Daughters of Penelope

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1 3000 Argyle Road, Regina, SK, S4S 2B2 Phone: Website:www.gocregina.com Community Priest: Rev. Fr. Spyridon Vandoros Phone: Council President: Chris Perentes Phone: Vol. 19, No. 8 Οκτώβριος October 2012 Submission deadline: Oct. 15 th Secretary Panayiota A. Tompoulidou Daughters of Penelope Dancing dancing is up and running as of October 15, Daughters of Penelope and the dancing teachers would like to have a meeting with all the parents before registration on Thursday, October 4, Registration Date: Thursday, October 4, 2012 Meeting Start Time: 6:30 pm, please be prompt Registration: 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm Place: St. Paul s Orthodox Church - Basement Fees this year will be $ per child. For NEW students, children must be in Grade 1 (English ) or 6 years old as of December 31, 2012 (no exceptions). SACRAMENTS BAPTISM: September 1 st : Haralambos Gregorios, son of Vasilios Kangles and Georgia Sarantopoulos Godparent: Eleftheria Giannaris WEDDING: September 8 th : Karen Manovich and William (Vasilis) Nathanail Koumbaroi: Konstadinos Iatridis and Kayla Manovich ***We are also looking for teachers for this term. If interested please contact Sophia Kolitsas or Vasilis Vandoros for more information*** If you have any questions, please contact Sophia Kolitsas at or Vasilis Vandoros at Funerals On September 12 th, the servant of God Timoleon (Tim) Pantelopoulos was put to rest in Regina. We express our sympathy to his family and friends. May his memory be eternal. St.Paul s Newsletter Oκτώβριος / October 2012 Page 1

2 DO YOU WANT TO BRING NEW ENERGY TO MOSAIC 2013? Do you have ideas that could help bring a new refreshing feel to the Cultural aspects of our Pavilion? Then we need YOU! Our Hellenic Pavilion does many things right and we will definitely stick to that formula. However, we are looking for volunteers to join a committee to Freshen-Up Mosaic. to bring new ideas to the table and help execute them before Mosaic Even if we come up with five new things, it will bring new life to our pavilion. Remember: the basic formula still works we just need to add a bit of spark to an already successful pavilion. Anyone and everyone are invited to join this committee. We need your help! If you can think of things that will help highlight our Culture then we need you to come forward and help us bring that idea to life. For more information, please call Mary Kodas (Committee Chair) at WHEN: Thursday, October 11, 2012 WHERE: St. Paul s Orthodox Church Hall TIME:7:00 p.m. - Grade Seven! The Board decided to have the Grade 7 class running on Tuesdays, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. The first day of Grade 7 classes will be on October 2 nd. There is enough time to think about it. If you are interested to enroll your children let me know soon. To summarize: 1. No attendance 2. No Grades 3. No tests, exams 4. No homework but some fun projects 5. History, culture with some geography 6. Classes will be mostly in English 7. Stay involved with the and the Community 8. Fun, fun, fun Thank you, Petros Aiginitis, Principal Membership Dues will increase in 2013 You're Invited! At the Annual General Meeting held on December 4, 2011 a resolution wa s passed to increase the membership dues effective January 1, At that time membership dues will be: Family: $250 (includes children under 18 years of age) Individual: $125 (18 years of age and over) All Church service fees (marriage, baptism, chrismation and funeral) a re included in your membership. All parties involved in the service must be members in good standing (annual membership dues for the last three years must be paid in full prior to the performance of the service). Please be our special guest for brunch on Sunday, October 21st, 2012 at the Regina South Leisure Centre, 170 Sunset Drive, from 12:30 to 3:00 pm. Sam Khan, city council candidate for ward 2 and his family are hosting the event. Sam welcomes the opportunity to meet community members, to hear your concerns and to address issues facing our city. Looking forward to seeing you on the 21 st. St.Paul s Newsletter Oκτώβριος / October 2012 Page 2

3 ΕΠΕΤΕΙΑΚΑ : Η κοσμοϊστορική σημασία της 28 ης Οκτωβρίου 1940 Του Χαράλαμπου Σπανουδάκη 28 Οκτωβρίου Στον παγκόσμιο ιστορικό ορίζοντα, ανατέλλει ένα ακόμη υπέρλαμπρο φωτεινό μετέωρο πανοικουμενικής ηθικής ακτινοβολίας και πανανθρώπινης σωτήριας αίγλης. Είναι η μεγαλειώδης εκείνη ιστορική συγκυρία, που η αιώνια μοίρα της Ελλάδας μας, για μια ακόμη φορά, κρούει το κοσμοβροντόφωνο σήμαντρο του πανεθνικού συναγερμού για να ξανακαλέσει τους πανέλληνες στις επάλξεις της εθελοθυσίας και να υπομνήσει σε όλη την δεινοπαθούσα τότε ανθρωπότητα, το υπέρτατο χρέος της, για την σθεναρή αντιμετώπιση της ιταλογερμανικής φασιστικής λαίλαπας. Τους τελευταίες μήνες του 1940, η προοπτική της Ιστορίας ήταν παρά πολύ ζοφερή, γιατί η φασιστική απειλή πλησίαζε στο αποκορύφωμά της και συνετάραζε επικίνδυνα σχεδόν όλο τον πλανήτη μας και τον πολιτισμό του. Οι λαοί της Ευρώπης είχαν υποδουλωθεί στον υπεργίγαντα Γερμανό κατακτητή, ή φαίνονταν έτοιμοι να υποκύψουν στην ασυγκράτητη βία του, η οποία σάρωνε τα σύνορα των επικρατειών και προχωρούσε ακάθεκτη προς την ολοκλήρωση της ναζιστικής κοσμοκρατορίας. Αυτή την τραγικότατη και ζοφερότατη για όλο τον κόσμο εποχή, προβάλλει στο παγκόσμιο στερέωμα ως λαμπρότατος ήλιος, το ελληνικό παράδειγμα της 28 ης Οκτωβρίου 1940, για να καταυγάσει τον πλανήτη και να καταδείξει στους φοβισμένους λαούς του, τον σωστό δρόμο εκπλήρωσης του εθνικού χρέους, που θα οδηγήσει με ασφάλεια στην νίκη και στην απολύτρωση. Την αυγή της ημέρας εκείνης, στην ξαφνική, ύπουλη, άνανδρη και άδικη πολεμική χειρονομία της φασιστικής Ιταλίας, να επιχειρήσει την κατάκτηση και υποδούλωση της πατρίδας μας, ο λαός μας σύσσωμος, άφοβος και περήφανος, βροντοφωνάζει το ιστορικό και μεγαλειώδες εκείνο ΟΧΙ και προτάσσει θαρραλέα τα στήθη στα εκατομμύρια των λογχών του εχθρού, με ακράδαντη την ελπίδα και την πίστη στο Θεό και στην υπέρμαχο στρατηγό παναγία μας, για την ευόδωση της ιερής και πάναγνης πανεθνικής εθελοθυσίας του. Ηταν ο σωτήριος αντίλαλος του αιώνιου ΟΧΙ της πανάρετης ελληνικής θρησκείας μας, που βροντοφωνάξαμε στον Μαραθώνα, στις Θερμοπύλες, στην Πόλη, στην Αλαμάνα, στο Σούλι, στο Μεσολόγγι, και στο Αρκάδι, η πατροπαράδοτη αξιοπρεπέστατη άρνηση της φυλής μας, στη βία και στην βεβήλωση των κανόνων της ηθικής και του δικαίου. Οι φλογεροί παλμοί των αρχαίων νικηφόρων ελληνικών παιάνων και των Θουρίων του Ρήγα, συνηνωμένοι με τον σφοδρό και σαρωτικό ΑΕΡΑ των πολεμιστών της Πίνδου, δίδουν την παμμέγιστη εθνική αίγλη στο συντελούμενο ελληνικό θαύμα του Σαράντα, προ του οποίου, η φασιστική, βάρβαρη και αλαζονική αυτοκρατορία, σείεται, συγκλονίζεται και κατεξευτελίζεται. Ο πανελλήνιος πόθος για την υπεράσπιση της ελευθερίας, έχει μεταβληθεί σε πύρινη πράξη και η πανεθνική τόλμη και αρετή, από τα αιματοποτισμένα αλβανικά βουνά, ξαναθριαμβεύει στον κόσμο και ξαναεκπλήσσει την οικουμένη, η οποία με ευλάβεια και ευγνωμοσύνη γονατίζει και χαιρετά το θαύμα. Διότι το ελληνικό έπος του Σαράντα, δεν ήταν κίνηση τοπική και περιορισμένη, η οποία αφορούσε μόνο την Ελλάδα και τους Ελληνες. Στην έννοια, στην διεξαγωγή και στις συνέπειές του, υπήρξε η καθολική αντίσταση ενός ολόκληρου κόσμου, του κόσμου του πνεύματος και των αληθινών αξών της ζωής, προς τον ψευδόκοσμο της ύλης και των ανυπόστατων ψευδοθεωριών της. Ηταν ο θρίαμβος των ελληνοχριστιανικών ιδεωδών, Ελευθερία - Δικαιοσύνη - Ηθική, τα οποία ενσαρκωμένα και συνταυτισμένα στο νόημα του άνισου εκείνου αγώνα, κατέδειξαν στην ανθρωπότητα την κοσμοσωτήρια δύναμή των και υπενθύμισαν για μια ακόμη φορά το πανάρχαιο ελληνικό δίδαγμα, ότι είναι ασυγκρίτως πολυτιμότερη, από την υλική του ανθρώπου ύπαρξη, η διατήρηση ελεύθερης και απαραβίαστης της πνευματικής υπόστασής του. Ετσι, το ηρωικό τούτο έπος, δεν αποτελεί μόνο άθλο και θρίαμβο υπέροχο του ελληνικού έθνους μας. Είναι συγχρόνως και κεφάλαιο παγκοσμίων εθνοσωτηρίων επιταγών και διδαγμάτων και φάρος ακτινοβόλος, προορισμένους να δείχνει στις επόμενες γενιές των ανθρώπων, την σωστή πορεία και τον αληθινό προορισμό της ζωής των. Και με την ευκαιρία της εορταζομένης επετείου του πανυπέροχου και μεγαλειώδους αυτού έπους, ας στρέψουμε ευλαβικά την σκέψη μας στους ήρωες δημιουργούς όλων των εθνικών θριάμβων της φυλής μας και ας ανάψουμε μπροστά τους τις ψυχές μας, ολοφώτεινες λαμπάδες αιώνιας λατρείας, τιμής και ευγνωμοσύνης. OXI Day: How the s Helped End World War II By October of 1940, World War II had begun, and the Nazi war machine was already in high gear. Along with Hitler s ally, Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, the German and Italian forces were threatening the whole of Europe. European nations were bowing to tyranny and destruction St.Paul s Newsletter Oκτώβριος / October 2012 Page 3

4 as the Germans and the Italians marched through Europe. Great Britain endured Germany s aerial bombardment, forcing Hitler to seek another avenue to subdue the British. Hitler intended to eliminate British operations in the Mediterranean in order to weaken their ability to deter German advances. To achieve this, Hitler needed the Axis powers to strike at British forces in Greece. By conquering Greece, Hitler would gain access to an important connecting link with Italian bases in the Dodecanese islands. This would give the Italians a strangle hold on British positions in Egypt, where British forces were already facing attack from the Italian army in North Africa. The British considered the defense of Egypt vital to allied positions in the oil rich Middle East. On October 28 th, 1940, the Italian Ambassador in Athens presented an insulting ultimatum to Prime Minister Metaxas, demanding the unconditional surrender of Greece or Italy would declare war and invade Greece. Mussolini had given the Prime Minister Metaxas three hours to reply. Prime Minister Metaxas responded with the now historic word OXI, which means NO in. His statement embodied the true spirit of the people. His words of defiance echoed the same devotion and love of country that patriots exhibited during their war of independence against the Ottoman Empire when they shouted the defiant words liberty or death. Prime Minister Metaxas actions marked the beginning of one of the world s most heroic efforts against tyranny and oppression. Italy then invaded. It is important to note that in addition to Greece having a population seven times smaller than Italy, the disparity in their armed forces was even greater: Italy had close to ten times the firepower of Greece in its army and navy and seven times the troops. Italy s large air force had total air superiority since Greece had a very small defensive air force. However, despite their lack of equipment, the army proved to be welltrained and resourceful. Within a week of the invasion, it was clear that Italian forces were suffering serious setbacks despite having control of the air and fielding superior armored vehicles. On November 14th, the army launched a counter-offensive and quickly drove the Italian forces back into Albania. By the next month, the s had captured the town of Pogradec in eastern Albania. The fighting continued for a few more months it was clear that the s were not going to stand for defeat. In a last ditch effort to bring the war to a close before the Italians would be forced to ask Hitler to intervene, they launched another assault on March 12, After six days of fighting, the Italians had made only insignificant gains, and it became clear that German intervention was necessary. On April 6, 1941, Hitler ordered the German invasion of Greece. It took the Germans five weeks to finally end the conflict. This delay proved to be critical to the outcome of the war. Italy s inability to capture Greece enabled the British to win major victories against Mussolini s forces in North Africa. This solidified British positions in the region as well as in Cyprus. In addition, it contributed to the failure of the German Barbarossa campaign to conquer Russia. Due to Mussolini s humiliating defeat by the s in Albania and Greece, Hitler was compelled to capture the Balkans, mainly Yugoslavia and Greece, thus, delaying his Barbarossa plan to invade and capture the Soviet Union before the winter of The resistance, both in Albania, and in the other famous battle in Crete, altered, favorably for the allies, his Barbarossa time table by at least six months. Perhaps most importantly, the Germans never gained the advantage against the British. Although Germany had conquered much of Europe, its inability to decimate British and Russian forces early in the war would eventually prove to be fatal. Thanks to the heroic resistance and their countless sacrifices, the war tide had been permanently changed for Hitler due to the delay of this critical time table. Nearly one million Hellenes died during that time. That was 14% of the population in That is equivalent to losing 39 million people in this country TODAY in the case of a war to defend our country. The entire Western world, discouraged and fearful of the Axis powers and the growing ugly war, took hope from these incredible victories. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill said of the s: Today we say that s fight like heroes, from now on we will say that heroes fight like s. St.Paul s Newsletter Oκτώβριος / October 2012 Page 4

5 Ημέρα Day Program Services Ώρα Time Wednesday October 3 rd Catechism lessons (Ελληνικά: 6:30 μ.μ. English: 7:30 p.m.) Sunday October 7 th Third Sunday of Luke 3η Κυριακή Του Λουκά Orthros & Divine Liturgy Όρθρος καί 9:00 to 11:30 a.m. Monday October 8 th (morning) Services will be held: St. Anargyroi Church, YORKTON Divine Liturgy 10:00 a.m. Wednesday October 10 th Catechism lessons (Ελληνικά: 6:30 μ.μ. English: 7:30 p.m.) Sunday October 14 th Fourth Sunday of Luke 4η Κυριακή Του Λουκά Orthros & Divine Liturgy Όρθρος καί 9:00 to 11:30 a.m. Wednesday October 17 th Services will be held: Lifegiving Font Church, SWIFT CURRENT Divine Liturgy 7:30 p.m. Sunday October 21 st Sixth Sunday of Luke 6η Κυριακή Του Λουκά Orthros & Divine Liturgy Όρθρος καί 9:00 to 11:30 a.m. Thursday October 25 th Great Martyr Demetrios Του Αγίου Δημητρίου Vespers Εσπερινός 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. Friday October 26 th Great Martyr Demetrios Του Αγίου Δημητρίου Orthros & Divine Liturgy Όρθρος καί 9:00 to 10:30 am Sunday October 28 th Seventh Sunday of Luke 7η Κυριακή Του Λουκά Orthros & Divine Liturgy Όρθρος καί 9:00 to 11:30 p.m. Wednesday October 31 st Catechism lessons (Ελληνικά: 6:30 μ.μ. English: 7:30 p.m.) Please remember that you can always check the Church s calendar online for any last minute changes on our website St.Paul s Newsletter Oκτώβριος / October 2012 Page 5

6 - - The Lord s Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 9:00-11:30 a.m. 3 rd Sunday Of Luke 3η Κυριακή Του Λουκά :00-11:30 a.m. 4 th Sunday Of Luke 4η Κυριακή Του Λουκά 21 9:00-11:30 a.m. 6 th Sunday Of Luke 6η Κυριακή Του Λουκά 10:00 a.m. Services Will Be Held in: St. Anargyroi Church, Yorkton 7:30 p.m. Ladies of Philoptochos Society meeting :30-8:30 p.m. Catechism Lessons (Ελληνικά: 6:30 μμ English: 7:30 p.m.) 10 6:30-8:30 p.m. Catechism Lessons (Ελληνικά: 6:30 μμ English: 7:30 p.m.) 6:30 p.m. Dancing Registration 7:00 p.m. Freshen Up Mosaic Meeting at the Church Hall *No* :30 p.m. Services Will Be Held in: Lifegiving Font Church, Swift Current :00 8:00 p.m. 9:00 10:30 a.m. Great Martyr Great Martyr Demetrios Demetrios Rehearsal at the Του Αγίου Του Αγίου Church Hall Δημητρίου Δημητρίου 10:30 a.m. 9:00-11:30 a.m th Sunday Of Luke 7η Κυριακή Του Λουκά OXI Day Celebration St.Paul s Newsletter Oκτώβριος / October 2012 Page :30-8:30 p.m. Catechism Lessons (Ελληνικά: 6:30 μμ English: 7:30 p.m.) Olive &Grape Harvest Festival

7 St.Paul s Newsletter Oκτώβριος / October 2012 Page 7

8 St.Paul s Newsletter Oκτώβριος / October 2012 Page 8

9 Below are the sections of the Uniform Community Regulations of the Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto (2001), which indicate the eligibility and responsibilities of the candidates for Community Council: ARTICLE VIII ELECTION OF COMMUNITY COUNCIL Section 2: A candidate for the Community Council must be a member in good standing of that Community for at least two full years immediately preceding the date of the election, who lives his or her life and activities in accordance with the faith and canons of the Church, and shall not be a member of a Community Council of another Community. Section 3: Candidates for election to the Community Council shall be nominated at the last Community Assembly preceding the election. Nominations may be made by a nominating committee or by written nomination by two members of the Community in good standing at least fifteen days prior to the election. All candidates shall have read the Uniform Community Regulations prior to the election date. ARTICLE IX RATIFICATION OF ELECTION OF COMMUNITY COUNCIL AND AFFIRMATION OF OFFICE Section 2: On the last Sunday in December, and after ratification of the election has been received from the Metropolitan Archbishop a special ceremony shall be held at the close of the Divine Liturgy in which all the members of the Community Council shall take the affirmation of office jointly. The affirmation shall be administered by the Priest and shall be repeated by each member of the Community Council. Section 3: Each member or member-elect of the Community Council is obliged, without exception, to take the following affirmation of office and thereafter subscribe his or her name thereto: "I do solemnly affirm that I will uphold the dogma, teaching, traditions, holy canons, worship, and moral principles of the Orthodox Church, as well as the Metropolis charter, discipline, the Uniform Community Regulations of the Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto (Canada) and the by-laws of the Community, and that I will fulfill faithfully and sincerely the duties and obligations required of a member of the Community Council. So help me God." A person refusing to take the affirmation and subscribe to same shall not assume duties as a member of the Council or be elected as an officer of the Community Council. If you have any specific questions about becoming a member of the Community Council please contact Fr. Spyridon Vandoros, the Community President, or any current Member of the Community Council. St.Paul s Newsletter Oκτώβριος / October 2012 Page 9

10 St. Paul s Orthodox Community of Regina Orthodox Dear Member: The Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday, December 2, Those wishing to run for Saint Paul s Orthodox Church Community Council for the January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2014 term are asked to submit their Nomination Form no later than the commencement of the meeting. Please submit completed Nomination Forms to any current Community Council member. Nomination Forms will not be accepted subsequent to the commencement of the meeting. If required, elections will take place on Sunday, December 9, Metropolis of Toronto (Canada) Chris Perentes, President Father Spyridon Vandoros NOMINATION FORM We, the undersigned members in good standing of Saint Paul s Orthodox Community of Regina, hereby nominate as a candidate for Community Council Member for the term of January 1, 2013 to December 31, Saint Paul s Orthodox Church Ελληνική Ορθόδοξος Εκκλησία Ο Άγιος Παύλος 3000 Argyle Rd Dated this _ day of, (1) (2) (Nominator s Name) (Nominator s Address) (Nominator s Signature) I, the undersigned, accept the nomination: (Nominator s Name) (Nominator s Address) (Nominator s Signature) Regina, SK Canada S4S 2B2 Phone: (306) Fax: (306) (Candidate's Name) (Candidate's Address) (Candidate's Signature) Please see the reverse side of this form for more detailed information St.Paul s Newsletter Oκτώβριος / October 2012 Page 10

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