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1 Enquiries: Phone: (02) November 2013 REMEMBRANCE DAY 11 NOVEMBER 2013

2 Remembrance Day 11 November We Shall Not Forget The Ancient Greeks believed that Rosemary was a plant that made memories stronger, so Rosemary is worn on Remembrance Day as a symbol to make our memories of our fallen soldiers stronger. ENROLLING NOW for 2014 (All year levels) Enquiries: Phone: (02) Pg. 02

3 St Euphemia High School Newsletter November 2013 FORTHCOMING EVENTS It was wonderful to see all the students return happy and safe after the school holidays. The last term is packed with examinations, assessments, sports activities and study! Good luck to all the students as every year sits for final examinations. It is important that students begin to prepare summarising, revising and studying for the examinations well in advance! YEAR 11 RETREAT On Tuesday, 5 November, Year 11 will leave Sydney and travel to Queensland for their religious retreat where they will visit the church and community of St Anna and participate in activities that will prepare them spiritually for the HSC. They will return to Sydney on Friday, 8 November. We wish them a safe and enjoyable trip! WORK EXPERIENCE An integral part of the Year 10 curriculum is Work Experience. This valuable scheme affords students the opportunity to experience first-hand a career that interests them and assists them in making an accurate decision for their future vocation. Many students return every year and enthusiastically confirm that they eagerly anticipate becoming a preschool teacher, a journalist or engineer. Also, others return and proclaim that the career they had aspired to was not to their liking or expectations and thus choose another career option. Year 10 gains embark on their second work experience placements on Monday, 25 November to Friday, 29 November. YEARLY EXAMINATIONS Years 9 10 Yearly Examinations will take place from Monday, 11 November to Friday, 15 November. Years 7 and 8 Yearly Examinations will take place from Monday, 18 November to Friday, 22 November. All students are advised to begin revising and studying! Good luck to all students. YEAR 10 All Year 10 students will be completing the compulsory All My Own Work program in preparation for the senior years of High School. The program is designed to help Higher School Certificate students to follow the principles and practices of good scholarship. This includes understanding and valuing ethical practices when locating and using information as part of their HSC studies. Year 10 will complete this program on Monday, 2 November. Pg. 03

4 CHARITY DRIVE Mission of Madagascar Students of Saint Euphemia College collect educational materials for the children of Madagascar. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. There is no doubt that most people are familiar with this proverb and there is no questioning the significant place of education in transforming the lives of young people. Unfortunately however, not all children around the globe have access to schools, and in some parts of the world even those who have access to school do not possess the basic necessities to facilitate their learning. During the regular assembly program of Saint Euphemia College High School, students heard about the Orthodox Mission in Madagascar and learnt about the needs of the people. In particular, they were moved by the needs of the students who attend schools there. Aside from having to walk between two and three kilometres each day for their one cup of milk and bowl of rice (the only meal of the day for most children in Madagascar), most schools lack the fundamental resources for students to learn. In fact, basic stationery items are a rarity across the island. Even old pencils and used exercise books that we would throw away at the end of every year are a luxury! Inspired by the Lord s words it is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35) and led by their teachers, students began a collection of books and stationery items that will in time be sent to Madagascar with clothing items in the lead up to Christmas. For those who have not yet been able to bring in items and would still like to do so, please bring any children s books, exercise books, folders, pens, pencils and erasers to either Ms Efthymiou or myself by the end of Week 5. Let us remember, what we consider useless or obsolete will enable children in Madagascar to achieve their potential! Fr Peter Mavrommatis Assistant Priest, St Euphemia College. Pg. 04

5 ΝΕΑ ΤΟΥ ΓΥΜΝΑΣΙΟΥ ΤΕΛΕΥΤΑΙΟ ΤΡΙΜΗΝΟ Το τελευταίο τρίμηνο είναι φορτωμένο με τις τελικές εξετάσεις. Είναι πολύ σημαντικό οι μαθητές να κάνουν περιλήψεις και επανάληψη των μαθημάτων τους για να προετοιμαστούν κατάλληλα για τις εξετάσεις. ΤΕΛΙΚΕΣ ΕΞΕΤΑΣΕΙΣ Οι τελικές εξετάσεις είναι ως εξής: Γ Γυμνασίου και Α Λυκείου θα διεξαχθούν από τη Δευτέρα 11 Νοεμβρίου έως την Παρασκευή 15 Νοεμβρίου. Α και Β Γυμνασίου θα διεξαχθούν από τη Δευτέρα 18 Νοεμβρίου έως την Παρασκευή 22 Νοεμβρίου. Ευχόμαστε Καλή Επιτυχία στους μαθητές μας. ΚΑΤΑΣΚΗΝΩΣΗ ΤΗΣ Β ΛΥΚΕΙΟΥ Οι μαθητές της Β Λυκείου θα λάβουν μέρος σε κατασκήνωση πνευματικού χαρακτήρα από την Τρίτη 5 Νοεμβρίου έως την Παρασκευή 8 Νοεμβρίου. Οι μαθητές θα επισκεφτούν την εκκλησία της Αγίας Άννας στην Kουηνσλάνδη. Επίσης, οι μαθητές θα συμμετάσχουν σε διάφορες δραστηριότητες ως προετοιμασία για το HSC. Ευχόμαστε στους καθηγητές και μαθητές να περάσουν ευχάριστα. ΕΠΑΓΓΕΛΜΑΤΙΚΟΣ ΠΡΟΣΑΝΑΤΟΛΙΣΜΟΣ ΤΗΣ Α ΛΥΚΕΙΟΥ (WORK EXPERIENCE) Οι μαθητές της Α Λυκείου θα έχουν και δεύτερη ευκαιρία να συμμετάσχουν σε διάφορα επαγγέλματα επιλογής τους από τη Δευτέρα 25 Νοεμβρίου έως την Παρασκευή 29 Νοεμβρίου. Το πρόγραμμα βοηθά τους μαθητές να καταλάβουν αν πραγματικά τους ενδιαφέρει ή όχι να εξασκήσουν κάποιο επάγγελμα στο μέλλον. Α ΛΥΚΕΙΟΥ (ALL MY OWN WORK) Για να προετοιμαστούν οι μαθητές της Α Λυκείου για τη Β και Γ Λυκείου είναι υποχρεωτικό να ολοκληρώσουν το πρόγραμμα «All My Own Work». Ο σκοπός του προγράμματος είναι να προετοιμάσει τους μαθητές να ακολουθήσουν τις βασικές αρχές και εφαρμογές της ευρυμάθειας. Αυτό περιλαμβάνει την κατανόηση και την αξιολόγηση ηθικών αρχών καθώς ερευνούν και χρησιμοποιούν πληροφορίες κατά την προετοιμασία των Απολυτήριων Εξετάσεων Λυκείου (HSC). Οι μαθητές θα πάρουν μέρος σε αυτό το πρόγραμμα τη Δευτέρα 2 Δεκεμβρίου Χ. Χειράκης Διευθυντής Pg. 05

6 NEW SOUTH WALES 28 October 2013 To Whom It May Concern FREE BreastScreen Service at Bankstown and Bass Hill BreastScreen Bankstown Is offering free screening mammograms for the early detection of breast cancer. The centre is located on the ground floor of the Civic Tower Building, corner of Rickard Rd and Jacobs St, Bankstown (opposite Centro Bankstown Shopping Centre). This centre is open all year round, 8.30am to 4pm, Monday to Friday. BreastScreen Van at Bass Hill Plaza BreastScreen's mobile van is now at Bass Hill Plaza from 28 October to 15 November The van is located in the rear, outdoor car park of the plaza, 753 Hume Highway, Bass Hill (enter via Johnston Rd). Operating hours are 8.30am to 4.00pm, Monday to Friday. We hope this convenient location will be utilised by women who live and work in the Bass Hill Area. Target Age Range Extended to 74 In alignment with the new BreastScreen Australia policy, BreastScreen NSW has recently expanded its target age range from 50 to 69 years to 50 to 74 years of age. This will mean that target age women will receive a reminder letter for biennial screening until age 74. Free screening is still available to women aged 40 to 49 and over 74 years on request. Appointments Telephone Interpreter Assistance Resource Orders ; Thank you for your support in providing information about this vital health program to eligible women in your organisation/facility. It would be appreciated if the enclosed information could be displayed in a prominent position. Yours sincerely ".^^-^-^ Tanya Vojsk Tanya Vojsk Marketing & Recruitment Manager BreastScreen NSW (SLHD & SWSLHD) Bookings: I PO Box 397 Camperdown NSW 1450 I Enquiries: (02) I Fax: (02) I Web: A Business Unit of Sydney South West Area Health Service