Reviving Raw Food Magic! Greetings :) Are you a birthright being?

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1 Reviving Raw Food Magic! Ωµοφαγεία, Ωµοµαγεία! Greetings :) Are you a birthright being? Do you gloriously move through life with sparkling energy levels, flying through the day, completing your tasks with ease, delighting in your hobbies and spending playful time with family and friends? Then you are embracing your birthright - supreme energy levels that you were born to have. Although there is much that drains it away (punishing work schedules, stress, overroutine, heavy thoughts and of course processed, heavy foods), it is inspiring to know that it can be replenished. Eating raw food and drinking green juices are one of the easiest and most beautiful and tasty ways to recapture this energy birthright. When combined with a high raw diet, green juices will make you feel like you have become another human being, a positively potent human being that works, plays, loves and lives with radiance, even when you come across life's hedgerows. You will look back and see that all those fried, refined, sugary foods and drinks you consumed 'zombiefied' you. Then you will understand what is meant by reclaiming that which is your Divine gift. It really is one of life's most amazing yet obvious 'secrets'. As we move through beckoning June and the other summer months, let us breathe along with their light rhythms by inviting more raw food into our lives. Just by adding more green juice to your day, you will: * have amazing clarity of thought * a glow in your cheeks * a calmness to your demeanour * a sparkle to your eyes * less yearning for sugar

2 * much more energy Biologically speaking green juices or green smoothies will: *re-energise your cells *rehydrate your body *ensure healthy sexual functions due to endocrine system working well *alkalise an acidic stomach *cleanse the colon (where many diseases begin) *cleanse the liver * bring the colour back to your hair as you won't have a nutritional deficiency to turn it grey (Ann Wigmore is an example ) * balance body when toxins have been consumed * produce milk in lactating/pregnant women *promote healthy gums plus many, many more benefits that you will have to experience for yourself and I am sure there are further healing properties that scientists and nutritionists have yet to discover. Next time you are at your local fruit market or, preferably, organic health shop, check out the green 'pharmacy' to make juices with. Choose from magic seasonal greens such as: lettuce, beetroot leaves, dandelion, purlsane, endive, chard, spinach, rocket, celery, cucumber, broccoli, carrot leaves, coriander, wheatgrass, lambsquarters, wild mustard root, malva, parsley, alfalfa sprouts, sunflower sprouts, basil, mint, bok choy, kale, nettles and whatever else is available. Green Smoothie queen Victoria Boutenko feels that dark leafy grens should not be labelled as 'vegetabes' as they are entirely different in nutrition and constitution to vegetables like potatoes, radishes or carrots. They are not as starchy and therefore you can mix these greens with fruit in juices if you find their taste a little strong. Aim to drink 2 tall glasses a day, one upon waking and one later in the day/evening. Try mixing: 2 cucumbers 2 stalks celery 2 spinach leaves handful purslane (glystiritha) water (as much as needed)

3 Optional: add 1 apple or 1 plum to sweeten Knock it back and glow! Events: Raw Journeys events have slowed down a little in 2010 as my main focus now is enjoying pregnancy number two and raising a semi-raw toddler. There may well be a basic raw food workshop sometime in September as people have shown interest. You will be informed via newletters, texts and posters about any upcoming raw food workshops/events. In the meantime here is a demonstration happening this Wednesday and Thursday, June 9 and 10th. It isn't strictly raw as such, but it is a demonstration that will showcase the Thermomix, a very versatile appliance that allows you to 'cook' meals at temperatures lower than 48 degrees - but it is very different to a dehydrator. Below is the I received from the distributor, Maria Evans, both in Greek and English. English: Thermomix is undoubtedly an investment in any kitchen, but it is so versatile that we are not happy unless you benefit from its full potential. We therefore often provide cooking classes for Thermomix users where we present new recipe ideas. As you may already know, Thermomix cooking is healthy by default, so our next event is being organized in cooperation with Viocultura, the organic health store. A menu of super healthy recipes will be showcased and there will even be an introduction by the nutritionist Maria Byron Panayides who has been using the Thermomix for 16 years now. For those of you who haven't heard of the Thermomix, it is a German super kitchen, small enough to be mobile and which replaces over 20 kitchen appliances. In just one bowl and without any additional parts, it

4 grinds, blends, kneads, weighs and also cooks quickly, easily and healthily. Bread, desserts, ice creams, soups, condiments like mayonnaise and jams have never been easier to make. It also steams on three different levels so you could easily cook meat/fish and vegetables with rice or potatoes and have a complete meal at any given time. In order to make sure you have sufficient choice, there will be two presentations, one on Wednesday 9 June and a second on Thursday 10 June. Choose the date that suits you best and contact us so we can reserve a place for you. The presentation will be at Fresh, over Da Capo on Makarios Avenue as you will see from the attached invitation. Greek: Το Thermomix είναι σίγουρα µία επένδυση στην κουζίνα σας και επιθυµία µας είναι παίρνετε από αυτή σας την επένδυση όσα περισσότερα γίνεται. Για την καλύτερη λοιπόν χρήση του Thermomix προσφέρουµε σε τακτά διαστήµατα µαθήµατα µαγειρικής στους χρήστες του Thermomix όπου παρουσιάζουµε καινούριες συνταγές. Οπως ίσως ήδη γνωρίζετε, το Themomix είναι συνώνυµο µε την υγιεινή διατροφή, γι'αυτό και το µάθηµα µας που θα γίνει την ερχόµενη εβδοµάδα οργανώνεται σε συνεργασία µε το κατάστηµα βιολογικών προϊόντων Viocultura και έχει θέµα την υγιεινή διατροφή. Θα γίνει ένας σχετικός πρόλογος από την διατροφολόγο Μαρία Βύρων Παναγίδου η οποία χρησιµοποιεί το Thermomix εδώ και 16 χρόνια και θα σας παρουσιάσουµε ένα µενού µε διάφορες συνταγές προσαρµοσµένες στο Thermomix. Για όσους δεν γνωρίζετε το Thermomix, είναι µια Γερµανικής προέλευσης σούπερ κουζίνα σε µέγεθος ενός συνηθισµένου µίξερ που αντικαθιστά πάνω απο 20 συσκευές. Σε ένα µόνο κάδο και χωρίς επιπρόσθετα εξαρτήµατα αλέθει, πολτοποιεί, ζυµώνει, ζυγίζει αλλά και µαγειρεύει µε ευκολία, ταχύτητα, οικονοµικά και προπάντων υγιεινά. Φτιάχνει ψωµί, γλυκά, παγωτά, σούπες, εδέσµατα όπως µαγιονέζα και µαρµελάδες και µαγειρεύει στον ατµό ψάρι, κρέας και λαχανικά σε 3 διαφορετικά επίπεδα προσφέροντας ένα ολοκληρωµένο γεύµα ανά πάσα στιγµή. Για την καλύτερη εξυπηρέτηση σας θα έχουµε δύο παρουσιάσεις, µία την Τετάρτη 9/6 και µία την Πέµπτη 10/6. Επιλέξτε την ηµεροµηνία που σας βολεύει και επικοινωνείστε µαζί µας για να σας κρατήσουµε θέση. Η παρουσίαση θα είναι στο Fresh πάνω από το Da Capo στην οδό Μακαρίου όπως θα δείτε και από την πρόσκληση που επισυνάπτουµε. Σας ευχαριστούµε και σας περιµένουµε να τα πούµε από κοντά στο Fresh! Recipe:

5 Raw Strawberry Crumble This one is a favourite in the raw food world and there are many versions of it. Here is my one. Of course it is best to use organic strawberries but they can be expensive. It is advised to soak inorganic strawberries in vinegar or lemon for about 7-8 minutes. Provided you remember to soak the nuts and oats, this is very quick to make. Ingredients: 3 cups strawberries 1 cup almonds (soaked for a few hours) 1/2 cup raw oat groats (best to soak between hours) 1/2 cup flax seeds 4 tablespoons honey In a medium sized dish, cut 1 cup of the strawberries into circular pieces and lay them flat at the base of the dish. This is your first layer. Next, mix the almonds, oats and flax with the honey in a blender until a crumble is formed. Spread this over the strawberries to make your second layer. Lastly, blend the rest of the strawberries but not for too long - you don't want to turn it into a drink. Set aside 2-3 strawberries for decoration. Pour the rich, third layer over the nuts/flax/oats, spreading evenly. Decorate by cutting a few strawberries on top. You can eat it straight away but it is best to refrigerate it for at least on hour. This doesn't last long so make sure you eat it within 2 days. The Mother Magazine For those of us wishing to raise our children by breastfeeding on demand and beyond 6 months, wearing our babies in a sling, questioning vaccinations, using homeopaathy, making our own meals (raw or cooked) for our families, conscious conception, natural birthing and generally, using ancient wisdom in a modern world then thank the good goddess for

6 Veronika Sophie Robinson and her magazine, The Mother. For may mothers, it is times when we are sleep-deprived and think we can't carry on waking up night after weary night, or cannot continue with breastfeeding while pregnant, or when the world's criticising chatter infiltrates our ears, then along comes The Mother subscription and whoosh... A new surge, a third, fourth, fifth wind in our sails to see us through and realise how richly rewarding attachment parenting is. In their own words: Over the past eight years, The Mother magazine has broken new ground in the developing holistic parent market: publishing cutting-edge articles written by passionate and experienced contributors, and read in over 40 countries worldwide. Every aspect of natural parenting is explored, from conscious conception, peaceful pregnancy, gentle childbirth, full term breastfeeding, natural immunity, attachment parenting and the first few years of childhood, through to education, parenting teenagers and parenting one's self. To learn more about it or subscribe, go to KidCulture Cyprus also has its first parenting and education magazine founded by Nema Mcmorran -many parents on the island have applauded its arrival and are very enthused by it. Here are the magazine's philosophy & aims: * Encouraging healthy and environmentally conscious living * Promoting a child centred approach and positive parenting/teaching for educational, physical and emotional development * Supporting and helping foreign families to adapt to life in Cyprus and keep up to date with developments both here and abroad * Disseminating vital news & information, on behalf of non-profit organisations In the latest issue, you can find an article I have written that discusses introducing raw food into a child's first year of life and beyond. There is also a very useful month by month chart parents can use as a rough guideline. The magazine is free and you can read a PDF version at Raw Journeys' Latest Products:

7 USDA Organic Goji berries back in stock! We have US certified Organic goji berries in 450g packs at euro each. As many of you are aware, gojis berries have been a rare treat these past 2 years so it is great to have them back! Call us on as we only have 20 bags left for the moment. Raw Organic Acai Berry - this is the little purple berry you have probably been reading and hearing about. Raw fooders have known about this little gem for a while but it has only now gone mainstream. It is a wonderful superfood, even though there is probably too much hype surrounding it with suggestions that you too will look like a Hollywood star! You can look even better than a Hollywood star but not with just one superfood - gotta get those green juices and fruits in! Still, here is why it has become so popular: * acai contains some of the same fatty acids found in cacao butter and olive oil that beautify the skin *like cacao, blueberries and green tea, it contains powerful antioxidants *aids weight loss * gives energy *rich in omegas * improves digestion * rich in protein * contains many minerals Raw Journeys brings you the raw organic, freeze-dried powder; no capsules, no fillers or anything else. We have tried to track down the berries in their fresh or dried form but they are so sensitive and delicate that much is lost in transit and they deteriorate very quickly so drying them into powder is the most appropriate form of consumption - if you aren't blessed with munching them off an Amzonian palm tree! Order direct from us or find the raw organic 60g packs at the various health stores in Nicosia, Larnaca and Paphos. ************************************** On that sweet note of strawberries, goji berries and acai berries, we come to the end of this newsletter. Thank you for your lovely s that trickle in - keep them coming, especially with what you'd like to see and read more of in

8 these newsletters. May this be a summer where you glide into your birthright energies! In warmth, Erini x (00357)