ONOMASTICON OASITICUM. An Onomasticon of Personal Names found in Documentary Texts from the Theban Oasis in Graeco-Roman Times

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1 ONOMASTICON OASITICUM An Onomasticon of Personal Names found in Documentary Texts from the Theban Oasis in Graeco-Roman Times Compiled by R.P. Salomons & K.A. Worp Revised version (September 2009; first version July 2007) 1

2 PREFACE In the Avertissement (p.vii) to his well known study Les Oasis d Égypte (Cairo 1987), and on many pages elsewhere in this volume, the late Guy Wagner alludes to an exhaustive prosopography of the Great Oasis, compiled by himself but unfortunately for financial reasons not incorporated in Les Oasis. However, a separate publication of this prosopography, as announced in the Avertissement, did not appear either. Therefore, the need for such a prosopography remained unfulfilled. The idea of composing a new onomasticon of the Dakhleh Oasis, or an Onomasticon Mothiticum as we wish to call it, was born independently during the 5 th Dakhleh Oasis Project conference held in Cairo, June 2006, where Worp gave a paper on Christian names in fourth century documents from Kellis. An additional incentive for compiling such an onomasticon was the consideration that Worp himself had already published a substantial number of documentary papyri, ostraka and wooden tablets from this area ( in particular in P.Kellis, vol. I, and in O.Kellis). It was, therefore, only a matter of merging his various indices nominum and adding names of persons from the Dakleh oasis figuring in papyri and ostraka already published elsewhere. This activity involved collecting the relevant texts from, e.g., the list given by Wagner in the introduction to his Les Oasis, pp. 3-6, and a search in the Heidelberger Gesamtverzeichnis for Ort = Grosse Oase ). Moreover, our colleague R.S. Bagnall kindly made the digital file of his own index nominum for P.Kellis IV available to Worp. An onomasticon of the eastern part of the Great Oasis, the Khargeh oasis, i.e. an Onomasticon Hibiticum, had also been a desideratum for a long time. In the 1980s Salomons, when working on his publication of Bodleian Papyri (in P.Bodl., vol. I, in which appear several texts from the Khargeh oasis) had already compiled an onomasticon of the Great or Theban Oasis for his own use, based exclusively on the papyrological evidence then available to him. But the subsequent publication of the various volumes of ostraka from Douch, Aïn Waqfa and other texts from the Hibite nome, mainly by French papyrologists in the 1990s, had made this private onomasticon obsolete and underlined the desirability of an Onomasticon Hibiticum, especially if combined with an Onomasticon Mothiticum. Thus the two of us decided to cooperate in compiling an Onomasticon Oasiticum: Salomons took responsability for texts from the eastern Oasis and the incerta, while Worp took responsabilty for the listing of personal names in documents from the western Oasis. We venture to think that our onomasticon as a reseach tool is of interest not only to Greek, Demotic and Coptic papyrologists focussing their research on documents from the Great Oasis, but also in general to onomatologists, since the onomastics of the Great Oasis exhibit certain peculiarities not encountered elwewhere in Graeco-Roman Egypt. These deserve to be studied further. A comparison of the two main parts of the onomasticon shows, e.g., that certain names occur far more frequently in one particular half of the Great Oasis than in the other half (compare, e.g., the frequency of the name Πετεχω^ ν in the Khargeh Oasis [to date attested there several dozens of times] versus that in the Dakhleh Oasis [to date attested there only twice]). 2

3 Moreover, there is at least the theoretical possibility that some personal names occurring in these oases actually do not derive from either Greek or Egyptian, but that they come from other languages and cultures such as that of the Berber. For obvious reasons the Onomasticon Oasiticum is divided into three parts, viz. 1) the Onomasticon Hibiticum, 2) a list of of personal names of people who certainly lived somewhere in the Great Oasis, but whose whereabouts in either the Mothite nome or the Hibite nome are no longer ascertainable. It is hoped that publication of new material will make it possible to transfer at least some persons definitely from this list to either of the oases. This 2nd section forms the transition from section 1 to section 3) the Onomasticon Mothiticum. After the Greek names in this part follows a section containing the names found in Coptic documents The present Onomasticon Oasiticum has been produced without any special financial support of any official institution. We are grateful to Dr F.A.J. Hoogendijk for her help in publishing it on the website of the Papyrological Institute of Leiden University. An important consideration in choosing this medium for our work is that the authors are allowed to change and update this Onomasticon easily, while there is no cost involved for any user. We invite the users of our work to inform us about any shortcomings of our lists. Robert P. Salomons Radboud University Nijmegen The Netherlands Klaas A.Worp Leiden University The Netherlands Note to the revised edition (September 2009): We have removed a number of typographical errors and added some new material, in particular from Berichtigungsliste vol. XII (2009) and P.Kellis V (Coptic documentary texts). Morever, we are grateful in particular to our colleague R.S. Bagnall for kindly making the name indices of his forthcoming edition of Ostraka from Trimithis (O.Trim.) available to us already before the volume s actual publication. 3

4 (1) ONOMASTICON HIBITICUM: AN ONOMASTICON OF PERSONAL NAMES found in the KHARGEH OASIS compiled by R.P. Salomons (Radboud University, Nijmegen) This list contains various personal names taken from the Indices Nominum in the following editions of papyrus texts and ostraca: C.P.Gr. I 40 = P.Grenf. II 75 M.Chr. 63 = P.Grenf. II 78; 77.2 = P.Lips 36; 78.2; 190 = P.Grenf. II 71; 191 = P.Grenf. II 70; 295 = P.Grenf. II 76 W.Chr. 127 = P.Grenf. II 73; 498= P.Grenf. II 77 P.Bodl. I 32; 43; 46; 50; 51; 165; 167 P.Giss. I 103 P.Grenf. II 68; 69; 70 = M.Chr. 191; 71 = M.Chr. 190; 72; 73 = W.Chr. 127; 75 = C.P.Gr. I 40; 76 = M.Chr. 295; 77 = W.Chr. 498; 78 = M.Chr. 63 P.Iand. VII 142; 143 P.Lips.36.2 = M.Chr P.Sijp. 31a-31b SB I 4651; 4652; 4653; ; 5679 SB III 7205; 7206 SB V SB VIII 9873 (= SB I ) SB XII SB XIV SB XVI ; SB XVIII 13252; 1385 SB XX ; 14737; ; ; (with SEG XLIX (1999) 2212); ; ; ; ; 14945(?); O.Douch I - V O.Waqfa N.B.: Inscriptions, graffiti etc. of Oasitic provenance are only indexed in so far as they have not been incorporated in one of the volumes of the Sammelbuch. Brugsch, RGO, Tafel V = H. Brugsch, Reise nach der Grossen Oase El Khargeh, Leipzig Dils A2 (p. 248); A19 (p. 255); A52 (p. 262) = P. Dils, Der Tempel von Dush. Publikation und Untersuchungen eines ägyptischen Provinztempels der römischen Zeit. Köln We regard the couple of names inscribed on the wall of the Nadurah temple and drawn by Brugsch, o.c., plate V as Coptic. 4

5 IGChrÉg 359; 361 = G. Lefèbvre, Recueil des inscriptions grecques-chrétiennes d Égypte, Le Caire (1907) SEG XL (1990) SEG XLVI (1996) ; 2093; ; 2102; ; SEG XLIX (1999) 2212 (with SB XX 14800); ; ; 2240 SEG L (2000) 1601 SEG LII (2002) List of Names br. = brother of; ch. = child of; gd = granddaughter of; gf. = grandfather of; gm. = grandmother of; gs. = grandson of; f. = father of; hb.= husband of; m. = mother of; s. = son of; sis. = sister of; u = uncle of; w. = wife of. NB: a x between two personal names indicates a marriage between husband and wife Α...( ), s. Βαλε... SB XX A[...], s.(?) Σαραπι'ων SB XII (?) Αα^ς, cf. Αγη^ς Αβε'λης, f. Δι^ος O.Douch II Αβισωρ Brugsch, RGO, Tafel V(bis) Αβρα...[ ] O.Douch III Αβραα' μ, cf. also Φλ. Αβραα' μ O.Douch I 11.3, 12.9, 22.2, 33.3, 41.2,6, 42.5, II 61.[1],5, 65.4, 87.2, 3, 94.4, , 153Α.1, 155Α.5(?), 171 (1).2, 182.4, 183.1, 2 III 188.6, 207.3, 262.4, 287.4, 312.6, 10, 318.1, IV 380.3, V 548.convex. 12, 561.1,6, 562.1,5, 563.1, 4, 564.1, 3-4, 567.1,5, 568.1, 4, 571.1,5, 579.1,5, 580.1, 6, 581.1,7, 584.1,5, 585.1,5, 588.1, 4-5, 589.1, 4, 590.1, 4; O.Waqfa 70.2 Αβραα' μ, f. Ισα' κ O.Douch V Αβραα' μ, s. Διο..( ) O.Douch III Αβραα' μ, s. Ιακω^ β O.Douch V Αβραα' μ, s. Ιωα' ννης O.Douch II 153A.9 Αβραα' μ, s. Ιω..( ) O.Douch I 21.9 Αβραα' μ, s.(?) Μακρ( ) O.Douch II Αβραα' μ, s. Παμ.ρ( ) O.Douch I Αβραα' μιος <Α βραα' μ> O.Douch I 2.4-5, II 172.4, III Αβραα' μιος <Α βραα' μ>, s. Παχου^μ, gs. Πεβω^ ς O.Douch I 55.3 Αβρα' μ <Α βραα' μ> O.Douch II 85.7; O.Waqfa 79.3 Αβραμα' ς O.Douch II Αβρα' μιος <Α βραα' μ> O.Douch III Beginning of a Coptic letter. 3. Cf. BL 9:382. 5

6 Αβρα' μιος <Α βραα' μ> O.Douch V Αβρεα' μ <Α βραα' μ> O.Douch III 267.3, 4 Αβρεα' μ <Α βραα' μ>, s. Αρ[ O.Douch II 81.6 Αβρεα' μ <Α βραα' μ>, s. Τεσαυ^ρις O.Douch I 17.[3] Αβρηα' μ <Α βραα' μ> O.Douch IV Αγαθη' μερος <Α καθη' μερος> O.Douch I 15.4, 23.4, 48.2, II 61.1, III , IV 473.2, V 561.1, , 563.1, 564.1, 567.1, , 571.1, , , 581.2, , 585.1, 589.1, ; O.Waqfa 25.6; SB XX » Αγαθος O.Douch III 276.3, 352.8, IV 459.1» Αγαθος, s. Ηρα' κλειος SEG XLVI (1996) Αγαθὸς Δαι'μων, f. Αυ ρ. Φιλη' μων P.Grenf. II Αγα' θων O.Douch II 87.4 Αγα' θων, s.» Ολυμπος SB XX Αγα' θων, s. Πι'αρος SB XX Αγα' θων, s. Σωτη' ρ SB XX Αγε'νης(?), f. Αμμω' νιος SB XX Αγη^ς O.Douch I 1.9, 4 IV 4, 483.1, V Αδα' μ O.Douch V Αδωρε <Α δωρα^ς (?)>, f. Αμου^ν SB XX Αειω^ ν O.Douch II 170(10).3 Αθανα' σιος O.Douch IV 476.concave.4, V ; ' Αθανα' σιος, f. Κυ^ρος SB XX Αθηνο' δωρος O.Douch V Αι [ ], m. Πετ <ε>χω^ ν P.Iand. VII 142.i.17 Αι ανο' ς O.Douch III 253A.2 Αι»ος O.Douch II 105.1, 4, 112.1, III 193.[1], Αι»ος(?), f. Απο' λλων O.Douch V Αι ου^ς O.Douch II Αι ω^ ν SB XX Αι ω' νιος SB XX ' Ακαθη' μερος < Αγαθη' μερος> O.Douch V Ακη^ς O.Douch V Ακυρι( ), f. Δι^ος O.Douch V Ακω' ης, s. Ιωα' ννης O.Douch I 34.4 Ακω' ριος O.Douch IV 418.convex. 5 Αλε( ), f. Κοσμα^ς SB XX Αλε'κτωρ O.Douch III Αλεξ( ) SB XX Αλεξα' νδρα O.Douch V Cf. BL 12: Originating from Babylon, but encamped in the Kargheh Oasis. 6

7 Αλε'ξανδρος O.Douch I 9.1, 53.17, IV , , V 542.1; P.Grenf. II 71.i.30, ii.17 = M.Chr. 190; SB XX , Αλε'ξανδρος, f. Παφνου' θις <Παπνου' θις> O.Douch I 21.7 Αλε'ξανδρος, s. Περιγε'νης SB XX Αλε'ξανδρος, s. Σαραπα^ς SEG XLVI (1996) » Αλονις O.Douch I 1.10, IV 367.5, 483.1, V Αμα' νιος <Α μα^νις> SB XVI Αμα' τιος O.Waqfa 78.2 Αμβρ(ο' σιος), f. Ατρη^ς O.Douch I 53.1 Αμβρο' σιος SB XII Αμενω' θης, f. Ψενμω' θ(ης), gf. Ψεν..( ), gr.-gf. Τηρουτηρου P.Sijp. 31b.23 Αμι.( ), f. Α..ριος SB XX Αμινδχ( ) SB XVI Α.μ.ουρ O.Douch III 322 (2).15 Αμμ[ ] O.Douch III Αμμ( ), f.(?) Παυ^λος O.Douch I Αμμ..[ ] O.Douch II Αμμουνα^ς, f. Ψα' ις O.Douch IV 360.convex.9 Αμμω( ), f. Πετοσι^ρις SB XVI Αμμω( ), f. Σωτη' ριχος SB XX » Αμμων O.Douch II , 155B.11, 172.4» Αμμων, s. Ατρη^ς O.Douch III 278.3» Αμμων, s. Πιυ^ρις(?), gs. Να' χθις(?) SB XVI Αμμων[ ] O.Douch V Αμμωνα' ρις, s. Β.. SB XX Αμμωνι'α, d. Φρα' τε O.Douch III 322 (1).2 Αμμωνι'α, m. Ταβη^ς, gm.ψενη^σις, Στρα' των P.Grenf. II 78.5= M.Chr Αμμω' νιος cf. also Αυ ρ. Αμμω' νιος 7 O.Douch III 322 (1).1, IV 377.1, 425.3, V 523.6, 529.1(?), 541b.5, 560b.5, 610b.5, 612b.2; O.Waqfa 8b.1, 47b.1, 6 (?), 69b.1 (?); SB XVI 12891b.2, , XX , , , 6; SEG XLIX (1999) 2220 Αμμω' νιος, br. Πετευ^ρις P.Bodl. I Αμμω' νιος, f. Αυ ρ. [ΝΝ] P.Grenf. II Αμμω' νιος, f. Αυ ρ. Φιλοσαρα^πις P.Grenf. II Αμμω' νιος, f. Αυ ρ. Αμμω' νιος SB I Αμμω' νιος, f. Απολλω' νιος P.Grenf. II 71.ii.4 = M.Chr. 190 Αμμω' νιος, f. Βι'κτωρ O.Douch V ' Αμμω' νιος, f. Να' χτς, gf. Αυ ρ. [ ]ν P.Bodl. I Visitor s inscription. 7. The nominative of this proper name may also be» Αλων or «Αλων. Cf. BL 12: Cf. BL 9:382.

8 Αμμω' νιος, f. Μακρι^νος &Ταμενα^πις, s. Ηρα' κλειος, gs. Σαραπα^ς, h. Σενκυ^σις SB XVI , , Αμμω' νιος, f. Ψεννη^σις P.Grenf. II 71.i.28 Αμμω' νιος, s. Αγε'νης(?) SB XX Αμμω' νιος, s. Απολλω^ ς, br. Ηρακλη^ος SEG XLVI (1996) ' Αμμω' νιος, s. Ατρη^ς O.Waqfa 9.2, 42.1 Αμμω' νιος, s. Νικο' λαος, f. Φι'ρμος & Πουλυ' βιος &Χρυσογενι'α, br. Τιμου^θις, SEG XLVI (1996) Αμμω' νιος, s. Παπνου' θης O.Douch V Αμμω' νιος, s. Σαραπ[ ] O.Douch IV Αμμω' νις <Α μμω' νιος> O.Douch III 301.2, IV 414.2, ' Αμμω' νις <Α μμω' νιος>, s. Παυ^λος O.Douch IV Αμου^ν, s. Αδωρε SB XX » Αμπιος SB XX Αμσου^φις, f. Πλη^νις, gf. Σεν..[..]..ουχος P.Sijp. 31b.4 Αμσου^φις, f. Τιτω^ ς, s. Πλη^νις P.Sijp. 31b.10» Αμων <» Αμμων> O.Douch IV 476.concave.2» Αμων <» Αμμων>, f. Κοτω^ ς O.Douch IV 418.concave.20 Αμω' νιος <Α ' μμω' νιος>, s. «Ηρων xτεκω^ σις P.Iand. VII 142.ii Αμω^ νις <Α μμω' νιος> O.Douch I 50.1 Αν[ ] O.Douch V Αν...ς O.Douch V Αν...( ) O.Douch IV Αναξ[ ] O.Douch IV Αναπελλω^ ς O.Douch IV 489.convex.4 Ανδρε' O.Douch II 87.1 Ανδρε'.. O.Douch III Ανδρε'ας O.Douch I 24.1, IV 402.4, V 548.convex.4, 597.8, 611.2, 5; O.Waqfa 21.2 Ανδρο( ), f. Α..ριος SB XX Ανδρο' μαχος M.Chr. 77.6; Ανδρο' νεικος O.Douch II Ανδρο' νικος O.Douch III 225.2, 228.1, 257.1, , 14, 18, 353.1, 355.2, IV 362.2, 405.4, , 500.8, V Ανδρο' νικος, f. Χρη' στη SB V We prefer to expand υι( ) to υι (ω^ ν) instead of υι (ου^) of the ed. pr. 10. If Amonios mother Τεκω^ σις is identical with Ταχω^ σις, he has also brothers: Μων[..] (=» Αμμων?) and Τιτοη^ς. Cf. the respective entries. 11. In our interpretation of these two texts Andromachos is an inhabitant of the Hibite nome, who has lodged a complaint (concerning a debt. Cf. M.Chr. 78.5) with the praeses of the Thebaid against the heirs of the persons mentioned in M.Chr. 77.4, who may also have been living in the Hibite nome, but have temporarily taken their abodes in the Mothites (because of the accusations brought against them by Andromachos?). Cf. M.Chr For this reason we list Ανδρο' μαχος in the Onomasticon Hibiticum and the others in the list of persons of uncertain oasitic provenance. 8

9 Ανδρ( ) O.Douch V Ανι'κητος O.Douch IV Ανι'κητος, f. Ψα' ις O.Douch IV Αννουμα' ρις <Α ννουμε'ρις> O.Douch V Αννουμε'ρις O.Douch I 6.1, III 216.[13], 251.5, 270.4, IV 356.1, , 397.2, 7, V 542.1, 565, 578.2, 583.1, 586.1, 592.1, 7, Αννουμε'ρις, f. Πετευ^ρις O.Douch V 512.2, 6, 518.2, 7 ' Αννουμε'ρις, f. (?) Που' λης O.Waqfa 11.1, 5 Αννουμε'ρις, s.» Ολβιος O.Douch III Αννουμε'ρις, s. Παπο' λλων O.Douch III Ανου( ) O.Douch II Ανου(β ), f. Εσοη^ρις O.Douch V Ανουβ[ ] O.Douch II 84.2, 3, 4, III Ανο[υβ O.Douch II Ανουβα^ς, cf. Αυ ρ. Ανουβα^ς ο καὶ Πρω[...]ς Ανουβα^ς, s. Θεωνα^ς SB V Ανουβι'ων SEG LII (2002) 1784 Ανουμε'ρις<Α ννουμε'ρις> O.Douch IV (?) Ανο' φιλος O.Douch III Αντ( ) O.Douch IV Αντ( ), f. Ισοκρα' της O.Douch III 334.3, 7, 347.3, IV , V Αντι'νοος, f. Ισαι'ας SB XII Αντι^νος, cf. also Φλ. Αντι^νος Ευ λο' γιος O.Douch III 272.2, IV Αντι^νος, SB XX Αντισθε'νιος O.Douch V Αντον.[ ] O.Douch III Αντο' νι(ος) <Α ' ντω' νιος> O.Douch V Αντωνι^νος, f. Σιλβανο' ς O.Waqfa 40.4 Αντω' νιος O.Douch II 123.1, 154.4, IV 372.4, Αντω' νιος, s. Μα' γνος, br. Βι'κτωρ, Ωρος O.Douch III Αντω^ νις O.Douch IV Απ... O.Douch IV Απ( ) O.Douch III , 333.1, 334.4, 343.1, 344, IV 412.5» Απα Ανουπνος IGChrÉg 359.2» Απα Απολλω' νιος IGChrÉg 359.1» Απα Βι'κτωρ, s. Ευ δο' ξιος, gs. ' Ιουα'νης SB XX » Απα Κιρε Brugsch, RGO, Tafel V(bis) Απαμμω' νιος, s. / gs.(?) Aυ ρ. Φιλα' μμων SEG XLVI (1996) » Απα Πανου^θε IGChrÉg 359.3» Απα Παπνου' θιος, f.» Εσδρα SB XVI Cf. BL 12: Cf. note in the ed. pr. 9

10 Απ...ς O.Douch III Απελλω^ ς O.Douch III 203.3, IV Απιανο' ς cf. also Αυ ρη' λιος Απιανο' ς O.Douch IV 432, 436.3, Αππιανο' ς, s. Ψενδι'δυμος O.Douch IV Απι.[ ], f. Ψα' ις O.Douch III Απι... O.Douch IV Απι[ ], f. [--]ρης O.Douch IV Απι'α, sis. Ηρα^ς P.Iand. VII 142.i.13, 15 Απια.[ ] O.Douch II Απις, cf. also Φλ. Απις O.Douch I 37.5, 38.2, 55.5, II 66.3, 108.1, III 206.4, 211.8, 286.1, V 631.7, 635.2, 5; O.Waqfa 2.2, 6, 68.5, 71.3(?) Απις, f. Απολλ( ) O.Douch III Απις, s. Σαραπι'ων O.Douch IV Απι'ων O.Douch I 45.2, III 354.4, IV 492.2; O.Waqfa 38.5; SB XX Απι'ων, f. Χρη^στος O.Douch II 60.6, III 230.5, V 601.7; O.Waqfa 78.6 Απλο' ς, f. Μακα' ρις O.Douch IV , 26 Απλω^, f. Ψεννη^σις, gf. Θεωνα^ς O.Douch III Απο( ) O.Douch V 572.4, Απο( ), f. Καλασι^ρις O.Douch IV Αποκρα^ς <Α ρποκρα^ς> O.Douch IV 476.concave.3 Απο[λ ] O.Douch III Απολ[ ] O.Douch II 82.1, III Απολ( ) O.Douch IV Απολ( ), s. Απις O.Douch III Απολ( ), s. Ερ( ) O.Douch IV Απολ( ), f. Μα' ρσων O.Douch V Απολινα' ριος<α πολλινα' ριος>, cf. also O.Douch III 324.2, 345.2, IV 503a.3, c.2; Αυ ρ. Απολλινα' ριος SB III Απολινα' ριος, s. Θεο' φιλος O.Waqfa 49.1, 6 Απολινα' ριος, s. Σωζω[...]ς SB XX Απολλ[ ] SB XX Απολλ( ), f. Ψεννη^σις O.Douch IV 489.convex.1 Απολλοδ.. O.Douch IV Απολλω^ O.Douch III Απολλω( ) O.Douch V Απο' λλων O.Douch I 16.2, 3, 32.5, 35.1, 36.2, 45.4, 47.4, 48.2, II 63.2, 65.1, 88B.1, 103, 153B.3, 173.1, III 207.1, 247.2, 250.1, IV 372.2, , 17, 387r.1, 429.1, 460.1, 463.1, 476.concave.5, 492.4, 500.6, V , 555.1; O.Waqfa 47.3, 79.2; P.Grenf. II 73.1, 23 = W.Chr. 127; SB XX ; Dils A19 (p. 255) 10

11 Απο' λλων, f. Ου αλε'ριος O.Douch IV Απο' λλων, s.» Αιος O.Douch V Απο' λλων, s. Βωλανο' ς O.Douch III Απο' λλων, s. Ερμ(α' μμων) O.Douch V 575.4; Ο.Waqfa Απο' λλων, s. Ισοκρα' της, br.(?) Μα' γνος O.Douch III 249.5; O.Waqfa 31.6, 32.5, 33.5, 34.4, 35.3, 36.4, 37.5 Απο' λλων, s. Μα' γνος O.Douch IV 369.2, V 528.7; O.Waqfa 7.1, 8.1, 9.1, 18.1, 28.6 Απο' λλων, s. Ψεννη^σις O.Douch II Απο' λλων, s. Ψομ( ) O.Douch III Απο' λλων, s.(?) Ωριγε'νης O.Douch V Απολλων[ ] O.Douch V 548.convex.5 Απολλω' νιος, cf. also Αυ ρ. Απολλω' νιος O.Douch II 58.9, 98.1, 142.8, , IV 431.1, 459.7, V ; O.Waqfa 26.1(?), 4 15 ; P.Bodl. I 169. [22]; P.Giss [1] 16 ; SB XX ; SEG XLVI (1996) Απολλω' νιος, f. Ηρα' κλειος SEG XLVI (1996) Απολλω' νιος, f. Μω^ ρος O.Douch V Απολλω' νιος, f. Σαραπι'ων SB V Απολλω' νιος, f. Αυ ρ. Φιλοσαρα^πις P.Bodl. I ; P.Grenf. II 68.21; = M.Chr. 191 Απολλω' νιος, s. Αμμω' νιος P.Grenf. II 71.ii.4 = M.Chr. 190 Απολλω' νιος, s.(?) Ηρωνι'ων, gs.(?) Βασιλει'δης, h. Αυ ρ. Σενοσει^ρις P.Grenf. II Απολλω' νιος, s. Οννω^ φρις P.Iand. VII 142.i.10 Απολλω' νιος, s. Πτολεμαι^ος SB XIV v. i.45, XX Απολλω^ ς O.Douch III , IV 375.1, 426.2, V 509.1; O.Waqfa 17.2 Απολλω^ ς, f. Αμμω' νιος & Ηρακλη^ος< Ηρα' κλειος> SEG XLVI (1996) Απολλω^ ς, f. Παυ^λος SB XX Απο' λων <Α πο' λλων> O.Douch II Απολωνι'α <Α πολλωνι'α>, d. Πτολ(εμαι^ος) SEG XLIX (1999) 2231 Αρ( ) O.Douch I Αρ.[ ], f. Αβρεα' μ <Α βραα' μ> O.Douch II 81.6» Αργιος, cf. Αυ ρη' λιος» Αργιος Αρε'χθης<Α ρα' χθης>, s. Ερψο' ις, gs. Ψο' ις P.Sijp. 31a.8 Αρεω' θης O.Douch II Αρεω^ ς, s. Σαραπ[ ] O.Douch IV «Αρθως, f. Ψενγω( ) SB XVI Αριανο' ς <Α ρριανο' ς> O.Douch IV 372.2, V Alternative expansion: Ερμ(ωντι'θης). If right, this Απο' λλων should be removed from this list. 15. For an alternative expansion of the proper name to Απο' λλ(ων) in stead of Απολλ(ω' νιος), cf. BL 11: For the supplement of the name, cf. M. Naldini, Il Cristianesimo in Egitto, nr Cf. footnote Cf. BL 9:

12 Αριανο' ς <Α ρριανο' ς>, s. Μαρ[ ] O.Douch III Α..ριος, s. Ανδρο( ) SB XX Α..ριος, s. Αμι.( ) SB XX » Αριος O.Douch IV Αριστε'ας SB XX Αριστι'δ(ης), f. Διονυ' σιος SB XX Αριστο' νικος SB XX Αρι'στων O.Douch III Αρποκρα^ς O.Douch II 155B.4, IV 402.2, V Αρποκ(ρα--) O.Douch V 543b Αρποκρα' της, s. Πετεαρ(οη^ρις), gs. Ερψο' ις, gr.-gs. Πετεαρ(οη^ρις) P.Sijp. 31a.5 Αρποκρατι'ων O.Douch IV , 385.4, Αρποκρατι'ων, br. Αρποκρατι'ων O.Douch II 141.3, 4 Αρριανο' ς O.Douch I 7.2, III 186.2, IV 454.2, V Αρσιη^σις, f. Ορσενου^φις, s. Βησα^ς P.Sijp. 31a.1 Αρσυ^σις <Α ρσιη^σις(?)>, f. Σωπα' τηρ O.Douch I 3.3 Αρσυ^τις < Αρσυ' θης(?)> O.Douch V 537.convex.2 Αρτεμ[...] Dils A52 (p. 262) Αρτεμει'δις <Α ρτεμι'δης> SB XX Αρτεμι'δωρος, f. Αυ ρ. Βασιλει'δης P.Bodl. I Αρυω' της O.Douch II 174.3, III 217.2, 324.5, IV 368.1, 384.5, Αρυω' της, s. Σαραπι( ) O.Douch IV , Αρψω^ τ O.Douch IV 470.2» Αρων O.Douch IV 445.2» Αρων, s.(?) Πλουτογε'νης SB XX Ασ... Ο.Douch IV 418.concave.23 Ασα' ις <Α σα' εις> O.Douch III 352.5, V 516.5, Αση^ς O.Waqfa 18.3 Αση^ <Α ση^ς>, s. Ναρι O.Douch III 322(2).13 Ασ...ος SB XX Ασιαρ.ος SB XX ' Ασκλαταρι'α, m. Πετεχω^ ν, w. Πετοσι^ρις P.Grenf. II 71.i.8 = M.Chr. 190 Ασκλη( ) O.Douch II Ασκλη^πις O.Douch II 58.4 Ασκλου^ς O.Douch IV » Ασυμος <» Ασημος> O.Douch III Ατρη^ς O.Douch II 76.1, 85.3, 128.5, 172.7, III 223.5, IV 381.3, 403.9, 19, 27, , 464.4, V Ατρη^ς, f.» Αμμων O.Douch III Ατρη^ς, f. Αμμω' νιος O.Waqfa 9.2, Possibly identical with one of the men called Αρποκρατι'ων who are mentioned in O.Douch II 141.3, 4. 12

13 Ατρη^ς, f. Σουρου^ς Dils A52 (p. 262) Ατρη^ς, f. Φαμι^ς O.Douch V Ατρη^ς, s. Αμβρο' σιος O.Douch I 53.1 Ατρη^ς, s. Ιωα' ννης O.Douch I 34.7 Ατρη^ς, s. Πα.[ O.Douch II Ατρη^ς, s. Σαραπι'ων O.Douch IV Αυ λος SB XVIII ; O.Douch IV Αυ ρηλι'α Λυκοδω' ρα, d. Νεμεσι'ων, P.Grenf. II 71.i.26 = M.Chr. 190 w.(?) Αμμω' νιος Αυ ρηλι'α Οννου^φις, m. Πετ <ε>χω^ ν, P.Iand. VII 142.ii.14 w. Ε...ιος, -ης, -ας Αυ ρηλι'α Σενοσει^ρις, d. Ισιδω' ρα, P.Grenf. II 69.7, 38 w. Απολλω' νιος Αυ ρηλι'α Τμε'ρσις SB III Αυ ρη' λιος [Ν.Ν.] P.Bodl. I 167.3, 17, 169.2, [21]; P.Grenf. II 69.41, 71.ii.31 = M.Chr. 190; SB XVIII , 13-14; O.Douch III 294.1; SB XX , XXIV Αυ ρη' λιος Αμου^νις, s. Νοει^ρις P.Grenf. II = M.Chr. 191 Αυ ρη' λιος Αμμω' νιος, s. Αλε'ξανδρος P.Grenf. II 71 ii.17 = M.Chr. 190 Αυ ρη' λιος Αμμω' νιος, s. Αμμω' νιος SB I Αυ ρη' λιος ' Αμμω' νιος, s. Ηρ(α' κλειος), gs. Σαραπα^ς, h. Σενπεκυ^σις f. Μακρι^νος, Τιμου^θις SEG XLVI (1996) Αυ ρη' λιος Αμμω' νιος, s. Ψα' ις P.Grenf. II 68.22; = M.Chr. 191 Αυ ρη' λιος Ανουβα^ς ο καὶ Πρω[...]ς P.Grenf. II 71.ii = M.Chr. 190 Αυ ρη' λιος Απιανο' ς, s. Βα' νος P.Grenf. II Αυ ρη' λιος Απι'ων ο καὶ Σαραπι'ων, s. Σαραπι'ων (?) P.Grenf. II 71.ii = M.Chr. 190; SB VIII Αυ ρη' λιος Απολινα' ριος SB I Αυ ρη' λιος Απολλινα' ριος ο καὶ Αμβρο' σιος SEG XL (1990) Αυ ρη' λιος Απολλω' νιος, s. Φιλα' μμων SEG XLVI (1996) Αυ ρη' λιος» Αργιος P.Bodl. I Αυ ρη' λιος Αρτεμι'δωρος, s. Βασιλει'δης P.Bodl. I 51.9 Αυ ρη' λιος Βασιλει'δης ο καὶ Σαραπ(ι)ο' δωρος, P.Bodl. I 32.10, 15, , 51.5, 9, 11 s. Αρτεμι'δωρος, P.Grenf. II 71.ii = M.Chr. 190; SB f. Αυ' ρ. Αρτεμι'δωρος VIII Αυ ρη' λιος Γε'μινος SB XIV Αυ ρη' λιος Δ[..]οσ[ ] P.Grenf. II This Ammonios is identical with the Ammonios mentioned in SB XVI 12898, 12929, His wife is called Σενκυ^σις in SB XVI Cf. BL 1: Although the reading of Σαραπι'ων Σαραπι'ων (l. 24) is correct, as we could establish from a xerox of the papyrus, the scribe probably intended to write ο καὶ Σαραπι'ων Σαραπι'ωνος, as follows (partly) from SB VIII

14 Αυ ρη' λιος Δημα^ς P.Bodl. I Αυ ρη' λιος Διονυσι'δης SB VIII Αυ ρη' λιος [...]ειος ο κα[ὶ Ν.Ν.] P.Grenf. II = M.Chr. 63 Αυ ρη' λιος Ευ φρα' της P.Grenf. II 71.ii = M.Chr. 190 Αυ ρη' λιος Ηρα' κλειος ο καὶ Μαμερτι^νος SEG XLVI (1996) Αυ ρη' λιος «Ηρων, s. Κα' στωρ P.Grenf. II 74.1, 23 Αυ ρη' λιος Θεοφα' νης, s. Αυ ρ. Πτολεμαι^ος P.Bodl. I Αυ ρη' λιος Θεο' φιλος ο καὶ Φιλοσαρα^πις P.Bodl. I 51.8 Αυ ρη' λιος Θε'ων P.Iand. VII 142.i.25 Αυ ρη' λιος Ιε'ραξ, s. Διονυσι'δης P.Grenf. II 71.ii.19 = M.Chr. 190 Αυ ρη' λιος Ισοκρα' της, s. Μα' γνος P.Bodl. I 46.36; P.Grenf. II = M.Chr. 191 Αυ ρη' λιος Κλαυ' διος, s. Ψεναμου^νις P.Grenf. II 68.16, 70.15= M.Chr. 191; P.Bodl. I 43.4(?) Αυ ρη' λιος Κλεο' βουλος M.Chr. 77.2, 78.2 Αυ ρη' λιος Μαριανο' ς, s. Να' χτις P.Bodl. I ; P.Grenf. II 71.i.5 = M.Chr. 190 Αυ ρη' λιος Ου ω^ νσις, cf. Αυ ρ. Πουω^ νσις Αυ ρη' λιος Πελη^βις, s. Μιευ^ς P.Bodl. I 51.3 Αυ ρη' λιος Πετεχω^ ν, s. Τμα' ρσις P.Grenf. II 68.2, , 6, 21, 25 = M.Chr. 191 Αυ ρη' λιος Πετεχω^ ν, s. Ψα' ις P.Grenf. II 71.ii.23 = M.Chr. 190 Αυ ρη' λιος Πετοσι^ρις, s. Πετοσι^ρις P.Grenf. II 68.1,17; , 70.6, 15, 25(?) = M.Chr. 191 Αυ ρη' λιος Πλουτογε'νης P.Grenf. II 71.ii.23 = M.Chr. 190 Αυ ρη' λιος Π[...]ου^νις SB VIII Αυ ρη' λιος Πτολεμαι^ος, f. Αυ ρ. Θεοφα' νης P.Bodl. I Αυ ρη' λιος Σαραπι'ων ο καὶ Φιλοσαρα^πις P.Bodl. I , 11, 50.3; SB I Αυ ρη' λιος Σου^ρις, s. Πετεχω^ ν x Τβη^κις P.Grenf. II 72.1, Αυ ρη' λιος Φιλα' μμων, s. Ωριγε'νης, f. / gf.(?) Απαμμω' νιος SEG XLVI (1996) Αυ ρη' λιος Φιλει^νος ο καὶ Θεο' γνωστος P.Grenf. II 68.19; = M.Chr. 191 Αυ ρη' λιος Φιλη' μων, s. Αγαθὸς Δαι'μων P.Grenf. II Αυ ρη' λιος Φιλοσαρα^πις P.Grenf. II Αυ ρη' λιος Φιλοσαρα^πις, s. Αμμω' νιος P.Grenf. II Αυ ρη' λιος Φιλοσαρα^πις, s. Απολλω' νιος P.Bodl. I 165.9; P.Grenf. II 68.21; = M.Chr. 191 Αυ ρη' λιος Φ[ιλ]οσ[αρα^πι]ς Αππ[ P.Grenf. II Αυ ρη' λιος Φιλοσαρα^πις, s. Ερμη^νος P.Grenf. II Αυ ρη' λιος Φοιβα' μμων ο καὶ Τριφιο' δωρος P.Kellis I 13.18, 22 (from Hibis) Αυ ρη' λιος Χρη^στος, s. Ου αλε'ριος SB XVIII Αυ ρη' λιος Ψα' ις, s. Σαραπι'ων P.Grenf. II 69.8, L. Π[εταμ]ου^νις(?) 24. Identical with Συ' ρος in P.Grenf. II 78.2? Cf. G.Vaggi, Aegyptus 17 (1937), An alternative supplement has been proposed in BL 5:38: Δ[ημ]οσ[θε'νη]ς ' Αππ[ιανου^ κτλ. 14

15 Αυ ρη' λιος Ψεννη^σις, s. Ψα' ις P.Bodl. I Αυ ρη' λιος Ψενπλαευ' ς, s. Ου ακβρι'κιος P.Grenf. II 71.ii.21 = M.Chr. 190 Αυ ρη' λιος Ψεντφθου^ς, s. Πετενεφω' της x Οσερι^νις P.Grenf. II , 18 Αυ ρη' λιος N.N., s. Πασαιτ.[.] x Τσενεντη^ρις P.Kellis I 2.4 (= man from Hibis)» Αφαμος O.Douch IV Αφροδι'σιος O.Douch III Αχ... O.Douch IV 418.concave.26 Αχιλλα^ς O.Douch IV , 476.concave.6 Β.., f. Αμμωνα' ρις SB XX Βαλε..., f. Α...( ) SB XX Βα' νος, f. Αυ ρ. ' Αππιανο' ς P.Grenf. II Βαρσα^ς O.Douch IV Βασιλει'δης, f.(?) Ηρωνι'ων, gf.(?) Απολλω' νιος P.Grenf. II 69, 12 Βασιλει'δης cf. Αυ ρ. Βασιλει'δης Βασιλευ' ς O.Douch IV 467.2, Βαυθλα^ς, f. Φι'λος O.Douch IV Βελλη^ς O.Douch I 26.3 Βελλη^ς, s. Θεο' δωρος O.Douch I 22.4 Βη^κις O.Douch IV 373.3, V 558.3; SB XX Βη^ς , 5 O.Douch II 139.5, 170 (16).3, III 352.7, IV 360.convex.13, Βη^ς, f. Δι^ος O.Douch II Βη^ς, cf. Παχουμβη^ς O.Douch V Βη^ς, s. Πα. O.Douch II Βη^ς, s. Παβη^ς O.Douch III Βη^ς, s. Πετεη^βις SB XX Βη^ς, s. Ταπια' μ O.Douch III Bη^ς / Βησα^ς / Βη^σις, s. Που' λης O.Waqfa 14.1, 15.1, 56.2, 58.2 Βησ( ), f. Ψα' ις O.Douch IV 360.convex. 4 Bησαρι'ων O.Waqfa 66.6 Βησα^ς O.Douch I 1.8, III 184.5, IV 473.4, V 557.2; SB I Βησα^ς, f. Αρσιη^σις, gf. Ορσενου^φις P.Sijp. 31a.1 Βησα^ς, f. Μουση^ς O.Douch V Βησα^ς, s. Του^σι O.Douch IV Βη^σις O.Douch III Βικλα^ς <Βικρα^ς?> O.Douch I 41.1 Βικρα^ς<Βικλα^ς> O.Douch V Βι'κτωρ <Ου ι'κτωρ> cf. also» Απα Βι'κτωρ and Φλ. Βι'κτωρ O.Douch I 35.2, , II 59.3, , 86.3, 8, 137.[1], 148.1, 149.1, 150.[1], Cf. BL 1: Alternative: Βικτωρ(ι^νος). 15

16 151.[1], 152.1, 155A.2, 170 (2), 3, 172.6, III 200.5, 206.2, 254.2, 283.1, 3, 321.8, IV 376, 463.3, V 509.4, 518.2, 532.2, 543a, 601.1, 606.2; SB XX , 14806; O.Waqfa 6.2, 9.4, 66.2, 68.2 Βι'κτωρ, f. Ωρι'ων O.Douch IV 418.concave. 10 Βι'κτωρ, s. Αμμω' νιος O.Douch V Βι'κτωρ, s. Ισοκρα' της O.Douch V 610.1, Βι'κτωρ, s. Κωφο' ς(?) O.Douch IV Βι'κτωρ, s. Μα' γνος, br. Αντω' νιος, Ωρος O.Douch III 349.1; O.Waqfa 59.3, 69.3 Βίκτωρ, s. Μαρι'α O.Douch V Βι'κτωρ, s. Νει'ων O.Douch II 155A.4 Βι'κτωρ, s.» Ολβιος O.Douch III Βι'κτωρ, s. Πα( ) O.Douch II 155B.5 Βι'κτωρ, s. Πα' νος / Πε'νος O.Douch III 278.7; O.Waqfa 6.2, 7.2, 17.1, 28.1, 67.8, 77.3 Βι'κτωρ, s. Παρσα' νις(?) O.Douch V Βι'κτωρ, s. Παυ^λος SB XX Βι'κτωρ, s. Παχου^μις O.Waqfa 37.1 Βι'κτωρ, s. Πεκυ^σις O.Douch V Βι'κτωρ, s. Πετεχω^ ν Βι'κτωρ, s. Πετεχω^ ν, br. Βι'κτωρ (λεσω^ νις) & Μυ' ρων O.Waqfa Βι'κτωρ (λεσω^ νις), s. Πετεχω^ ν, br. Βι'κτωρ & Μυ' ρων O.Waqfa 5.1 Βι'κτωρ, s. [ ]ρος O.Douch V Βι'κτωρ, s. Ταη^υ O.Douch II 155B.7 Βι'κτωρ, s. Φιλ( ) O.Douch III Βίκτωρ, s. Ψα' ις, gs. Μαξιμει^νος<Μαξιμι^νος> O.Douch III Βι'κτωρ, s. Ψα' ις, gs. Τανα^ς O.Douch III O.Douch I 27A.1, III 351.6, IV 357B.4, 361.2, V 512.1, 520.2, 522.1, 533b.2, 552.1, 5, 559.1, 570.3, 572.6; O.Waqfa 6.2, 59.1 Βι'κτωρ, s. Ωρ[ O.Douch III Βικτωρι^νος O.Douch III Βισο' ς, f. Επα' (γαθος?) SEG XLIX (1999) 2216 Βυ' ριος SB XX Βωλανο' ς, f. Απο' λλων O.Douch III Γα' ιος O.Douch III Γαυα' νης, cf. Ιουα' νης Γε'μινος, cf. Αυ ρ. Γε'μινος Γεννα' διος O.Douch II Identical with the previous Βι'κτωρ, according to the ed. pr. 29. Cf. BL 10: