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1 Saint Katherine Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA DOXA The monthly newsletter of Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church Volume 11, Number 2 FEBRUARY 2013 WE DO AS SCRIPTURE SAYS I WOULD LIKE FOR YOU TO TAKE A MOMENT to reminisce on the day that you took your child for the 40-day blessing. This was a day of great joy. This was the day you introduced your child to the world. You did what scripture says you should do. In Leviticus 12:6, we read, When the days of her purification are completed, for a son or for a daughter, she shall bring to the priest at the doorway of the tent of meeting a one year old lamb for a burnt offering and a young pigeon or turtle dove for a sin offering. That is the reason that, on February 2, 40 days after the birth of Christ, we celebrate the feast of the presentation of Christ in the Temple. When Jesus was forty days old, Mary and Joseph took Him to the Temple in Jerusalem. They were not wealthy, so they took two turtle doves with them to offer as a sacrifice at the Temple. As they arrived at the Temple, Mary and Joseph were met by a very old man named Simeon. He was a holy man and was noted as a very intelligent scholar. Simeon spent much time studying about the prophets of Israel. It was during his studies that he learned of the coming of the Messiah. The Jewish people were waiting for the Messiah to come and deliver Israel from their conquerors. From that time on, Simeon spent his time praying for the Messiah to come. He spent many years in prayer. Finally, while Simeon was praying he heard the voice of God. God promised Simeon that he would not die until he had seen the Messiah. We can read the entire account in Luke 2: On the fortieth day, your child is brought to the Temple to be churched, that is, to begin attending church. The child is brought by the mother, who has already been cleansed and washed, accompanied by the intended sponsor at the Baptism. Standing together with the mother, child, and sponsor before the doors of the nave of the church, the priest recites two prayers. The first prayer is for the mother: O Lord God, whoever draws near for the salvation of the human race, come also to this Your servant (Name), and through the prayers of Your venerable Priesthood account her worthy to find refuge in Your holy Catholic Church, to obtain entrance into the Temple of Your Glory, and worthy also to partake of the Precious Body and Blood of Your Christ. In the fulfillment of the forty days, wash away from her every transgression, voluntary and involuntary, so that accounted worthy to enter Your holy Temple, she may glorify with us Your All; Holy Name, of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, both now and ever, and to the ages of ages. Amen. INSIDE THIS ISSUE... Apokreatiko Glendi... 8 Bookstore Book Review... 7 Calendar... 9 Catechetical School... 4 Church Duty Roster Community Pot Luck Dinner.. 10 Daughters of Penelope Directory GMU OCF GOYA (ages 13-18)... 4 GRACE... 7 Greek Article/School... 5 Missions and Outreach... 6 Parish Council... 3 Philoptochos Registry... 4 Safeway e-scrip Silent Prayer Stewardship... 11, Women s Book Club AND MORE! Then, the prayer for the child: O Lord our God, Who on the fortieth day was brought as a child into the Temple of the Law by Mary, the Virgin Bride and Your holy Mother, and was carried in the arms of the righteous Symeon, do You also, Sovereign Master All-Powerful, bless this presented babe that it may appear before You, the Creator of all things. And do You increase in him (her) every good work acceptable to You, removing from him (her) every opposing might by the sign of the likeness of Your Cross; for You are He Who guards infants, O Lord. So that, (Continued on page 12, column 1)

2 Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America Greek Orthodox Metropolis of New Jersey Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA phone facsimile CLERGY Rev. Protopresbyter Konstantinos A. Pavlakos, Proistamenos cell home STAFF Anna Vassilopoulos, Assistant Financial Officer Sophia Tsangali, Secretary/Teacher Roberto Medina-Valdez, Maintenance Supervisor Theodoros Theocharis, Information Technology PARISH COUNCIL Jim Stoucker, President Maria Wills, Vice President Bill Polizos, Secretary George Moshos, Treasurer Art Dimopoulos, Legal Counsel Kelly Alexis Costas Mavromatakis Andrea Ballard Mallamo Mavromatakis Chris Christou Bill Porter Dr. John Demakis Dr. George Silis Peter Karounos Daphne Vaccarello Nick Larigakis Maria Vargas CHURCH SCHOOLS Adult Bible Study (Saturdays) Gregory McKinney Adult Bible Study (Sundays) Bill Polizos Adult Catechetical (Sunday) School Bill Polizos Youth Catechetical (Sunday) School Christian Demeter, Principal Greek School Sophia Tsangali, Principal PAIDEIA Bilingual Preschool Pantelis Psoras MINISTRIES Acolyte Captains Anastasios Galatis, Najy Issa, and Daniel McKinney AHEPA #438 (P. Derzis) Angelo Toutsi Bookstore Christopher and Frances Kalavritinos Book Reviews Gregory McKinney Choirs (Adult and Junior) John Doulis Daughters of Penelope Helle #283 Jane Moore, President DOXA Presv. Pauline Pavlakos Facebook Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church Gregory McKinney GOYA (ages 13-18) Tiffani Wills, President GRACE Fr. Costa Pavlakos Greek Dance Aris and Anna Yortzidis Greek School Auxiliary Elena Lagos, President HOPE (ages 7 and under) Toula Christou JOY (ages 8-12) Tina Papamichael, Director Listserv ( list) Presv. Pauline Pavlakos Missions and Outreach Dr. John Demakis Parish Committees, List of Philoptochos Eleni Kanakos, President Psalters James Loizou, Protopsaltis Safeway escrip Elvira Garnett Website Presv. Pauline Pavlakos Women s Book Club Fay Mpras YAL (Young Adult League) TBD

3 PARISH COUNCIL EDUCATION REMAINS A MAJOR PRIORITY I AM DEEPLY HONORED to again have the opportunity to serve as your Parish Council President was a very good year for our Parish and, with God s blessings, 2013 will be even better! My fellow Executive Committee members (Maria Wills, Vice President; George Moshos, Treasurer; Bill Polizos, Secretary; and Art Dimopoulos, Legal Counsel) are excited at the prospects the new year affords us. Our entire Parish Council looks forward to serving our community and we pledge to always act in your best interests. Last month, the theme of my letter was the journey continues with emphasis on such major initiatives as Stewardship, church maintenance priorities, and other programs that lay ahead. This month, I thought it might be useful to get a little more granular and give you a glimpse into some specific areas that are being addressed as a means of improving services to our community. For example, we are extremely proud of our educational programs, but rather than rest on our laurels, we are always seeking methods to improve our capabilities in these areas: 1. Enrollment procedures for our schools are currently under review and we anticipate a new, streamlined, pre-enrollment process to be in place for our schools before the next school year begins in September. This will not only eliminate chaos and confusion on the first day of classes, but enable our schools to more effectively plan for adequate staffing and class sizes. 2. As I mentioned last month, we are currently exploring the possibility of establishing a Kindergarten for our community. Our Paideia Preschool parents are very supportive and provide a built in pipeline of students that will help make such a venture successful. We have identified key strategic assets to assist us with curriculum and other important matters, including making the necessary overtures to Fairfax County regarding zoning issues. Admittedly, we have numerous issues to address and achieving this objective may not occur in 2013 given bureaucratic hurdles involved, but I thought it important to mention this so everyone might appreciate our focus and the lengths we are willing to go to in order to fulfill the educational needs of our community. 3. We are actively exploring technological improvements for our students, teachers and parents that will enable us to improve communications between all parties while also helping us address long standing educational issues. One such issue begging for a solution will allow Greek School students whose parents do not speak Greek to get help with their homework using an exciting new Distance Learning capability that will enable them to receive real time help and assistance from our teaching staff from the comfort of their homes at designated times simply by accessing a webbased teleconferencing system we anticipate providing. Such a capability will be in place by next September if all goes well. These are only a few of the areas being addressed by your Parish Council. And while more on this later can certainly be applied to everything I ve mentioned above, I hope this little glimpse into just one very vital area of our community gives you all an appreciation for the fact that 2013 is shaping up to be a very busy, productive and successful year. With your support, prayers and God's help, we look forward to making everything discussed above and much more a reality. Jim Stoucker, President, Parish Council 3

4 CATECHETICAL (SUNDAY) SCHOOL THROUGHOUT THE MONTH OF FEBRUARY, our upper grades (the seventh through the twelfth grades) will spend half of each class period learning about Orthodox Church music. We are most fortunate to have Mr. John Doulis help our youth focus on the music that is such a vital part of our Orthodox Church services. Mr. Doulis is developing a youth choir so please contact him at for more information. On February 3, all of our classes will focus on Godparent Sunday. On that day, we are hopeful that those Godparents who can come to our Sunday School with their Godchild will do so. We would like for the Godparent(s) to meet their Godchild s Sunday School teacher and attend Divine Liturgy with their Godchild. During the Sunday School hour (9:30am-10:30am). Godparents can first meet their Godchild s teacher and then attend the adult Bible Study class. We will have available a person to take a photo of any Godparent who wishes to have a picture snapped with his/her Godchild. During this month of February, we shall endeavor to encourage as many of our young people as possible to participate in the 2013 St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival. During our local program, the Catechetical (Sunday) School students, Grades One through Twelve, will not only hear the presentations of our contestants but will also add to the event with short class contributions. Stay tuned to announcements in DOXA and the Sunday Bulletin. We are seeking a volunteer steward to Chair our event but in the meantime, any student or parent who wishes to receive detailed information or ask questions about the Oratorical Festival may contact Mr. Christian Demeter, the Catechetical (Sunday) School Director or Ms. Sophia Tsangali, Principal of the Greek School. We are all looking forward to this month of February. There is much to learn about God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and there are many exciting activities that will take place. GOYA (ages 13-18) GOYA WILL PARTICIPATE in the Saints Constantine and Helen, Richmond Basketball Tournament on February 2-3 and the Saint Nicholas, Baltimore Tournament on February GOYA has church duty on Sunday, February 17, as well as a meeting following the second liturgy. Eleni Voudouris is the GOYA Captain and Epistle Reader. Announcing the 2013 St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival. Your help is needed. The 2013 Oratorical Festival Season has begun across the country, and the children and young adults of Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church are invited to participate. The Oratorical Festival challenges our children and young adults to delve into the rich heritage of the Orthodox Faith as each participant is rewarded though their enrichment in faith and in development of writing and public speaking skills. The topics, tips, and bibliography are available at the Department of Religious Education website at sjcof. Our parish will conduct its festival in the Spring and we need volunteers to help prepare for and conduct the festival. In particular, we need someone to chair the festival. To volunteer, please contact either Christian Demeter at or Ray Vazquez at REGISTRY Chrismation Elizabeth Karamanis (January 6) Congratulations! Funerals John George De Haven Hadgopoulos (December 28) Vasilios Spiridon Kavarligos (December 28) Maria E. Chresohos (December 29) Andreas Alevromagiros (January 5, Loudoun County) Helen Derzis (January 24) May their memory be eternal. LOOKING FOR A TUTOR? Najy Issa, Altar Boy Captain and GOYAn, is offering free tutoring for students, elementary through high school, in the following subjects: Sciences, Math, History. Contact Najy at or 4

5 ΠΡΟΣΕΥΧΗ ΕΠΙΜΟΝΗ ΚΑΙ ΑΔΙΑΛΕΙΠΤΗ Σοφία Δ. Τσαγκάλη ΜΕΤΑ ΤΟΝ ΕΟΡΤΑΣΜΟ ΤΩΝ ΧΡΙΣΤΟΥΓΕΝΝΩΝ περιμένουμε με λαχτάρα την άλλη μεγάλη γιορτή, το Πάσχα! Γι αυτό και προετοιμαζόμαστε κατά την διάρκεια της Μεγάλης Τεσσαρακοστής να το προϋπαντήσουμε με περισσότερη προσευχή, νηστεία και μετάνοια. Θα ασχοληθούμε μόνο με το θέμα της προσευχής, που για να το εξερευνήσουμε ευρύτατα, χρειαζόμαστε πολύ χρόνο. Πολλές φορές έχουμε διαβάσει κι έχουμε μιλήσει για το θέμα της προσευχής, επειδή είναι βασικό και σημαντικό στη ζωή μας. Όλοι πρέπει να προσευχόμαστε. Γιατί η προσευχή είναι, όπως την ονόμασαν, «το ισχυρότατο όπλο των ισχυροτέρων στρατιωτών του Χριστού» και αλλού πάλι, είναι «η κλεις των ουρανίων πυλών». Οι πιστοί, σ όλους τους αιώνες, βρίσκουν καταφύγιο στην προσευχή. Με την προσευχή η ζωή του ανθρώπου γεμίζει από την ευλογία του Θεού. Δεν μπορούμε όμως σήμερα να καλύψουμε όλο το θέμα της προσευχής, αλλά απλά θα επικεντρώσουμε το θέμα σε δύο μόνο πλευρές του, που όλοι μπορούμε να καταλάβουμε και να εφαρμόσουμε. Την πρώτη, ίσως την βρούμε στον Ευαγγελιστή Ματθαίο, κεφάλαιο 15, στίχοι 21 μέχρι 28, στην Χαναναία δηλαδή γυναίκα, που εκεί βλέπουμε την μεγάλη επιμονή της στην προσευχή. Οφείλουμε δηλαδή να επιμένουμε στις προσευχές μας. Με επιμονή να ζητάμε απ τον Θεό πολλές φορές το αίτημά μας. Και τότε θα το πετυχαίνουμε, αρκεί να είναι θεάρεστο και προς το συμφέρον μας. Έτσι έκανε η Χαναναία και ενίκησε, όπως αλλού και ο τυφλός του Ευαγγελίου. Θα καταλάβουμε καλύτερα, γιατί πρέπει να επιμένουμε, αν σκεφτούμε, γιατί ο Θεός δεν απαντάει αμέσως στις προσευχές μας και εμείς νομίζουμε ότι δεν τις ακούει. Αυτό φαίνεται καθαρά στο θαύμα. Δεν απαντάει «μακροθυμών» για το καλό του προσευχομένου. Το δε καλό είναι να αποδειχτεί η πίστη μας στον Θεό. Η επιμονή μας στην προσευχή προϋποθέτει την πίστη μας, γιατί ο Θεός έχει την δύναμη και μπορεί να μας δώσει το ποθούμενο. Αυτή η πίστη, που αποδεικνύεται με την επιμονή μας στην προσευχή, ανοίγει τα θησαυροφυλάκια του Θεού για να μας δώσει ό,τι έχουμε ανάγκη. Επί πλέον, πρέπει να αποδειχτεί και η υπομονή μας στις βουλές Του, για να γίνει πιο θερμή η επιθυμία της ψυχής μας για το ζητούμενο. Όλα αυτά, αν διαβάσουμε την Ευαγγελική περικοπή, έγιναν με την Χαναναία, έτσι, ώστε ο Κύριος να πει με θαυμασμό, «Μεγάλη σου η πίστις»! Κατ αυτόν τον τρόπο η σιωπή του Θεού κάνει φωτεινότερη την ψυχή μας, κάνοντάς μας άξιους να δεχτούμε το ζητούμενο. Όταν επιμένουμε έτσι, το λαβαίνουμε. Θα έρθει δηλαδή στην κατάλληλη ώρα ο Κύριος και θα μας χαρίσει «υπέρ εκ περισσού» τα ζητούμενα. Και η διαβεβαίωση του Κυρίου, «Ποιήσει την εκδίκησιν αυτών εν τάχει». Ίσως καταλάβουμε την άλλη πλευρά, αναφερόμενοι στις δύο λέξεις του αποστόλου Παύλου: «Αδιαλείπτως προσεύχεσθε». Αυτό σημαίνει ότι πρέπει να διατελούμε σε συνεχή επαφή με τον Θεό, ακόμη και όταν δεν στεκόμαστε (Continued on page 13, column 2) ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ/GREEK SCHOOL ΠΕΡΑΣΕ ΚΙ ΟΛΑΣ ΕΝΑΣ ΜΗΝΑΣ απ τον καινούργιο χρόνο που έγινε κι αυτός παρελθόν. Στο σχολείο μας, όπως συμβαίνει και σε κάθε πνευματικό και εκπαιδευτικό ίδρυμα, εργαζόμαστε για να αξιοποιήσουμε όσο το δυνατόν καλύτερα και αποτελεσματικότερα τον χρόνο. Και συγκεκριμένα για τους μαθητές μας αυτό που ενδιαφέρει πιο πολύ είναι η ιδιαιτερότητα του σχολείου. Να αξιοποιήσουμε δηλαδή κατά τον καλύτερο δυνατό τρόπο τον χρόνο μας διαβάζοντας και μαθαίνοντας Ελληνικά με ευχάριστη θέληση και διάθεση είτε βρισκόμαστε στην αίθουσα διδασκαλίας είτε στο σπίτι. Ευχαριστούμε τους γονείς που ήρθαν στο σχολείο τον περασμένο μήνα και συζήτησαν με τους δασκάλους την πρόοδο των παιδιών τους. Στον μήνα Ιανουάριο, όπως κάθε χρόνο, δίνουμε έμφαση στη γιορτή των Τριών Ιεραρχών, των Πολιούχων Αγίων των Ελληνικών γραμμάτων, που γιορτάσαμε στις τάξεις, αλλά και με Αρτοκλασία στην εκκλησία στις 27 Ιανουαρίου. Ο Φεβρουάριος συνήθως είναι ταυτισμένος με τις προετοιμασίες για το Αποκρεάτικο Γλέντι, που, επειδή φέτος το Πάσχα είναι στις 5 Μαϊου, το Αποκρεάτικο Γλέντι θα γίνει στις 9 Μαρτίου και όχι τον Φεβρουάριο, όπως συνηθιζόταν. Όλοι οφείλουμε να το υποστηρίξουμε, είναι για τα παιδιά μας, αλλά εκτός από την ψυχαγωγία που προσφέρει, ενισχύει οικονομικά το σχολείο (Continued on page 13, column 2) GREEK SCHOOL ONE MONTH OF THE NEW YEAR has already passed. As in every spiritual and educational institution, we try to make good and effective use of time in every possible way. We are most concerned with the learning of the Greek language, civilization, tradition in class and home, with a pleasant mood and will. In February, we will focus on the preparations of the Apokreatiko Glendi, scheduled for Saturday, March 9. We hope to see all of you! We will have a great time, just before entering into the Great Lent! The Three Hierarchs celebration by Prometheas will take place February 1, 8:00pm at Saint George in Bethesda. The Ellinomathia certificates will be given to our students February 3, 2:00 p.m. at the Greek Embassy. Congratulations to our students who passed with success the 2012 Comprehensive Examinations in Modern Greek of the Archdiocese. They are: Efthalia Gazia Alpos, Barbara Brewster, Dimitra Christodoulides, Nicholas Papafil, and Demetra Sarantis! Και εις ανώτερα! Important Dates February 1 The Three Hierarchs and the Greek Letters Celebration by Prometheas, at Saint George, Bethesda, MD, 8:00pm February 2 Teachers Meeting, 1:30pm February 3 Godparents Sunday Ellinomathia Certificates at the Greek Embassy, 2:00pm March 9 Apokreatiko Glendi, 5:00pm 5

6 Meeting. Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, February 19 at 7:00pm. OCMC Benefit Dinner. Our fifth annual OCMC Benefit Dinner will take place on Saturday, March 2 at Saint Luke Orthodox Church in McLean. Please support this important event. All proceeds will go to the OCMC and our missionaries around the world. Without events such as this, we would be unable to keep our missionaries in the field. Pan- Orthodox Vespers will start at 5:00pm, hors d oeuvres at 6:00pm, and dinner at 7:00pm. Fr. John Parker, the newly appointed Director of Missions and Evangelism for the Orthodox Church in America (OCA), will be our main speaker. He has been on several mission trips with the OCMC. The title of his presentation is Here I Am Lord, Send Me! How Every Christian Can Accept the Great Commission. For more information, contact Gregory Betty Slanta or Skip Mersereau Tickets are $55 for adults, $30 for children under 18, and free for children under the age of 6. Mission Teams. The OCMC will be sending 13 teams to eight different countries in The teams usually have members from all over the United States. Each mission lasts about three weeks. Each team is unique and may emphasize teaching, construction, evangelism, health care, or youth outreach. Please consider being a short-term missionary. Saint Katherine has sent several short-term missionaries to such places as Tanzania, South Korea, Alaska, Guatemala, and Brazil. Be a missionary!! Our community will help you. Go to the OCMC website at or contact Dr. John Demakis at for a list of the 2013 teams. Update from Tanzania. Our Missionary in Tanzania, Maria Roeber sent in the following report: Had a quiet Christmas here in Bukoba, but we did celebrate with a hierarchical Divine Liturgy served by His Eminence Metropolitan Jeronymos of Happy New Year to you all! I hope that you all enjoyed a blessed Nativity. We Mwanza. My Christmas present was that I received my Tanzanian nursing license, so I am starting to work as a nurse in the health center! My administrative duties have been almost entirely handed over to Tanzanian staff, which is a real blessing to see. I am also hoping to do some volunteer work in the local government hospital's maternity ward soon. There is much for me to learn about tropical medicine and about how to be a nurse in Tanzania, and I look forward to sharing my new discoveries and insights with you in the coming months. God bless you and thank you for your continued prayers for the mission here! Please keep our Orthodox missionaries in your prayers. Below are the names of our Orthodox missionaries sent out by the OCMC. Please keep them in your prayers. a. Albania: Ms. Anastasia Barsdale, The Bando Family, the Hoppe Family b. Guatemala: The Rev. Chakos Family c. Kenya: the Colburn Family, Ms. Christina Semon d. Mongolia:Mr. Kurt Bringerud, Monk Job MISSIONS AND OUTREACH e. Romania: Floyd Franz Family f. Tanzania: Ms. Maria Roeber, the Hargrave Family, Ms. Felice Stewart Habitat for Humanity. Join a team. We were hoping to have another program in West Virginia, but the Habitat directors of West Virginia have changed and this has caused some delay. However, good news!! Our sister parish, Saint George Greek Orthodox Church of Bethesda, MD is planning a program with the Georgetown, Delaware branch of Habitat for Humanity March and they need more volunteers. They have invited us to join their group. If you would like to join their group, contact Kathy Hallas at or if you are interested. Mission Walk on the National Mall. We are planning a Walk for Missions on the National Mall. The walk is planned for the fall of Joseph and Carolyn Perez are chairing the committee to plan this event. More details will be shared as they become available. OCAMPR Conference. We are pleased to announce that the Orthodox Christian Association of Medicine, Psychology and Religion (OCAMPR) has decided to have their annual meeting at Saint Katherine on November 1 and 2. This will coincide with the feast day SS. Kosmas and Damianos. The topic is The Clinical and Pastoral Care of the Aging Patient. The keynote speaker will be His Grace, Bishop John, an auxiliary Bishop for the Antiochian Diocese of Worcester, MA. Bishop John holds a Doctor of Ministry degree in Pastoral Care from Pittsburgh Theology School and a Master of Divinity from St. Vladimir s Seminary. Parts of the meeting will be open to the public. We hope to be able to have a Health Fair during the meeting. More details to follow, but save the dates. HOMELESS SHELTER Visit by Homeless Shelter s director. Mr. Thomas Nichols, the director of Bailey s Crossroads Homeless Shelter, spoke at our last Missions meeting. He thanked us for the 250 hygiene and survival kits that were put together with our entire community in late December. He also thanked us for our monthly visit to feed the homeless at the shelter and bringing in clothes on a weekly basis. Feed the Homeless schedule. Our church organization cooked for and served dinner to the homeless as follows: Daughters of Penelope on February 26, Adult Bible Class in March and April, and Paideia Preschool on April 12. Greek School will serve lunch on April 13 and Vacation Bible Camp will serve on June 27. Thanks to all our organizations for helping in this important ministry. Clothing and toiletries collections. We continue to collect new and used (clean) clothing and toiletries for the shelter. There is a collection bin in the foyer of our community (Continued on page 13, column 2) 6

7 BOOK REVIEW Gregory McKinney Words of Life. Fr. George Dimopoulos. Llewllyn & McKane, Inc pages. Paperback. The Church Year (Celebration of Faith, Vol. 2). Fr. Alexander Schmemann. St. Vladimir s Seminary Press pages. Paperback. This month s books both express two concepts: 1) recapturing the beauty and centrality of the Church year in our lives, and 2) as Christ speaks to those who have ears to hear, preparing ourselves prior to liturgy and the feast days of the Church. Words of Life is a compilation of Fr. Dimopoulos sermons arranged according to the liturgical year and themed by the Gospel reading for that Sunday or feast day. He makes the book s purpose clear in the introduction: It is the exhortation and warm admonition of St. Chrysostomos to the lay people to prepare themselves on Saturday night for the next day, in order to hear the Scriptural readings, and not to go unprepared on Sunday. This book will help in the same way. The 53 short chapters reflect the mind of a warm and humble man concerned with guiding his flock through the challenges of daily life. They read like the sermons that they are, written in a straight-forward and clear voice and chock full of scriptural references. Autographed copies are available in our bookstore. It s a different story for The Church Year, as the book has been allowed to go out of print. Part of the reason is that there are numerous dated references to Soviet Russia and the situation of the Church there. However, there is much much more in the slim book; keep an eye out for it in religious and used bookstores. Part I is a short group of essays examining the spirit of celebration within Orthodoxy and focusing on Pascha, the root of all our joy. Why focus on Church life as celebration? Fr. Schmemann says: And this is exacting the meaning of the feast: man liberating himself from a life chained solely to necessity and unbreakable law. man does not simply rest, he celebrates. And this is why through man in celebration, that one best appreciates the meaning of various faiths and worldviews. Put another way, Tell me what you celebrate, and I will tell you who you are (p. 17) Part II tells us who we are in light of our feasts, featuring 23 essays based on important feast days across the church year. Of the feast that falls on February 2, he says: I have seen the child, who brings the world so much divine love and who gives himself to me. Nothing is feared, nothing is unknown, all is now peace, thanksgiving and love. This is (Continued in next column) GRIEF Stephanie J. DeMartino We all grieve differently Some grieve quietly Solemn in their grief not wanting To show their pain While some are loud Letting the pain out for all to see and then beginning The long battle of healing Some hold their grief in for so long That eventually it eats at them Causing them to misdirect it In different ways unknowingly pointing The pain of loss toward others not wanting of it or deserving When instead they should be letting go and moving on Grief is not a friend For it makes one angry, sad, exhausted, and confused Grief is an unwanted guest for it stays for a long, long, time Seemingly never wanting to leave Once in a while it will allow some peace but for only a brief time span It would rather curl its black tentacles around and keep you in its grip forever And then one day you realize you're starting to feel a little better As the seasons change so do we In time we shall heal You start to get back into your routine and realize grief is finally Packing up to end its long overstayed visit For it was a long process this visit from grief Each day gets a little better Keep on moving Stay busy One day, grief is finally gone Until the next time it is required to visit again Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church offers a grief support group, GRACE (Grief Recovery: Accepting, Coping, and Evolving). For further information, please call Fr. Costa Pavlakos at Thank you to Maria Papageorgiou for these monthly contributions. (Continued from previous column) what the [Presentation of our Lord in the Temple] brings (p. 73) Fr. G. Dimopoulos (+ 2012) was a graduate of the Halki Theological Seminary. He served in churches in Turkey, Greece, Canada, and the United States, teaching at St. Tikhon s and Savonarola Seminaries in Pennsylvania. Fr A. Schmemann (+ 1983) was dean and professor of Liturgical Theology at St.Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary. 7

8 ANNUAL APOKREATIKO GLENDI BY THE SAINT KATHERINE GREEK SCHOOL Saturday, March 9, pm - 11 pm $40 per adult* $15 per child (4-13)* Buffet Dinner, Dancing, Games, and More! Huge raffle, prizes for best costume, dance contest... many more surprises! This fun family event is open to the entire community! *Tickets sold in person and online Go to Apokreatiko Glendi For more info, contact: Elena Lagos ( or Sophia Tsangali ( ) 8

9 FEBRUARY 2013 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 5:00pm Greek School 2 Presentation of Our Lord 9:30am Orthros 10:30am Divine Liturgy SS. C&H, Richmond Basketball Tourney 9:30am Greek School 1:30pm GS Tchrs Mtg. 3 15th Sunday of Matthew Godparent Sunday 8:00am Divine Liturgy 9:30am Orthros and Catechetical Schools 10:30am Divine Liturgy 4 5:00pm Greek School Tutoring Class 5 Adult Greek School 6:00pm Introductory II 7:30pm Introductory I 6 10:00am Silent Prayer 10:30am Wmn s Book Club 3:00pm GMU OCF 6pm Conversational Greek 7pm Greek Folk Dance 7:30pm Basketball (G.S. and Paidiea Parents) 7 Adult Greek School 6:00pm Intermediate 7:30pm Advanced 7:30pm Choir 8 5:00pm Greek School 7:00pm Community Pot Luck Dinner and Presentation on Miracles 9 St. Nicholas, Baltimore Basketball Tournament 9:30am Greek School 1:30pm Greek School Teachers Meeting 10 16th Sunday of Matthew 8:00am Divine Liturgy 9:30am Orthros and Catechetical Schools 10:30am Divine Liturgy 11 5:00pm Greek School Tutoring Class 7:30pm Deuteri Deutera 12 Adult Greek School 6:00pm Introductory II 7:30pm Introductory I 7:00pm Missions Meeting 13 6pm Conversational Greek 7pm Greek Folk Dance 7:30pm Basketball (G.S. and Paidiea Parents) 14 Adult Greek School 6:00pm Intermediate 7:30pm Advanced 7:30pm Choir 15 5:00pm Greek School 16 9:30am Challenge Liturgy at Saint George 9:30am Greek School 12pm Deadline for March DOXA 17 17th Sunday of Matthew 8:00am Divine Liturgy 9:30am Orthros and Catechetical Schools 10:30am Divine Liturgy GOYA Church Duty 18 President s Day (Office Closed) 19 Adult Greek School 6:00pm Introductory II 7:30pm Introductory I 7:00pm Missions Meeting 20 10:00am Silent Prayer 10:30am Wmn s Book Club 6pm Conversational Greek 7pm Greek Folk Dance 7:30pm Basketball (G.S. and Paidiea Parents) 7:30pm Parish Council 21 12:00pm Seniors Valentines Day Luncheon Adult Greek School 6:00pm Intermediate 7:30pm Advanced 7:30pm Choir 22 5:00pm Greek School 23 9:30am Greek School 24 16th Sunday of Luke 8:00am Divine Liturgy 9:30am Orthros and Catechetical Schools 10:30am Divine Liturgy 25 5:00pm Greek School Tutoring Class 26 DOP Feeding the Homeless at Bailey s X-Roads Adult Greek School 6:00pm Introductory II 7:30pm Introductory I 27 6pm Conversational Greek 7pm Greek Folk Dance 7:30pm Basketball (G.S. and Paidiea Parents) 28 Adult Greek School 6:00pm Intermediate 7:30pm Advanced 7:30pm Choir Please check the online calendar, for the most current information.

10 PHILOPTOCHOS (by Eleni Kanakos, President) ON BEHALF OF THE PHILOPTOHOS, I would like to thank our community for the generous donations made to Saint Basil s Academy. Your contributions make a significant difference in the lives of these children. Our annual Valentine's Day Luncheon will be held on Thursday, February 21, 12:00pm, in the Meletis Charuhas Hall. Everyone is welcome! The chairwomen are Evdoxia Mitchell, Eleni Papastergiou, Andrea Ballard, Elvira Garnett, and Kathy Cavallo. Thank you in advance for all your hard work in preparation for this event. The new Philoptohos directory will be distributed at the luncheon. To reserve your seat for the Valentine's Day Luncheon, please contact Evdoxia Mitchell at or me, Eleni Kanakos, at I hope to see you all there. A friendly reminder to send in your 2013 dues if you haven t already done so. And, as always, thank you kindly for your support! SAINT KATHERINE BOOKSTORE PLEASE VISIT OUR CHURCH BOOKSTORE in the community center after the Liturgy. We carry a wide assortment of Orthodox books, icons, and other items to enrich your spiritual life. Saint Katherine Bookstore is an outreach ministry of Saint Katherine Church. We try to be open most Sundays after each Liturgy. If you need to visit the bookstore during the week, please contact the church secretary, Ms. Sophia Tsangali, at We thank you for your support of our ministry. WOMEN S BOOK CLUB WE HAVE JUST STARTED the first 32 pages of our new book, Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo and it is for sale in our church bookstore. We will meet on February 6 and 20 from 10:30am until noon in the second room to the right of our church office. We meet every other Wednesday and take a break during the summer. I m sure we will have some interesting discussions with this book that deals with the subject of near-death experiences. If you would like to experience our book club, this is the perfect opportunity since our current book is only 155 pages and is a New York Times bestseller. Fellowship and spiritual growth are our goals. We also have a silent prayer session for all who seek some extra peace in our sometimes hectic lives from 10:00am to 10:25am. If you have any questions, please or call GMU OCF Fr. Costas will meet with students at George Mason University for Orthodox Christian Fellowship on Wednesday, February 6, 3:00pm by the bookstore in the Johnson Center. DAUGHTERS OF PENELOPE (by Jane Moore, Pres.) The Ric Edelman Financial Seminar that Helle Chapter cosponsored with the the AHEPA #438 Peter N. Derzis Chapter in January was a great success. We had two wonderful financial planners who gave us lots of great financial information and advice as well as answering many of our questions. Helle Chapter would like to thank all our AHEPA Brothers for helping to make this event such a success. Also in January, Helle Chapter welcomed two new ladies to our Sisterhood: Eula Balis and Linda Taousakis. In February, the Helle Sisters will be attending our District #3 Mid-Year Workshop in Richmond on Saturday February 9. It is a one-day event, and we are organizing a carpool from Saint Katherine. If you would like to attend, please call Jane Kalomatis Moore ( ) We are also going to be cooking and feeding the residents at the Bailey s Crossroads Homeless Shelter on Tuesday, February 26. We need your support! If you can help us either prepare, deliver, or serve the meals, please call Kathy Cavallo ( ) And, it s that time of year again! Our Fashions Around The Tea Tables is being planned for Sunday, May 19. So ladies, get your creativity going! It promises to be a wonderful event! Our next meeting will be held on Sunday, February 10, following the 2nd Liturgy. We will meet in the large classroom in the Meletis- Charuhas Center. From all the Sisters in Helle Chapter #283, best wishes to you! PLEASE JOIN US! COMMUNITY POT LUCK DINNER (OPEN TO EVERYONE!) Friday, February 8, 7:00pm The church will provide drinks and dessert. You should bring a main dish (enough to feed your family, plus one). Join us in fellowship as a community and make new friends! We will have a presentation on Miracles. See you there! RSVP to or by Monday, February 4, so we have an idea of how much to buy. 10

11 ΠΡΟΣΕΥΧΗ ΓΙΑ ΤΗΝ ΟΙΚΟΓΕΝΕΙΑ ΜΑΣ Χριστέ μoυ, Εσύ που έγινες άνθρωπος για την σωτηρία μας, Εσύ που μεγάλωσες και ανετράφεις μέσα σε μία άγια και ευλογημένη οικογένεια, ευλόγησε και την δική μας οικογένεια. Έλα να κατοικήσεις μέσα στην καρδιά μας. Σε παρακαλούμε να γίνεις Εσύ ο κηδεμών και ο σύντροφός μας, ο καλός σύμβουλος και διδάσκαλος, βοηθός και γιατρός των ασθενειών μας. Χάρισέ μας την ομόνοια, την ειρήνη, την αγάπη, την αμοιβαία ανοχή, την μακροθυμία, την ενότητα, την υπομονή και πάσα αρετή. Χάρισέ μας τα πλούσια αγαθά Σου, τα πνευματικά και τα υλικά. Αξίωσέ μας ημέρα και νύχτα να Σε δοξάζουμε, να Σε ευλογούμε, να Σε ευχαριστούμε με καρδιά γεμάτη ευγνωμοσύνη. Διαφύλαξε την οικογένειά μας από κάθε αμαρτία και από κάθε πονηρή πράξη. Προστάτευσέ μας από κάθε βέλος με το οποίο επιδιώκει να μας χτυπήσει ο εχθρός και από κάθε σκοτεινή και εχθρική δύναμη. Να περιορίζεται το άγχος, το τρέξιμο, οι εκνευρισμοί, οι φωνές, οι διαπληκτισμοί και να μην γίνονται η αιτία να μειώνουν την χαρά και την ευτυχία μέσα στην οικογένεια. Να έχουμε μεγαλύτερη εμπιστοσύνη σε Σένα γιατί πάνω από τις δικές μας ανθρώπινες προσπάθειες και θυσίες βρίσκεσαι Εσύ που μας καθοδηγείς. Σου εναποθέτουμε με Πίστη τα θέματά μας με την ελπίδα ότι θα προστατεύεις την οικογένειά μας και θα της χαρίζεις μαζί με τα απαραίτητα επίγεια αγαθά και την χαρά της Βασιλείας Σου. Οδήγησέ μας σε επικοδομητικές συγκεντρώσεις, σε κύκλους που μεταδίδουν γνώσεις της χριστιανικής αλήθειας, σε ευκαιρίες πνευματικού καταρτισμού και ψυχικής μορφώσεως. Η οικογένειά μας να έχει γερά θεμέλια, έδαφος στερεό, ώστε τίποτα να μην μπορεί να την σαλεύσει. Ζητούμε να μας βοηθήσεις να καλλιεργούμε στην ζωή μας την σωφροσύνη, την ηθική ακεραιότητα, την καθαρότητα. Να καλλιεργούμε την σωστή κοινωνικότητα. Να ενδιαφερόμαστε για τις ανάγκες και για τα προβλήματα της κοινωνίας. Να εκδηλώνουμε όχι τυπικά αλλά ειλικρινά την χαρά μας στα ευχάριστα γεγονότα των φίλων μας. Να συμμετέχουμε με αγάπη εξ ίσου και στα λυπηρά γεγονότα των συνανθρώπων μας όταν είναι βυθισμένοι είς το πένθος, στους πονεμένους όταν ο θάνατος άρπαξε απο την αγκαλιά τους ένα προσφιλές μέλος. Να προσφέρουμε την προσευχή, την παράκληση, την ενίσχυση, την ανακούφιση, την συμπόνοια και έμπρακτα να βοηθάμε τους συνανθρώπους μας. Να γινόμαστε παρήγοροι των πονεμένων, των αρρώστων, των ορφανών, των χηρών. Στις δύσκολες στιγμές των πειρασμών και των εξάρσεων να συγχωρούμε ο ένας τον άλλον. Να βαστάζουμε αλλήλων τα βάρη όπως επισημαίνει και ο Ιωάννης ο Δαμασκηνός. Επειδή δεν υπάρχει άνθρωπος χωρίς ελαττώματα, η σχολαστική επίκριση των παραπτωμάτων των άλλων δεν βοηθάει αλλά, η αλληλοσυμπλήρωση και αλληλοδιόρθωση των μελών της οικογένειας. Σε ευχαριστούμε Χριστέ μου, γιατί η οικογένεια αποτελεί μίαν από τις πλέον θαυμαστές ενέργειες του Θεού προς την σωτηρία των ανθρώπων. Όπως αναφέρουν οι Πατέρες είναι οδός η οποία οδηγεί τα μέλη της εις την βασιλείαν των ουρανών. Σε ευχαριστούμε που ο νόμος Σου είναι σπλαχνικός ακι ευεργετικός. Αποβλέπει εις το να κάνει τον άνθρωπο ευτυχή και μακάριο. Εγώ ήλθον εβεβαίωσεν ο Κύριος, ίνα ζωήν έχωσι οι άνθρωποι και περισσόν έχωσιν. (Ιωάν. ι 10). Οσοι πιστεύουν εις εμέ να έχουν όχι απλώς στοιχεία ζωής, πλούτου ζωής, αλλά ζωή που να πλημμυρίζει το εσωτερικόν των και να αισθάνωνται άρρητον ευφροσύνη και αγαλλίασιν! Χριστέ μου, σε Σένα στηρίζουμε την οικογένειά μας και Σε παρακαλούμε έλα να γίνεις Εσύ ο νοικοκύρης του σπιτιού μας! Αμήν STEWARDSHIP FORM Stewardship is based on the fact that all that we have and all that we are comes from God. We commit ourselves to stewardship as a way of thanking God for all His blessings returning to Him a portion of the time, talent, and treasure He has given us. Good stewardship of time means we share some the 168 hours in a week with God and caring for others. Good stewardship of talent means we identify our talents and use them to glorify God and help other people. Good stewardship of treasure means we give a portion of our income to the Church and other charities. During the year 2013, we ask that everyone consider fulfilling their stewardship on weekly basis. This will allow our church to better plan activities and expenses. I (my family) pledge(s) $ per week of financial stewardship to Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church. Name: Address: City, State, Zip: Telephone and address: 11

12 SUNDAY CHURCH DUTY ROSTER February 3, :00am Andrea Ballard, Captain Peter Karounos Kelly Alexis Costas Mavromatakis Chris Christou George Moshos Art Dimopoulos February 10, :00am Dr. George Silis, Captain Daphne Vaccarello Kelly Alexis Maria Vargas Andrea Ballard Maria Wills Jim Stoucker February 17, :00am C. Mavromatakis, Captain Bill Porter Andrea Ballard Dr. George Silis George Moshos Daphne Vaccarello Bill Polizos February 24, :00am Maria Wills, Captain George Moshos Art Dimopoulos Bill Polizos Peter Karounos Bill Porter Costas Mavromatakis February 3, :30am Dr. John Demakis, Captain (4 volunteers) Mallamo Mavromatakis Bill Polizos Bill Porter February 10, :30am Chris Christou, Captain (4 volunteers) Dr. John Demakis Peter Karounos Nick Larigakis February 17, :30am Jim Stoucker, Captain Eleni Voudouris, GOYA Mallamo Mavromatakis Capt. and Epistle Reader, Maria Vargas plus 5 other GOYAns. Maria Wills February 24, :30am Kelly Alexis, Captain (4 volunteers) Dr. John Demakis Jim Stoucker Maria Vargas (Continued from page 1) accounted worthy of holy Baptism, he (she) may obtain the portion of Your Elect of the Kingdom, being protected with us by the Grace of the Holy Consubstantial and Undivided Trinity. For unto You do we send up Glory, Honor and Worship, with Your Eternal Father and Your All; Holy, Good and Lifecreating Spirit, both now and ever, and to the ages of ages. Amen. The priest then takes the child into his hands and proceeds to the altar saying, The servant of God is churched in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We end this blessing service reiterating the words of Saint Simeon when he took the baby Jesus in his arms and said, Lord, now let Your servant go in peace according to Your promise, because my eyes have seen Your salvation which you have prepared before the face of all peoples, a light to bring revelation to the Gentiles, and the glory to your people Israel. Now that you, the parents, did as the scripture told you, the next step was the Sacrament of Baptism. I invite every one of you to come to church on Sunday, February 3, Godparent Sunday, with your children and their Godparent. I invite all of you who were chrismated to come to church with your sponsor. Come to church together on that day to celebrate Godparent Sunday! Yours in Christ, P.S. Please come to the Community Pot Luck Dinner on Friday, February 8 at 7:00pm. A special presentation on Miracles will be given. Stop by our table, after both liturgies or you can fill out the form below and put it in the offering basket, to register your card for the Safeway program benefitting our church. For more information, contact Elvira Garnett at or ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Safeway Card # First and Last Name Address Home Phone # Hellenic Society Promotheas invites you to two presentations at Saint George Church, 7701 Bradley Blvd, Bethesda, On February 1, 8:00pm, a presentation by Dr. James Skedros, Professor of Byzantine Studies at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, on St. Basil the Great and the Creation of a Christian Hellenism and, on February 15, a presentation by Despina Skenderis-Fourniades, Editor of Mediterranean Quarterly Journal and long-time Promotheas board member, on Our Asia Minor Heritage. The lectures will be in English and receptions will follow. 12

13 SAINT KATHERINE PROFESSIONAL AND BUSINESS DIRECTORY PLEASE CONSIDER LISTING your profession or business on our church website. Please fill out the order form, available at misc_forms, in its entirety. If you choose to list only your profession, please fill out that portion only. If you choose to list your business, please fill out that portion only. The cost per year is $25 for a professional listing and $100 for a business listing. The directory is online at You may choose to renew your listing automatically for the next year by checking the box on the order form. If you are paying by credit card, your card will be charged for the renewal on or about January 1, If you are paying with cash or by check, you will be contacted prior to your renewal date. Credit card payments may be made on the church website via PayPal. All listings will be reviewed and acceptance will be determined at the discretion of the Business Directory Committee. A printed version of the directory will be distributed annually with listing additions available quarterly. Below are samples of how your listing will appear on our website. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Professions: Engineering George Pappas Electrical Engineer Businesses: Places of Worship Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church 3149 Glen Carlyn Road, Falls Church, VA Remember, you can go to about_us/misc_forms for an order form and to to view the directory. We look forward to receiving your listing! (Continued from page 5, column 1) σε προσευχή τις τακτικές μας ώρες, που συνήθως προσευχόμαστε πρωί και βράδυ. Με άλλα λόγια να μην συναντιόμαστε με τον Θεό μόνο πρωί και βράδυ, αλλά πιο συχνά. π.χ. Στο αυτοκίνητό μας, πηγαίνοντας στην δουλειά μας, μπορούμε ενδόμυχα να πούμε δυο λόγια προσευχής. Θυμόμαστε μια ευεργεσία, αμέσως μπορούμε να πούμε ένα «Δόξα σοι ο Θεός». Κάνουμε μία διακοπή από την εργασία μας, μπορούμε να ζητήσουμε τον Θεό να μας φωτίσει στο έργο μας. Κοιτάζοντας ένα ηλιοβασίλεμα, μία ανατολή, σ ένα περίπατο στο δάσος, γενικώς παρατηρώντας την όμορφη φύση, τα μεγαλεία του Θεού, να συνηθίσουμε να υψώνουμε την ψυχή μας και να δοξάζουμε τον Θεό με προσευχή, μέ λόγια, με ύμνο. Σε ένα κίνδυνο, σε μιά θλίψη επίσης μπορούμε να προσευχηθούμε. Σ ένα πειρασμό ή σε μιά πτώση πάλι μπορούμε να πούμε: «Θεέ μου, συγχώρησέ με». Σε ιεραποστολή επίσης ζητάμε την θεία ενίσχυση. Τελειώνοντας, στο «αδιαλείπτως προσεύχεσθε» υπάγεται και κάθε πνευματική απασχόληση του νου μας. π.χ. Όταν σκεπτόμαστε τον Θεό, το θέλημά Του, όταν μελετούμε την Αγία Γραφή και άλλα ιερά βιβλία, όταν ακούμε ένα κήρυγμα, όταν αγαλλιάζει η ψυχή μας από το μάθημα του Κατηχητικού. Είναι καιρός πλέον να αφήσουμε να ζυμωθεί η προσευχή με την ζωή μας. Όπως είπαμε θα το πετύχουμε με την επιμονή και την αδιάλειπτη προσευχή. Ας εξασκήσουμε λοιπόν τον εαυτό μας περισσότερο στην προσευχή και θα δούμε πλούσιους τους καρπούς στην ζωή μας. (Continued from page 5, column 2) και τα προγράμματά του, διαιωνίζοντας την Ελληνική γλώσσα, τον πολιτισμό, την παράδοση. Κατά συνέπεια και την εκκλησία μας, αφού τα παιδιά μας θα αποτελέσουν τους αυριανούς οικογενειάρχες και την αυριανή Ελληνο- Αμερικανική-Ορθόδοξη κοινωνία. Η γιορτή των Τριών Ιεραρχών του Προμηθέα θα γίνει στον Άγιο Γεώργιο, Βethesda, Maryland την 1 η Φεβρουαρίου, 8:00 μ.μ., η δε απονομή των πιστοποιητικών Ελληνομάθειας στις 3 Φεβρουαρίου, 2:00 μ.μ., στην Ελληνική Πρεσβεία. Ευχαριστούμε τον Δρα. Αντώνιο Μαρμαρινό και τους συναδέλφους εκπαιδευτικούς του Γραφείου Εκπαίδευσης της Ελληνικής Πρεσβείας για το διαφωτιστικό επιμορφωτικό Σεμινάριο που μας χάρισαν στις 19 Ιανουρίου. Θερμά Συγχαρητήρια στους μαθητές μας που πέρασαν με επιτυχία τα 2012 Comprehensive Examinations in Modern Greek της Αρχιεπισκοπής: Ευθαλία Γαζία Άλπου, Βαρβάρα Brewster, Νικόλαος Papafil, Δήμητρα Σαράντη, Δήμητρα Χριστοδουλίδη. Και εις ανώτερα! (Continued from page 6) center. They are in special need of warm winter clothing coats, scarves, gloves, hats, etc. A big thanks to members of our Missions and Outreach Committee for taking the clothes and toiletries to the Shelter every week. 13

14 STEWARDSHIP SHOWN BELOW is a list of families and individuals who participated in the 2012 Saint Katherine Stewardship Program. Thank you for responding to the needs of our church. If you have not yet sent you 2013 pledge, please complete the stewardship form on page 11 and return it to the Church Office as soon as possible. Alternatively, you may pledge online today at stewardship. Your church and community depend on your stewardship commitment. Any questions? Please contact Anna Vassilopoulos at or M/M Evangelos Abatzis Donald and Irenelee Adams Media Adrikos Mr Frank Agnos M/M John Agnos AHEPA CHAPTER No. 438 Dr/Mrs James Alatis M/M Tony Alexis M/M Dimitri Alexson M/M Peter Aliferis M/M Elias Alpos Hiyam Amireh M/M James Anagnos M/M Larry Anagnos M/M Anastasios Anastasiou Ms Helen Anderson M/M John Andre Mr Alexandros Andreou M/M Paul Anson M/M Tasie Anton Mrs Voula Antonaiou M/M Antonios Antonis Mr Nick Antonopoulos M/M George Apostolou Mr Pericles Apostolou Dr/Mrs Nicholas Argerson Mr James Argodale M/M Nektarios Athanasiou M/M Michael Bakatsias Mrs Panagiota Bakatsias Mrs Carole Balides Capt/Mrs James Ballard M/M James Ballis M/M Konstantinos Balos M/M Andreas Baltatzis Mr Richard Bambacus Dr/Dr George Banks Mrs Sophie Barfield Mrs Hope Bazaco M/M Thomas Bean M/M Tom Beck Dr Dean Bellas M/M Cosmos Bells Mrs Irene Bells M/M Matthew Benard M/M Brad Bennink M/M George Bilidas M/M Adam Birnbaum Mr Lambros Bisbikis and Mrs Georgia Siozios Ms Kelly Bletsis Mr Bokis & Mrs Papadopoulou-Bokis Mr Basil Boobas Mrs Eleni Boosalis and Mr Cary Scott M/M George Boosalis M/M Peter Boosalis M/M Jeff Borst Mrs Barbara Bosworth Ms Beth Botsis M/M Theodore Bousbouras Mrs Stella Brackman M/M Scott Bravi M/M Lewis Brickates M/M John Broening M/M Theodoros Brotsis M/M David Buddendeck Mr Dennis Burke Mrs Theresa Burrage M/M Bryan Burton M/M Elias Burton M/M John Calamos Col/Mrs Paul Calbos M/M Edward Cameron M/M Michael Campbell, Jr Mrs Catherine Speleos Canard Mrs Gisella Caparell M/M John Capetanakis M/M Aggie Capsalis M/M Manuel Capsalis Mrs Mandy Caras Ms Daniela Carcani M/M Thomas Cardamone, Jr M/M Alexander Carr M/M Todd Carr Ms Olympia Carranza Dr/Mrs Dumitru Carstea M/M Adam Caskey Mrs Katherine Cavallo Mrs Anna Chaconas M/M Christopher Chaconas Mr Paul Chaconas Mrs Georgia Chakeris M/M Pete Chambers M/M Demetris Charalambous M/M George Charuhas Mr Telly Charuhas Miss Antonia Chelpon M/M Constantine Chelpon Miss Ekaterina Chelpon M/M Harry Chelpon Mr Mikhail Chelpon Rev/Presv Theodore Chelpon Mr Eddie Cheris M/M Louis Cherpes M/M Mark Cherpes Mr/Ms Peter Cherpes M/M Emmanuel Chiaparas M/M Herve Chignon Mrs Emerald Chiotakis M/M John Chipouras M/M Louis Cholakis Ms Afrodite Christ M/M George Christacos Dr Nicole Christacos M/M Stavros Christacos Dr/Mrs Joseph Christodoulide M/M Constantis Christofi Mrs Eugenia Christofi and Mr Carlos Arias Dr Andrew Christopher M/M Aristotle Christou M/M Chris Christou M/M Christos Christou M/M Paul Christou M/M Athanasios Chronis Miss Ljiljana Ciric Mrs Mirjana Ciric M/M Nick Colic Mr Constantine Constant Mrs Froso Constant Dr/Mrs James Constantine Mrs Ileana Constantinescu Dr George Contis Ms Constance Contompasis Col/Mrs Harry Contos Mrs Argery Cooke Ms Christine Cope Mrs Anastasia Copeland Dr Susan Coronis M/M Gus Costas M/M Adamantios Coulouris M/M Gus Coutlakis Mrs Galatia Cowan Adm/Mrs Robert Cowley Mrs Betty Craten Mr Michael Dakes M/M Stephen Dakes Mrs Theodosia Dampier Ms Elena Danigelis M/M Ivan Danzig Dr/Mrs Nicholas Darzenta Mr Lycurgus Davey M/M Michael Davey Ms Dorothea Davidian Dr/Dr Elias Debbas Mr Apostolos Dedes and Mrs Eva Tzanavara M/M James Dehart M/M John Delta Dr/Mrs John Demakis Mrs Antoinette Demeres M/M Christian Demeter M/M Demetrios Demetriou Ms Elpida Demetriou M/M Lambros Demetriou M/M Peter Demetriou Ms Venetia Demson Mrs Helen Derzis M/M James DeSatnick Mrs Mary Diakides Miss Alexandra Diapoulis M/M Nicholas Diapoulis Ms Georgia Dimitras M/M Alexios Dimopoulos M/M Arthur Dimopoulos Dr/Mrs Harry Dinella Mr Stephen Dinos and Dr Evie Cavros Mr James Dishaw DOP Helle #283 Mr Nicholas Dopuch M/M John Doulis Mr/Dr Steven Doulis Mr Gregory Drake Ms Mary Drakoulis M/M Stavros Drosos M/M Demetrios Droumbani Ms Michaela Duta Mrs Angeliki Economopoulos and Derek Bills Mrs Nicolitsa Economou Mr Paul Economou Mrs Catherine Edgington M/M Christos Elefantis M/M Michael Emanuel M/M James Eskinzes M/M Christopher Euripides M/M Emmanouel Fattahi Mr Ferssizidis and Mrs Ferssizidis Zorba Ms Rosemary Filou M/M Samuel Fischer M/M Dennis Floros Mr George Floros M/M Nicholaos Floros M/M Pete Floros Ms Anna Flossos Ms Ioanna Flossos M/M Stephanos Flossos Mrs Dianne Kavros Fogarty Ms Despina Foster M/M Spiros Fotelargias M/M Vasilios Fotinos Mrs Vasiliki Fotopoulous M/M James Francis M/M Stephen Francis Mr Demetrios Gadonas M/M Dimitrios Gadonas Mr William Galanis M/M Demetrios Galatis M/M Richard Gamble Ltc/ Mrs Dennis Garbis M/M John Garbis Ms Korinna Garbis M/M Martin Gardner M/M David Garnett Mrs Effie Gasparis M/M Nicholas Gasparis M/M Chris Gavras Mrs Aspasia Georgatos M/M Evans George M/M George Georgeadis Mrs Angelina Georgelas Ms Mary Georghiou M/M Frank Gerow, Jr Mrs Helen Gianelos M/M George Giatas Mrs Helen Glekas Mrs Eleni Goldsmith M/M Arthur Gomez M/M Dimitrios Goranitis Mr Ioannis Goranitis M/M Chad Gorman M/M Christos Gougoufkas Ms Areti Gourzis M/M John Gouvis M/M Peter Gouvis GOYA M/M John Granville M/M George Greanias Ms Joanna Greig M/M Spiro Grivas M/M Mark Gull M/M Michael Haddad Mrs Christina Kehayia Hadigian M/M Andreas Hadjichristodoulou Ms Hera- Maria Hadjidamianou Ms Thecla Hadjidamianou Mr Menbere Haile M/M John Hall M/M Donald Halstead M/M Leonidas Hantzopoulos Mrs Antigone Harocopos Mrs Maria Hatzikonstantinou Ms Diane Gatsis Havinga M/M Karl Hickson Ms Georgia Higley M/M Dimitrios Hios Mr Bill Hittle M/M John Hittle M/M Everet Hoeg M/M Bryan Holloway Mrs Agoritsa Holmes Mr Steve Hondros M/M Keith Horenstein M/M James Howard Ms Alissa Iatridis Mrs Eftihia Ioannidou Mrs Hariklia Ioannou M/M Iacovos Ioannou Mr Clinton Irby M/M James Jatras M/M Scott Jemison Mr James Jeweler M/M John Jeweler Ms Kim Johnson M/M Timothy Johnson Dr Subir Jossan and Mrs Eleni Boosalis M/M Tom Jouvanis Mr Benjamin Jurado and Mrs Smaragda Strifas Mr Christ Kacoyannakis and Mrs Nancy Thompson Mrs Irene Kakaviatos Mr Kalamatianos & Mrs Adamopoulos M/M James Kalaris Mr Mark Kalaris M/M Christopher Kalavritinos Mrs Maria Kalis Mr Michael Kalis Mr Nicholas Kalis M/M Tim Kalyvas Ms Christina Kanakis M/M Tom Kanakos Mr Constan Kanellos Mr John Kapelos and Mrs Niki Viglas M/M George Kapetanakis Mrs Konstantina Kapetanakis Ms Joanna Kappas M/M Bill Kapsidelis Mrs Koula Karabelas M/M William Karabelas M/M Harry Karageorge Mr Ntinos Karaiskos Ms Persephoni Karakosta M/M Dimitrios Karamanis M/M John Karamanis Mrs Helen Karambelas M/M Nick Karanikas Mrs Lula Karas M/M Peter Karounos Ms Maria Katradis and Mr Costantino Panayides M/M Harry Katrivanos M/M Anthony Katsakis M/M Stavros Katsakos Mr/Dr Efthimios Katsapis M/M Dean Katsikes M/M George Kavarligos M/M George Kavros M/M Michael Kavros Mrs Anne Kaylor Ms Susan Kaylor Dr Alexandra Kazakis M/M George Kehaiov M/M Anastasios Kehayias M/M Nicholas Kikis M/M Michael Kiklis M/M John Kiriakou M/M Chris Kiros M/M Mike Kiros M/M Thomas Kiszka Mrs Anastasia Kitsantas and Mr Stephen Willett M/M Andreas Kokkinis M/M Demitrios Kokkinis M/M Costas Kolas M/M Steven kolias M/M Nickolaos Kollas M/M Konstantinos Kollias M/M Alexandros Kolovos Mr Nicholas Kolovos M/M Peter Kolovos Mrs Barbara Koltos Ms Penelope Koltos M/M George Konstas M/M Panos Konstas M/M George Kontzias Mrs Sousana Kontzias Mr Vitali Kopylov M/M Dionisios Korkos M/M Nektarios Koronis M/M Christos Kosmakos M/M George Kosmakos Miss Sofia Kosmetatos M/M Ted Kosturos Ms Kim Kostyal M/M Konstantinos Koukides M/M John Koukis Mrs Danae Koulizakis Mrs Marika Koumanelis M/M George Koumarianos Mrs Paraskeve Koumarianos Mr Teddy Koumarianos M/M Stanley Koussis Mrs Maria Koustenis Ms Georgia Koutsaris M/M Angelo Koutsoupias M/M Gregoris Kozakos Miss Panagiota Kozakos Ms Christine Krithades M/M Anastasios Kudurogianis Mr Evangelos Kudurogianis M/M Peter Kulic M/M Ken Kunec M/M John Kushner Ms Christina Kutschenreuter Dr/Mrs Andy Kydes Mrs Alike Lagos M/M Nicholas Lagos Mrs Maria Laliotis M/M Thomas Lallas M/M Basil Lambropoulos M/M Sheldon Lampert M/M Arthur Lampros M/M Michael Lampros M/M Frank Landry, III Mr Nicholas Larigakis M/M Vassilios Lekkas M/M Spiro Lekoudis Ms Nicole Leontsinis Mr Nick Liappis M/M Theodosios Liappis M/M Konstantinos Liatsos Mrs Bessie Ligelis Ms Elaine Ligelis Ms Tina Ligelis M/M Angelo Linardakis Mrs Georgia Lindroth Mr Logman and Mrs Katsenes Logman M/M James Loisou M/M James Loizou 14

15 Mrs Koula Lolos M/M Michael Loulakis M/M George Louvis M/M Kenneth Loveless M/M Robert Lower Mrs Patricia Lyristis M/M Allen Lyubinsky Mr Joseph Macekura Ms Maria Makredes Mrs Aspasia Makrigiorgos M/M Nikolaos Makrigiorgos M/M Vasilios Makrigiorgos M/M Peter Malek Miss Gaye Mallis Mark and Mary Mallus Ms Rebecca Malone and Mr George Ralis M/M Ryan Maloney Dr Thomas Mandes M/M Frank Manno Dr/Mrs Spiros Manolas M/M George Manoleras Mr Nagi Mansour Mr Tamer Mansour M/M Constantinos Mantziaras Ms Catherine Marinis-Yaqub M/M Peter Markakos M/M Peter Marketos M/M James Marko M/M John Markogiannakis Ms Antigoni Markou Mrs Anne Masters M/M John Masterson, Jr. Mrs Stasia Mastorakis Mr George Mastromichalis and Ms Andrea Kallas Mr Constantinos Mavromatakis M/M Georgios Mavromatakis M/M Gregory McKinney Ms Joanna Meadows M/M David Mentis M/M Peter Mentis Ms Emily Merkel Mr/Ms Gary Michel M/M Peter Michos M/M Brett Miller Ms Melissa Mimidis M/M Yannos Misitzis Mrs Evdoxia Mitchell M/M Louis Mitchell M/M Constantine Monis Mr Scott Mooney and Mrs Eleanor Galifianakis Ms Jane Moore M/M William Moore M/M George Moratis M/M Christopher Morin Mrs Paraskevi Morlock M/M Ralph Morris M/M Robert Morrison M/M Georgios Moschoglou M/M John Moschopoulos Mr Stylianos Moschou and Mrs Efthymia Rapti Mrs Anna Moshos Mr George Moshos M/M Gus Moshos M/M James Moshos Ms Tina Moshos M/M Nickolaos Moustakas Maj/Mrs Matthew Mowery Mr/Dr Michael Mpras M/M Nicholas Mpras Ms Mary Mullekom M/M Kenneth Myers M/M Nicholas Myseros Mrs Mitzi Natsios Dr Peter Neff Mrs Iro Nestoros Mrs Erma Nettles Mr Paul Neubelt M/M Veldon Newtson M/M Demetrios Nicholakos Ms Panagiota Nicholakos Ms Virginia Nicolaidis M/M George Nicopoulos Mr/Ms Clayton Nightingale Mr Greg Nightingale M/M Nicolas Nitis Mrs Eugenia Nobes Dr/Mrs Constantine Nonas Ms Anna Noussis Mrs Catalina Novac and Mr Igor Bosjnak Mr Edwhar Nunez and Mrs Maria Anastasiou Mrs Roula Oktay M/M George Opacic M/M Crysilios Orphanides Mr Evan Owen and Dr Joanna Athanasopoulos M/M Anthony Pagonis M/M Kyriakos Pagonis Mrs Jean Panagakos Mrs Vanna Panagoulias M/M Nickolas Panteleos M/M Chris Papachristos M/M Alex Papadopoulos Mr Panagiotis Papadopoulos Mr Nicholas Papafil Mrs Maria Papageorgiou Capt/Mrs Michael Papageorgiou Dr E.C. Papailias Mrs Anastasia Papalios M/M Nicholas Papaloizou Ms Crystallo Papamichael Ms Daphne Papamichael Mrs Mamie Papamichael M/M George Papantoniou M/M Pete Papantoniou Dr/Mrs Alexander Papas M/M George Papas M/M Panayiotis Papasavva M/M Gus Papathanasiou M/M Dennis Papathanasopoulos M/M Athanasios Pappas Dr/Dr Chris Pappas Dr/Mrs Sam Pappas M/M Jim Paras M/M Dimitrios Paraskevopoulos M/M Haralabos Paraskevopoulos M/M Michael Parrish M/M Charalambos Pashiardis M/M Christos Passakos Ms Alexandra Pattaras M/M Matthew Paulson Mr Andrew Pavlakos Mr Christopher Pavlakos Rev/Presv Costas Pavlakos M/M Pavel Pekarsky M/M Nick Pekatos Mr Thomas Pellicane M/M Ted Pelonis M/M Patrick Pennella Mrs Katherine Pergola M/M Andreas Pericli Mrs Kathy Pesavento M/M John Petalas M/M George Petris Col/Mrs Daniel Peyser Mrs Catherine Phass Dr/Mrs Dean Phass Mrs Loiza Pieri Mr Cristos Pieri Mrs Androula Pikrallidas M/M Kostas Pikrallidas Mr Dean Pilarinos Mrs Frances Pilarinos M/M Joseph Pishioneri M/M Nicholas Ploutis M/M Nick Ploutis Mr Jerry Pnevmatikatos M/M Bill Polizos M/M John Polizos M/M Spyridon Polyzos M/M Manolis Ponirakis Mr John Pors M/M William Porter, Jr Mr Pete Poulos Mrs Anastasia Pratt Ms Marija Privitera Mrs Sylvia Psarakis M/M Nicholas Psaros M/M Anthony Quebral M/M Ryan Quick M/M Mitchel Raftelis M/M Frank Rajendra Dr/Mrs Demosthenes T. Rantis M/M Theofanis Rantis M/M Kevin Reinhardt Mr Peter Retsinas Mrs Kathy Rice Dr/Mrs Jerry Rich M/M Ronnie Rinaldi M/M George Roiniotis Mr Spiro Roiniotis and Ms Julia Young M/M Gregory Romanias M/M Douglas Rosenburg M/M Basil Rousos M/M Emanuel Rouvelas Mr Aaron J. Rusnak and Mileva Sturgis Mrs Evangelia Sabbarese M/M Leonidas Sakell M/M Anastasios Sakkas M/M William Salavantis Ms Stephanie Samergedes Mrs Aspasia Sapountzis Mr Sarakinis and Ms Aloupis Mrs Xenia Sarantis M/M Jim Saris Ms Alexandra Sarris Ms Christina Sarris M/M George Sarris M/M Michael Sarris M/M Milton Sarris Mr Nicholas Sarris Mr Tom Sarris M/M George Jr Sauter Mrs Kaliope Sauter Ms Elena Sava Ms Vanessa Savas Mrs Katherine Scourby Ms Alisha Scruggs Mrs Ann Sedor Mr Andrew Sessions M/M John Seward Mr Tasos Sgardelis Mr Jon Sheldon and Mrs Tina Papamichael Mr Eric Shiflett and Ms Lilyanna Peyser M/M Panos Siatis Mr Perry Siatis M/M George Sifakis Mr Tellis Sigros Dr George Silis M/M Panagiotis Silis Mr Thomas Silis M/M Darrel Simmons M/M John Smaragdis M/M Eleftherios Smirniotopoulos M/M Andrew Smith Mr Christos Snear and Mrs Dawn Terminella Mr Frank Sofocleous Mr Michael Sofocleous M/M James Soiles M/M Alex Solomos M/M Gregory Soter M/M Michael Soteriou M/M John Souliotis M/M Chris Soves M/M Harry Spanos Ms Helen J. Spanos M/M John Spanos Ms Stella Spathopoulos M/M Dennis Spirides M/M James Spirides M/M Haralabos Spyridakis M/M Eleftherios Spyridis M/M Nicholas Spyros St Katherine Preschool M/M Louis Stack Mrs Vasiliki B. Stafilatos Ms Panorea Stalter M/M Nick Stames M/M John Stamos M/M Apostolos Stamoulas Mrs Maria Stamoulas and Mr Basil Koudelis Ms Stephanie Stanga Mrs Helen Stassinos M/M Odysseus Stassinos M/M Peter Stathis M/M George Stathopoulos Dr/Dr William Steele Miss Mary Stefanou M/M Peter Stefanou M/M Demetrios Stergiou Mr/Ms Ken Stewart M/M James Stoucker Dr/Mrs Tom Stoumbos Mr Clifford Stouts M/M Evangelos Stoyas Mr Ioannis Stratakis Rev/Mrs Milan Sturgis M/M Tommie Summers M/M Gus Svolis Ms Maria Swanson M/M Marcus Talbott M/M Alexander Taousakis M/M Panagiotis Taousakis M/M Kevin Tate M/M Pierre Tavoularis Mrs Mary Tetradis Ms Vassiliki Theocharakou Mr Ted Theocharis M/M Leonidas Theodorakoglou M/M Athanasios Theodoropoulos M/M Craig Thomas M/M James Thomas M/M Gene Thornton Mrs Andromachi Timotheou Mr Alexandros Tombras Mr Andrew Tompros Tony's Home Improvement, Inc. M/M Jackson Toof Dr/Mrs John Topping M/M Philip Toumazatos Mr Angelo Toutsi Mr Thomas Toutsi Mr Christakis Trahili Dr/Mrs Michael Trahos Mrs Fotini Trikaliotis M/M Basil Trikas Mr Paul Tripathi and Mrs Chrysanthe Gaitatzes Dr/Mrs Basil Tripsas Mr Matthew Trogdon Ms Sophia Tsangali Mrs Demetra Tsantes Dr/Mrs Michael Tsapos Mrs Angelika Tsatsakis M/M George Tsempales M/M Thomas Tsianakas M/M Vassilios Tsiglifis Mrs Anna Tsimbidis Mrs Helen Tsintolas M/M Constantine Tsoukatos Mr Athanasios Tsounis and Mrs Mary Kalpos M/M Constantine Tzafolias M/M Themis Tzamarias M/M Craig Underhill Mrs Marie Unkle M/M Thomas Vaccarello Ms Ann Vaffis Dr/Mrs Charles Valases Mr Peter Vamvakaris Col/Mrs Nicholas Vamvakias Ms Catherine Vangellow M/M Christopher Vargas M/M Stratis Varlas Ms Christine Varoutsos Hon/Mrs George Varoutsos Mrs Olga Varoutsos M/M Stefan Vasilis M/M Constantine Vassilopoulos M/M George Vassilopoulos M/M Stelios Vatikiotis Mr Tasos Vatikiotis M/M Ramon Vazquez M/M George Veletsis M/M Stavros Veletsis Col/Mrs James Velezis M/M Chris Velisaris M/M Pete Veltsistas M/M Larry Visos Mr John A. Vlachos Mrs Stephanie Vlahakos and Mr Omer Esiner M. Volakis M/M Demetris Voudouris M/M Emmanuel Vouvakis Mrs Nausika Vouvalis M/M Sakellarios Vouvalis M/M Jim Vricos M/M George Vroustouris M/M Colin Waitt Rev Christos Wallace M/M Pavlos Washburn Mrs Galatia Whittemore M/M Charles L. Wigle Mr Carter Wilkinson and Mrs Andrea Gevas M/M Donald Wills Mrs Deatra Wood Mr Keith Wooldridge Mr Jack Wuerker and Mrs Effie Triarhos M/M Constantine Xanthaky Mr Peter Xefteris Mrs Elaine Xenos Mrs Aliki Xepapas Ms Antonia Xereas M/M Panagioti Xereas Mrs Kathryn Xidon Pres Athena Yachnis M/M Chris Yianilos Mr Jason Yianilos M/M Aris Yortzidis M/M Nicholaos Zacharatos M/M Elias Zarkadoulas Miss Athena Zavolas M/M Manuel Zavolas M/M Nicholas Zavolas M/M Stratis Zervos Capt Christos Zirps M/M John Ziu M/M Mihail Ziu M/M Athanasios Zuppas M/M Peter Zuppas AN EVENING PRAYER Lord Our God, if during this day I have sinned, whether in word or deed or thought, forgive me all; for you are good and love mankind. Grant me peaceful and undisturbed sleep and deliver me from all influence and temptation of the evil one. Raise me up again in proper time that I may glorify you; for you are blessed, + with your Only-Begotten Son and your All-Holy Spirit, now and ever, and to ages of ages. Amen. 15

16 SAINT KATHERINE GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA Return Service Requested Non-Profit Org. U. S. POSTAGE Paid Merrifield, VA Permit No ATTENTION POSTMASTER: Please expedite. Dated material. Demetry Pikrallidas AV Rated Attorney Preeminent Legal Ability and Ethical Standards, The Highest Legal Rating Possible Complete Business Formation/Representation Serious Injury Traffic and Criminal Domestic Relations Wills, Trusts Cases Handled in Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, Prince William, Loudoun, and District of Columbia

DOXA. Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 JUNE 2013 WE SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE INSIDE THIS ISSUE...

DOXA. Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 JUNE 2013 WE SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE INSIDE THIS ISSUE... Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 DOXA The monthly newsletter of Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church Volume 11, Number 6 JUNE 2013 WE SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE

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DOXA. Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 MARCH 2012 RESTORATION INSIDE THIS ISSUE...

DOXA. Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 MARCH 2012 RESTORATION INSIDE THIS ISSUE... Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 DOXA The monthly newsletter of Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church Volume 10, Number 3 MARCH 2012 RESTORATION GOD

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DOXA. Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 APRIL 2014 SACRAMENT OF HOLY CONFESSION

DOXA. Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 APRIL 2014 SACRAMENT OF HOLY CONFESSION Saint Katherine 3149 Glen Carlyn Road Falls Church, VA 22041 DOXA The monthly newsletter of Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church Volume 12, Number 4 APRIL 2014 SACRAMENT OF HOLY

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A MESSAGE FROM OUR PRIEST November/December 2014 November/December 2014 Page 1 Volume 12, Issue 6 A Publication of the Greek Orthodox Church of Saint George Piscataway, New Jersey «Φωνὴ βοῶντος ἐν τῇ ἐρήμῳ, Ἑτοιμάσατε τὴν ὁδὸν

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The Voice of Saint George

The Voice of Saint George November/December November/December 2012 2012 Page 1 Volume 10, Issue 6 A Publication of the Greek Orthodox Church The Voice of Saint George of Saint George Piscataway, New Jersey ΔΙΜΗΝΙΑΙΟ ΔΕΛΤΙΟ ΤΗΣ

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HOLY TRINITY. APRIL 2009 Volume 39 Issue 4 THE MYSTICAL SUPPER ΑΓΙΑ ΤΡΙΑΣ. Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Wilmington, Delaware

HOLY TRINITY. APRIL 2009 Volume 39 Issue 4 THE MYSTICAL SUPPER ΑΓΙΑ ΤΡΙΑΣ. Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Wilmington, Delaware HOLY TRINITY APRIL 2009 Volume 39 Issue 4 THE MYSTICAL SUPPER ΑΓΙΑ ΤΡΙΑΣ Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Wilmington, Delaware The Official Publication of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church 808 N. Broom

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ST. ATHANASIOS GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ ΟΡΘΟΔΟΞΟΣ ΕΚΚΛΗΣΙΑ ΑΓΙΟΥ ΑΘΑΝΑΣΙΟΥ. 51 Paramus Road, Paramus, New Jersey 07652 ST. ATHANASIOS GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ ΟΡΘΟΔΟΞΟΣ ΕΚΚΛΗΣΙΑ ΑΓΙΟΥ ΑΘΑΝΑΣΙΟΥ T H E G O O D N E WS 51 Paramus Road, Paramus, New Jersey 07652 Tel: 201-368-8881 - Fax: 201-368-9195 - Emergency Tel: 201-925-6994

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Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Forgiveness of transgressions is fundamental to our faith as Orthodox Christians. We understand that the waters of baptism are, waters for the. Christ has the power

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ST. DEMETRIOS GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH UNION, NJ 908-964-7957. A Message from Father George:

ST. DEMETRIOS GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH UNION, NJ 908-964-7957. A Message from Father George: THE ST. DEMETRIOS Greek Orthodox Metropolis of New Jersey GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH UNION, NJ 908-964-7957 A Message from Father George: Beloved Family of St. Demetrios G.O. Church, November,

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ORQODOJOS ZWH. The Monthly Publication of

ORQODOJOS ZWH. The Monthly Publication of ORQODOJOS ZWH The Monthly Publication of ORTHODOX LIFE SAINT VASILIOS GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH 5 Paleologos Street, Peabody, MA 01960-4496. Tel: (978) 531-0777. Fax: (978) 538-9522 Web:

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We Welcome Fr. Athanasios Nenes

We Welcome Fr. Athanasios Nenes THE ARCHANGEL S CALL - January 2015 Page 1 TAXIARCHAE/ARCHANGELS GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH WATERTOWN, MASSACHUSETTS WWW.GOARCHANGELS.ORG We Welcome Fr. Athanasios Nenes Fr. Athanasios Nenes was born in Bridgeport,

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THE HOLY TRINITY GREEK ORTHODOX CATHEDRAL CAMP HILL, PA. Graduations, Pentecost, and Goals THE SOURCE June / July 2014 Issue # 6-14 HOLY TRINITY GREEK ORTHODOX CATHEDRAL CAMP HILL, PA Graduations, Pentecost, and Goals This year Pentecost falls around the same time as many graduation ceremonies.

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DORMITION Of the virgin mary Greek Orthodox Church

DORMITION Of the virgin mary Greek Orthodox Church JANUARY APRIL 2015 PUBLICATION DORMITION Of the virgin mary Greek Orthodox Church 29 Central St., Somerville, MA, 02143 Tel.( 617) 625-2222 Fax (617) 628-4529 Starting with Forgiveness Vespers on Sunday

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Beheading of St. John the Baptist - August 29 Receive and Share the Light of Christ! Insert: August Calendar. Fr. Alex s Message 1

Beheading of St. John the Baptist - August 29 Receive and Share the Light of Christ! Insert: August Calendar. Fr. Alex s Message 1 August 2015 Fr. Alex s Message 1 Fr. Hector s Message 2 Focus on Philoptochos 3 Parish & Community News & Events 4-5 Kenya Mission Trip 6 AHEPA Scholarships 7 Pictures-Preschool, Summer Camp, Picnic 8-9

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The Prodigal Son Return

The Prodigal Son Return Ss. Nicholas, Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church 80 Laurel Ave Roseland, NJ 07068 Tel: (973) 251-2920 Fax: (973) 251-2921 March / April 2015 The Prodigal Son Return Holy and Great Lent: A Time

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Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew Celebrates 20 th Anniversary

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew Celebrates 20 th Anniversary NOVEMBER 2011 Vol. 76 No. 1270 e-mail: $1.00 Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew Celebrates 20 th Anniversary Nearly 500 persons joined Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew

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ANNUNCIATION GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH ANNUNCIATION GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH Monthly Bulletin March 2013 Inside this issue: The Annunciation of the theotokos Clergy Message Spiritual Wisdom Calendar Greek Message Sacraments Donations President

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SOURCE THE. August 2013 Issue # 8-13. Dearly beloved,

SOURCE THE. August 2013 Issue # 8-13. Dearly beloved, THE SOURCE August 2013 Issue # 8-13 HOLY TRINITY GREEK ORTHODOX CATHEDRAL CAMP HILL, PA All Things Beautiful Dearly beloved, During the first fifteen days of August, our precious Orthodox Faith offers

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VOICE THE. Wishing all of you a blessed Holy Week and a Glorious Pascha! THE VOICE April 2015 - Volume No. 294

VOICE THE. Wishing all of you a blessed Holy Week and a Glorious Pascha! THE VOICE April 2015 - Volume No. 294 THE VOICE THE VOICE April 2015 - Volume No. 294 TABLE OF CONTENTS Father s Article... 1 Stewardship... 3 Great Lent... 4 Philoptochos... 5 Sunday of Orthodoxy... 6 Summer Camp... 7 P.T.A./Sunday School...

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Holy Pascha: The Feast of Feasts

Holy Pascha: The Feast of Feasts APRIL 2015 Vol. 80 No. 1304 e-mail: $1.00 In THIS ISSUE Santiago Calatrava design National Shrine Side view rendering of St. Nicholas National Shrine. Four page

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Elevation Of The Holy Cross

Elevation Of The Holy Cross Monthly Bulletin September 2013 Inside this issue: Clergy Message Spiritual Wisdom Calendar Greek Message President s Message Metropolis Clergy Message Sacraments Donations Parish News Youth News Other

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4 Appleton Street Arlington, MA 02476 church 781.646.0705

4 Appleton Street Arlington, MA 02476 church 781.646.0705 May 2015 Holy Pentecost After the Saviour's Ascension into the Heavens, the eleven Apostles and the rest of His disciples, the Godloving women who followed after Him from the beginning, His Mother, the

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repentance, judgment, fasting, and prayer.

repentance, judgment, fasting, and prayer. LENTEN ISSUE First Issue, 2009 PATIENCE IS TRULY A VIRTUE FOURTH SUNDAY OF LENT! Hebrews 6: 13-20 Very Rev. Timothy G. Bakakos As you will gather from my sermons in Church throughout the pre-lenten season,

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Encyclical Holy and Great Lent. In THIS ISSUE. Ministry Videos The Archdiocese presents an online series of various ministries of the Church. P.

Encyclical Holy and Great Lent. In THIS ISSUE. Ministry Videos The Archdiocese presents an online series of various ministries of the Church. P. FEBRUARY MARCH 2015 Vol. 80 No. 1303 e-mail: $1.00 In THIS ISSUE Santiago Calatrava design National Shrine Full page coverage for St. Nicholas National Shrine

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JULY 2006 Volume 36 Issue 7 ΑΓΙΑ ΤΡΙΑΣ Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Wilmington, Delaware

JULY 2006 Volume 36 Issue 7 ΑΓΙΑ ΤΡΙΑΣ Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Wilmington, Delaware HOLY TRINITY JULY 2006 Volume 36 Issue 7 ΑΓΙΑ ΤΡΙΑΣ Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Wilmington, Delaware The Official Publication of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church 808 N. Broom Street, Wilmington,

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Pentecost Sunday, May 31st. One Gospel, Many Languages


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