present their new cd presenta su nuevo disco παρουσιάζουν το νέο τους δίσκο

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1 present their new cd presenta su nuevo disco παρουσιάζουν το νέο τους δίσκο summer/ autumn verano/ otoño καλοκαίρι/ φθινόπωρο 2010


3 1. mus. the seventh degree of a scale, the note leading to the next octave 2. two diamonds shaped exactly like pears, as large as a big hazelnut; the effect of some magical process. 1. mus. el séptimo grado de una escala, la nota que lleva a la octava siguiente 2. dos diamantes en forma exactamente igual que las peras, del tamaño de una avellana grande; el efecto de algún proceso mágico. 1. µουσ. η έβδομη βαθμίδα μιας κλίμακας, η νότα που οδηγεί στην επόμενη οκτάβα 2. δύο διαμάντια στο μέγεθος ενός φουντουκιού, χαραγμένα σε σχήμα αχλαδιού το αποτέλεσμα μιας μαγικής διεργασίας.


5 Οι yeden παρουσίαζουν του πρώτο τους δίσκο, με 12 οργανικές συνθέσεις των μελών του σχήματος Τους yeden απαρτίζουν μουσικοί από την Ελλάδα και την Ισπανία. Κοινό στοιχείο τους είναι η αγάπη για μουσικές παραδόσεις της Ελλάδας, των Βαλκανίων, της Μέσης Ανατολής και της κεντρικής Ασίας, κάποιες από τις οποίες έχουν μελετήσει σε βάθος, κοντά σε σημαντικούς μουσικούς που τις εκπροσωπούν. Στις συνθέσεις των yeden συνυφαίνονται στοιχεία από τις παραδόσεις αυτές με το προσωπικό μουσικό στίγμα των μελών, ενώ κυριαρχεί η διάθεση για πειραματισμό με τις παραδοσιακές φόρμες, τους ήχους, και τις ενορχηστρώσεις. Ο κάθε μουσικός οδηγείται προς νέες κατευθύνσεις ερμηνείας της παράδοσης, τις οποίες εξερευνούν όλοι μαζί μέσα από τη μουσική πράξη και τον αυτοσχεδιασμό. Χρήστος Μπάρμπας Ελένη Καλλιμοπούλου Efrén Lopez Παναγιώτης Πούλος Θωμάς Κωστούλας Δημήτρης Τασούδης νέι, καβάλ, μπανσούρι, φλογέρα τραγούδι, πολίτικη λύρα, καμάντσε άταστη κιθάρα, αζέρικο ταρ, αφγανικό ραμπάμπ, κρητικό λαούτο λάφτα, σάζ μπεντίρ, νταούλι, νταϊρέ, ρεκ τύμπανα


7 yeden present their first album, featuring 12 original instrumental compositions yeden's members come from Greece and Spain and have as a common background their interest in the musical traditions of the Balkans, the Middle East and Central Asia, which they have been studying in depth next to celebrated master performers. In the compositions of yeden elements from these musical traditions are interwoven together with the personal style of each musician, while the dominant mood is that of experimentation with traditional forms, sounds, and orchestrations. Every musician is led to new directions of interpreting these traditions which they all explore together through music practice and improvisation. Christos Barbas Eleni Kallimopoulou Efrén López Panagiotis Poulos Thomas Kostoulas Dimitris Tasoudis ney, kaval, bansuri, flute kemençe, kamancheh, lavta, voice fretless guitar, azeri tar, afghan rabab, cretan lute lavta, saz bendir, daul, riq, daire, udu drums yeden presenta su primer álbum, con 12 composiciones instrumentales por los miembros del grupo yeden está compuesto por músicos procedentes de Grecia y España. Su denominador común es el amor por las tradiciones musicales de Grecia los Balcanes, Oriente Medio y Asia Central, algunos de los cuales han estudiado en profundidad al lado de importantes músicos que las representan. En las composiciones de yeden, elementos de estas tradiciones musicales se entrelazan con el estilo personal de cada músico, mientras que el carácter predominante es el de la experimentación con las formas tradicionales, sonidos, y arreglos. Cada músico mira hacia nuevas direcciones de interpretación de estas tradiciones que juntos exploran a través de la práctica musical y la improvisación.


9 Christos Barbas Studies music from his early years: ney with O. Erdogdular and M. Skoulios, kaval with N. Nedyalkov, blockflute with K. Papazoglou and B. Bohm, theory of western tonal music with N. Solomonidis and V. Kitsos, courses in piano and cello, byzantine music with P. Neohoritis, bansuri and North-Indian music with S. Sunders and N. Magriel, courses in Shakuhachi with Kiku Day, Mbira with L. W. Magaya, self-taught in whistling, accordion, galician bagpipe, tin whistle, guitar and more. Holds a degree in Musicology from the School of Fine Arts of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a Mmus in Ethnomusicology from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. He is interested in a variety of music generes ranging from contemporany and electroacoustic, medieval music, renaissance, baroque, classical, music for theater and cinema, modal jazz, to greek, turkish traditional music, turkish ritual and classical, bulgarian, indian, afghan music. His occupations with music includes composition, interpretation, performance and teaching. Since 2008 is co-founder of the artistic company 'nomeolvides co.' which activates in the design, production and promotion of artistic events. He collaborates with many bands and musicians, in concerts and studio recordings both in Greece and abroad. Indicative: Aman Aman, L'Ham de Foc (concerts throughout Europe, Greece, China), Daud Khan, Efrén López, Barış Bal, Erhan Bayram. He teaches ney and ottoman clasical music at the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki. Eleni Kallimopoulou Learned kemençe and Turkish music near Ross Daly and Ihsan Özgen. She studies a wide variety of musical traditions from Greece, Balkans and the wider Middle Eastern area. She has participated in many concerts in Greece and abroad. She was a member of Aman Aman and Mandura. She studied and taught ethnomusicology and music of the Middle East in the School of Oriental and African Studies of London University. Lecturer of Ethnomusicology at the Department of Music Science and Art, University of Macedonia. Efrén López Sanz After collaborating in a wide number of musical projects as a guitarist, he started getting into traditional music with focus on Mediterranean and Asian lutes and medieval music. He studied hurdy-gurdy with Pascal Lefeuvre, Maurizzio Martinotti and Nigel Eaton. North Indian music with Krishna Mohann Batt and Ajoy Chakrabakti, sitar with Sazed Ul Alam, rabab and music from Afghanistan with Daud Khan and Ustad Mohammed Rahim Khushnawaz, oud with Necati Çelik and Yurdal Tokcan, and saz with Ross Daly and the Turkish masters Erol Parlak and Mehmet Erenler. As a session musician, producer and composer he has recorded in several projects of early music (Capella de Ministrers, Evo, Oni Wytars, Estampie, Maria Laffitte...), and roots music (L'Ham de Foc, Aman Aman, Sabir, Maria del Mar Bonet, Miquel Gil...) with whom he has performed all through Europe, North Africa, China and South America and has recorded more than 50 albums. He has composed and perfoormed music for advertising, documentaries, short films, poetry readings, puppet shows, street theatre, intensive courses... He has done artistic productions for various bands and singer-songwriters.


11 Panagiotis Poulos Musician and ethnomusicologist. He took his first lessons on the saz form Perikles Papapetropoulos (Greece) and studied ethnomusicology with a focus on the Middle East at the Department of Music of the School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London). He carried on his study of the saz and the lavta with Cemal Akkiraz (London), Murat Aydemir and Necati Çelik (Istanbul). As a musician he has participated in various Balkan and Middle Eastern ensembles, performing in the U.K., Greece and Turkey ( Mandura, Nagme, Μuammer Ketencoğlu Kumpanya, etc.), and he is a member of the free improvisation quartet Rest. He taught Ethnomusicology and Music of the Middle East at the Department of Music of SOAS (University of London) and at the Department of Popular and Traditional Music (T.E.I. of Epirus). Since 2007 he teaches at the Department of Turkish and Modern Asian Studies (University of Athens). Thomas Kostoulas He began studying drums, music theory and rhythm in Thessaloniki. Alongside his studies he participated in rock, jazz, funk bands. He attends regularly seminars of percussion and drums with Misirli Ahmet, Zohar Fresco, Jeff Boudreaux, Nick Kapilidi, Vangelis Karypidis, Petros Kourtis, Andrew Priest, etc. He studied at the Department of Traditional Music of TEI Epirus. Teaches traditional percussion, drums, music theory, rhythm in conservatories and music schools. He has collaborated with artists such as Manolis Rasoulis, Sofia Papazoglou, Gerasimos Andreou, Lizeta Kalimeri, Manolis Mitsias. Dimitris Tasoudis Born in 1980 in Thessaloniki. Studied, at first, piano wih Sofia Zoumi and drums with his brother, Thanos. BA from the Dpt of Music Studies, Faculty of Fine Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki focusing on semiotic analysis. Has obtained the degrees of Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue (class of Kostas Siembis) and Classical Percussion (class of Anastassis Vasileiadis) from the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki where he continues his studies in Composition. MA in Contemporary Studies from the Dpt of Music Studies, Unversity of York, UK, focusing on musicology-composition and percussion, under the supervision of William Brooks and Damien Harron, respectively. Studied drums with Nikos Sidirokastritis. Has followed masterclasses-private lessons of John Taylor, Tatiana Koleva, Jan Pustjens, Mal Waldron, Jeff Boudreaux, Antonis Anissegos, Dimitriadis brothers, etc. He is now teaching music in highschools and performs with the following bands: The prefabricated quartet, Baildsa band, Irene Sinou quartet, Myrto de Con Ticofs, dd ensemble.

12 Christos Barbas Eleni Kallimopoulou Efrén López Panagiotis Poulos Thomas Kostoulas: Dimitris Tasoudis ney, kaval, bansuri, flute kemençe, kamancheh, lavta, voice fretless guitar, azeri tar, afghan rabab, cretan lute lavta, saz bendir, daul, riq, daire, udu drums For booking and more information on the group please contact: tel: