rev. Fr. Christos P. Mars, Presbyter (frchristos@atlgoc.org) Elias Lampropoulos, Pastoral

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The Voice of the Greek Community JAN/FEB 2013 1

The Voice of the Greek Community JAN/FEB 2013 1 The Voice of the Greek Community JAN/FEB 2013 1 CELEBRATING 65 YEARS OF COMMUNITY NEWS AND HISTORY VOL. 73 NO. 531 HOLY TRINITY GREEK ORTHODOX CATHEDRAL 600 E. BOULEVARD CHARLOTTE, NC 28203 704-334-4771

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Page 1 July/August 2015. «Φωνὴ βοῶντος ἐν τῇ ἐρήμῳ, Ἑτοιμάσατε τὴν ὁδὸν Κυρίου» (Ματθ. Γ:3)

Page 1 July/August 2015. «Φωνὴ βοῶντος ἐν τῇ ἐρήμῳ, Ἑτοιμάσατε τὴν ὁδὸν Κυρίου» (Ματθ. Γ:3) Page 1 July/August 2015 «Φωνὴ βοῶντος ἐν τῇ ἐρήμῳ, Ἑτοιμάσατε τὴν ὁδὸν Κυρίου» (Ματθ. Γ:3) A MESSAGE FROM OUR PRIEST In This Issue Priest s Message President s Message Church Calendar Philoptochos News

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1211 October 2012. Let my prayer be set forth as incense before You and the lifting up of my hands as an evening sacrifice!

1211 October 2012. Let my prayer be set forth as incense before You and the lifting up of my hands as an evening sacrifice! \\\\\ \Issue 1211 October 2012 Let my prayer be set forth as incense before You and the lifting up of my hands as an evening sacrifice! PARISH MINISTRIES Parish Council President Vice President Secretary

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ΚΑΝΟΝΑΣ ΠΙΣΤΕΩΣ Ι.Ν. ΑΓΙΟΥ ΝΙΚΟΛΑΟΥ ΚΑΝΟΝΑΣ ΠΙΣΤΕΩΣ Ι.Ν. ΑΓΙΟΥ ΝΙΚΟΛΑΟΥ St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church San Jose, California May 2014 1 Mission Statement A monthly publication prepared by and for the parishioners of St. Nicholas Greek

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Pentecost Sunday, May 31st. One Gospel, Many Languages


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